Chapter 1534 Cloud’s In Trouble

Because Long Chen wasn’t Wilde, he couldn’t just eat the pills dry, so he used the wine to wash them down.

“All you need to do is will it, and you can use your blood to activate the formation. However, the Swallow the Heavens, Devour the Earth divine ability of yours has differed greatly from my evil dragon race’s. You should test it out slowly,” advised Evilmoon.

According to the method Evilmoon had taught him, Long Chen tried activating the divine runes in his stomach. They lit up and began to revolve around his organs like stars.

As they revolved, a huge formation formed. The medicinal pills he had devoured were crushed by the divine light and their energy was sent throughout his body.

“How fast!” Long Chen was delighted. If it was before, he could only digest a hundred top grade medicinal pills in one day. If he ate too many, he wouldn’t be able to digest them, and their energy would just accumulate in his body and slowly be digested.

But this time, all the medicinal pills were digested in half a breath’s time. He gulped more and more pills down, finishing half a month’s work in just a moment.

“I’m telling you, using this divine ability to digest just medicinal pills is a waste. You should consider my suggestion. I’m being serious. With the strength of the formation in your stomach, all you have to do is recondense each rune and let them reach maturity, and I guarantee your devouring ability would be on the same level as the evil dragon race’s innate devouring ability. You can just eat whoever refuses to submit. You won’t even need to fight…” said Evilmoon.

“Stop, stop! I can’t handle it! Furthermore, I cultivate the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. I walk the path of the hegemon, and I don’t like cheap tricks. Don’t bring this up again.” Long Chen hastily shook his head, feeling like he might vomit again.

This Swallow the Heavens, Devour the Earth divine ability was truly useful to him. There were mountains of medicinal pills in his primal chaos space right now thanks to Huo Long and the Blazing Dragon Cauldron’s work.

Now, the pills poured into his stomach like a river and were instantly digested, their energy spreading through his body.

“Wait a sec…”

Long Chen suddenly noticed that this time, the medicinal energy was going to a different path. Before, it would go through his four qi seas, but now they were going through his 108,000 stars first.

Long Chen carefully examined the divine runes covering his organs. He was shocked to find that there were exactly 108,000 of them. They perfectly matched the 108,000 stars in his acupuncture points.

“What is this?” Could it be that Swallow the Heavens, Devour the Earth had mutated because of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art?

If that was the case, then just what huge origin did the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art have to have? Even the dark evil dragon race’s divine ability was mutated because of it. Waves soared in Long Chen’s heart.

It took just three days of crazily devouring medicinal pills for him to consume all the medicinal pills in the primal chaos space.

Finally, his cultivation base made another breakthrough. His four qi seas shook as his powerful aura soared.

“Evilmoon, this Swallow the Heavens, Devour the Earth divine ability is really… really amazing.” Long Chen didn’t even know what words he could use to praise it.

“In truth, you could make it even more amazing…”

“Stop, let’s switch topics!” Long Chen hastily flapped his hand. Evilmoon was still unwilling to give up with that idea.

“Then there’s nothing to say. Send me out with the Heaven Flipping Brick. I’ll find a place to test its progress and see how much control it has now,” said Evilmoon.

Long Chen released Evilmoon and the Heaven Flipping Seal. Evilmoon took the Heaven Flipping Seal and vanished from sight.

Long Chen didn’t know whether or not it was because Evilmoon was embarrassed about testing the Heaven Flipping Seal in front of him, but he didn’t bother with them. Long Chen summoned the Blazing Dragon Cauldron and began to personally refine pills to increase his cultivation base.

Although Huo Long and the Blazing Dragon Cauldron could refine top grade pills, Long Chen refined top grade giant pills to increase his efficiency.

In order to save time, before this, Long Chen would refine a few top grade giant pills. The energy in just one giant pill was equivalent to dozens of the same pill at the same quality.

When he was bored, he could just toss one into his mouth instead of constantly swallowing normal pills.

However, now he could digest medicinal pills rapidly. It was just a pity that he no longer had the pills from Pill Valley that could increase cultivation base. He had consumed them all. He regretted not being strong enough at that time, wasting a large portion of their energy.

If he had possessed this devouring ability back then, he would have reached the Soul Transformation realm from devouring those ancient pills. Then he wouldn’t be chased down like a rabbit now.

With Long Chen personally refining pills, he popped giant pills into his mouth as soon as they came out of the cauldron. Dense medicinal energy would spread throughout his body.

One day after another passed. He refined and ate pills day and night. After half a month, he made another breakthrough, reaching the twelfth Heavenstage of Jade Core.

After another month, he suddenly felt his aura grow unstable again, and he hastily suppressed that energy.

“I’ve reached the peak of the twelfth Heavenstage. As soon as I break through to the thirteenth Heavenstage, it’ll draw heavenly tribulation.”

Long Chen was absolutely delighted. Now, as long as he wished it, he could immediately call down his tribulation.

“Hehe, tribulation. I’ll need to find a place with good scenery and plenty of people for it. Just where should I go? Pill Valley? The Corrupt path? The ancient races? The Bloodkill Hall? The ancient family alliance? The Martial Heaven Alliance?” Long Chen had a conflicted expression.

The one thing he had absolute confidence in was his heavenly tribulation.

Wherever he brought it down, well, hehe, the entire world would get lively.

However, Long Chen also felt an indescribable fear. He didn’t know whether it was because he had been running away from his enemies so much that it had caused him to lose confidence in himself, or whether his upcoming tribulation would be absolutely terrifying, but he could smell the scent of death. The Xuantian Tower had once told Long Chen that he had learned many things that he shouldn’t have at his level. He had touched things related to gods and would very likely bring down divine lightning at his next tribulation.

Any divine item would have to undergo tribulation once it was created to solidify its divine nature. The Xuantian Tower naturally knew how powerful divine lightning was, so it had given Long Chen a warning.

Just as Long Chen was thinking about what place he should undergo his tribulation at, a jade plate on his waist lit up.

Long Chen checked it quickly. This plate was the communication jade Zheng Wenlong had given him. When he saw the curt message on it, his expression immediately changed.

“Cloud’s in trouble.”

It was a curt message, but his heart clenched. Cloud had returned to its ancestral lands to receive the baptism of its ancestral blood. That was the only way for it to perfectly advance to the tenth rank.

By this time, Cloud should have finished its baptism. He didn’t know if Cloud had landed in someone else’s hands, or whether or not it had died.

Long Chen’s expression was gloomy. He looked at this map and rushed toward the closest city.

This time, Long Chen didn’t use a flying boat. Instead, he sat on a large cyan brick.

It was the Heaven Flipping Seal. Through Evilmoon’s teachings, the Heaven Flipping Seal had learned how to use its power, at least on a very basic level. By having it carry him, he could also let the Heaven Flipping Seal gain more experience in controlling its power.

Furthermore, it was a divine item. Its speed was dozens of times greater than a flying boat. He reached his target in just several breaths’ time.

This was a medium-sized city. Long Chen rushed straight toward its auction house. Once he was there, he immediately showed the jade plate Zheng Wenlong had given him.

Someone immediately came to send him into a private room. Once he placed the jade plate onto a formation, the formation lit up, and an illusory image appeared before him.

The illusory image was of a room, with Zheng Wenlong standing there gravely. Through the formation, Zheng Wenlong said, “Cloud’s been captured.”

“Who did it?” demanded Long Chen coldly. The only thing that comforted him was that Zheng Wenlong said that Cloud was captured, not dead.

“It was done by the Xuan Beasts. Rumor is that the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race is a traitor of the Xuan Beasts and have been hunted down by them the entire time. Just yesterday, news came that the Xuan Beasts had captured one of their surviving members. I didn’t pay much attention to that at the time, but then the situation changed. People are saying that the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow is the one that’s always with you, Cloud,” said Zheng Wenlong. He knew just how grave this matter was.

“The Xuan Beasts. Are they related to Pill Valley?” asked Long Chen. Although he was infuriated, he maintained his wits.

“Practically, all the continent’s powers are related to Pill Valley. The Xuan Beasts don’t interfere in the outside world’s matters, but they do pay attention to what happens. In particular, the ancient races are their descendants. The ancient races look down on humans and always express their loyalty to the Xuan Beasts. As for you, you’ve repeatedly challenged the ancient races and killed their experts. The possibility exists that the ancient races would ask for help from the Xuan Beasts. So there’s no way to confirm whether the Xuan Beasts have joined in because of Pill Valley or the ancient races,” said Zheng Wenlong.

“That’s fine. As long as they’ve done this, they’re my enemies. I’m already surrounded by enemies, and I don’t mind adding another. Have they revealed their plot?” asked Long Chen.

“You can look for yourself. They’ve already laid the trap and it’s a seamless one.” Zheng Wenlong bitterly smiled. He took out a photographic jade and activated it, revealing an image.

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