Chapter 1542 Stormy Waves Surge Towards the Grand Han Capital

Huge waves were rocking the Eastern Xuan Region. The matter of the Dragon Slaughtering Convention was discussed everywhere.

Sha Guangyan, Peng Wansheng, and Ye Qingkuang had captured the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow as representatives of the Eastern Xuan Region’s top junior generation experts, using it to challenge Long Chen. That photographic jade had spread to every inch of the Eastern Xuan Region.

Even mortals that weren’t cultivators were aware of this matter. People discussed the Dragon Slaughtering Convention in restaurants, teahouses, the streets, everywhere.

This was a clear challenge. Sha Guangyan had even gathered all the Eastern Xuan Region’s junior generation experts. Anyone who was under fifty years old and was still at the Soul Transformation realm was invited.

Sha Guangyan’s goal in doing this was obvious. Long Chen was acclaimed as the Eastern Xuan Region’s number one expert, and he had never been defeated by anyone in the same realm. His story had become the legend of an undefeatable god amongst the Eastern Xuan Region’s junior generation.

Even though Pill Valley, the ancient races, the ancient family alliance, and the Bloodkill Hall were all spreading stories that Long Chen had betrayed the human race by allying with the Spirit World’s demons, many people didn’t believe those stories. Even when they brought out the iron proof that Long Chen had fought alongside the spirit warriors, it was ineffective.

That was because those people worshipped Long Chen. They didn’t listen to anyone. They only trusted Long Chen and their own eyes.

Their catchphrase was that Long Chen had always acted openly, daring to do anything and admit to it. If he really did betray the human race, then he would have admitted to it.

Since he didn’t admit to it, it meant they were framing him. This was the result of the huge fight in the Eastern Xuan City back then.

Long Chen had attacked the heavenly tribulation, drawing down the ire of the heavens on himself, in order to protect the people in the city. The large majority of those people had been hostile toward him, but he had still risked his life for them. How could such a person betray the human race?

On the other hand, it was Ye Qingkuang who had caused that tribulation and involved the lives of all those commoners. If it hadn’t been for Long Chen, how many people would have been slain because of him? As a result, Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng, who had had quite a few worshippers themselves, had ended up falling out of favor. Although their reputation hadn’t reached rock bottom, the numbers of their supporters had clearly dropped.

Meanwhile, Long Chen’s display had won over quite a few people who had been suspicious or even jealous of him. His arrogance, his domineeringness, his daring to advance courageously despite all obstacles, that charisma was infectious. Even in the face of Pill Valley, the ancient races, and the ancient family alliance, he refused to retreat.

Many people were now questioning whether or not Long Chen had really destroyed the Xuantian Dao Sect. Could such a person really do something like destroying their own sect?

Countless experts did a secret investigation of the matter. As a result, they found that there were traces of the power of the Corrupt God Skull, Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff, and other divine items in the wreckage of the Xuantian Dao Sect.

The most shocking thing was that someone pointed out the leftover aura of Pill Valley’s Brahma Divine Diagram, and that caused an uproar.

Just as they were shocked by that, Long Chen had destroyed the sects that had tried to kill him and even razed the Pill Tower to the ground. People seemed to finally understand something.

Although the public opinion was suppressed by the joint power of Pill Valley, the ancient races, and the ancient family alliance, that was only on the surface. There were still people discussing this in secret.

There were all kinds of rumors, and it was difficult to determine what was true and what was false. However, at least public opinion was not one-sided. Many people believed that Long Chen had been falsely accused.

Although Long Chen hadn’t tried to provide an explanation or defend himself, they all knew that with Long Chen’s pride, he would disdain doing such a thing. He was already surrounded by enemies, so he was fine with getting a few more.

This was Long Chen’s boldness and imposing attitude. It was also this that won him the admiration of countless people, especially the young people who viewed him as an idol, a target to chase after. They dreamed of being able to become as wild and domineering as Long Chen. That was a true man.

The fact that the Dragon Slaughtering Convention was to be held in the Grand Han was confusing to people. It was unknown what Sha Guangyan’s intentions were behind that.

Some people pointed out that there was clearly a political goal behind this. He was trying to gather everyone’s power to throw the four ancient nations’ structure into chaos. After this, the four ancient nations would also be drawn into the cultivation world.

Rumor had that in the past few months, the four ancient nations’ dragon veins were showing signs of awakening. That meant that the four ancient nations were about to enter a golden age.

After all, they were nations that had survived from the immortal era. They had experienced the devastation of the dark eras but had staunchly survived. If their dragon veins awakened, it was unknown what kind of changes would happen within them.

There were also rumors that the Grand Han was in full support of the Dragon Slaughtering Convention. Even the bricks of the Grand Han’s capital were carved with Long Chen’s image and name so that others could trample it.

Within the Grand Han, Long Chen was named as the devil incarnate. He was a murderous, irredeemable fiend in human form. There were countless people shouting on the streets, demanding his execution.

The Eastern Xuan Region’s geniuses rapidly gathered in the Grand Han. The Grand Han’s capital became filled with experts.

While Sha Guangyan’s challenge spread throughout the Eastern Xuan Region, Long Chen had vanished without a trace. People began to curse Long Chen for being a cowardly mouse and not being a man. It was at that moment that shocking news came from the Corrupt path.

In one day, Long Chen had destroyed seven Corrupt sects, destroying their Corrupt God statues and taking their heaven and earth divine springs.

“Long Chen really is trying to defy the heavens! Just what is he thinking? Why would he go attack the Corrupt path at this time?”

“Do you see? What is unrivaled domineeringness? What is looking down on others? Long Chen doesn’t even care about your stupid Dragon Slaughtering Convention!”

“Perhaps Long Chen is using this method to reply to Sha Guangyan and the others that he has accepted their challenge. Ah, Long Chen really is Long Chen. No matter what, he always does something unexpected.”

The news that Long Chen had destroyed seven Corrupt sects shocked the Eastern Xuan Region. They thought that this was a bloody reply toward Sha Guangyan’s challenge.

Clearly, Long Chen was infuriated. Sha Guangyan’s actions were truly despicable. They had actually captured Long Chen’s steed and used it against him. Long Chen’s actions were a promise to make Sha Guangyan pay a bloody price.

In truth, they had all misjudged Long Chen. Long Chen naturally didn’t have the time to do something so senseless. He had only attacked the Corrupt path to allow his five stars to reach their peak state.

Time passed day by day. More and more experts gathered in the Grand Han. Without exception, anyone who was allowed into the capital was a young expert who had reached the Soul Transformation realm or below.

All the famous geniuses of the Eastern Xuan Region had come. It could be said that the capital of the Grand Han was packed with geniuses.

Rank seven and rank eight Celestials had ended up becoming ordinary. Even rank nine Celestials weren’t shocking. Those below rank seven Celestials weren’t even qualified to enter the capital. They were forced to be spectators outside the city.

The commoners who had originally lived in the city were all forced out for the Dragon Slaughtering Convention. The capital of the Grand Han had become a world for cultivators alone.

The rank seven and rank eight Celestials that had come all knew that even though they were allowed inside the city, they were not the main characters of this battle. Even rank nine Celestials were minor figures. The true main characters would have to have reached the level of Empyreans.

When there was just one day until the Dragon Slaughtering Convention, rumbling rang out as a carriage pulled by a Golden Earth Dragon ran over.

“The Violet Horn Golden Earth Dragon. It’s the Grand Xia Ancient Nation.”

The Violet Horn Golden Earth Dragon was unable to fly. It only slowed down once it reached the city gates.

“The Grand Xia’s Xia Yunchong and Xia Youluo have come per your invitation. Why did you close your doors for your guests?”

Xia Yunchong and Xia Youluo’s figures appeared above the carriage. Xia Yunchong coldly shouted at the closed city gates.

Xia Yunchong had once come to the Grand Han before, and he knew that it was different from the Grand Xia. There was an outer city and an inner city here. It was permitted for a carriage to pass through the outer city gates, but now they were closed. That was clearly a bit insulting.

“The experts that came before were all allowed through. The Grand Han is clearly blocking the Grand Xia’s carriage on purpose,” whispered someone in the crowd.

“There’s no need to even think about such a matter. With the Grand Han’s habit of bullying others, this is simply natural for them. They’re using the support of Pill Valley, the ancient races, and the ancient family alliance to humiliate the Grand Xia,” said someone else disdainfully.

“Xia Yunchong, this palace isn’t the Grand Xia. With your power, you aren’t qualified to enter with a carriage. Hurry up and enter through the side door. If you don’t like it, you can scram back to wherever you came from.”

A dozen figures wearing the Grand Han’s robes appeared on top of the city gates. Their leader was a rank nine Celestial at the Soul Transformation realm, and he was the one speaking rudely to Xia Yunchong.

“Brother, let’s get off,” said Xia Youluo, not wanting to cause trouble. All she wanted to do was see Long Chen. If there was a conflict and they weren’t allowed to enter the city, then they would have come for nothing.

“You don’t understand this kind of thing. You can’t let others force you when it comes to this. Since they want to see my qualifications, I’ll show them my qualifications.”


Xia Yunchong suddenly jumped from the carriage and punched out. A giant fist-image struck the city gates...

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