Chapter 1540 Slaughtering his Way Into the Corrupt Path

Space shook. Long Chen’s figure appeared in a gloomy world. He looked around to appraise this world, smiling.

“So the Corrupt path hides itself within minor worlds. Those strongholds in the outside world are just to deceive others. If it weren’t for Meng Qi’s Blood-Tracing Soul Jade, I really wouldn’t have been able to find them,” muttered Long Chen to himself as he looked at the jade plate in his hand.

This Blood-Tracing Soul Jade was something Meng Qi had made for him. The blood it was tracing was not Meng Qi’s but Gui Yan’s.

Back in the Spirit World, Gui Yan had used the lives of the spirit warriors against Long Chen, and Long Chen had acted like he was caught off-guard and unable to stop himself in time, resulting in his sword piercing Gui Yan’s head. Without Gui Yan being aware of it, Long Chen had extracted a drop of the latter’s purest essence blood.

He had then given this essence blood to Meng Qi who then created the Blood-Tracing Soul Jade. This jade was extremely magical and could sense its target’s position from a great distance.

Previously, Long Chen had used this jade to find Gui Yan’s sneak attack and sent the spirit warriors to lay down a trap, annihilating the sneak attackers and leaving only Gui Yan alive.

In truth, Long Chen hadn’t had many plans for him at that time. He had simply felt having such a card up his sleeves might be useful in the future.

Now, he had tracked Gui Yan to a place. However, he had ended up roaming around for a long time without being able to find him. In the end, he had asked Evilmoon what was going on.

Only then had he learned that the Blood-Tracing Soul Jade had accurately tracked him. It was just that Gui Yan was not in this world but a minor world on a parallel plane to this place.

Normally, if one wished to enter a minor world, it required knowing where the entrance to the minor world was. Long Chen didn’t have that patience, so he had Evilmoon directly cut through space and enter the minor world.

He had heard that Life Star experts condensed their own astral spaces. As their cultivation bases grew, their astral space grew as well. Once it reached a certain realm, it could be used to create a minor world.

Such a minor world could only remain hidden within the thousand major worlds. It was unable to merge with the cosmos. Otherwise, it would crumble from the pressure of the major worlds.

To put it in a simpler way, the so-called minor worlds were like life rings attached to major worlds.

What was different from life rings was that minor worlds were connected to the major world, and the major world’s laws would pervade the minor world. That was what allowed humans to live and cultivate inside.

Now, Long Chen had charged into one of the Corrupt path’s secret minor worlds. Once he was inside, he could clearly sense a dark and cold aura present in the air.

There was no sun, no moon, and no stars. The sky was dusky. It was unclear whether it was day or night. The place he was currently in was an unremarkable mountain village with just a few dozen families.

He saw a few children playing around and people working on the farms. It was a peaceful scene that wasn’t much different from the outside world.

The only difference was that at the center of the village was a stone statue. The statue was pitch-black and emitting an evil aura.

These villagers all had to put down their farming tools and kowtow toward the statue whenever they passed it. He heard them pray to it devoutly.

As Long Chen sped through the minor world, he saw more and more villages, and they were the same as the one he had seen before. They looked peaceful and worshipped the same statue. It wasn’t as dark and bloody as he had imagined.

Long Chen followed the direction of the Blood-Tracing Soul Jade. Two huge mountains quickly appeared ahead, forming a natural gate. There was also a man-made gate at the bottom, with tens of thousands of people gathered there. It seemed that there was some kind of gathering.

Long Chen hesitated. He decided to stealthily enter the crowd, flowing forward with them.

When he reached the gate, he realized that a sect was accepting disciples. There were over ten Soul Transformation Corrupt experts staring coldly at the people before them.

The majority of these people were young Xiantian realm disciples. All of them had expressions of despair, and some were even quivering.

Suddenly, one of the disciples escaped from the crowd and flew away.

One of the Soul Transformation experts snorted, and a withered claw flew out, catching that disciple and dragging him back.

“Hmph, those who are disloyal to the Corrupt God will get a hundred years of having their soul refined as a punishment.”

The Soul Transformation expert crushed that person’s body and extracted his soul from his head. Each person had a soul, but the strength of the soul varied by person.

The Corrupt expert took out a lantern and tossed that person’s soul inside. A sound like a water drop landing on smoldering iron rang out.

Following that sound, a terrified and pained spiritual fluctuation spread. Everyone felt the pain within that spiritual fluctuation and turned pale.

“Remember, everything you have was bestowed to you by the Corrupt God, including your souls and bodies. When the Corrupt God needs you, you need to offer yourselves without hesitation. Furthermore, with the Corrupt God’s blessing, you won’t die. The death that you see is just a false appearance. Your physical bodies will die, but your souls will return to the embrace of the Corrupt God. You will enter reincarnation and reappear in this world. You will never die. But those disloyal to the Corrupt God will endure the pain of having their soul refined for a hundred years. Once the hundred years are over, their soul will dissipate and vanish forever. That is true death.” The Corrupt expert’s gaze was as sharp as a blade as it swept across these disciples.

Long Chen sneered. This was a purely evil ideology. Even if their lives were bestowed to them by the Corrupt God, could a person’s life be taken just like that? Could a parent just randomly kill their children?

All things were born of heaven and earth. To be born, to grow old, to get sick, to die, this was all natural. But it was completely unnatural to strip away other people’s lives without restraint.

Long Chen quickly reached the gate as he followed the crowd. There was an image of the Corrupt god painted onto the gate.

The painting was very lifelike. He saw a man standing in the sky, his hands wielding two blades. He had two horns, and his eyes emitted a blood-red light. Behind him was stifling darkness. In Long Chen’s eyes, he didn’t look like a god but a devil.

Each disciple would cross their arms before the statue and mutter something. It was probably some kind of eulogy.

Once he was closer, he finally heard a disciple say, “Great Corrupt God, please accept your servant’s gratitude. Thank you for bestowing us with heaven and earth, with this world. Because of your greatness…”

That person let out a long spiel that gave Long Chen a chill. It was like everything in this world had been created by this Corrupt God. Furthermore, it seemed like anyone who didn’t believe in the Corrupt God were traitors.

It was quickly Long Chen’s turn. He crossed his arms and softly muttered, “All you are is an idiot. Since you want praise, I’ll help you out. The only reason you were born was because your parents were indecent…”

Long Chen muttered quickly, and because there were too many people muttering at the same time, the Corrupt Elders didn’t notice what he was saying. He muddled his way in just like that.

Once he was past the gate, he quickly rushed forward and spread his divine sense to see if a certain person was present.

“Are you courting death? If you want to die, there’s no need to be in a rush. Go line up at the back!”

While Long Chen rushed forward, a Jade Core disciple suddenly sent a palm toward him, wanting to teach him a lesson for breaking the rules.

“Hehe, Leng Yueyan’s not here. Then I can fight freely.”

That disciple that had attacked him suddenly exploded, resulting in startled cries.

The only reason Long Chen had snuck his way inside was because of the protective formation blocking his divine sense. He was afraid this was Leng Yueyan’s sect, and he didn’t want to encounter her here.

Although Leng Yueyan had said that she wouldn’t be enemies with him any longer, it was a bit different now that he was the one who had charged into her home territory. That wasn’t Leng Yueyan being enemies with him, it was him being enemies with her.

Now that he didn’t find her aura, he no longer cared about being sneaky and directly killed that person. He rushed forward.

“Who dares?!”

A Corrupt Elder had just appeared in front of Long Chen when he exploded, his Yuan Spirit killed.

Long Chen pulled off his hood, revealing his true face. He sneered, “What? Do you not recognize your old friend?”

“Long… Long Chen!” Startled and terrified cries rang out.

“If you don’t want to die, then scram.”

Long Chen slashed Evilmoon. His target was the huge statue in front of him.

The huge saber-image slashed right onto the statue. Divine light shone from the statue, actually knocking Long Chen away.

Long Chen cursed inside. In his injured state, he couldn’t use his full power. He wasn’t even able to destroy the statue with one attack. That statue had only cracked in one spot.

“Long Chen, you dare to barge into my Corrupt path? Die!”

Suddenly, a Life Star expert wielding a blood-colored saber attacked Long Chen. His weapon’s runes lit up, and an evil aura exploded. It was actually a divine item.


Long Chen hastily used Evilmoon to block. An explosive sound rang out as Long Chen was once more sent flying, his arms stinging.

“Are you a pig? With your current injured state, you can’t even bring out a tenth of the power of your physical body. What are you doing competing in brute strength? You’re a Soul Transformation expert now!” Evilmoon’s cursing rang out in Long Chen’s head.

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