Chapter 1539 Power of a Mutated Divine Ability

“You’re crazy!”

Evilmoon let out a shocked cry. Long Chen had actually used his Yuan Spirit to swallow this divine lightning phoenix beast. All the phoenix had to do was explode, and his Yuan Spirit would be annihilated. This was no different than courting death.

Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit had just swallowed the phoenix when it shrank back down and transformed into a ray of light that was devoured by Long Chen’s true body.

It happened so quickly that the phoenix couldn’t even react before being swallowed into Long Chen’s stomach.

An explosive sound came from it. Although Long Chen had his Yuan Spirit spit out the phoenix fast enough, it still received a heavy impact and almost crumbled. It instinctively returned to his mind-sea. The intense pain in his mind almost made him faint.

“So he’s trying to use this move…” Evilmoon was completely shocked.

The phoenix was now in Long Chen’s stomach. Since his stomach had been changed by the Swallow the Heavens, Devour the Earth divine ability, there was now a special space inside that could store a huge mountain. There was plenty of space for the phoenix.

Long Chen was in such pain that he was clutching his head and couldn’t focus, but Swallow the Heavens, Devour the Earth automatically activated.

108,000 runes began to shine, and divine light flowed out of them, binding the phoenix.

However, the phoenix’s wings flapped violently, destroying the divine light. In comparison to the phoenix’s power, the power of Swallow the Heavens, Devour the earth was like a spiderweb. It was unable to bind this powerful existence.

The phoenix let out a furious roar, and its lightning runes lit up. An aura of annihilation was released.

“Not good!” Evilmoon let out a startled cry. The phoenix was about to explode. It wasn’t even going to give Long Chen a chance to spit it out.

Just at this moment, the 108,000 runes lit up again, and streaks of divine light intertwined in the air, forming a net that bound the phoenix. Its power was ten times greater than before, preventing the explosion.

Evilmoon was startled, and it saw that Long Chen had recovered from the pain and was forming hand seals. The power of his 108,000 stars was pouring into the runes, binding the phoenix. “So he still had this move left!”

The divine light bound the phoenix tightly, but it continued to struggle. Long Chen’s body was constantly cracking, looking like it might crumble at any moment. The two of them were even as they tried to defeat the other.

“Long Chen, don’t fight like this. Start extracting a portion of its energy and release it back into the outside world. Once its divine energy is stripped from its main body, it will immediately vanish. It will quickly weaken,” reminded Evilmoon.

However, Long Chen acted like he didn’t hear Evilmoon. He continued to suppress the phoenix with all his power.

“What the fuck, don’t tell me you’re really planning on devouring it…” With Evilmoon’s understanding of Long Chen, it seemed he really would do something as crazy as this.

Long Chen coughed up a mouthful of blood, and the space between his eyebrows split open. His physical body had been pushed to its limit. This phoenix was too terrifying.

“I refuse to believe I can’t suppress you!” roared Long Chen. Light exploded from his body, in particular his hands, feet, and head.

His FengFu, Alioth, Life Fate, Enlightenment Palace, and Divine Gate Stars were unleashing all their power. His 108,000 stars, his qi seas, all his energy was gathered.

The divine runes brightened once more, unleashing a blinding light that wrapped around the phoenix like a giant cocoon.

The huge cocoon shook violently as the phoenix continued to struggle, but its struggling slowly weakened until it became still.

“You… succeeded…” Evilmoon couldn’t believe that Long Chen had really sealed the divine lightning.

Divine lightning possessed a divine nature, but Long Chen had actually used mortal energy to subdue it. That was simply against the law of the heavens. However, he had done it.

“Come out and fight me again! I dare you to burn yourself again…”

Long Chen raised his head and roared at the sky. His whole body was covered in blood, and he seemed insane. After shouting just a bit, he collapsed on the ground. He had gone far past his limit.

When he woke up, pain wracked his body, and he felt like millions of hedgehogs were running around inside his head.

“I, Evilmoon, have never admired anyone. But when it comes to craziness, Long Chen, you are the first existence I admire,” said Evilmoon.

Long Chen bitterly smiled and shook his head. “It’s not that I want to be crazy but that I have no choice. You don’t know just how tough my path was. Based on my experience, I can’t give up any chance to increase my trump cards. Each trump card will affect whether or not I can survive next time. This time, I have to thank you. Without your Swallow the Heavens, Devour the Earth divine ability, I would have definitely died.”

Long Chen was really grateful to Evilmoon. This time, his tribulation had been one of sure death. There should have been no way for him to survive. The heavens had been set on ending him here.

There was no way his Yuan Spirit would have been able to defeat the divine lightning phoenix at the end. With his tribulation targeting his Yuan Spirit, he couldn’t win with it.

“There’s no need to thank me. The divine abilities of the evil dragon race might be powerful, but they aren’t so powerful as to be able to devour divine lightning. This is because of your Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. I never expected my evil dragon race’s divine ability to undergo such a mutation. It seems the origins of your Nine Star Hegemon Body Art aren’t simple,” said Evilmoon.

Normally, the only reason why a technique would ever change was because the user cultivated another technique that was much, much greater than the former. It was like a drop of freshwater landing in the sea. It would instantly transform because the difference in power was incredibly great.

“Well, no matter how you put it, without your divine ability, I’d have definitely died. Ah, whatever, I’ll just remember this favor.” Long Chen didn't waste any words. When it came to some things, remembering them in your heart was enough. Saying them with your mouth would make them meaningless.

Long Chen slowly sat up. He felt like his whole skeleton was about to crumble. The intense pain was like needles stabbing every inch of him.

“Why is it so painful? And the injuries still haven’t healed.” Long Chen looked at his bloody body. There were many places where his bones were exposed. It seemed his body’s natural regeneration had lost its effect.

“Painful? You should be thankful. Your injuries have the leftover energy of the divine lightning on them. Your body is strengthening once more. However, your injuries will need some time to fully recover. The destructive will of divine lightning isn’t so easy to erase. But in any case, you managed to profit from your tribulation. Of course, the only reason you managed to profit is because you’re still alive,” said Evilmoon. This tribulation had been too dangerous.

On the other hand, Long Chen was already used to it. He had brushed against the line between life and death countless times, and his will was incomparably strong. That made it so every time he brushed against death, he would be able to maintain a calm heart. The more people panicked in the face of death, the more they would make mistakes and die.

Despite the pain wracking his body, he did his best to focus. He began circulating the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. His 108,000 stars activated, and the life energy of the primal chaos space slowly circulated.

While resisting the divine phoenix, Long Chen had extracted all the primal chaos space’s life energy midway. Now he needed to hurry and recover. As the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art circulated, his injuries slowly healed. Although the speed wasn’t as fast as before, at the very least, it was reducing the pain.

In order to seal the divine phoenix, his five stars had lost a great deal of energy. It could be said that his core energy had been gravely harmed this time.

But when he looked at the cocoon with the divine phoenix inside, he felt that it had all been worth it.

Lei Long had already summoned eight split bodies that were coiled around it. Right now, it was unable to absorb its energy. There was a fundamental difference between their energies.

However, Lei Long was clever and didn't absorb it right now. It had its eight split bodies sense the divine lightning’s power, letting it transform the eight split bodies.

It was like it had placed eight eggs in another creature’s nest. Once the incubation was complete, it would draw them back, and the eight of them would be infected by the aura of divine lightning. Then it would be able to slowly transform its own energy into the same divine lightning energy.

Of course, this was an extremely slow process. It wasn’t as fast as devouring it directly. However, there was no other option.

A day later, Long Chen had stopped the bleeding, and he wrapped his injuries. The power of the divine lightning inhibited his regeneration ability. He could only handle it like this.

Compared to his external injuries, his internal injuries were worse off. His Yuan Spirit had almost crumbled in that last attack and was recovering with the help of his Spiritual Strength. However, his Spiritual Strength had also been damaged during the fight. With that being said, the injuries of the soul were the slowest to heal.

Fortunately, he still had a few top grade giant pills from Pill Valley that could nourish the soul. He had recovered to the point that his spiritual injuries wouldn’t gravely affect his combat power.

Tidying himself up, Long Chen took out a blood-colored jade plate. There was a single rune on it that looked like a drop of fresh blood.

“It’s time to harvest the seed I planted back then. I should still have enough time.” Looking at the jade plate, Long Chen smiled.

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