Chapter 1554 Initial Awakening of a Manifestation

This one punch seemed to possess the power of a tsunami. The power of the Heavenly Daos surged along with it.

Hu Xiaolin was a giant, and he looked like a fierce beast as he attacked Long Chen.

“Everyone else, scram. I’m going to kill this brat alone!” shouted Hu Xiaolin.

“Dragonblood Legion, find a place to drink tea. Today, your boss will demonstrate what true power is.” Long Chen shouted and also sent a punch at Hu Xiaolin.


Everyone’s expressions changed as invisible power exploded.


Some of the experts that didn’t retreat fast enough coughed up blood and were sent flying. As for the Dragonblood Legion, they had retreated without Long Chen’s instructions, and then once he had told them to retreat again, they had fallen back even further. They weren’t affected.

“Is this… purely the power of their physical bodies?!” cried one of the ancient race experts, wiping some blood from his mouth.

Only pure physical attacks could cause them to not sense any danger. If they were to use magical arts or Battle Skills, they would have been on guard and retreated earlier. Only the pure power of their physical bodies could erupt without causing any spatial fluctuations.

These experts wildly hacked up blood, while some of the rank eight Celestials almost had their bodies collapse from that one exchange.

Long Chen’s fist blocked Hu Xiaolin’s fist. The size difference between them was immense, making Long Chen look weak. However, as the power between their fists faced off against each other, they were even.

“Your power’s not bad. But in comparison to my Xuan Beasts, you’re nothing!” Hu Xiaolin was a bit surprised Long Chen could block his fist, but he was still wildly arrogant.

The Xuan Beasts were the most pure-blooded existences on the Martial Heaven Continent. Brute strength was their innate power. Humans simply couldn’t compare to them.

After all, that wasn’t the specialty of humans. The human race specialized in magical arts and Battle Skills. If it weren’t for that specialty, the human race might have long since been exterminated.

While Hu Xiaolin was a bit surprised by Long Chen’s power, it wasn’t enough to stun him. In his opinion, for a human to fight a Xuan Beast with brute strength could only be the result of a wild overestimation of their strength.

“Big body, big mouth, and big bragging. That’s the first impression you’ve given me of the Xuan Beasts,” sneered Long Chen.

Suddenly, the ground sank. Hu Xiaolin’s muscles bulged, and he increased in size. The ground beneath them fractured.

Their power was so great that the ground couldn’t even bear it. As the ground beneath them sank, the ground around them suddenly bulged. Everyone was stunned.

“They’re completely deforming the land with just physical strength. Just what kind of monsters are they?” said an ancient race expert with a shuddering voice.

The ancient races were also known for their power. That was thanks to inheriting the bloodline of the Xuan Beasts. Power had always been their proud point, but today, they witnessed what true power was.

As the ground deformed, lava suddenly exploded from the ground, and a rain of lava fell from the sky. Although lava wasn’t enough to threaten these experts, this terrifying sight gave them chills.

What was most shocking was that as Hu Xiaolin’s power increased, Long Chen’s gaze was still calm. No matter how great Hu Xiaolin’s power grew, he was unable to shake Long Chen.

“This is your so-called power?” sneered Long Chen. “You’re too arrogant. Did you think you could crush me with just a portion of your power? Fine, then let me take the initiative!”

Long Chen’s left hand suddenly slapped Hu Xiaolin’s wrist, whacking it away. This sudden change caught Hu Xiaolin off-guard, and he ended up charging forward. Meanwhile, Long Chen had already appeared in the air, sending a kick at him.

Long Chen’s movements were lightning-quick. His foot landed right on Hu Xiaolin’s chest, and his huge body was sent flying back.

Hu Xiaolin smashed into the ground, and a pillar of dust soared into the sky. He dug a large ditch in the ground.

“How is that possible?!” Everyone, including Yan Weishan and Jin Mingwei, was shocked. Long Chen was a human. How could he possess that much power?

Although they knew he was powerful, especially since he had killed Sha Guangyan and Ye Qingkuang as well as destroying two divine items, that hadn’t been that shocking to the two of them in particular. That was because the two of them were also more than capable of that.

The execution stand and the Steel Coiling Dragon Staff were nothing more than quasi divine items. Their power was very limited. Furthermore, they were unorthodox ones, and once their weaknesses were used against them, causing them to explode against each other wasn’t too difficult.

However, they weren’t aware that Long Chen hadn’t used their weaknesses. In his fury, he had used pure power to make them explode. It was just that they didn’t know that.

This time, Long Chen’s display was clearly one of pure power, and thus it shocked them.

The ground suddenly exploded, and Heavenly Dao energy raged. A terrifying pressure descended.

A huge figure appeared in the sky with a primal chaos manifestation. When that manifestation appeared, all Celestials felt immense pressure. It was difficult to breathe.

What was shocking was that Hu Xiaolin’s manifestation was not pure primal chaos, and there were some faint images within it. Although they were indistinct, it was possible to vaguely see a huge figure within it. However, it was unknown what that figure was.

“An initial awakening! His manifestation is already starting to awaken!” cried out a fellow Empyrean with shock. His voice was full of envy.

Perhaps others were unaware of what it meant for a manifestation to have reached the point of an initial awakening, but Empyreans longed for such a thing. It signified that Hu Xiaolin’s power had reached a new level, allowing him to suppress Empyreans who had yet to start awakening their manifestations.

In truth, Empyreans who had yet to awaken their manifestations were not true Empyreans. In the ancient era, only people who had fully awakened their manifestations were qualified to be called Empyreans.

However, after successive dark eras, the continent had declined, and there were fewer geniuses. Let alone those who awakened their manifestations, even those who could give rise to ordinary primal chaos manifestations were few and far between. So even at that level, they were called Empyreans now.

For ordinary Empyreans, their manifestation was a mass of primal chaos, which was like an egg. An awakened manifestation was like the birth of that egg.

No one could tell what was growing inside the egg. Some Empyreans would live out their whole lives without awakening their manifestations and seeing what was inside.

Some would also start awakening their manifestation, signifying that they had a chance to become a true Empyrean. However, that was just a chance. It was still not set in stone that they would fully awaken their manifestation.

That was because awakening one’s manifestation was a long and difficult process. Sometimes there was even a chance that a manifestation would awaken but still not fully form.

There was also an even crueler reality where one Empyrean awakened their manifestation first, resulting in others not being able to awaken theirs.

Each Empyrean’s manifestation was unique. Only one could exist at any time. They all had their own names, and once one manifestation was fully woken, it would be blessed by the world, making it so another could not fully form.

For instance, there might be a hundred Empyreans who were supposed to awaken the same manifestation. All of them did their best to nourish their manifestation and make it awaken. However, once one person awakened their manifestation, the cruel reality was that the other ninety-nine Empyreans with the same manifestation would never be able to awaken them.

Seeing that Hu Xiaolin’s manifestation had already reached the initial awakening stage, all the other Empyreans were extremely envious.

“Long Chen, you’ve really angered me.” Hu Xiaolin’s manifestation revolved around him. Heaven and earth raged along with him. 

“An idiot can only say idiotic things,” snorted Long Chen. He slowly rose into the air. “Does infuriating you mean others have to pay a price? Well, you killed my brothers, harmed my companions, injured my loved ones. Do you know how much you’ve angered me?”

“Hmph, a weak disciple of a human sect isn’t qualified to be angry. Power is what matters in this world. The strong are the existences that can reap other lives, while the weak should simply crawl beneath our feet and accept their fate. Your resistance will only anger the strong. That’s what’s foolish. You aren’t qualified to resist! If you resist, you’ll have to pay an even greater price!” sneered Hu Xiaolin. He took a single step across the air, causing the void to explode. He reached Long Chen in an instant, sending a kick at Long Chen. “An ant’s final fate is simply to be crushed by the strong!”

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