Chapter 1553 Berserk Long Chen

With one slap, blood mist filled the air, and Sha Guangyan’s head was blown to bits. Time seemed to stand still.

The owner of the hand slowly revealed itself as the blood mist dispersed. It was a handsome face with star-like eyes. Those eyes contained unfathomable killing intent.

“Long Chen!”

When that person appeared, everyone’s pupils shrank. It was Long Chen. He had gotten back right at the critical moment.

He appeared to be a grim reaper to the others. A strange image was in his eyes, one that flickered in and out of existence. There were also ripples coming from behind him, causing space to shudder. The current Long Chen seemed completely different from before.

Sha Guangyan’s body fell to the ground, and a miniature version of him shot away. That was his Yuan Spirit. His body had died without him even realizing what had happened, but the instant he realized it was Long Chen, a sensation of danger filled every inch of him.

However, he had barely gotten anywhere when a figure appeared before him. A cold pair of eyes stared at him.

Seeing Long Chen in front of him, Sha Guangyan immediately turned, but a large hand caught his Yuan Spirit.

“Sha Guangyan, I rarely hate a person this much. Congratulations.” The veins in Long Chen’s forehead bulged as he stared at Sha Guangyan’s Yuan Spirit that was struggling in his hand.

“No! Don’t kill me!” shouted Sha Guangyan.

Long Chen’s hand tightened, and Sha Guangyan’s Yuan Spirit was crushed. Specks of light exploded and vanished.

“An Empyrean… was killed.”

The neutral camp’s experts were watching from a distance, and they were all stupefied. An Empyrean had actually died. A generation’s genius had just vanished from this world. The most shocking thing was that this Empyrean was killed in just one attack.

Long Chen had just crushed Sha Guangyan’s Yuan Spirit when another person fled. That person had barely moved when Long Chen’s figure vanished as well. When he reappeared, he was in front of that person.

A powerful punch was unleashed, one that caused the void to crumble around it. Those two figures became indistinct within that crumbled space.


That voice came from Ye Qingkuang. He had just been fighting Tang Wan-er and had almost killed her several times.

However, as soon as he had seen Long Chen kill Sha Guangyan, his courage was broken and he had fled. Regretfully, Long Chen had still caught up to him.


Space returned to calm. People saw blood mist in the air, as well as a staff.

The staff was now in Long Chen’s hand, while in his other hand was Ye Qingkuang’s Yuan Spirit.

Another banging sound rang out as Ye Qingkuang’s Yuan Spirit was crushed. Long Chen’s face was sharp and fierce. He resembled a berserk devil god, looking as if he wished to kill everything in this world.

In just two blinks of an eye, two Empyreans were killed. Both the ally and the enemy were shocked.

After killing Ye Qingkuang, Long Chen appeared in front of the execution stand. He reached out to grab the chains piercing Cloud’s body.

“Long Chen, don’t!” shouted Meng Qi. However, her warning was too late. Long Chen had already touched the chains.

Black qi surged out of them once more, covering Long Chen just like it had covered Meng Qi.

“Hmph, a little curse dares to scheme against me?”

Lightning flashed across Long Chen’s body. The black qi was like snow that had met lava, and it was instantly incinerated.

“Break!” Long Chen roared, his voice shaking the heavens.

The chains binding Cloud exploded, but at that exact moment, the huge ax head of the execution stand fell toward Cloud and Long Chen.

The curse on the chains was just one of the traps. The second trap was that when the chains were broken, this execution stand, which was a divine item in its own right, would activate automatically, annihilating all life standing on it.

“Meng Qi!”

Long Chen shouted, and Meng Qi immediately reacted, sending out her Spiritual Strength. Cloud’s giant body vanished from the execution stand.

The ax head missed its target and continued downward toward Long Chen with great divine power.

“Since none of you have any respect in your hearts, don’t blame me for slaughtering you all!” roared Long Chen. The image in his eyes grew brighter, and he suddenly smashed the Steel Coiling Dragon Staff at the ax head.


An explosion of divine items erupted, and the world lost all its color. It was like a star had exploded within a frozen lake.

The ground exploded, and a terrifying qi wave spread in every direction.

“Run!” The distant experts fled for their lives, but they still weren’t fast enough. In just a moment, the qi wave struck them, making them cough up blood.

They were all shocked. Some experts flew into the air, looking at the scene of devastation from above. The Grand Han’s capital had vanished. Everything within ten thousand miles had been turned into a land of death. Waves of earth finally collapsed at the end.

At the center of this scene of devastation was a large hole. Long Chen was standing there. The upper part of the staff he had in his hand had vanished, while the execution stand, including the ax head, had disappeared.

“Two divine items… destroyed?!” People were simply gobsmacked.

The earth exploded and two groups of figures appeared. On the Dragonblood Legion’s side, the Undying Willow’s branches pulled back, revealing the Dragonblood warriors. None of them were injured.

On the other side was Yan Weishan. He had summoned a flame domain that had protected his experts. They also survived this terrifying explosion.

In the distance, Zi Yan and the disciples of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace were quietly standing there. Zi Yan was staring at Long Chen. It was unknown what she was thinking.

The battlefield was now split between the Dragonblood Legion and its opponents. The Dragonblood Legion still only had less than thirteen thousand people, while their opponents numbered over a hundred thousand. The difference in power between the two sides was still immense.

However, the Dragonblood warriors still coldly faced their enemies. In fact, with Long Chen before them, they seemed transformed, overflowing with even more battle intent.

“Boss, you finally got here.” Guo Ran sighed. Just now, things had been really dangerous.

The Undying Willow had blocked the attacks of the three strongest experts, but even with its amazing recovery abilities, it wouldn’t have been able to last much longer.

“Sorry. Something happened with the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. It almost caused disaster here,” apologized Long Chen. He then walked over to Meng Qi and pressed a finger against her forehead.

The remnant black qi on Meng Qi’s head was sucked into Long Chen’s hand. It rapidly spread throughout his body.

Once all the black qi was sucked away, thunderforce circulated through his body, wiping away the black qi.

“Long Chen, you are really brazen! You dare to send yourself to your own death?” shouted Yan Weishan. Long Chen’s arrival had shocked him, but now he seemed relieved.

“Everyone knows that I’ve always been brazen. So I suppose that Sha Guangyan was just Pill Valley’s dog? Without Pill Valley’s support, he wouldn’t have been able to raise such huge waves. Well, that’s good too. Today, we can settle all our enmities, new and old,” said Long Chen.

“Long Chen, hand over the Myriad Spirit Diagram and the grievances between you and the Xuan Beasts will be wiped away. Otherwise…” The Xuan Beasts’ Hu Xiaolin suddenly spoke.

“What a joke. I never provoked the Xuan Beasts, it was you who provoked me. So, you joined in on this for the Myriad Spirit Diagram? Good, very good.” Long Chen smiled, but that smile was a bit sinister-looking.

The Myriad Spirit Diagram was something Long Chen had obtained in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant. For this person to know of it, they had to have investigated Cloud’s soul.

The Myriad Spirit Diagram contained the inheritances of ancient beasts. Many Xuan Beasts had lost some of their divine abilities due to the passing of time or their bloodline growing impure. The Myriad Spirit Diagram had detailed recordings of their inheritances and was a priceless treasure to the Xuan Beasts. Now that Hu Xiaolin said this, it was clear what the goal of the Xuan Beasts was.

The thing that infuriated Long Chen the most was that despite Cloud being the one who had been tormented into such a miserable state, Hu Xiaolin said that he would wipe away their grievances if he handed it over. It was like Long Chen owed him some kind of favor.

“Long Chen, I’d advise you to know when someone’s being kind. The Xuan Beasts are an existence no one on the continent dares to provoke. Don’t make a mistake,” threatened Hu Xiaolin. “Don’t think that killing two Empyreans means you’re unrivaled. The difference amongst Empyreans is also as great as a heavenly chasm. Hand over the Myriad Spirit Diagram and the Xuan Beasts will no longer interfere in your matters. This is your last chance.”

Hu Xiaolin’s words made Yan Weishan’s expression turn a bit unsightly. Only now did he learn that the Xuan Beasts had had their own reasons for participating this time. They were truly arrogant to not even place Pill Valley in their eyes. They were actually planning on taking what they wanted and then directly leaving.

However, Yan Weishan didn’t say anything. He just coldly stared at Long Chen.

“Is your huge head only packed with shit? Cloud is not my steed, but a comrade who has fought through life and death battles with me. After you tormented it to this point, the enmity between us is one of no rest until death,” said Long Chen coldly.

“Alright, since it’s no rest until death, then you can die!” Hu Xiaolin suddenly took a single step, crossing a huge distance to send a punch right at Long Chen’s head.

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