Chapter 1535 Attacking the Soul Transformation Realm (Teaser)

When the photographic jade was activated, Long Chen saw an ancient city. In the middle of the city was a giant steel frame.

At the top of the frame was a cut-off ax head. The ax head was as large as a mountain and emitted a cold, sharp light.

This was a giant guillotine. And captured at the bottom of it, bound by countless chains that pierced through its body, was Cloud. The ground was dyed red with its blood.


Although Long Chen had prepared himself for this sight, his eyes instantly turned red, and killing intent filled the room.

Long Chen clenched his teeth so hard that they creaked. Cloud was currently pierced through with hundreds of thick chains and bound to the guillotine.

Its whole body was covered in blood. Its rainbow feathers were now dim, and its wings had even been severed. It lay there, unconscious.

Hatred overflowed from Long Chen. Even after calculating things over and over again, he had still...

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