Chapter 1556 Mysterious Five-Point Star

When Long Chen’s words rang out, Hu Xiaolin’s expression sank, and everyone’s heart shook. It seemed his words were true.

Hu Xiaolin felt a burning sensation on his face. In their underground battle, he had been unable to suppress Long Chen and had been kicked in the chin, resulting in him flying out.

Although he had immediately circulated his Heavenly Dao energy to heal the injury, he hadn’t had time to cover the bloodstains. With everyone staring at him, he knew he had been exposed.

“Hmph, how could the power of the Xuan Beasts be something you humans could possibly reach? Don’t make me laugh to death. Since you’re so arrogant, I’ll let you experience a kind of power that a human could never reach even if they cultivated for a thousand years. The human race isn’t even fit to carry the Xuan Beast race’s shoes!”

Hu Xiaolin roared, and the indistinct figure within his manifestation suddenly began to move. A majestic energy surged out of him.

Hu Xiaolin’s manifestation grew from three thousand meters to thirty thousand meters in an instant. The figure within it swelled as well, and the rune on Hu Xiaolin’s forehead grew brighter until it lit up the sky.

As his manifestation grew, his Heavenly Dao energy began to boil like oil in a pot. The indistinct figure within his manifestation was still unclear, but based on its outline, it was clearly a dark tiger. Hu Xiaolin’s body became covered by black fur, and two huge fangs grew out of his mouth. His hands transformed into sharp claws.

Hu Xiaolin was in a half-man, half-beast form now. With the support of his manifestation behind him, his aura was exceptionally horrifying.

“That was just a warm-up. The real battle starts now, so don’t be so pleased.” Even Hu Xiaolin’s eyes had turned dark red, and his voice sounded like metal clashing.

Suddenly, Hu Xiaolin shot at Long Chen with incredible speed. People were only able to catch a black light fly out before he arrived in front of Long Chen, a sharp claw slicing toward Long Chen.

Long Chen was immediately blown many miles back. One of his sleeves was torn off, revealing some streaks of blood on his arm.

“How could a weak little human understand just how strong the Xuan Beasts are? Just now, I was only using thirty percent of my power. Did you think you were strong? What a joke! Just fifty percent of my power is enough to crush you!” sneered Hu Xiaolin upon sending Long Chen flying. His bloodthirsty air made others shiver.

People could sense some kind of energy surging through the huge tiger image within his manifestation and into his body. He truly did appear to be a god amongst beasts. The only thing that was hard for them to accept was his irritating mouth. He kept insulting the human race. He was cursing everyone here except the Xuan Beasts and ancient races.

It was unknown whether he was simply not paying attention or just did not care. Having insulted the human race continuously with his words, even Yan Weishan and Jin Mingwei’s expressions were cold.

The Dragonblood warriors simply watched calmly. They didn’t show much emotion, because they understood Long Chen too well.

“Why do your words sound so funny? You were using thirty percent of your power? Then do you believe me when I say I was only using ten percent of mine?” asked Long Chen lightly.

“Then let’s see if your mouth is tougher than my fist!” sneered Hu Xiaolin. The black image within his manifestation shook, and the sky darkened. A claw slammed toward Long Chen.

Hu Xiaolin had activated one of the Xuan Beasts’ divine abilities, and both his power and speed had sharply increased. People were barely able to track his movements and could only see a black figure charging at Long Chen. In that instant, they felt all the Heavenly Dao energy in the world was sucked dry by Hu Xiaolin.

In the face of Hu Xiaolin’s shocking attack, Long Chen merely smiled coldly. “Yet again, since you insist on holding back, I’ll have to take the initiative. Divine ring!”


Long Chen smashed his fist at Hu Xiaolin’s claw. The sound of bones breaking rang out along with a pained grunt. Hu Xiaolin coughed up a mouthful of blood and smashed into the ground.

“What?!” Everyone was shocked. Looking up at the sky, they saw a thirty-thousand-meter divine ring flowing with five colors.

As the five-colored divine ring circulated, heaven and earth changed color, and an undefeatable will filled the world. This time, the azure color that represented the Divine Gate Star was no longer faint. It was fully illuminated. The five-colored divine star had finally reached its complete state.

Even the Dragonblood warriors who were familiar with Long Chen were surprised by this divine ring. It was no longer the same as before.

An image had appeared within the divine ring. It was a very simple five-point star. This was something that had never appeared before.

The light of the five-point star and the divine ring illuminated Long Chen. He appeared both domineering and mysterious.

Long Chen suddenly vanished, reappearing right in front of Hu Xiaolin.

“How fast!” People had yet to recover from their shock when they were given another surprise.

Without waiting for Hu Xiaolin to recover from the previous blow, Long Chen struck him with his fist. A huge hole was blown in the ground.

Hu Xiaolin’s arms had tried to block, but Long Chen’s fist had struck him in the chest. Blood spurted out of Hu Xiaolin’s mouth.

“I believe you when you said you were only using thirty percent of your power. Now, do you believe me when I say I was only using ten percent?” sneered Long Chen. He sent a kick at Hu Xiaolin’s head, the same move that Hu Xiaolin had tried to use against Long Chen.

“Bastard, you’re courting death!” roared Hu Xiaolin. His whole body began to shine, and black runes formed a ball around his fist as he met Long Chen’s kick.


The ball of runes exploded. Long Chen was knocked back, but Hu Xiaolin was smashed even deeper into the ground.

Lightning wings appeared on Long Chen’s back, and he forcibly changed direction, charging back at Hu Xiaolin.

The ground exploded as they clashed once more. Suddenly, Hu Xiaolin coughed up blood, and runes lit up on his claws. Four streaks of divine light shot toward Long Chen.

They were too close, and this attack was too sudden. Hence, Long Chen couldn’t dodge even if he wanted to. Startled cries rang out as this turn of events caught everyone off-guard. Just now, Long Chen had taken the absolute advantage, but was he about to be killed in the blink of an eye now?

These four streaks of divine light were one of the Xuan Beasts’ secret arts. Once they pierced someone’s head, their Yuan Spirit would be destroyed.

However, at this moment, Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit appeared out of his head and sent a punch at the four streaks of divine light.


“A Yuan Spirit attack?!”

Seeing Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit appear, everyone’s jaws dropped. The Empyreans were especially shocked. 

Only Empyreans could condense powerful enough Yuan Spirits to help form hand seals for their main body to activate magical arts. However, even their Yuan Spirits were very weak compared to their true bodies. They couldn’t be used to block attacks, as that was no different from suicide.



Two sounds rang out at almost the same time. The punch of Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit shattered those four streaks of divine light, and it wasn’t harmed at all.

At the same time, Long Chen’s foot struck Hu Xiaolin’s chin, and Hu Xiaolin’s jaw exploded. With a pained grunt, he flew back.

“Boss is mighty!” Guo Ran led the pack with his cheering, and the Dragonblood warriors also cheered. After summoning his divine ring, each of Long Chen’s attacks became sharper and fiercer. Hu Xiaolin was injured repeatedly and forced back. It was definitely satisfying to see.

Hu Xiaolin might be an overbearing bully and wildly arrogant, but he was qualified to be arrogant. However, while he was qualified to be arrogant in front of others, he was not qualified in front of Long Chen. Seeing Long Chen beating him, the Dragonblood warriors were incomparably refreshed.

Hu Xiaolin flew back, his jaw broken. Although blood splattered his whole body, his Heavenly Dao energy circulated and healed his injuries in an instant. With a furious roar, his claws sliced through space.

“Darkwing Wild Claw!”

Hu Xiaolin’s claws caused the air around him to turn muddled. He vanished from everyone’s sight.

“Heavens, what kind of move is that? Where’d he go?!”

Hu Xiaolin had slashed out hundreds of times just now, seeming to slice off layers of space and block off their vision of both Hu Xiaolin and Long Chen.

Within that chaotic space, continuous explosive sounds rang out. However, people were unable to see what was going on.


Finally, a large figure flew out, and the chaotic space vanished, revealing Long Chen’s slightly bloody figure.

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