Chapter 1559 Divine Ring Shakes Heaven and Earth

Three powerful experts were unleashing their full power at once, forcing Long Chen back over and over again, and finally, Hu Xiaolin’s claw caused him to cough up blood.

Everyone was watching with rapt attention. It seemed like the three of them had yet to unleash their full power before. They were only bringing out their real abilities now.

What they didn’t know was that in truth, Hu Xiaolin, Jin Mingwei, and Yan Weishan represented the forces of three different factions. If it weren’t for Long Chen, they would never work together.

Although the three of them had all come to the Dragon Slaughtering Convention, each of them was wary of the others.

The reason Hu Xiaolin had held back despite clearly being suppressed by Long Chen was because he was wary of Jin Mingwei and Yan Weishan learning of his trump cards while he learned nothing of theirs. Although they weren’t enemies, the three of them were definitely not friends. None of them wanted to expose their true power to others.

Yan Weishan had seen through this point, which was why he had called out for Jin Mingwei to help so that all three of them could suppress Long Chen. Originally, his thought was that if the three of them went out, they would be able to defeat Long Chen even without exposing their trump cards.

After all, there were too many people here. Exposing their trump cards was putting themselves at risk. It was leaving behind an unfavorable element for their future competitions with the other regions’ heavenly geniuses.

However, Long Chen’s slap in the face had almost driven Yan Weishan crazy. He no longer bothered with holding back his trump card, instantly fully activating his manifestation.

Seeing that Yan Weishan had fully activated his manifestation, if the other two continued holding back, it would be offending Pill Valley, so they also unleashed their full power. That way, all of them would know each other’s trump cards. That wasn’t that bad.

With their three manifestations at full power, all the Heavenly Dao energy was sucked away by them. Even fellow Empyreans were almost unable to sense any Heavenly Dao energy. It was like the world’s energy was sucked dry by the three of them.

At this point, even the Dragonblood warriors were starting to worry about Long Chen. The three of them were just too powerful.

“Long Chen, you’re dead!” roared Yan Weishan. The volcanos in his manifestation began to erupt, and his power continued to rise as he stabbed his spear at him.

“If this is your full power, you’ll probably be the ones to die,” said Long Chen. The lightning blade and flame blade in his hands vanished. He actually sent out a barehanded punch at Yan Weishan’s spear.

“Foolish arrogance!” raged Yan Weishan. This was clearly an insult. His spear whistled as he thrust it with all his power, wanting to break Long Chen’s arm.


The divine ring behind Long Chen was originally still, but it now began to revolve. As it did, the 108,000 stars in his body began to shine. A thunderous rumbling came from within his body.

The five-colored divine ring spun faster and faster, and the rumbling grew louder. Long Chen had found that after fully condensing all five stars, the 108,000 stars in his acupuncture points seemed to have come to life. They were completely different from before.

The five-colored ring spun faster and faster, but the five-point star inside stayed still. However, its light grew more intense.

As its light sprinkled over Long Chen, an image of a star appeared on every single one of his 108,000 scales.

The rumbling coming from Long Chen’s body suddenly reached a peak, and Long Chen let out a heaven-shaking roar.


Long Chen’s palm slammed into Yan Weishan’s spear. The spear exploded, and Long Chen’s palm continued onwards. Seeing this, Yan Weishan instinctively twisted his body, causing Long Chen’s palm to strike his shoulder.

Yan Weishan’s shoulder blew up, and his upper body was dyed in blood. Without waiting for him to recover, Long Chen followed up with another punch at Yan Weishan’s head. If this struck, he’d definitely die.

“Heavenly Flame Shield!”

Yan Weishan had no time to dodge. Acting practically on instinct, his Yuan Spirit formed hand seals together with his true body, summoning two flame barriers.

One was summoned by his true body, while one was summoned by his Yuan Spirit. With both shields working together, their defensive power was ten times greater than a single shield.

Regretfully, the shields had been constructed too hastily and hadn’t even reached their strongest state before Long Chen’s punch arrived. They exploded, while Long Chen’s fist smashed into Yan Weishan’s nose.

This fist was originally powerful enough to kill Yan Weishan for sure, but after going through the two barriers, its power, speed, and accuracy had all dropped. It had less than ten percent of its power, but that was enough to crush Yan Weishan’s nose and leave an indent in his face.

This sudden change caught everyone off-guard. Before they could react, Yan Weishan was already in desperate straits.

Just as Long Chen was preparing for another attack to completely annihilate Yan Weishan, a blood-colored sword whistled toward his back. Blood Qi exploded out of it, filling the air with the scent of blood. This was Jin Mingwei’s powerful attack. Even before it arrived, Long Chen felt a chill on his back. This attack was definitely not ordinary.

Long Chen had no time to kill Yan Weishan. Thus, he sent a kick to the latter’s crotch to send him flying, making him let out a miserable shriek. When Long Chen had broken his nose, Yan Weishan had merely let out a pained grunt, but this kick was too ruthless.

It was just a quick kick, but it still possessed enough power to crush Yan Weishan’s life rod, which was why he emitted such a shriek.

Practically, every man turned cold. Some people even crossed their legs involuntarily, feeling a sympathetic pain.

Long Chen used the rebound power of the kick to move back ever so slightly. The blood-colored sword barely shot past his body.


The sword stabbed into the ground and exploded. Blood runes filled the space.

As the blood runes spread, the ground transformed. It melted like snow, turning into a sea of blood.

Everyone sucked in a cold gasp of air. That sword was absolutely terrifying. How was one supposed to receive it? When it exploded, a person’s body would corrode into blood.

Long Chen was also shocked. He had merely felt it to be very strange, so it was unexpected that it possessed such a terrifying corrosive effect.

After barely dodging the sword, Long Chen sensed Hu Xiaolin’s claw smashing toward him with enough power to break apart heaven and earth.

“In terms of power, you are just trash!” Long Chen’s divine ring circulated as he sent out a single punch. A powerful fist-image flew out.


Hu Xiaolin’s giant body was sent flying. Most shockingly, there was blood in the air.

“Heavens, Hu Xiaolin’s claw was injured!” Someone sharp-eyed saw that Hu Xiaolin’s claw was a mass of pulp now.

The Xuan Beasts didn’t need to use weapons. Hu Xiaolin’s claws were his weapons. However, a barehanded Long Chen had actually injured his claw.

“In terms of power, Hu Xiaolin had been completely defeated. That… that will shake the entire Martial Heaven Continent,” sighed someone.

During this entire battle, people had seen that Long Chen was holding back, especially when he fought Hu Xiaolin. He always raised his own power in accordance with Hu Xiaolin’s power. When Hu Xiaolin was only using the power of his physical body, Long Chen would also only use the power of his physical body.

Only once Hu Xiaolin used his divine abilities had Long Chen used magical arts. He was doing this to prove to everyone that a human could still suppress a Xuan Beast with power. This was a provocation to the Xuan Beasts. The Xuan Beasts were probably about to go berserk.

“This is the true power of the five stars.” Long Chen had an excited smile. After all that suffering, he had finally gotten his reciprocation for fully condensing the five stars.


Long Chen had just blown Hu Xiaolin back when Yan Weishan charged over ferociously. His eyes were completely red, looking like he wanted to bite Long Chen to death.

It went without saying that an Empyrean’s recovery abilities were truly heaven-defying. Yan Weishan had actually fully healed those injuries in just a breath’s time. As for whether or not his life rod had regrown, no one knew.

“Wanting to kill me is a grand aspiration, but you will probably never achieve it in your lifetime,” sneered Long Chen. Under the illumination of his divine ring and five-point star, he let out a single punch, once more breaking Yan Weishan.

After forcing back Yan Weishan, a lightning blade reappeared in Long Chen’s left hand, and he slashed it through space. There, a blood-colored sword had just condensed when it was instantly crushed. The lightning blade didn’t pause, continuing toward Jin Mingwei who was forming hand seals. Jin Mingwei was also forced back.

“Don’t bring out the same move in front of me twice,” sneered Long Chen. He had already gotten a grasp of that attack’s fluctuations, and he wouldn’t give Jin Mingwei another chance to unleash it.

A fierce fight began. Flames and lightning raged as Long Chen fought against these three powerful Empyreans. With his divine ring circulating, his attacks were incredibly sharp.

Hu Xiaolin, Yan Weishan, and Jin Mingwei roared furiously over and over again as they unleashed their full power. Their divine abilities and magical arts seemed limitless, but no matter what they tried, Long Chen would crush their moves.

“Even three against one, they can’t defeat Long Chen. Long Chen really is heaven-defying!”

People were filled with shock as they looked up at the sky. Brilliant light constantly exploded, and space was twisting wildly. They were barely able to see four figures repeatedly clashing. This wasn’t a level of power humans should possess.

The world was constantly shaking, and rubble occasionally shot through the air. After two hours, the fierce battle was still continuing with no signs of slowing down. Instead, it only grew more berserk.

Suddenly, a large bone claw appeared in the sky. It emitted powerful divine light as it smashed toward Long Chen.

“They’ve finally started using divine items?!” Startled cries rang out. This bone claw was clearly a terrifying divine item.

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