Chapter 1538 Sure Death Tribulation, Divine Lightning Beast

That rune grew larger and brighter until it was blinding within the darkness.

It was like a giant star was expanding until it was about to explode. Its fierce light was like sharp blades piercing this space, and the divine pressure present would make any person feel despair.

Within this world of darkness, there was nothing except for that apocalyptic light. The only thing here was death and destruction.

“It really didn’t give you a chance of survival at all…” muttered Evilmoon.

Long Chen was panting for breath as he held his head. The fierce pain in it made him unable to think straight at the moment.

Only after a few breaths’ time did he feel like he could think again. Waving his hand, he pulled his Yuan Spirit into his mind-sea.

In that final attack, he had used his Spiritual Strength to unleash the fifth form of Split the Heavens. In truth, the timing of his attack had been very lucky. If it had been too fast, it wouldn’t have blocked the divine lightning’s attack. If it had been too slow, he would have been struck first. Either way, he would have been doomed.

Although he had managed to destroy the majority of the divine lightning’s power with that attack, his Yuan Spirit had still taken a large blow. It had rapidly shrunk on contact with the divine lightning, becoming only a foot tall.

It was even more condensed and powerful now, but Long Chen had used up far too much Spiritual Strength with that attack. He couldn’t unleash it a second time.

The main thing was that he wasn’t able to perfectly control his Yuan Spirit at this point. At least eighty percent of his energy had been wasted during that attack.

After all, a Yuan Spirit was not the true body or a clone. As it was an entirely separate entity, passing energy back and forth resulted in a portion of it being wasted. Long Chen felt regret for all the Spiritual Strength that had been wasted.

As he put away his Yuan Spirit, Lei Long roared. Just now, when Long Chen had attacked the divine lightning, it had carefully captured a few of the divine lightning’s runes.

However, those divine runes were too tough, and no matter how it tried, it couldn’t subdue them. It was like a mortal had swallowed chunks of iron. There was no way for it to digest them.

“Lei Long, give up. You can’t digest that, so don’t waste the effort. Lend your power to me,” said Long Chen as he looked at the giant rune hanging in the air.

Only then did Lei Long unwillingly spit out the divine lightning runes it had swallowed and fly back to Long Chen’s arm.

Those divine runes slowly faded back into heaven and earth, vanishing without a trace.

Divine lightning was different from tribulation lightning. It contained a divine element to it. After receiving three of its attacks, Long Chen had some understanding of it. It was because of that understanding that he was feeling uneasy.

The divine light in the sky suddenly came to a stop. The huge rune hung in the sky like a sun.

Cracks began to appear on the rune, and Long Chen’s nerves tensed. He summoned a powerful lightning blade to his hands and poured Lei Long’s energy into it. Whether he lived or died would depend on this.

The cracks on the rune spread. It was like a seal was breaking, and the energy from the other side was coming out. He had no idea what kind of existence was trying to break out of its seal.


The giant rune exploded. A white light streaked toward Long Chen.

“It’s here!”

Long Chen’s heart shook. The attack he had been brewing this whole time was launched, and the lightning blade sliced through space.

This attack he had been brewing this entire time slashed heavily onto the white light. An explosive sound rang out, and a blinding light made it so Long Chen couldn’t see what happened.


His lightning blade exploded, and he was sent flying back. His blood and flesh splattered all over the place.

Long Chen was shocked. In that single exchange, his physical body had been stripped of a whole layer of skin and flesh. Blood covered his entire body now.

“The power of divine lightning is probably something only my Yuan Spirit can resist. No matter how strong a physical body is, as long as it is mortal, it can’t resist it.” Long Chen’s heart sank. The thing that had made him uneasy had finally occurred.

This divine lightning possessed a strange kind of energy that only his Yuan Spirit was barely capable of resisting. However, right now, his Spiritual Strength was exhausted. If he let his Yuan Spirit block it again, it would be destroyed, and he would die with it.

He could only use his physical body to block it. But this power couldn’t be blocked by physical power. There was no way to resolve this situation.

Having no other choice, he waved his hand, and another lightning blade appeared. The only reason his body hadn’t been completely destroyed was because of Lei Long. Since Lei Long also came from tribulation lightning, although it was different from divine lightning, it was able to isolate a portion of its power.

Lightning filled the sky, and Long Chen finally saw what had attacked him. It was an eight-winged divine lightning beast with a long tail.

It looked like a divine phoenix. It was completely white, and its eyes were cold as it stared at Long Chen. Lightning runes were flashing in its eyes. 

It was holy and sacred like a perfect divine bird. But Long Chen only sensed death from it. Its eyes contained a merciless will of destruction. It existed to destroy.

It spread its wings, and rain of white feathers shot at Long Chen. At the same time, it fell from the sky, its claws reaching toward him. Those claws looked powerful enough to tear heaven and earth apart.

Wielding a lightning sphere in his left hand and a lightning blade in his right, he tossed the sphere into the air while he slashed the blade out. His blade met the phoenix’s claw.

Once more, his skin and flesh that had just recovered were blown away. This time, both of his arms broke. The phoenix’s power was even greater than the beginning.

In front of this divine lightning, Long Chen didn’t have any ability to fight back. He had plenty of power and energy left, but none of it was useful against it. He was like a herculean who didn’t know how to swim and was tossed into a sea to drown.

Its divine nature was too terrifying. This kind of energy wasn’t something mere mortals could comprehend. It was something on the same level of existence as gods. Its attacks had clearly been as light as a feather, but they contained power that could destroy the very world.

“Evilmoon, what do I have to do to subdue this damn bird?”

After being repeatedly injured, Long Chen was relying entirely on the primal chaos space’s healing to get by. But this was not a solution. Sooner or later, the primal chaos space would run out of life energy, and he would be dead.

“I don’t have any solutions. This heavenly tribulation won’t stop until it uses up all its energy. Do you not see the black holes in the places it destroyed? Those are the eyes of the heavens. If I came out to help you, I would immediately be seen. At that time, your tribulation would become my tribulation. In my current condition, there’s no way I could pass, and you would be destroyed in an instant. There’s nothing I can do,” said Evilmoon helplessly.

Even Evilmoon had no tricks. As for the Heaven Flipping Seal, although it wanted to help him, it was completely held back by Evilmoon. If it tried to help, it would only make Long Chen die faster.

Long Chen continued to fight. Split the Heavens. Star Fall. The Nirvana Scripture. Raging Flame Prison. Double Dragon Destruction. All his moves were used, but they were unable to do anything to this divine phoenix.

His attacks seemed to have their power stripped away when they landed on the divine phoenix. Long Chen sensed that probably less than one ten-thousandth of their power was actually striking the phoenix.

This was divine power, a level that made man despair. Long Chen’s attacks were completely ineffective.

Yet, the phoenix’s attacks were effective. Each of its strikes blew away Long Chen’s flesh, making him lose a huge amount of essence blood. Although the primal chaos space could heal him, it couldn’t replenish his essence blood that quickly. Long Chen felt like he was going to go insane.

Long Chen tried to use his Yuan Spirit to launch a sneak attack. Unfortunately, as soon as his Yuan Spirit appeared, the divine phoenix turned its attention to it. A ray of light shot out of its eyes, striking his Yuan Spirit before he could pull it back. His Yuan Spirit almost crumbled, and he clutched his head in pain. He was almost torn in two by the phoenix’s claws.

After that, he no longer dared to use his Yuan Spirit. After all, his control of his Yuan Spirit wasn’t perfect yet. If he failed again, he might really die.

Long Chen was still struggling bitterly, stalling for time. He had no way to handle this divine phoenix as it had no weak points. Even Evilmoon had said that the only option was to exhaust all its energy.

However, Long Chen quickly realized just how childish this thinking was. This divine phoenix’s power seemed to be limitless. Even if he had ten times the spiritual yuan, he wouldn’t be able to exhaust it.

“Fuck, I’ll risk it. This is the only chance!”

Long Chen sensed his remaining spiritual yuan and Spiritual Strength. A completely brazen and crazy thought appeared in his mind.

Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit flew out once more. It instantly transformed to become thirty thousand meters tall, and it devoured the divine phoenix in one gulp.

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