Chapter 1551 Flower To Wood Graft

As soon as Peng Wansheng moved, two other Empyreans stood and followed. They walked toward Meng Qi.

“It seems they’ve noticed our stalling tactic and don’t want to give us more time.” Chu Yao slowly rose. “Leave this battle to me.”

“Be careful.” Meng Qi was still busy resisting the curse.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.” Chu Yao smiled and walked out. As she walked forward, the rest of the Dragonblood Legion created a space for her.

“Isn’t that the Skywood Divine Palace’s Fairy Chu Yao? How did she end up joining the Dragonblood Legion?!”

“I heard Long Chen came from the same place as Fairy Chu Yao. They two of them have a close relationship.”

“But she’s the only Empyrean in the Dragonblood Legion. Will she really be alright against three Empyreans?”

Chu Yao walked gracefully like an elf coming out of an ancient forest. Just looking at her made people feel like they had escaped outside the clamor of the mundane world.

“All of Long Chen’s women are as beautiful as fairies. Is his charisma really so great?” wondered Yu Tong as she watched Chu Yao walk out. That gentle and transcendent air around her was something even she didn’t possess. Women as beautiful as Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Tang Wan-er were few and far between, but they were all so loyal to Long Chen. She couldn’t quite understand where Long Chen’s charisma came from.

“You don’t understand his charisma because you don’t understand him. He is like an incurable poison. By the time someone realizes his toxicity, they’ve already been poisoned.” Zi Yan looked at Chu Yao with a complicated expression.

Chu Yao stopped. Peng Wansheng and the other two Celestials also stopped three thousand meters away from her.

“I’ll give you a chance to survive. Submit to me.” Peng Wansheng looked at Chu Yao with envy. He envied Long Chen for being so lucky to have such beautiful women and talent.

Chu Yao didn’t reply. She slowly put her palms against each other in front of her. The moment her palms connected, life energy filled the air.

The plaza was covered in bricks and was lifeless. However, green shoots began to grow out of the cracks between the bricks, rapidly growing into trees.

“Since you’ve chosen death, don’t blame me for being vicious to a beauty. Leave her to me. You two handle the others. Do your best to capture them alive,” said Peng Wansheng. He shot toward Chu Yao while the other two also moved.

They had only just moved when Chu Yao’s hand seal changed. The ground exploded as wooden stakes shot out, filling the sky.

“Hmph, this move is useless against me!” sneered Peng Wansheng. The primal chaos manifestation behind him circulated, and with a single punch, the wooden stakes before him exploded. However, the wooden stakes were endless and continued wrapping around them like millions of pythons.

The distant experts were all shocked by the scale of this battle. Was this the power of Empyreans? It was truly terrifying.

Those wooden stakes possessed terrifying power. The rank nine Celestials might be able to block one or two, but in the face of that many, they would be instantly annihilated.

The rank eight Celestials were paler than the rank nine Celestials. Let alone blocking such an attack, they might be killed just by getting close.

Guo Ran’s fight with the Empyrean was a straight exchange of brute strength in the air, which hadn’t allowed them to sense how terrifying an Empyrean was. Now that they saw these endless twisting wooden stakes, they experienced the terror of Empyreans.

Everyone retreated, leaving a huge space for them to fight.

“Break!” Peng Wansheng roared, and his forehead suddenly split open. A golden light shot out at the wooden stakes.

Anywhere the golden light passed, the golden stakes were destroyed. This move was incredibly powerful. It was a divine ability that Peng Wansheng had awakened recently.

However, the three of them had just been about to charge out of that opening when flower petals fell from the sky. They looked beautiful but also strange.

The edges of these petals were lined with thorns. At first, they appeared to be floating gently as they fell from the sky, but as soon as the three of them got near them, the petals began to rapidly spin, slicing through space like saw blades. A sharp sound that caused everyone’s hair to stand on end rang out.

Peng Wansheng and the other two didn’t even have time to react before the flower petals wrapped around them. Fresh blood splattered.

The three of them roared and summoned Heavenly Dao defenses, but these petals could pierce their Heavenly Dao defenses. Although their power dropped after, they still sliced through their skin.

The three of them had become covered in blood, shocking the people outside. These seemingly gentle and beautiful petals were actually terrifying killing tools.

“Divine Light Protection!” Peng Wansheng activated another divine ability, and golden light covered his body like battle armor. At the same time, he swung his divine item, the battle halberd.

Golden waves spread from his divine item as he attacked. The flower petals were blown away. At the same time, a small golden figure appeared on Peng Wansheng’s forehead, rapidly forming hand seals. A huge pair of wings appeared on his back.

The golden wings were three hundred meters long and covered in flashing runes. They looked like real wings superimposed over his physical ones. With a flap of these wings, the surrounding flower petals were instantly blown to bits.

“Rumor is Peng Wansheng is a descendant of the true Golden Peng race. Although he’s from the ancient races, the mix of the human blood resulted in the power of his Golden Peng bloodline of his ancient race weakening. However, Peng Wansheng’s bloodline shows signs of reverting back to an ancestral state, and the bloodline of the Golden Peng is extremely dense within him. Those two wings seem to be a divine skill of the Golden Peng race. How terrifying,” cried someone in shock. Those two wings shook heaven and earth.

The two Empyreans recovered as the petals were blown away. They were both infuriated. Just now, their situation had been extremely miserable. Having won some breathing room thanks to Peng Wansheng, they both charged toward Chu Yao with their weapons.

Chu Yao was floating in the air, and beneath her was a sea of green. Countless wooden stakes were starting to grow shoots. They were completely different from her previous wooden stakes that were dead sticks. These were alive.

Staring at these wooden stakes, people felt like they were being drawn into a beautiful dream, as if they might fall fast asleep.

Chu Yao’s green dress billowed around her, and her long black hair blew back in the wind. She was like a sacred, noble goddess. She closed her eyes, sensing the life energy within the world.

Chu Yao formed new hand seals, while a miniature version of her appeared on her forehead, forming hand seals as well. Just as Peng Wansheng and the others were about to reach her, she slowly opened her eyes.

The instant she opened her eyes, the miniature version of her also did. Two runes appeared in its eyes. Chu Yao and her Yuan Spirit’s hand seals changed at the same time, and they both shouted, “Flower to Wood Graft!”

The petals that Peng Wansheng had blown apart now flew to the wooden stakes. They were instantly absorbed, and the wooden stakes’ green and golden runes lit up. A terrifying aura soared.

The wooden stakes seemed to go from gentle slumbering beasts to the ones that had been startled awake. They instantly became berserk.

The wooden stakes shot into the air. Shockingly, the ends of the wooden stakes had transformed into the shapes of wild beasts. Their sharp fangs were crystal clear.


One of the Empyreans had only just shattered one wooden stake when he found that its power was over a hundred times greater than before, and his attack wasn’t enough to stop the flood of other wooden stakes attacking. He immediately was struck on the shoulder and coughed up blood.

These wooden stakes were now like beasts, and they could pounce and bite. Some wooden stakes transformed into weapons: sabers, spears, swords, and halberds. There were all kinds of ways for the wooden stakes to attack now, and they were completely different from before.

The three of them were instantly devoured by a sea of wooden stakes. Their roars rang out from within. They were constantly injured.

Peng Wansheng activated his divine ability once more, attacking with his wings. However, he was only able to destroy the wooden stakes within a three-hundred-meter area. He was unable to destroy them all.

The other two Empyreans were also fighting as hard as they could, but they were still being injured over and over.

Peng Wansheng roared and his forehead split open once more. A golden light shot out.

However, he only managed to break a few dozen wooden stakes. They were too tough, and even his divine ability had lost its effect.

“Fuck, how is she so strong?!” roared Peng Wansheng. After reaching the Soul Transformation and awakening new divine abilities, his power had grown explosively. He had wanted to use these divine abilities to defeat Long Chen. However, now he was defeated by Chu Yao before even fighting Long Chen.

The wooden stakes continued to fly out endlessly, wrapping the three of them. The three of them could only bitterly resist. Their battle became one of attrition.

“I smell the scent of a scheme. Long Chen definitely has some secret, and he’s told his people to stall for time. We’re not waiting any longer. Let’s first capture these people. Who wants to go?” said Yan Weishan suddenly.

“I’ll go. The Dragonblood warriors’ essence blood will definitely have a good taste. I won’t waste it.”

The Corrupt path’s Jin Mingwei stood with a sinister smile, and walked out.

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