Chapter 1541 Premonition of a Massacre

“Oh, that’s right!”

Long Chen suddenly felt foolish. He had already gotten used to directly slashing people with his saber and had forgotten that he was a Soul Transformation expert.

Long Chen’s forehead began to shine, and a three-inch-tall version of him appeared there. It was his Yuan Spirit.

That miniature version of himself rapidly formed hand seals. Suddenly, flames exploded out of him.

“Raging Flames Devour the Heavens!”

The golden flames covered heaven and earth, incinerating the Corrupt experts. Only a few Life Star experts managed to survive.

“Hurry and run! It’s the Heaven Incinerating Flame!” shouted the expert with the divine item. He attacked Long Chen with it once more.

Long Chen slashed his saber again, meeting his opponent’s blood-colored saber. He was forced back once more.

This time, he retreated on his own initiative rather than competing in power. As for Evilmoon, it looked down on this blood-colored saber. Its divine essence was so miniscule that it felt it wasn’t even worth doing anything about it.

Due to his injuries, Long Chen was unable to release his full power. He avoided taking head-on exchanges again, and using the power of his opponent’s saber, he retreated in the direction that he wanted. As he flew through the air, he sent another slash at the Corrupt God statue.

The head of the statue became covered in cracks. After receiving two of Long Chen’s attacks, it was no longer able to bear it.

This statue did not have a protective formation around it, as it was the symbol of the Corrupt path’s faith. Who would possibly dare to attack it? The only thing defending it was a layer of divine light, which was simply a manifestation of the karmic luck it maintained. Its actual defensive power wasn’t very high.

“You bastard Long Chen, you dare-?!”

“You’re right, I really do dare.”


Wielding his saber with both hands, Long Chen slashed it down right on the statue’s head. The head finally exploded.

In that instant, the divine light around the statue dimmed greatly, as if it had instantly become an ordinary mud statue. As if it had lost its life, it crumbled.

“NO!” The Life Star expert with the divine item roared furiously. Thousands of Corrupt experts who weren’t within Long Chen’s flames charged at him now. They were all devout believers.

However, those people’s cultivation bases were too low. Before they could even approach Long Chen, they were turned to ash by the Heaven Incinerating Flame.

Yet, despite that, those Corrupt experts continued to charge at Long Chen. Attacks flew through the air. The ferocity and ruthlessness of the Corrupt path were revealed at this time.

Long Chen blocked the blood-colored divine saber once more but found that the elder had somehow activated a portion of his divine item’s power. Its great power sent Long Chen tumbling back, and he almost coughed up blood.

He ended up flying outside the area of Raging Flames Devour the Heavens. This time, he had set it up as a set area attack, not a domain that followed him.

As a result, all the Corrupt experts took advantage of this and charged at him.

Long Chen still had a calm smile on his face. He rested Evilmoon on his shoulder and raised his right hand.

A huge sphere came to life, instantly growing to three thousand meters.

“Star Fall!”

The huge sphere exploded amongst the Corrupt experts, completely annihilating this Corrupt sect.

Countless Corrupt experts were killed by this attack, and the land was completely destroyed. The only one remaining was the Life Star expert with a divine item.

“The Soul Transformation realm really is great!”

Long Chen smiled. With the help of a Yuan Spirit forming hand seals for him, he was able to unleash a huge move like Star Fall in an instant. This feeling really was refreshing.

The first thing someone had to do while forming hand seals was gather their qi, essence, and soul together so that they could control their energy, passing it through their set meridians to unleash a powerful technique.

On the other hand, the Yuan Spirit itself was formed of a combination of the qi, essence, and soul. It could directly control that energy. This was the strongest point of the Soul Transformation realm. Of course, only Empyreans with extremely powerful Yuan Spirits could do such a thing. This was yet another major barrier between rank nine Celestials and Empyreans.

“Long Chen, you blasphemed the god! You won’t have a good death!” the Life Star expert roared. His face was twisted with rage. He was the leader of this sect, but now, his sect and the statue of the Corrupt God had been destroyed. His heart was dripping blood.

He suddenly spat a mouthful of blood onto his divine item. It began to rumble, and a sea of blood appeared in the sky. Within that sea of blood was a huge saber that slashed mercilessly at Long Chen, sealing all his paths of retreat.

“Split the Heavens 5!”

Long Chen summoned his own huge saber-image. It was a black saber-image with the will to cut apart heaven and earth.

Long Chen had been prepared the instant the Life Star expert had spat out blood. The black saber-image struck the blood-colored saber-image. As a result, Long Chen coughed up a mouthful of blood and flew back.

The Life Star expert had it even worse than him. He flew even farther, coughing up three mouthfuls of blood.

“Hehe, not bad. I can block a divine item with my own power. That attack would have killed him if I wasn’t injured.” Long Chen smiled confidently.

“Let it go. That divine item in his hand is absolute garbage. Almost all its divine essence has already faded. Do you not see that I’m too lazy to even absorb it?” Evilmoon didn’t hesitate to mercilessly give a blow to his new confidence.

“Hehe, at the very least, my body can now resist some divine power. It’s not so difficult to bear as before,” said Long Chen. After reaching the Soul Transformation realm, he had truly gotten much stronger.

“Isn’t that obvious? You are someone who went through divine tribulation. You now have a certain resistance to divine energy,” said Evilmoon.

Thunderforce circulated below Long Chen’s feet, and he appeared where the statue had been. After he slashed the ground, the divine pool surfaced, almost overflowing with the pure and dense heaven and earth divine spring.

“Hehe, since you’re so generous, I’ll happily accept it.” Long Chen waved his hand, collecting it all. The Life Star expert came pouncing at him like a madman.

“I won’t play any longer with you. Let us meet again.”

Lightning wings appeared on Long Chen’s back, and he vanished from that person’s sight. The Life Star expert couldn’t even tell which direction Long Chen had gone because he was so fast. Looking at the scene of desolation around him, he let out a heaven-shaking roar. “Long Chen, you won’t have a good death!”

Long Chen heard the roar, but he didn’t bother with it. His heart was practically blooming with flowers. The Corrupt sects worshipped the Corrupt God. Hence, that sect’s heaven and earth divine spring had been extremely dense, almost on the same level as the Pill Tower’s. It was much better quality-wise than the other sects he had plundered.

“That little fellow Gui Yan is interesting. As soon as he saw me, he slipped away without even fighting. Originally, I was even wondering what kind of excuse I would have to make to let him get away. Hehe, that child is really smart.” Long Chen laughed. Things were progressing very smoothly.

Taking out the Blood-Tracing Soul Jade, Long Chen quickly confirmed Gui Yan’s direction. He had to be fleeing to another Corrupt sect.

As he rushed after, he encountered several waves of blockers, and they were all slain by him. Most likely, they had come rushing over upon receiving a distress signal, but Long Chen was too fast. They were still rushing over when things had already ended.

This was already something Long Chen had anticipated from the start. When he had attacked, he had sent one of Lei Long’s split bodies to destroy the sect’s transportation formations.

Six hours later, Long Chen finally found Gui Yan’s destination. It was another Corrupt sect. He had only just entered when the sect’s grand protective formation was activated.

Without saying a word, Long Chen used Split the Heavens to break the formation. The first thing he did was find Gui Yan and kick him half-dead before feigning that he was entangled with other experts, allowing Gui Yan to get away again.

Once Gui Yan fled, Long Chen destroyed their statue and took their divine spring. Then with Star Fall, he destroyed the sect. The sect’s experts couldn’t hold him back at all. After getting what he wanted, he immediately left.

Long Chen had to admit that this child Gui Yan was truly capable. In just one day, he led him across seven Corrupt sects.

However, when he reached the eighth sect, he encountered a terrifying existence and wasn’t able to defeat them. Seeing that he had about enough of the heaven and earth divine spring, he had Evilmoon cut through space and return to the continent.

“There are still ten days. I have ten days to fully recover and digest this heaven and earth divine spring. Hmph, Sha Guangyan, if I don’t cut off your dog head, I won’t be Long Chen.”

Long Chen’s eyes shone with cold killing intent. He would never be able to forget the sight of Sha Guangyan torturing Cloud.

There was no way to reason with some people. There was only one thing to do: kill!

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