Chapter 1532 Swallow the Heavens Devour the Earth (Teaser)

“What are you thinking? Don’t tell me you’re going to jump off a cliff?”

Long Chen stood on the precipice of a cliff, a bottomless pit below him. He was looking down absent-mindedly. Evilmoon finally spoke.

Long Chen had been brought here by Evilmoon to escape their encirclement. It had been over two hours, and Long Chen had simply been standing there like a stone statue. Even Evilmoon became curious.

“Evilmoon, if I’m surrounded by powerful enemies again, don’t save me.” Looking at the pit below him, Long Chen made his resolve.

“Are you crazy? If I didn’t bring you away, you’d have definitely died,” said Evilmoon. It didn’t know if Long Chen had gone crazy to say such a brainless thing.

Long Chen shook his head. “You don’t understand. Right now, I’m growing too dependent on your power. I am losing confidence in myself, and that will affect my Dao-heart. I want to become an expert, a true expert. I can’t depend on others. I can only rely on myself. With you present, my sense of danger will become slow,...

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