Chapter 1546 The Domineering Xuan Beast Race

In terms of appearance, that person didn’t look that different from a normal person. However, he was a giant, almost six meters tall. He was also very muscular, and with each step he took, people felt the ground trembling.

This giant had powerful, sharp eyes and dark red hair that stood up like needles. He wore steel hoops on his wrists. As his arms moved, space rumbled.

“They… they’re experts from the Xuan Beasts!”

The Xuan Beasts were the ancestors of the ancient races. They had once mated with the human race, resulting in the ancient races.

However, later the human race had declined, and the Xuan Beasts had stopped having relations with them. They also rarely interacted with the ancient races, but the ancient races always said that they were the descendants of the Xuan Beasts while rejecting their human ancestry. That resulted in rumors saying that they had a certain relationship.

As for this time, the rumors said that it was the Xuan Beasts that had captured Cloud. It was only thanks to Peng Wansheng’s connection to them that the Xuan Beasts had moved to capture Cloud and force out Long Chen.

Now that this large man appeared, everyone’s heart shook. Did this mean the Xuan Beasts were about to join in on this matter? If that was really the case, then Long Chen’s death was even more assured.

This expert was a true Xuan Beast. After reaching the tenth rank, Xuan Beasts were able to transform into human form at will. They could also return to their original form whenever they wanted to, such as in battle.

The most powerful aspect of the Xuan Beasts was their terrifyingly powerful physical bodies, as well as their great longevity.

After reaching the tenth rank, they would spend most of their time in human form. After all, humans were the most spiritual of all creatures. In human bodies, they were able to feel a closer connection to the Heavenly Daos.

Before reaching the tenth rank, the Xuan Beasts would cultivate their innate divine abilities. After reaching the tenth rank, they began cultivating the Heavenly Daos, which made their divine abilities even more terrifying. The tenth rank was a dividing line amongst Xuan Beasts.

Behind the large man were another eight experts with intimidating bodies. Although they weren’t as large as the first man, they were still giant compared to humans.

Their Blood Qi looked like it might explode at any moment. Their bodies possessed unimaginable destructive power.

The leader of this group had only just arrived when Peng Wansheng rushed over in front of him, bowing. “Big brother Hu Xiaolin, junior Peng Wansheng greets you.”

This expert was from the Darkwing Devil Tiger race. All the Xuan Beasts of each race had one surname. So the tiger races were all surnamed Hu, and the eagle races were all surnamed Ying.

The ancient races followed the same tradition. Only by acting the same as the Xuan Beasts could they feel a sense of belonging.

Hu Xiaolin’s name had the meaning of a tiger roaring through the forest, scaring away all other beasts. He was the number one junior expert of the Darkwing Devil Tiger race. He truly had the power to be a tiger that intimidated all others.

“Hm, you’re not bad. Once you start to awaken, you can rejoin my Xuan Beasts,” said Hu Xiaolin.

Peng Wansheng was delighted to receive Hu Xiaolin’s praise. “Many thanks! Big brother Xiaolin, come, let me introduce you. These two are-”

Hu Xiaolin waved his hand. “Why does Long Chen’s side have so few people? Are you sure Long Chen will come?”

Clearly, Hu Xiaolin didn’t care about the others and was only willing to speak to Peng Wansheng. One reason was because of his bloodline, while another was because of his potential. As for the others, he didn’t care about them. That was the arrogance of the Xuan Beasts.

Sha Guangyan immediately felt awkward, while Ye Qingkuang was angry but didn’t dare express it.

After all, the one he was facing was a giant man like a steel tower. Even Ye Qingkuang, who specialized in power, was tense. Hu Xiaolin was giving him a feeling of immense pressure.

Peng Wansheng said, “Big brother Xiaolin, don’t worry. Everything’s been arranged. One of those people is even one of the Dragonblood Legion’s members. Since one has come, the rest are certain to come.”

Hu Xiaolin nodded. He suddenly turned to the white-robed man amongst the neutral camp. He indifferently said, “Just now, I heard you shouting from a distance. It was very irritating. I’ll bestow you with death.”

Hu Xiaolin raised a finger. A black light pierced toward the white-robed man.

In that instant, everyone felt their bodies become heavy. It was like space had frozen, making it so that they couldn’t move.

The black light pierced the white-robed man in the head. He collapsed, his soul dissipating. He was unable to resist at all.

“How can you randomly kill others?!”

The white-robed man’s death immediately provoked the neutral camp’s fury. They all began to shout at Hu Xiaolin.

The white-robed man had had a certain level of fame amongst them. Although he was just a rank nine celestial, his toughness had won him their admiration. But Hu Xiaolin had killed him as soon as he arrived.

“So what if you’re from the Xuan Beasts? Brother Bai Lin never provoked you! All he did was express his viewpoint. Why did you kill him?!”

The neutral camp’s people were all infuriated. Since they had chosen to stand amongst the neutral camp, they hadn’t come with any attention to provoke anyone. However, someone had still provoked them.

“Are you trying to force us to stand with you?! That’s completely unreasonable!”

Thousands of experts were roaring. Hu Xiaolin had gone too far. His arrogant expression was especially insufferable. He had even said he was bestowing death upon him, as if it was his blessing, as if it was charity.

Hu Xiaolin let out a single roar. It was like thunder, shaking their ears and causing them to totter. Their ears began to bleed.

“It seems the Xuan Beasts have been silent for too long. Even the inferior human race dares to challenge us? Since you want to die, I’ll bestow you all with death!”

Hu Xiaolin pointed his finger again, and a black light shot out at the rank nine Celestial who had criticized him for randomly killing people.

The black light froze space. Heavenly Dao energy suppressed everyone, making it impossible for them to move.

That person turned pale. In front of Hu Xiaolin, he had no ability to resist. He could only stare as death came.


Just as everyone thought he was definitely dead, sword-light streaked through the air, breaking the restrictions of space. It struck the black light, causing it to explode.

“It seems the Xuan Beasts are only capable of bullying the weak. You’re not even on the same level as my boss. My boss doesn’t bully people like this, but if he has to bully someone, he’ll only bully the strongest. You are a far cry from him.”

Everyone turned to see Yue Zifeng sheathing his sword and coldly staring at the distant Hu Xiaolin.

Everyone was stunned. Unexpectedly, the one to save this person was the Dragonblood Legion’s Yue Zifeng. Even when he was surrounded by enemies, he had helped save others.

“That move’s not bad. However, even if you cultivated for a thousand years, you wouldn’t be able to stand on the same level as the Xuan Beasts. It seems you feel like you’re very powerful? Good, then I’ll let you experience the true divine abilities of the Xuan Beasts so you can die in peace!”

Hu Xiaolin pointed his finger at Yue Zifeng. His finger, which was practically as thick as a regular person’s wrist, had a black rune on it that rapidly transformed into a black sphere.

The sphere grew larger, instantly becoming three meters wide. Everyone’s expressions changed as they sensed death from it.

Yue Zifeng stared coldly. For the first time, his expression became grave. He leaned forward slightly, his right hand reached for his sword hilt. A sharp aura slowly rose, like a peerless divine item was about to shed its rust and reveal its light.

Everyone held their breath as the two of them accumulated power. The Dragon Slaughtering Convention hadn’t even started, but a fight was about to erupt.

Suddenly, the melodious sound of a zither rang out. The atmosphere, which had been as tense as a taut bowstring, slowly relaxed.

The terrifying Heavenly Dao energy and murderous aura vanished. Hu Xiaolin’s sphere dissipated.

Hu Xiaolin’s expression changed, and he hastily looked into the distance. As for Yue Zifeng, seeing Hu Xiaolin’s attack had been ruined, he also pulled back his own aura, looking in the same direction.

Several lithe, veiled women holding zithers were stepping through the air lightly.

The woman at the front gently plucked her zither. As she played, everyone’s hearts relaxed and warmed.

Just now, the city had been about to be turned into a battlefield, but as the sound of the zither spread, the world became peaceful. Their fear, their hatred, they were all cleansed.

“Junior Zi Yan of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace greets everyone.” The women stopped once they got close. Then, the woman at the front opened her mouth. Her voice was even more moving than her zither.

This woman was Zi Yan, but she was wearing a veil again, making it so no one could recognize her at first. Once she spoke though, it caused huge waves. The Illusive Music Immortal Palace was a famous existence within the entire Martial Heaven Continent.

“So it’s the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s Zither Fairy. No wonder you have such power. But I wonder, what exactly are you intending by doing this?”

Hu Xiaolin had long since guessed Zi Yan’s identity. Other than the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s Zither Fairy, no one else could use the Music Dao to disturb the Heavenly Daos and silently dissipate his attack.

The name of the Zither Fairy was famous within the Martial Heaven Continent. The Zither Fairy cultivated the Dao of heavenly music. From a young age, she had roamed around the continent, causing her name to spread.

However, the Zither Fairy was known for being kind and peaceful. She never fought against others. Now that she had interrupted Hu Xiaolin’s attack, it caused him to feel shocked but also angry.

“I don’t have any intentions. I simply hope you can release this pitiful Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow.” Zi Yan pointed to Cloud on the execution stand.

Everyone was shocked, even Yue Zifeng and the others. Had Zi Yan actually come to help Long Chen?

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