Chapter 1552 Long Chen Arrives

Following Jin Mingwei, all the other Corrupt experts stood and began walking over to the Dragonblood Legion.

None of the other experts moved, only the Corrupt path did. Sha Guangyan’s side had seventeen Empyreans, and that number did not include their four strongest members, Hu Xiaolin, Yan Weishan, Jin Mingwei, and Bloodkill 1. It could be said that their current power was enough to dominate the Eastern Xuan Region. Even if the Zither Fairy stood on Long Chen’s side, so what? She wouldn’t be able to change anything.

Either Long Chen didn’t come, or he did, and if he did, there was zero chance he could leave alive. With the Dragonblood Legion having come, all they had to do was capture the Dragonblood warriors. Even if Long Chen didn’t come today, if they caught his fatal weak point, there was no way he would be able to make as many waves as before. The only thing awaiting him would be death.

Jin Mingwei led his Corrupt experts to the Dragonblood Legion. As he passed Chu Yao’s battlefield, he sneered at Peng Wansheng’s group of three who were caught by the endless wooden stakes.

Jin Mingwei swung his gourd up to drink another mouthful, but he realized it was empty. After putting it away, he suddenly took a step into the region of the wooden stakes.

With that single step, the ground exploded and blood runes spread, infecting the wooden stakes on the ground.

The wooden stakes rapidly corroded as soon as they were touched by the blood runes. In the end, they turned into blood-colored dust.

“That’s… that’s too terrifying!”

Jin Mingwei had annihilated a whole region of wooden stakes with just a step. On the other hand, Peng Wansheng’s group of three were forced into a miserable state. That comparison showed just how terrifying Jin Mingwei was.

Just like that, Jin Mingwei led his people through the domain of Chu Yao’s wooden stakes. Anywhere he went, the wooden stakes corroded.

“He’s a terrifying opponent. Everyone prepare yourself.” Yue Zifeng slowly stood, having a grave expression on his face. This Jin Mingwei was incredibly powerful.

Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and the rest of the Dragonblood warriors also stood, their weapons in hand. Even in the face of such a terrifying expert, they were still filled with battle intent.

The experts who had walked to Long Chen’s side due to a moment of hotbloodedness were now conflicted. They might acknowledge Long Chen’s power and character, but this terrifying Jin Mingwei completely intimidated them, turning them into cowardly mice.

They were in a place far behind the Dragonblood Legion, and they saw that each of the Dragonblood warriors was facing Jin Mingwei’s pressure without the slightest fear. What made them ashamed was that even those on the same cultivation level as them still had calm eyes.

Just as Jin Mingwei was arrogantly passing through the domain of wooden stakes, the sky rumbled. A willow branch pierced out of the void.

The willow branch came out of nowhere, and it arrived in front of Jin Mingwei in an instant. It looked to be an ordinary branch with weak willow leaves, but it gave Jin Mingwei a chill.

Without even thinking about it, Jin Mingwei smashed his fist out. Blood runes revolved around his fist, causing the void to shake. This also showed Jin Mingwei’s power. Even a hasty attack possessed such power.

BOOM! However, this seemingly weak willow branch knocked Ji Mingwei dozens of meters back. 

The sky turned dark and a huge willow appeared, its crown covering the sky. Countless branches fell from it, wrapping around Jin Mingwei and the others.

“What is that?!” When that huge willow appeared, everyone, including Yan Weishan, Hu Xiaolin, and the others, were shocked.

The willow branches were too numerous. Although Jin Mingwei managed to break the ones attacking him with a punch, the Corrupt experts behind him were torn apart one by one.

“Break!” Jin Mingwei roared furiously, and the blood runes around his body lit up. Blades began to fly out of him, slicing through the branches. Protecting the surviving Corrupt experts, he fled from the attack range of the willow. However, by this time, only eight of them were left. The rest had been killed.

“Peng Wansheng, watch out!” shouted Hu Xiaolin. Just at this moment, the willow branches stretched toward the area covered in wooden stakes.

Like sharp spears, they pierced through the openings of the wooden stakes. The two Empyreans were instantly pierced. Peng Wansheng roared, and golden runes flowed around his body. Golden blood flowed out of his forehead.

His halberd suddenly exploded with divine power, unleashing a ray of light that tore through everything in its way. Peng Wansheng had clearly activated the power of his divine item.

The wooden stakes and willow branches were both blown apart. The two Empyreans that had been pierced by the branches also had their lives saved. The three of them hastily fled, rejoining Yan Weishan and Hu Xiaolin.

It had only been a breath’s time since the willow had appeared, but dozens of experts had been slain. If Peng Wansheng hadn’t sacrificed his essence blood to activate his divine item, those two Empyreans would have died as well. For a moment, everyone was deathly silent as they stared at the huge willow.

This willow was the Undying Willow that had once forced Long Chen to desperate straits. Now it was on the side of the Dragonblood Legion, and its huge crown covered the entire Dragonblood Legion.

“So this is your trump card. Everyone, don’t hesitate. Whether or not Long Chen is coming, let’s capture them first!” shouted Yan Weishan. He was the first to fly out, flames revolving around him. A flame blade slashed toward the Undying Willow.

Following Yan Weishan, Hu Xiaolin and Jin Mingwei also took action. Hu Xiaolin let out a single punch, blowing apart the willow branches in front of him. However, new branches immediately grew out. It looked like they would never be exhausted.

All the other experts followed. Sha Guangyan shouted, “Annihilate the Dragonblood Legion, annihilate the scourge of the continent! There’s no need to show the slightest mercy! We are saving the Eastern Xuan Region from calamity! This is for the Martial Heaven Continent!”

“Brothers, although our boss isn’t present, we are still Dragonblood warriors. How many battles have we faced? Perhaps you don’t even remember. Today, boss isn’t present, and it’s finally our turn to take the stage. Use the blood and lives of these idiots as vengeance for the fallen disciples of the Xuantian Dao Sect and Cloud!”

Guo Ran shouted from his battlefield, and his armor suddenly began to shine. He let out a vicious slash at the Empyrean he was facing.

Shockingly, this Empyrean that he had been fighting evenly for so long was immediately blown back into the ground, wildly coughing up blood. Several experts that he crashed into were slain.

Although he had a divine item in his hands, he couldn’t activate its power so easily. If he didn’t offer up his essence blood, he might as well not have a divine item.

On the other hand, Guo Ran had dozens of Ancestral items backing him up, and their item-spirits worked together to empower each of his attacks. If he hadn’t been stalling for time, this Empyrean would have long since been defeated by him. Now that there was no need to stall anymore, it was time to kill.

“Die!” Two other Empyreans immediately flew toward Guo Ran. With a furious roar, Guo Ran slashed both his sabers down, activating all the power of his Ancestral items.

BOOM! Those two Empyreans were blown back. Their Heavenly Dao pressure was ineffective against Guo Ran, while Guo Ran had the full power of so many Ancestral items. Even Empyreans were unable to stop him.

However, after sending them away, Guo Ran attracted the attention of other Empyreans. They rushed at him.

“Fuck, come! My blade’s already thirsty. Let me show you the power of boss Guo!” Guo Ran started a crazy battle. It went without saying that with his armor, his power was truly immense.

Four Empyreans were attacking him at all times now, and even Guo Ran was unable to block them all. He was continuously suffering injuries even inside his armor.

Just as the Empyreans were focusing on Guo Ran, a sword cut through space, sending one of them flying.

That Empyrean’s Heavenly Dao protection seemed to have lost its effect, and he had almost been cut in two. If he wasn’t wearing armor, he might have been killed by that one attack.

“Zifeng, you came at the right time. Let’s kill these bastards!”

Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and Gu Yang also went to assist Guo Ran. However, there were too many Empyreans, and danger surrounded them.

Other than Guo Ran and Yue Zifeng, the others were affected by the Heavenly Dao pressure. Rank nine Celestials simply couldn’t fight Empyreans. It wasn’t a fair fight.

If it weren’t for the fact that Long Chen had made them fight against heavenly tribulation over and over again, giving them high resistance toward the pressure of the Heavenly Daos, they’d have been defeated in the first exchange. Even so, they were only barely able to keep holding on.

“Do I help or not?”

Zi Yan looked at the Dragonblood Legion with a conflicted expression. Although the Undying Willow was doing its best to protect them, every member of the Dragonblood Legion was surrounded by danger now. The difference between the two sides was just too immense.

Suddenly, sand exploded out of the ground. A figure charged toward Meng Qi who was focusing on resisting the curse.

“Bastard, you dare to touch my sister?!” raged Tang Wan-er. However, she was blocking Ye Qingkuang and couldn’t save Meng Qi. Now she panicked. If Meng Qi had only been given another two hours, she would have been able to force the curse out of her body. However, if she had to split her attention now, the curse would immediately invade her body.

“Haha, Long Chen’s woman, come here!” Sha Guangyan laughed, stretching out a hand toward Meng Qi’s neck.

Meng Qi sighed. She was about to give up on blocking the curse and fight back when a disdainful voice rang out from the sky.

“Is my woman someone you can touch?”

A large hand came from a bizarre angle, smashing against Sha Guangyan’s head.


Sha Guangyan’s head exploded. Blood mist filled the air.

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