Chapter 1549 The Dragonblood Legion Descends

After giving Yue Zifeng something, Zheng Wenlong directly left. Everyone wondered what the meaning behind that action was.

Yue Zifeng opened the case and saw an emerald leaf flowing with light. Yue Zifeng only glanced at it before putting it away.

The instant that he opened the case, practically everyone’s divine sense stretched out to see what was inside. However, when they saw it was just a leaf, they retracted it.

Yue Zifeng’s expression didn’t change, but waves were surging in his heart. Something had happened to Long Chen, so he was unable to come on time.

There were still two hours until noon, the official start of the Dragon Slaughtering Convention. He had to stall them until Long Chen could get here.

Time passed bit by bit. Sha Guangyan and the others were waiting patiently at first, but as time ticked down, they saw that Long Chen’s side still only had Yue Zifeng’s group of five.

Although quite a few others had gone over to Yue Zifeng’s side, Yue Zifeng had gracefully turned them down, telling them to retreat. His reason was simple: when a battle started, they should make sure to maintain a safe distance.

The time arrived. Long Chen and the Dragonblood Legion never showed up, causing Sha Guangyan to grow uneasy.

After all, he was the host of the Dragon Slaughtering Convention. If Long Chen didn’t come, then this convention would have been held for nothing.

Suddenly, the noon bell struck, but Long Chen still didn’t appear. Everyone looked at each other. Could it be that Long Chen really didn’t dare to come and was allowing Sha Guangyan to kill his steed?

“Don’t worry, my boss will quickly arrive. He already sent me a message that he’s on his way.” Yue Zifeng took out a communication talisman.

Sha Guangyan didn’t have any ideas at the moment. Everyone was just looking at each other. He stealthily asked Yan Weishan what to do.


Yan Weishan’s reply was curt. The Dragon Slaughtering Convention’s target was Long Chen. If Long Chen didn’t come, then why would it still be called the Dragon Slaughtering Convention?

“Hmph, is Long Chen afraid to come? Fine, since he’s on the way, we’ll wait,” announced Sha Guangyan.

Everyone closed their eyes and began to wait once more. However, no matter how long they waited, the person they were waiting for never appeared.

“Yue Zifeng, will Long Chen come or not? It’s already been a full day and night!” Finally, an ancient race expert lost his patience.

If he was late, then just a few hours should have been enough. But it had been a full day.

“My boss just messaged me that he’s sitting on a transportation formation to the Eastern Xuan Region. He should be here shortly,” said Yue Zifeng.

“He’s only just arriving in the Eastern Xuan Region? Impossible! What communication talisman can reach across the regions?” People’s suspicions were raised.

“Who said my boss was across regions?” sneered Yue Zifeng, but inside, he grumbled. When it came to lying, he should let Guo Ran do it. He wasn’t an expert in this and had instantly said something that exposed himself.

He had forgotten that for normal communication talismans, their largest range would only be one region, and they would lose effect across regions. He had actually created such a large opening in his lies.

Inside, he was also anxious. How was it that Long Chen had still yet to arrive? Just what had happened?

“Perhaps he’s in some minor world. Let’s keep waiting!” said Yan Weishan. He was also growing impatient, but there was no way around this. If Long Chen didn’t come, then just killing Yue Zifeng and the others was meaningless.

“Since Long Chen’s coming late, he should pay a price. Let’s slaughter this brute. Its blood will definitely be very fresh,” said the Corrupt expert, Jin Mingwei. He licked his lips with his bright red tongue.

A powerful fist smashed toward him. The Xuan Beasts’ Hu Xiaolin had actually attacked him.

Jin Mingwei hadn’t expected such a sudden attack. Seeing this huge fist coming at him, the blood runes circulating around him suddenly lit up, forming a huge barrier.


The barrier exploded, filling the air with blood runes that looked like countless blood leeches. In the end, they returned to Jin Mingwei’s body.

Hu Xiaolin’s attack and Jin Mingwei’s block had occurred in just an instant. Both of them were blown back by the other’s power.

If the two of them hadn’t been worried about their own people, it was unknown how many people would have died from the shockwaves of this one exchange. Everyone hastily flew away. Anyone close might get killed.

“Jin Mingwei, if you really can’t wait any longer, I’ll help you right now. If you don’t know how to speak properly, then I’ll teach you right now how to respect the grand Xuan Beasts.” Hu Xiaolin’s hair was standing on end, and killing intent blazed in his eyes.

Everyone jumped in shock, but hearing his words, they finally understood why he was angry. The Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrows were viewed as traitors of the Xuan Beasts for unknown reasons and were being hunted. However, the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrows were still Xuan Beasts. For Jin Mingwei to call it a brute was insulting all the Xuan Beasts.

The other Xuan Beasts also stood up. Some of them had already raised their weapons and glared at Jin Mingwei. It looked like if he said the wrong thing, they would immediately kill him.

As for Jin Mingwei’s Corrupt experts, they had also raised their weapons. The atmosphere instantly grew tense.

“Hurry up and fight. He cursed you for being a brute. Are you going to let that stand? Kill him with a single punch,” said Bao Buping, excitedly standing up.

However, in the end, things didn’t go according to his wishes. Pill Valley’s Yan Weishan walked over to mediate things. “Jin Mingwei, you went a bit too far. Apologize to Hu Xiaolin, and we’ll all let this matter go temporarily.”

Yan Weishan was smart to say that things would only be let go ‘temporarily’. His meaning was just to give face to him. If they wanted to fight, they could do it after the Dragon Slaughtering Convention.

“There’s no need. I’ll remember your face. Once this is over, I will settle our debt,” said Hu Xiaolin arrogantly. He towered over Jin Mingwei, as he was over twice his size.

After saying that, Hu Xiaolin sat down once more. He had already expressed his attitude, so there was no need for more words.

“Hahaha, I’ll receive your challenge. Hopefully, your Xuan Beasts’ techniques won’t disappoint me,” laughed Jin Mingwei. He wasn’t the slightest bit afraid. Instead, his eyes contained a bloodthirsty madness.

Only upon seeing the two of them cease their hostilities did Yan Weishan also sit back down. At this time, Sha Guangyan, Ye Qingkuang, and Peng Wansheng didn’t even dare to make a sound. Only Bloodkill 1 had a faint smile on his face.

The plaza became calm once more. Another day and night passed. Each time Yue Zifeng was asked, he would reply that Long Chen would arrive soon. Finally, people were feeling like something was up. It felt like he was playing with them.

“Yue Zifeng, what are you doing? Are you planning on stalling for a lifetime?!” roared someone.

Sha Guangyan looked at Yan Weishan. Yan Weishan looked at Hu Xiaolin. The three of them were clearly communicating spiritually. In the end, Hu Xiaolin nodded.

Sha Guangyan suddenly flew out to the guillotine. Standing on top of Cloud’s head, he coldly announced, “Is Long Chen refusing to appear because he’s waiting for reinforcements? Since he has the patience to wait for reinforcements, I’ll be patient too. I’ll prepare a gift he’ll definitely appreciate. In front of all of you, I will pluck every last feather off the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow and then cut off its wings. If Long Chen really can endure that, then we’ll continue waiting.”

Sha Guangyan lowered his hand. Just as he was about to pull the first feather, a sword came out of its sheath, and a cold light slashed toward Sha Guangyan.

Having expected this, Sha Guangyan sneered. His sword, which was a divine item, unleashed a wave of light.


Yue Zifeng’s sword slashed onto Sha Guangyan’s. Sha Guangyan was shocked to find that his Heavenly Dao energy was cut apart by Yue Zifeng. He was sent flying.

“What?!” The fact that Sha Guangyan was unable to block Yue Zifeng shocked everyone. Was Yue Zifeng really so powerful?

Yue Zifeng appeared in the air, coldly looking at Sha Guangyan. “Just keep courting death. If my boss were here, you’d have courted it properly. Do you think the only person in the Dragonblood Legion is Long Chen? You’re wrong. Other than boss, we also have a group of hot-blooded brothers.”

A leaf appeared in Yue Zifeng’s hand. This was the leaf that Zheng Wenlong had sent to him. Yue Zifeng crushed it, and emerald runes appeared in the air.

The emerald runes revolved, causing space to shake. A divine light began to twist space, and a group of people slowly appeared. Before the others could even see who those people were, a terrifying killing intent exploded into existence.

“Hahaha, brats of the Eastern Xuan Region, your daddy Guo Ran has arrived! Tremble as much as you like!”

As soon as these people appeared, a voice that was arrogant to the peak drew everyone’s attention.

When the ripples faded, they revealed Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Guo Ran, Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and the rest of the Dragonblood Legion. Each of them had appeared, and they were all unleashing boundless killing intent. They were a terrifying legion.

Guo Ran stood at the front, truly appearing like an expert general looking down on others. However, when he saw Cloud, that arrogant expression vanished, replaced with endless fury.

Meng Qi immediately teared up upon seeing Cloud’s current plight, and she appeared in front of it, extended a hand. Ripples spread from her hand, spreading toward the chains piercing Cloud.

Upon seeing Meng Qi do this, a cruel smile appeared on Sha Guangyan’s face.

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