Chapter 1537 Divine Lightning

Long Chen summoned his Yuan Spirit outside his body. The calm rain of lightning on the outside instantly became fierce and chaotic, attacking his Yuan Spirit.

An endless torrent of five-colored lightning crashed against Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit. It focused on the Yuan Spirit so much that it no longer cared much about Long Chen’s true body.

Long Chen looked at his Yuan Spirit, while his Yuan Spirit looked at him. The feeling was very strange. They were both Long Chen. It was like looking in a mirror, but there was also a different kind of feeling as well.

Long Chen slowly closed his eyes, focusing on entering the view of his Yuan Spirit. Controlling his Yuan Spirit, he launched a powerful punch that shook the sky.

“Your Yuan Spirit is shockingly powerful. There are both gains and losses I suppose. Even if your physical body died, your Yuan Spirit would still possess great power,” said Evilmoon.

Long Chen nodded. As the lightning attacked his Yuan Spirit, his 108,000 Yuan Spirit primordial runes absorbed their energy.

They were like pieces of ore, while the thunderforce was purifying them. Every single one of them was becoming purer and stronger.


Suddenly, one huge figure after another flew out of the endless darkness. They all pounced on his Yuan Spirit.

These were five-colored lightning beasts. Long Chen was already familiar with them. He had Lei Long come out to protect him while he focused on using his Yuan Spirit to slay these lightning beasts.

His Yuan spirit was a giant right now, and each punch of his blew apart a wave of the lightning beasts.

“How powerful!” Long Chen was shocked that just the power of his Yuan Spirit would possess such destructive force.

It had to be known that before he had condensed a Yuan Spirit, his Spiritual Strength was not able to condense physical attacks. The only thing he could attack with it was other people’s souls. But now, he was unleashing physical attacks with it, and it felt the same as when he fought with his physical body.

“Split the Heavens 1!”

Using his hand as a blade, Long Chen blew apart the lightning beasts. He was also able to use Battle Skills like this.

“Fool, why are you wasting your precious soul energy? Your tribulation has only just started. Are you trying to kill yourself?” cursed Evilmoon. “Your Yuan Spirit is exhausting the soul energy in your mind-sea. Once that’s exhausted, you’re done for. The lightning tribulation of the Soul Transformation realm is targeting your Yuan Spirit, and the strongest attacks come at the end. If you use up all your energy by then, you’ll definitely die.”

Long Chen’s heart shivered, and he recalled how his Yuan Spirit was different from his main body. When his main body fought, it focused on the qi and essence of him.

The Yuan Spirit used energy from the qi, essence, and soul, but the proportions were different. The qi and essence were only ten percent, while the remaining ninety percent of the energy came from the soul.

That ten percent of qi and essence was what allowed the Yuan Spirit to unleash the true body’s magical arts and Battle Skills.

After testing that one attack and receiving Evilmoon’s warning, Long Chen didn’t continue wasting his Spiritual Strength. He simply used his Yuan Spirit to attack normally.

Lei Long was protecting his true body, while it had also summoned hundreds of split bodies to devour the lightning runes in the air. These runes came from the lightning beasts and were the best nourishment for it.

As his Yuan Spirit fought against the lightning beasts, he found that it was growing smaller, and more and more condensed. Its power was also increasing.

However, he was still cautious. He didn’t unleash any special techniques that wasted energy. He just smashed the lightning beasts with brute strength.

Unlike last time, he didn’t dare to strike the tribulation clouds. He just continued according to the pace of the tribulation. That would save him the most energy.

After having gone through heavenly tribulation so many times, he had already figured out some of their rules. The main one was that despite how badly the tribulation wanted to kill him, its power was still limited. Furthermore, it had to go through a certain step-by-step procedure.

The lightning was growing stronger, but its power was still well within the limits of Long Chen’s power. As long as he exhausted all of its energy, the tribulation would end.

In the past, Long Chen had been too fiery and had constantly provoked the tribulation, quickening its pace. That was very dangerous. It left him without time to breathe or recover.

This time, he was obediently following the tribulation’s tempo. It grew stronger bit by bit, and as Long Chen handled it, he also recovered all his energy, keeping himself in his peak condition.

Since he wasn’t provoking the tribulation, it was much ‘gentler’. After four hours, the lightning beasts faded, and human lightning figures appeared.

Each of them held weapons as they attacked Long Chen. There was practically an endless tide of them, and they instantly enveloped Long Chen.

The fists of Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit danced. What delighted Long Chen was that his Yuan Spirit was now extremely solid. The attacks of the human-shaped lightning couldn't even injure it, although it would cause his physical body and soul to feel pain.

After all, his Yuan Spirit and his soul were intricately linked. However, most of his focus was now on his Yuan Spirit. With Lei Long protecting his main body, he didn’t need to worry about it.

The human-shaped lightning was extremely powerful, but his Yuan Spirit grew stronger and stronger as it fought them. It was now fifteen meters tall, and each of its punches could blow them up.

The human-shaped lightning also grew stronger and more berserk. Clearly, the lightning tribulation was also reaching a berserk state. The most difficult part was coming.

Long Chen continued to fight stably. He did his best to maintain an equilibrium between the amount of energy he used and the amount of energy he recovered.

The lightning incarnations grew more numerous and distinct. Their faces and robes became clearer.

There were men and women, young and old. Their robes were strange and ancient. Their power caused the world to shake with each wave of their hands.

Long Chen knew that these were the Ancient Heroic Spirits, peerless experts who had also gone against the heavens and been exterminated under the lightning tribulation. Their techniques had all been imprinted on the heavens.

Finally, Long Chen could no longer just fight with brute power. These Ancient Heroic Spirits possessed both power and combat experience. They were no longer just charging at him. They were true experts.

Although their moves were still stiff and inflexible, they were incredibly refined. Their magical arts were extremely powerful, and there were many of them.

“Whirlwind Slash!” A lightning blade appeared in the hands of Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit. He spun and a shockwave came from his lightning blade, slaughtering the Ancient Heroic Spirits.

He was no longer able to fight without any Battle Skills or magical arts. When their attacks landed on his Yuan Spirit, they wouldn’t cause any injuries, but they would cause a sharp pain in his true body’s soul.

As he cut down the Ancient Heroic Spirits, their numbers began to dwindle.

“Watch out. The divine lightning is brewing,” said Evilmoon.

Suddenly, the remaining Ancient Heroic Spirits vanished. Following that, this space shuddered violently. It felt like the weight of the world was on Long Chen’s shoulders.

The heavenly might focused on Long Chen. It was like a giant executioner was looking at its next target.

In front of that heavenly might, anyone would feel miniscule. They would feel like there was no point in resisting. In front of the heavenly might, man could only submit.

“Idiot, do you think I would submit to you?”

Long Chen sneered and stood straight. Raising his head, he looked into the endless darkness. There was a small ball of light brewing within the center of it. A white rune was currently growing.

That rune suddenly shook, and a ray of white light shot at Long Chen.

Long Chen felt space lock around him. Time was severed. There was no time to react at all before the white light struck his Yuan Spirit.


His Yuan Spirit shuddered violently. It almost crumbled from this one attack.

“AHH!” Long Chen clutched his head and screamed. He felt like a million needles were stabbing his head, aggravating every inch of his nerves. That pain was irresistible.

“You have to hold on! This kind of divine lightning will only strike three times. As long as you can last that long, it’ll end.” Evilmoon’s voice also contained some urgency now. It had also gone through divine tribulation, so it understood its rules.

The white rune suddenly grew ten times larger. Like a strange star, it hung in the dark sky.

Then another ray of white light struck at Long Chen. Once again, there was no chance at all for Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit to resist or dodge.

Long Chen coughed up a mouthful of blood, and his Yuan Spirit shrank until it was less than five feet tall. It was even smaller than his true body. The white rune grew larger once more. The world rumbled as a destructive air condensed. The scent of death was everywhere.

Just as the light was about to shoot out once more, Long Chen suddenly raised his lightning blade and slashed it, unleashing his Spiritual Strength.

The tribulation’s attacks came too suddenly for him to wait for it. He had to attack first. If he still didn’t do anything to block the third attack, he’d definitely die.

The lightning blade struck the white rune. The lightning blade exploded, and blinding lightning filled the darkness.

“Haha, success-!” Evilmoon was delighted. It was surprised that Long Chen could grasp the timing of the divine lightning and strike it at the perfect time.

Before it could finish celebrating, the rune in the sky grew larger and brighter once more. The divine pressure increased. This world seemed to have become hell as a destructive will filled every inch of the land.

“How… how is this possible?!” cried Evilmoon.

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