Chapter 1531 The High Priest Interferes

“Bastard, do you think there’s no one who can stand up against you in the Grand Xia?!” Xia Yunchong raged. This Lu Qingfeng was actually casting his anger on the Grand Xia after having suffered at Long Chen’s hands.

Xia Yunchong was about to attack, while within the palace, Xia Yuyang had a golden seal in his hand, ready to activate the grand formation.

However, before the two of them could do anything, the sky split apart, and a huge butcher’s blade slashed down at Lu Qingfeng.

Lu Qingfeng’s attack was shattered by the butcher blade, and he sent tumbling into the distance, coughing up blood wretchedly.

“Unable to beat Long Chen, you cast your anger on the innocent commoners. Long Chen said you were trash, but he overestimated you. You’re worse than trash.”

A fat figure with a huge butcher knife appeared. Tu Qianshang seemed bloodthirsty, and he glared at Lu Qingfeng.

“The Fierce Yang Butcher, Tu Qianshang!”

Startled cries rang out as people recognized this figure whose name had once shaken the Eastern Xuan Region, a figure who had slain countless ancient race experts, becoming the most famous existence of his time.

Wielding a butcher’s blade that was even larger than he was, Lu Qianshang pointed at the people before him. “If you want to kill Long Chen, no one will bother you. But if you try to use the Grand Xia’s commoners to threaten Long Chen, don’t blame me for being merciless with my butcher’s blade.”

“Arrogance! Who do you think you are?!” Qi Yunao didn’t recognize Tu Qianshang. Although he had been a sect master, he wasn’t very old, and he was someone who didn’t care about old legends. Seeing a random fatty appear in front of him, he waved his staff, and divine light lit up the sky, transforming into a huge tiger that pounced at Tu Qianshang.

Tu Qianshang suddenly took out a jug of wine and gulped a few mouthfuls of it. After tossing it aside, people saw that his eyes had turned completely red. He slashed the tiger with his butcher’s blade.


The tiger exploded, and the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff in Qi Yunao’s hand trembled. “How is that possible? He used mortal power against divine energy?” Qi Yunao was shocked. His arm had almost broken from that exchange.

“Be careful everyone. The Wine God Palace’s disciples have a secret art that can allow them to draw on the blessing of their Wine God while they’re in a drunken state. They can temporarily gain some divine power,” warned a white-haired elder who had come with Qi Yunao and the others.

Most of these people were familiar faces to Long Chen. There was the Sha family head, the Peng race’s leader, and the Flame Divine Palace’s vice palace master. There were only six people that he didn’t recognize. The rest were people who had attacked in the Sha family. 

At this time, the vice palace master was standing behind the white-haired elder. The Brahma Divine Diagram, which he had been in control of last time, was now in the white-haired elder’s hands.

This white-haired elder was the Flame Divine Palace’s master. As soon as he had received news that Long Chen had appeared in the Grand Xia Ancient Nation, he had not hesitated to use a huge amount of energy to activate the Brahma Divine Diagram and tear through the void to reach here. He didn’t even bother with transportation formations.

In the end, Long Chen still got away. But as the palace master, he had great experience and immediately recognized Tu Qianshang’s current state.

At this time, Tu Qianshang began a fight with a different expert with a sword. That sword was also a divine item, and after a brief exchange, both sides retreated, having tied.

However, when they retreated, everyone saw that there was a fist-sized nick in Tu Qianshang’s blade.

“Well, after all, that’s not a divine item. No matter how strong an Ancestral item is, it can’t contend against divine items,” the elder from the Huayun Sect sighed with pity.

It wasn’t that Tu Qianshang wasn’t strong enough but that he didn’t have a divine item. Naturally, he was at a disadvantage.

“Either scram, or die!” Qi Yunao came flying over with the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff, and divine light was blazing from its head. He had activated all its power.

If Tu Qianshang refused to dodge, then with his already damaged butcher’s blade, he might very well just be killed with this one attack. After all, the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff’s power was not something an ordinary divine item could compare to.

Suddenly, the sky trembled, and a ray of light shot out from deep within the city. It instantly reached in front of Tu Qianshang and struck Qi Yunao’s staff.

A powerful explosion rocked the sky. Qi Yunao’s arms exploded, while the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff shot far into the distance due to that ray of light.

Qi Yunao’s body became covered with cracks, and he coughed up three mouthfuls of blood before fainting, falling from the air.

Everyone, including the palace master, was shocked. That was especially true when they saw what the ray of light was.

It was not a warhammer. It was not a divine spear. It was a very small, almost imperceptible object. It was emerald green, and it floated in the air after blowing away the staff. It… it was a small wine cup.

Yes, a small wine cup. It had no divine presence to it, simply an ordinary wine cup. However, it had sent the famous Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff flying, and it wasn’t damaged in the slightest.

“Young people shouldn’t be so angry. Why must you fight to the point of either you die or I die? Life is precious, and the Dao is boundless. Just fighting to cross the Dao is an endless journey, so why must you waste time on such nonsensical struggles? Why not drink a cup of wine and relax?” An aged voice rang out. It was calm, without the slightest anger, and sounded like the advice of a kind elder.

“The Wine God Palace’s High Priest!”

The palace master and the others’ expressions all changed. Perhaps only the Wine God Palace’s High Priest had the ability to send a divine item flying with an empty cup.

“Senior High Priest, this matter has nothing to do with the Wine God Palace…” said the Flame Divine Palace’s palace master.

Before the High Priest could reply, Tu Qianshang cursed, “Don’t spout bullshit, how is it not related to the Wine God Palace? If it weren’t for your Pill Valley supporting those brats from the Grand Han, would they be so arrogant as to come bully the Grand Xia? You were clearly testing the attitude of the Wine God Palace, and now, you’ve succeeded. We’ll express our attitude right here and now! Although we do not interfere in the struggles of the world, we are not so easily bullied. Perhaps others might be afraid of Pill Valley, but the Wine God Palace is not. Although we only have three thousand true disciples, if Pill Valley wants to play, then we’ll properly play with you!”

The Huayun Sect’s elder smiled. He didn’t know why Pill Valley would be so foolish as to antagonize everyone. Now they had done it. Even the Wine God Palace had been provoked by them.

“High Priest, is this the attitude of your Wine God Palace?” demanded the Flame Divine Palace’s palace master coldly.

“The attitude of any of my disciples is the attitude of my Wine God Palace. Go back and tell Yu Xiaoyun that the current era is not the old era. No one can control it. If anyone tries, no matter what support they have, the only conclusion will be a miserable death,” said the High Priest lightly. But his position was clear.

“Hmph, the future of my Pill Valley is not for you to worry about. You should worry about yourselves instead,” sneered the palace master.

The High Priest did not get angry, instead calmly saying, “What is there for us to worry about? We’re just a bunch of bored people who drink until we sleep. We live in the moment. But if anyone tries to prevent our peace, we’ll have no choice but to fight. You should know, sometimes drunkards don’t even know what they’ll do when they’re drunk. There’s no need for Pill Valley to intentionally antagonize me or test the bottom line of the Wine God Palace. If I wanted to kill you, even if you have the Brahma Divine Diagram, you wouldn’t have any chance to escape. That’s all I have to say. If you refuse to accept that, then don’t blame me for bullying the weak.”

The High Priest’s voice might be calm, but each of his words had power. They revealed his great confidence, shocking others. Each word was like a hammer, striking them in their hearts.

Even with the Brahma Divine Diagram, it would be impossible to escape? The Flame Divine Palace’s palace master’s expression changed several times, but in the end, he didn’t dare to say anything. Waving his hand, he led his people away.

“So the Grand Han was supported by Pill Valley. No wonder they were so arrogant. Brothers, break the legs of all these dogs of the Grand Han and toss them out of the Grand Xia! Don’t let these people stain our home any longer!”

The Flame Divine Palace’s group left along with Lu Qingfeng. But the others were ignored, resulting in the Grand Xia’s people turning on them.

The Grand Xia’s experts were like a flood, attacking those people who were supposedly from the Grand Han but had been invited from other regions.

If they didn’t fight back, then they had their legs broken at most. But those who resisted were beaten until they were dead.

One person loudly shouted, “Break all their legs, especially their third leg! Make sure to break it into eighteen pieces, or I won’t be able to resolve my resentment!”

Another person asked, “Then what about the women?”


It was chaos as those experts feigning they were from the Grand Han were beaten away.

Tu Qianshang returned to the Wine God Palace. After arriving in front of the High Priest, he stared at his butcher’s blade with an aggrieved expression.

“Long Chen was right, if you could master the balance between hard and soft power, then just reaching thirty percent in that soft power would have kept your blade intact. Now it’s too late,” said the High Priest.

“What do we do now? Should we eliminate them?” Looking at his blade, killing intent rose in Tu Qianshang’s heart.

“We still need to watch from the side. The great era is silently descending. A storm is coming. Heavenly geniuses will rise in this chaotic era, and it’s still impossible to tell who will rise and who will drown. Pill Valley isn’t so foolish. Their motives are unfathomable as they intentionally draw more chaos to the mix. The situation still isn’t clear, so for now, it’s best not to make any rash moves. We also have no need to do such a thing. We just need to watch Long Chen and how he disrupts things.”

The High Priest raised his wine cup with a smile. He had vaguely sensed something about Long Chen.

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