Chapter 1543 One Sword Shakes Top Geniuses


The huge city gates were blown apart by Xia Yunchong’s punch, and a powerful shockwave sent the debris flying in every direction, drawing out startled cries.

The Dragon Slaughtering Convention had drawn countless geniuses over to the Grand Han’s capital. The city gates were nothing more than decoration since the protective formation had not been activated. As a result, Xia Yunchong managed to destroy them in one punch.

Countless experts flew out from within the city to see what was going on. When the dust settled, they saw Xia Yunchong’s tough face. People were startled. Xia Yunchong had always remained within the Grand Xia Ancient Nation and did not participate in the cultivation world’s struggles. That was why only a few people recognized him.

“Xia Yunchong, you’re courting death!”

The rank nine Celestial flew down at Xia Yunchong. Xia Yunchong’s actions were a slap to the Grand Han’s face.

Nine flowers appeared behind the rank nine Celestial. He actually concentrated all his power, wanting to kill Xia Yunchong right here.


What shocked everyone was that the Grand Han’s rank nine Celestial was sent flying back. He struck the city wall. Xia Yunchong’s first punch damaged the city walls already, and now they crumbled. The rank nine Celestial coughed up blood and was aghast when he looked at Xia Yunchong.

“How is this possible?!” At this time, there were nine flowers behind Xia Yunchong as well. He was actually a rank nine Celestial.

“What a domineering aura. This person is very powerful,” said a rank nine Celestial amongst the crowd. Xia Yunchong’s aura was very shocking. Everyone felt his spiritual pressure.

“Rumor has it that the Grand Xia’s prince Xia Yunchong walks the Undefeatable Dao. It seems it’s really true.” Another person nodded. That undefeatable will from Xia Yunchong’s body made them all feel a great pressure.

Looking at the shocked rank nine Celestial of the Grand Han, Xia Yunchong sneered, “Is it so curious? Heaven and earth are changing. Geniuses are rising one by one. If even your Grand Han could produce a few rank nine Celestials, why can’t my Grand Xia?”

The Grand Han’s experts’ hearts shook. It seemed the Grand Xia Ancient Nation had always refused to reveal their true power. Based on these words, had they produced rank nine Celestials a long while ago and they just hadn’t revealed them? They were truly patient.

“Hmph, does an insignificant rank nine Celestial have the qualifications to be arrogant? How laughable.”

Just at this moment, a large figure appeared in the sky. When he appeared, startled cries rang out.

“Ye Qingkuang!”

This person was the Empyrean Ye Qingkuang. Standing in the air, the power of the Heavenly Daos surged around him.

The arrival of an Empyrean pressured everyone, making it hard for them to breathe. This was the pressure of an Empyrean.

“Hahaha, as an insignificant rank nine Celestial, of course I’m not qualified to be arrogant. But since I received your invitation, I am qualified to attend. Since I was invited, I shouldn’t have been refused outside your door just to be humiliated. This is a humiliation to the Grand Xia. If anyone thinks that my Grand Xia’s men are easy to bully, then they have made a very large mistake. My Grand Xia’s men are all like Long Chen, and they would rather die standing than kneel to live,” said Xia Yunchong powerfully, with the determination to face death.

Xia Yunchong’s meaning was clear: although he was just a rank nine Celestial, no one could humiliate him. They could only kill him.

Many people didn’t recognize him, but his aura and his loftiness won them over. He was a real man.

Furthermore, this was clearly the Dragon Slaughtering Convention. Their goal was to draw Long Chen out and kill him, but Xia Yunchong did not mask his praise toward Long Chen at all. He was clearly expressing his standpoint.

“Hmph, your mouth’s tough. I heard you’re Long Chen’s brother? Then let me see just how powerful Long Chen’s brother is!” Ye Qingkuang sneered disdainfully. He suddenly raised his arms, and all the world’s Heavenly Dao energy was sucked dry by him. He sent a punch at Xia Yunchong.

This was definitely bullying. An Empyrean was attacking a rank nine Celestial and even using their Heavenly Dao pressure. Ye Qingkuang was absolutely tasteless. All the experts in the city shook their heads.

They all felt that Ye Qingkuang’s character was too rotten. Back in the Eastern Xuan City, Ye Qingkuang had been fine with killing all the commoners in the city with his tribulation. That was something only a miserable person would do, but at least he could say that he had lost himself in battle and hadn’t been thinking about it.

Now, he was clearly displacing his anger from being defeated by Long Chen onto Xia Yunchong. There was no way to describe that as the conduct of an expert.

Although people worshipped the strong, that kind of character was too detestable. However, no one dared to say anything in the face of his tyrannical reign.

“Having lost to Long Chen, you come to attack me? Not bad, as expected of a powerful Empyrean.”

How could Xia Yunchong not understand his goal? Ye Qingkuang was clearly intent on defeating him to win back some of the face he had lost to Long Chen.

“Die!” Ye Qingkuang’s expression was full of killing intent. Xia Yunchong’s words had struck right in his weak spot. Originally, he had just been planning on humiliating Xia Yunchong, but now he wanted to kill him. The power behind his punch increased.

Seeing Ye Qingkuang’s punch arriving, Xia Yunchong took a deep breath. The nine flowers behind him revolved, and an indistinct figure appeared within it. He also let out a punch.


The void shook and qi waves shot in every direction. Xia Yunchong was sent flying, but the shocking thing was that he wasn’t killed. He was just forced back a few hundred meters.

“He… he blocked that?!”

Startled cries rang out. How could someone use the power of a rank nine Celestial to block an attack from an Empyrean? Where did he get that much Heavenly Dao energy from?

In order to block that attack, Xia Yunchong had paid a price. His arm was now broken, and blood leaked out of his mouth. As Ye Qingkuang was an Empyrean, it was much more difficult for Xia Yunchong to use Heavenly Dao energy to heal himself.

“Hmph, so you’re supported by karmic luck. No wonder you could block a punch from me,” sneered Ye Qingkuang as he looked at the vague figure behind Xia Yunchong.

Within the nine flower manifestation behind Xia Yunchong was an image of a dragon that was constantly flashing. It was the energy of the Grand Xia’s dragon vein.

Last time, while the Four Nations Ancient Remnant was open, the Grand Han’s experts had been slain, and all their dragon vein energy had been concentrated on the side of the Grand Xia. That had resulted in the Grand Xia’s dragon vein strengthening to an unprecedented level. Even in the Grand Han’s capital, it was possible for some of its power to reach Xia Yunchong.

It was because of the support of the dragon vein that Xia Yunchong was able to block that terrifying attack. Otherwise, in this situation where he was unable to draw out Heavenly Dao energy, he’d have been killed.

“Just an insignificant trick. Have a taste of another one of my attacks!” Ye Qingkuang suddenly attacked again, this time with an even stronger attack. The whistling sound of it caused people to cover their ears in pain.

“Big brother!” Xia Youluo let out a startled cry. She knew that while Xia Yunchong’s power allowed him to dominate rank nine Celestials, he couldn’t match an Empyrean.

Just as Xia Youluo was about to interfere, rumbling rang out. Two broadswords hacked through the air, bringing with them a will to split heaven and earth.


Xia Yunchong’s block and the power of those broadswords struck Ye Qingkuang’s attack. He was actually knocked back several steps. He shouted, “Who’s there?!”

“Your daddy Bao and daddy Chang have arrived. Do you want to kneel and kowtow to us?”

Two large men appeared in the air, holding broadswords that were even longer than they were tall.

“It’s the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s Chang Hao and Bao Buping.” Several people recognized their identity.

“As expected, the era is starting to change. They’ve also advanced to rank nine Celestials…”

People muttered. It was no wonder so many rank nine Celestials had appeared at this Dragon Slaughtering Convention. Many of them had only advanced once the change in qi flow in the world had occurred. Geniuses were increasing in number.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao had come just at the right time to help Xia Yunchong block Ye Qingkuang’s attack. However, the two of them were shocked as they finally experienced the power of an Empyrean. They hadn’t held back in their attacks, but their surprise attacks only caused Ye Qingkuang to take a couple steps back. They didn’t even harm a single hair on his head.

“Many thanks for your assistance.” Xia Yunchong hastily cupped his fists in thanks. If it hadn’t been for the two of them, he might already be dead.

“Don’t be courteous. Long Chen’s brother is our brother.” Bao Buping waved his hand. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect did not follow this kind of etiquette.

Long Chen was close with them. Back then, they had fought against the seven bosses together. They were even closer than brothers.

Then, when Long Chen had come back from Pill Valley, he had sent a portion of the Dragon Tiger Body Tempering Pills he had refined from the Alldevil monster’s blood to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples cultivated the Battle God Sacred Canon, and their requirements for their physical bodies were extremely high. Hence, the Dragon Tiger Body Tempering Pills were priceless treasures to them.

After consuming the Dragon Tiger Body Tempering Pills, their bodies had undergone a heaven-flipping change. The main reason for this was because the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples did not consume medicinal pills.

Since it was their first time consuming medicinal pills, the pill instantly stimulated all their potential. At that time, the two of them had advanced to become rank nine Celestials, delighting them.

Now that Long Chen was in trouble, they naturally volunteered to come. They had said that all they would have to do was flatten the capital, but after one exchange with Ye Qingkuang, they realized they had bragged a bit too hard.

“So you’re all related to Long Chen! Then you can all die!” Ye Qingkuang’s primal chaos manifestation sprang into existence behind him.

However, just as he was about to use his manifestation to completely suppress the three of them, a cold-faced man with a sword on his back appeared in front of him. He reached a hand toward the hilt on his back.

The sound of a sword coming out of its sheath was like a dragon cry. Sword-light flashed, one that could sever the river of stars, cover the nine heavens, slay devils and gods, and shake the cosmos.

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