Chapter 1544 Pervading Killing Intent (Teaser)

That person’s arrival was out of nowhere. But when he took out his sword, everyone felt that their concept of time was severed by it. Their heads were blank as they simply stared lifelessly at the sword.

The sword slashed down. Ye Qingkuang suddenly let out a mad roar, and his aura exploded. His Heavenly Dao energy formed a huge barrier around him, and he hastily retreated at the same time.

When that sword fell, all people saw was a cold flash of light, and yet it also seemed like nothing had happened. That misconception made it seem like that sword had both moved and not moved. It was impossible to remember what that sword had just done.

Ye Qingkuang appeared a thousand meters away. The middle of his face had been sliced open, and there was a straight bloody line going down his face. It wasn’t deep, but blood poured out from his wound.

Everyone was deathly silent. Ye Qingkuang was an Empyrean, but he had been injured. Everyone, including Ye Qingkuang, stared in shock at the newcomer.

A light sound...

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