Chapter 1545 Low Level Technique

Following the voice, Yue Zifeng saw a very loathsome face. That face was recognizable by all. It was the face of the host of the Dragon Slaughtering Convention, Sha Guangyan.

That face had been spread throughout every corner of the Eastern Xuan Region. Although that face wasn’t very good to look at, everyone recognized it.

“Eliminate him.” Bao Buping glared at him. He and Chang Hao had an urge to kill him right now. The scenes in the photographic jade had been too fateful.

“Don’t be impetuous. Wait for boss to come,” said Yue Zifeng. Now was not the time to take rash action. Since their opponents dared to let them in, they had to have countless traps arranged. If they did anything now, they would only suffer.

“But.. Cloud, it…” Bao Buping looked at Cloud who was on its last breaths.

“We can’t save Cloud. The chains piercing its body are backed by divine runes. This entire execution stand is a true divine item. Those chains have not only chained Cloud’s body, but have also chained its soul. Even if we were able to drag Cloud’s body off, Cloud’s soul will be pulled out of it. It’s a very insidious torture device,” said Xia Yunchong gloomily.

“It’s that vicious? Then doesn’t that mean it’s impossible to save Cloud?” raged Bao Buping.

“Yes, unless Meng Qi comes. With her great soul energy, she can suppress the spiritual hooks of these chains. Otherwise, even if boss comes, he won’t necessarily be able to save Cloud,” said Yue Zifeng. When it came to matters of the soul, Meng Qi was the most skilled out of them.

Yue Zifeng looked back at the unconscious Cloud and turned away. “Let’s go. We’ll find a place to wait for boss.”

Only then did Bao Buping and the others see that the surroundings of the execution stand, the huge plaza, was split into three regions.

The side where Sha Guangyan was at had thousands of experts present, and they were staring coldly at them.

On the other side of the execution stand was an empty space. That place had clearly been arranged for Long Chen.

Between the two sides were a few individuals. The very design of the plaza had clearly taken this arrangement into consideration.

Sha Guangyan’s side had the most people. His side was full of people who viewed Long Chen as an enemy and were ready to kill him.

As for the people in the middle, they were neutral. They hadn’t come with any intention of helping either side.

This was something smart by Sha Guangyan. It allowed the experts who were hesitating and didn’t know which side to join to also come.

In Long Chen’s region, there were only five isolated figures standing. Bao Buping looked left and right and directly sat on his butt. Xia Yunchong had already taken out a blanket from his spatial ring and placed it down. “This is good. It’ll be quieter.”

Yue Zifeng sat and closed his eyes, seeming to enter a meditative state.

On the other hand, Bao Buping and Chang Hao were unable to sit still. They were looking at the people on the other side. They were clearly appraising just how many tough opponents there were over there.

Up on the stage, Sha Guangyan smiled. To his left was Peng Wansheng, while to his right was Ye Qingkuang. Ye Qingkuang’s expression was still gloomy because of Yue Zifeng’s sword. That exchange had lost him face.

“Yue Zifeng’s arrival is good. I was really worried Long Chen wouldn’t come. Then all our arrangements would have gone to waste,” said Sha Guangyan.

Peng Wansheng nodded. “Since Yue Zifeng has come, it means Long Chen’s definitely going to come. This time, he’ll definitely die. We’ll finally be able to wipe away our disgrace.”

There was a faint divine mark glowing on Peng Wansheng’s forehead. He had reached a new level since his last fight against Long Chen. After condensing his Yuan Spirit to a certain extent, Peng Wansheng had awakened more divine abilities of the ancient races. He was prepared to personally defeat Long Chen.

Sha Guangyan smiled. “Don’t worry, as long as Long Chen comes, he’ll definitely die. This will be his burial ground.”

The fact that Yue Zifeng and the others were here set their minds at ease. They had absolute confidence in their arrangements.

Time passed bit by bit. The day slowly darkened, but lanterns kept the plaza bright. More and more experts arrived. Tomorrow at noon, the Dragon Slaughtering Convention would officially begin.

A few geniuses with a certain level of status or who viewed themselves highly hadn’t wanted to come too early. However, if they still didn’t come now, they wouldn’t have a good place for themselves when the show started. So now was the perfect time to arrive.

These people either joined Sha Guangyan’s side or the neutral side. No one came to Long Chen’s side. They still had only five people.

“Long Chen’s side only has five pieces of trash? How-”

A rank nine Celestial was in the midst of mocking Bao Buping and the others when a cold light pierced his head. He collapsed on the ground dead, with an expression of disbelief frozen on his face.

A sword slowly returned to its sheath. Yue Zifeng hadn’t even opened his eyes. “Standing in the neutral camp yet intentionally provoking us. Your schemes are obvious.”

The experts standing in the neutral camp couldn’t help but frown upon seeing one of them be killed just for saying something provocative, but when they heard Yue Zifeng’s words, they understood.

Those standing in the neutral camp had come just to watch, or were people who didn’t wish to curry favor with Sha Guangyan and the others, yet also didn’t want to become hostile with Long Chen.

For someone in the neutral camp to suddenly try to provoke them, it was clear he had set himself there on purpose. It was to push the neutral camp’s people closer to the other camp.

However, Yue Zifeng hadn’t given him a chance to carry out his scheme. Yue Zifeng had killed him in one attack. Everyone understood what he was doing.

“As expected of the murderous devil king’s subordinate. You’re all so vicious. Are you provoking the neutral camp’s warriors? Or are you so arrogant that you don’t give a damn about all the experts in the world and think you can kill them all? We won’t stand for this!” Another expert from the neutral camp spoke out.

His tone was very sharp as he attempted to provoke the neutral camp’s anger. Yue Zifeng’s conduct truly did feel a bit like a slap in the face.

“Don’t ‘we’ us. This is the neutral camp. We came to watch, and we aren’t backing any side before the truth is clear. Don’t think we’re brainless fools that are so easy to fool. If we were, we’d have already chosen a side. So those people scheming to draw trouble for us should hurry up and scram.”

A white-robed man with a scholar’s band on his head and a white fan immediately counterattacked.

The scholarly man was handsome and was clearly opinionated. He wouldn’t be so easily shaken by others.

The person who had criticized Yue Zifeng frowned, glaring at the white-robed man. He was just about to speak when he was suddenly kicked away by others.

“Hurry up and scram. Stop faking. Do you think we’re fools?” Clearly, people weren’t so easy to trick. Just the fact that he would randomly try to provoke Yue Zifeng and the others exposed him completely.

No one liked the feeling of being used. Many of them had almost been tricked, and they were angry now.

Yue Zifeng was a bit surprised and looked at the white-robed man. He hadn’t expected someone to actually speak up for them. This person actually did not submit to force and had some brains. His sense of righteousness was something only a few people had.

The white-robed man also had a certain level of fame. Quite a few people recognized him.

The white-robed man suddenly said, “I should have stood on the side opposing Long Chen as I really dislike him. He’s too tyrannical and vicious. Ignoring whether or not he was wrongly accused, the way he slaughters fellow experts of the Righteous path is not the conduct of a noble character. However, I chose to be neutral because some people are just even more despicable and shameless, tormenting the weak to force others to fight. Long Chen might not be noble, but some people are even viler.”

An uproar exploded. This person had huge guts to say such a thing. Did he not want his life anymore?

Sha Guangyan, Peng Wansheng, and Ye Qingkuang’s expressions turned dark. Their gazes were as sharp as a blade.

“This person really is tired of living.” Sha Guangyan’s voice came from between the cracks of his teeth. This person was just a rank nine Celestial. Although he had some fame, as long as the three of them attacked, he wouldn’t be able to receive a single blow.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t attack. When they had arranged for there to be a neutral camp, they had openly stated that the people there could refuse to help either side, and that no one would make things hard on them for that.

The white-robed man was simply explaining his position and hadn’t directly provoked them. They had no excuse to attack him.

Just the fact that they had captured and tormented the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow was a loss of face. If they broke their promise and killed that person, they would lose all their reputation.

“It’s fine. Let him be arrogant for now. Once the Dragon Slaughtering Convention is over, we’ll kill that bastard,” said Peng Wansheng.

Everyone stared in shock at the white-robed man’s righteous appearance. He seemed indifferent to death and said whatever he wanted despite the overwhelming power on the other side. They all felt a trace of admiration for him.

However, just at this moment, a group of people slowly walked in. When people saw the leader of this new group, they all let out startled cries...

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