Chapter 1548 Something’s Happened

As soon as Pill Valley’s experts appeared, everyone’s heart shook. A corner of the truth had finally been exposed. Perhaps this Dragon Slaughtering Convention was actually arranged by Pill Valley from behind the scenes.

Pill Valley, the Corrupt path, the Xuan Beasts, the ancient races, the ancient family alliance, the Bloodkill Hall, as well as the Righteous path’s experts were all gathered. This was a true nest of dragons and tigers. Would Long Chen really dare to come?

“I seem to recall a rumor that Pill Valley’s Flame Divine Hall has produced a genius who possessed a mythic flame constitution at birth. Could it be that he’s Yan Weishan?” cried out a certain expert.

The others simply stared blankly. They had never heard of an expert with such a name. However, the flame fluctuations coming from this person were extremely terrifying. He seemed to be one with heaven and earth. His Heavenly Dao power was something only an Empyrean could possess.

As for that mythic flame constitution, there were very few flame cultivators present and even fewer who knew what that was.

Yan Weishan’s words caused the experts who were clenching their weapons to slowly lower them. However, there were still many people glaring at the Corrupt experts.

“What? Do you not trust my Pill Valley?” demanded Yan Weishan coldly as he stared at those people.

“It’s not a matter of trust. We all have enmity with the Corrupt path. My master and my senior apprentice-brothers all died miserably to the hands of the Corrupt path. Now you want us to be peaceful? That’s impossible,” said a rank nine Celestial with a dark expression. He was clearly filled with hatred toward the Corrupt path.

“That’s right. We can’t accept working together with the Corrupt path. They have to scram,” shouted another expert from the neutral camp.

Quite a few people began to echo similar sentiments. The enmity between the Righteous and Corrupt paths was simply too deep. Many of them had people close to them, family or friends, die to the Corrupt path. They couldn’t even sit with them.

“Based on your robes, you should be a disciple of the Spirit Heart Pavilion, correct? Your pavilion master will blame you for this kind of conduct,” said Yan Weishan with a deeper meaning.

“Hahaha, Yan Weishan, are you threatening me? Fine!”

That disciple actually stood, and in front of countless shocked gazes, walked over to Yue Zifeng’s side.

“Is he crazy?!”

Everyone was shocked. Originally, they had thought that he would storm off in a huff, but he actually chose to join Long Chen’s camp.

“Courting death!” Yan Weishan’s expression immediately turned cold. This was clearly a slap in Pill Valley’s face.

In truth, Yan Weishan was a pure flame cultivator. He was extremely powerful and had been hidden by the Flame Divine Palace the entire time. If it weren’t for the Dragon Slaughtering Convention, Pill Valley would never have sent out a hidden expert like him.

However, just because he was strong didn’t mean he was eloquent. The Flame Divine Palace was full of flame cultivators with fiery tempers. That was why Yan Weishan had automatically threatened this disciple. This disciple was just a rank eight Celestial, but he hated the Corrupt path. In his fury and under Yan Weishan’s threat, he walked over to Yue Zifeng’s side.

“Ignoring whether Long Chen is a good or bad person, ignoring whether or not he was wrongly accused, the thing I admire most about him is that he never lowers his head to anyone. I, Luo Qingxiao, might just be a minor character in your eyes, but a minor character has a minor character’s dignity. I hate the Corrupt path, and it’s just that simple. If I were to submit to your Pill Valley’s tyranny, my master, my senior apprentice-brothers, they would definitely look down on me. So I will stand here. It’s not for anything else other than that I can’t be on the same side as the Corrupt path. If a battle really starts, I won’t be anyone else’s enemy, but I will immediately attack the degenerates of the Corrupt path. The worst case is just death,” said that young disciple.

“Good, you’re a man.” Bao Buping was the first to clap and express his praise. This person looked weak, but he had tough bones.

“I’ll also support that. I’m not going to stand together with the trash of the Corrupt path.”

Experts began to walk over to their side one by one, standing beside Luo Qingxiao in Long Chen’s camp.

Hundreds of experts ended up moving, causing an uproar.

“Nothing more than a pack of weaklings. I could exterminate you all with a wave of my hand.” The head Corrupt expert gulped down two mouthfuls of wine and walked over to Sha Guangyan’s side.

Sha Guangyan had already ordered people to open a space for the Corrupt experts. When they came, many of the Righteous experts retreated a certain distance. Some people even directly left, going outside the city.

If it weren’t for Pill Valley, those people might have really joined Long Chen’s camp. The enmity between the Righteous and Corrupt paths was just too deep.

On the other hand, the ancient races, the Bloodkill Hall, and the Xuan Beasts minded their own businesses when it came to the Corrupt path. They were able to remain indifferent to each other’s existence.

Whether it was Bloodkill 1, the Corrupt expert, or Pill Valley’s Yan Weishan coming, the Xuan Beast’s Hu Xiaolin hadn’t opened his eyes the entire time. He didn’t even glance at them.

The leader of the Corrupt experts glanced at Hu Xiaolin coldly and didn’t say anything. He also sat down.

“Sha Guangyan, are you sure Long Chen will come? I, Jin Mingwei, was forcibly summoned out of seclusion for this. If Long Chen doesn’t come, I’ll cut off your three heads and use your essence blood to make up for the loss,” said that tattered Corrupt expert. His gaze was just like a hungry Magical Beast who had seen flesh.

Sha Guangyan, Ye Qingkuang, and Peng Wansheng’s expressions changed. This Jin Mingwei was too savage. He didn’t even place them in his eyes, including all three of them in his threat.

The three of them were about to release their auras when Hu Xiaolin slowly opened his eyes and stared at Jin Mingwei. “Don’t try to anger me in such a roundabout way. If you want to die, then I’ll help you out once this matter’s over.”

Once Hu Xiaolin said this, people quickly realized that Jin Mingwei’s goal in insulting the three of them was to challenge Hu Xiaolin. After all, Peng Wansheng was a genius of the ancient races, and the Xuan Beasts intended on accepting him amongst their ranks. For Jin Mingwei to provoke them was clearly also challenging Hu Xiaolin.

“Hahaha, alright, good. Then let’s fight after the Dragon Slaughtering Convention. Let me experience the Xuan Beasts’ divine abilities, and whether or not they are as strong as they were in legend,” laughed Jin Mingwei. He laughed loudly, but his eyes didn’t have the slightest smiling expression. They seemed crazy.

“My Pill Valley won’t bother with you if you want to battle, but I hope you won’t start a conflict during the Dragon Slaughtering Convention,” said Yan Weishan.

The two of them snorted and didn’t reply. Experts had their own pride, and they didn’t want to make such a promise.

Yan Weishan narrowed his eyes. The flame runes deep within his eyes began to revolve, causing his fellow experts from the Flame Divine Hall to jump in shock. They were profoundly aware of how explosive Yan Weishan was. Flame cultivators had the most explosive tempers and so they immediately pulled him aside.

Experts, in general, didn't have good tempers. They might start fighting as soon as they found someone displeasing to the eye. If it weren’t for the fact that fighting amongst themselves before Long Chen even arrived would make them laughingstocks to the world, they might have already begun fighting.

Yan Weishan, Hu Xiaolin, and Jin Mingwei represented Pill Valley, the Xuan Beasts, and the Corrupt path respectively. They all represented their own sides, and they didn’t want to submit to anyone. That resulted in a battle almost erupting between them.

“Hm? Why is that person allowed in? If my senses aren’t wrong, he’s just a trash rank five Celestial.”

The three of them had just calmed down when a startled cry rang out. Everyone looked at the city gates to see a man wearing azure robes slowly walk in.

If this person was a rank nine Celestial, people wouldn’t even bother glancing at him. However, he was a rank five Celestial.

“Aren’t rank seven Celestials and below not qualified to enter the city? Is this person not afraid of being slapped to death by others?”

“Slapped to death? Do you realize a single word from him will result in you not living to see tomorrow? If you come out to experience the world, you can lack knowledge, but you can’t lack common sense. That person’s the existence in charge of all the Eastern Xuan Region’s auction houses. His status is so high that no one dares to provoke him.”

The person who had come was Zheng Wenlong. However, today, he didn’t have any attendants or guards. He walked in alone, a single person. 

Zheng Wenlong’s arrival caused Yan Weishan’s expression to change slightly. As mortal enemies, the person he wanted to see the least was him.

“Zheng Wenlong, this isn’t a place you can enter!” shouted Yan Weishan.

“Who are you? Oh, I see, there’s no need to report your name. As a businessman, I don’t like fighting with others. As for whether or not this is a place I can enter, since I’m already here, don’t you think saying such a thing is meaningless? As long as there are people, there will be business. And as long as there’s business, there will naturally be my Huayun Sect’s businessmen. When it comes to catching business opportunities, we are serious,” said Zheng Wenlong with a faint smile.

After saying that, Zheng Wenlong looked over the plaza and then walked directly to Yue Zifeng’s side, causing an uproar.

“What? The Huayun Sect has yet to express their attitude toward Long Chen over this matter! What is he doing? Is he really supporting Long Chen? If that’s the case, this matter’s really going to get huge! Is the Huayun Sect and Pill Valley’s hidden battle about to become an open one?”

People were all shocked. If Pill Valley and the Huayun Sect started a real open fight, then the entire Martial Heaven Continent would change. One controlled ninety percent of the continent’s medicinal pill supply, while the other controlled almost one hundred percent of the auction house business. If these two enormous existences were to clash, the heavens of the Martial Heaven Continent would transform.

“Don’t be nervous. I’m just an errand boy. I’m just here to give you something.” Zheng Wenlong arrived in front of Yue Zifeng and handed over a case.

Yue Zifeng was confused. He received it along with Zheng Wenlong’s spiritual message. “Long Chen says that something has happened. You should do your best to stall for time.”

After handing the case to Yue Zifeng, Zheng Wenlong turned and left, leaving a plaza full of confused expressions.

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