Chapter 155 Profound Spirit Fruit

“It’s the aura of monster-class experts!”

Long Chen was startled. Those auras were incomparably powerful, soaring straight into the clouds. Only monster-class experts had such powerful auras.

Furthermore, this time, the auras were incredibly intense, much more intense than when Lei Qianshang and Tang Wan-er had fought.

“I’ve gotta go check it out!” Long Chen quickened his footsteps, rushing over as quickly as possible. But that place was extremely far, and Long Chen had to rush for two full hours before getting close.

“No way, it’s this intense?” When he saw the scene before him, he was completely stunned. Lei Qianshang, Qi Xin, Yue Zifeng, Tang Wan-er, and Ye Zhiqiu were all present.

And most inconceivable of all, they had actually formed two teams that were crazily fighting the other. Their terrifying battle shook the heavens and caused the land to shudder.

They were fighting three against two, as at some unknown point, Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu had formed an alliance to face off against the other three.

Lei Qianshang, Qi Xin, and Yue Zifeng were all fighting with their full strength. Thunder and lightning rolled, qi waves surged, and Sword Qi slashed as they fought against the two women.

This was the first time Long Chen saw Yue Zifeng fighting. That longsword in his hand shot out a ray of light that was thirty meters long, cutting apart the sky, whistling through the air, and possessing a terrifying destructive strength.

Tang Wan-er was surrounded by hundreds of revolving wind blades that were like hundreds of flowers in full bloom, wildly resisting their attacks.

Beside Tang Wan-er was Ye Zhiqiu. A layer of frost covered her palm, and with each wave of her hand, illusory figures would fill the sky.

Those illusory figures were all formed from terrifying Ice Qi. The Ice Qi released by each of her palms was enough to chill their hearts. Even though they were three against two, the three of them were extremely apprehensive about the Ice Qi and kept their distance.

“Five monsters stealthily gathered here to fight. Are they fighting for the position of number one?” But he didn’t feel that was likely. Examining the surroundings, his gaze suddenly fell towards a distant cave.

“So that’s why…” That cave was a few dozen meters. Within it was a one meter tall sapling. The sapling had given birth to a fist-sized fruit.

That was the Profound Spirit Fruit[1]. It was no wonder they would be fighting. Long Chen finally realized the cause of their battle.

The Profound Spirit Fruit was an extraordinarily rare and miraculous treasure. Its tree could only bear one fruit once every three years. If the fruit blossom ever withered, the entire tree would immediately die along with it.

But if it bore fruit, then once the fruit matured, the fruit had to be picked within two hour’s time or it would rot away.

This fruit had a heaven-defying effect. That was to allow Blood Condensation experts to have a high chance to perfectly advance to the Tendon Transformation realm.

A perfect advancement was the dream of countless martial artists. Cultivating was just like building a skyscraper. Only if the foundation was sturdy, could it be built higher.

Normally, only once a Spirit Root reached the silver grade could there be a chance of a perfect advancement. But that probability was only around thirty percent. Seventy percent of those who even possessed silver grade Spirit Roots were unable to achieve a perfect advancement to Tendon Transformation.

It was no wonder these monster-class geniuses were fighting so hard. Was the reason they had suppressed their cultivation bases also because of this Profound Spirit Fruit?

He then realized the five of them were surprisingly far from the cave. Searching for why, he saw a line of words over the cave:

Those who damage this tree will die.

That line of words was extremely clear. They were written boldly as a warning.

Long Chen understood that such a precious treasure like the Profound Spirit Fruit was probably one-of-a-kind in the Xuantian Monastery. Perhaps this was also why their disciple selection only occurred once every three years. They naturally would take precautions against the registrants harming it.

Despite Ye Zhiqiu and Tang Wan-er fighting together, they were still at a disadvantage against the three others. They were being forced back step by step.

Long Chen hesitated for a moment. Just watching wouldn’t be too suitable. After all, he was at least a bit more friendly with Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu.

Furthermore, even if he didn’t care about those two beauties, didn’t he still have to at least deal a blow to Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin?

Those two had already become mortal enemies with him. If he let them obtain the Profound Spirit Fruit, that would definitely be disadvantageous for him.

“Hey, you three shameless fellows, how can you bully two weak women in broad daylight like this? Now that I’ve arrived, why haven’t you stopped yet?”

Long Chen swaggered over, shouting. His hands were clasped behind his back as if he were some expert.

Hearing Long Chen’s voice, Qi Xin’s face immediately darkened. He began to almost involuntarily shiver. That voice had already been carved into his bones.

“Long Chen!” Qi Xin and Lei Qianshang both gnashed their teeth as they spat out his name. As for Tang Wan-er, she was pleasantly surprised to see him.

Long Chen winked at Tang Wan-er before turning to Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin. “You two are so malevolent, and I see a devilishness within your eyes. I was just strolling around, but now I will take the place of the heavens to punish you evildoers! If you two don’t stop now, then I’ll have to take action to put away you two demons!” Long Chen’s words were only towards Qi Xin and Lei Qianshang. He had no enmity with Yue Zifeng, and there was no need to drag him down with them.

This scoundrel, does he not know how to fear? Tang Wan-er barely kept back a laugh. She called to Long Chen, “There’s no need for you to take action. Go over to the cave. The Profound Spirit Fruit is about to fully mature, and you have to pluck it at the earliest moment.”

Although she felt that Long Chen was powerful, he was unable to compare to them. Now for the sake of the Profound Spirit Fruit, everyone no longer held back, so she was afraid he would injure himself.

“That’s a nice plan, but how about you die for me instead!”

Qi Xin angrily roared. He actually directly withdrew from their fight and shot at Long Chen. He was still about to go crazy from rage about what had happened with the honey.

He had painstakingly worked for so long, all for Long Chen to swoop in at the last moment and take all the benefits. If he hadn’t encountered the real Wei San later, he would still not even know how he had managed to steal all that honey.

His entire faction had been played just like that. That had angered him so much it felt as if he might explode. He wished to swallow Long Chen alive.

Furthermore, after having suffered such a loss, he didn’t even dare to make it public. Now that he saw Long Chen, even with his cultivation base, his body was constantly trembling. Just what level of anger had Long Chen caused him to reach?

“You brazen demon, you dare look at me with those eyes? Don’t blame me for taking the place of the heavens to punish you!” Long Chen pointed at Qi Xin.

“Die!” Qi Xin’s face turned green. A huge water blade appeared in his hand. He viciously slashed it down on Long Chen like a guillotine. 

This weapon was condensed out of water energy, but it wasn’t the same as the previous ones he had condensed. This one had strange lines over it, a sign that it had been made of core energy.

“Careful!” Tang Wan-er gave him a warning, not expecting Qi Xin to be so crazy. That attack was his full strength. He actually wanted to kill Long Chen!

Both she and Ye Zhiqiu were startled. They didn’t know what had happened with Long Chen and Qi Xin. But it was already too late for them to go save him.

“If you’re still alive, why would I die?” Long Chen took out a black spear. That was one of his spoils of battle, and it weighed over three thousand kilograms. At this time, Long Chen no longer reserved anything. His FengFu Star circulated, and an explosive aura soared as if a lion had awoken. His spear stabbed above him.


Terrifying energy collided. Both of them were knocked back a dozen meters. Long Chen pointed his spear at Qi Xin:

“Come again.”

That one exchange gave everyone a fright. They finally realized a certain fact: Long Chen had definitely been hiding his true strength.

During that previous attack, Qi Xin hadn’t been holding back anything. But after receiving it, Long Chen wasn’t the slightest bit injured.

“This scoundrel! He was actually so strong?!” Tang Wan-er was also shocked, her heart pounding wildly. He looked possessed by a god of war, disdainfully looking down on all. Was he the same Long Chen she knew?

Shock and fury alternated on Qi Xin’s face. But hearing his taunt, it was immediately his fury that won over his common sense. The huge blade in his hand once more slashed at Long Chen.

“Wow, I tell you to come and you come. What a good dog!” Brandishing his spear, his entire power exploded out. This was the first time Long Chen had used his full force since arriving here.

After reaching the Blood Condensation realm, with each advancement, he had felt his power rapidly growing. But as for what level he had reached exactly, even he didn’t know.

Now facing off against an opponent as strong as Qi Xin, his entire body’s energy surged out.


The two of them fought brutally and directly. In Qi Xin’s anger, all he wanted was to completely crush Long Chen into mincemeat and so his attacks had no finesse in them whatsoever.

Long Chen was also like that. Holding the spear with both hands, he used it as a club, viciously smashing it around like some barbarian.

While this battle began to intensify, the other battle slowed down. Most of the four other monsters’ focus was on this side.

The most shocked would have to be Lei Qianshang. He knew he had planted a thunderseed in Long Chen’s body. Even if Long Chen had had Tang Wan-er’s help, he had thought it would require at least a month’s time to completely expel it.

And even if he expelled the thunderseed, his body would still have been ravaged by his thunderforce. That would require an extremely long time to recover from. But seeing how lively Long Chen was now, he didn’t seem injured at all!


The two of them fought for a full hour like a wild tempest, not stopping at all.

That was until this final collision. Both of them retreated slightly, staring back at the other. Both of them were gasping slightly. That fight had truly been too intense.

How delightful! Long Chen exclaimed inside. He truly was worthy of being a monster-class genius. Qi Xin’s power went without saying.

“Hmph, you’re out of strength now, aren’t you?!” Qi Xin snorted icily, pointing his water blade at Long Chen.

“Tch, such a relaxing and easy fight, I could easily keep it up for three days and nights. Just this much is nothing!” Long Chen disdainfully boasted.

“Hmph, then what are you gasping for?” Qi Xin, of course, didn’t believe him.

“Idiot, what gasping? This is called a breathing pattern! By quickly breathing, it’s possible to increase your cultivation speed. I wouldn’t expect an idiot like you to understand such a profound cultivation method anyway. Even explaining it to you now is useless.” Long Chen spouted nonsense in retort.

He had no choice but to admit inside that he was unbearably exhausted. Monster-class experts were too powerful, easily capable of killing the secular world’s Tendon Transformation experts.

“Give your bullshit to someone else! Even if I decide not to kill you, I’ll definitely cripple you today!” Qi Xin roared and charged at Long Chen.

“Your dreams are grand, but unfortunately, you’ll never be able to achieve them!” Long Chen smashed his spear at Qi Xin. Their wild fight once more resumed.

But suddenly, an exceptionally sweet scent drifted over. Long Chen paused; the Profound Spirit Fruit had fully ripened!

[1] The ‘Profound’ part of the fruit’s name is the Xuan in Xuantian Monastery. 

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