Chapter 1530 Just a Bit Off

At first, it had looked like Long Chen was at an absolute disadvantage against Lu Qingfeng. Lu Qingfeng unleashed powerful magical arts in an instant, and that crescent blade of his had almost cut Long Chen’s head off. But in the blink of an eye, Long Chen had appeared in front of him and sent him flying with a slap, shocking everyone.

Furthermore, it was a mystery what Long Chen was referring to when he said ‘how fast’. No one knew what he was talking about.

“I didn’t even manage to test how strong you are, but there’s no time for that.” Long Chen suddenly let out a thunderous roar. It was like the roar of a dragon, shaking the heavens. The divine ring behind him rapidly spun, and five stars revolved in his eyes. With the green dragon scales covering his body, he was like an infuriated devil god.

Evilmoon slashed out like a bolt of lightning at Lu Qingfeng while he was still in the midst of flying back. Black ripples spread through the air, and a dense killing intent locked onto him.

Lu Qingfeng was completely taken by surprise. He had been suppressing Long Chen so hard just now, but things had reversed in an instant. While he was still caught off-guard, Long Chen had unleashed such a powerful attack.

“Magnetic Light Protection, Yin and Yang Together!”

Sensing this powerful sensation of death, Lu Qingfeng hastily formed hand seals, summoning a set of copper cymbals.

There was an image on each cymbal, one black and one white. They looked to be a kind of fish.

The small light figure on his head also formed hasty hand seals. In a flash, the energy of heaven and earth gathered toward the cymbals.

These cymbals were called the Yin Yang Dual Cymbals, and they were incredibly powerful Ancestral items. Through Yin and Yang, they possessed a great magnetic power. They could combine the Yin and Yang energies of the world.

“So what if you have a divine item? In front of me, it’s still not enough!” shouted Lu Qingfeng. A huge whirlpool of black and white light appeared in front of him. The two cymbals crashed together.

The huge whirlpool exploded, and two Yin and Yang fish smashed toward Long Chen.

Long Chen’s black saber-image struck the two fish and exploded. The ground around them cracked apart, and dust surged into the sky.

Lu Qingfeng had managed to block Long Chen’s attack. But he was appalled.

These Ancestral items could unleash great power in his hands, but he had almost coughed up blood from that exchange. He was completely shocked by Long Chen’s power.

Just as he was trying to stabilize himself and see if Long Chen had been injured or not, a multi-colored light filled the world.

A lightning dragon and a flame dragon roared. One was made of golden flames, while the other was made of five-colored lightning. They enveloped him.

“This is-!” Lu Qingfeng’s expression sank. He didn’t recognize the Heaven Incinerating Flame, but he noticed the five-colored lightning.

Sensing a chilling threat from the five-colored lightning, Lu Qingfeng knew he couldn’t allow it to touch him.

“Yin and Yang become one, heaven and earth merge, the sun and moon shine together!” Lu Qingfeng threw his cymbals into the air and formed rapid hand seals as he chanted. The small figure of light on his head followed his exact movements. Their voices came together, rumbling through heaven and earth.

Light exploded from the cymbals, forming a huge defensive sphere around him. The sphere of light had countless black and white fish swimming over it, and it rapidly grew stronger as it absorbed more energy from the world.

Lei Long and Huo Long wrapped around the sphere, wanting to crush it. But the endless fish were rapidly absorbing energy from the world. Although Lei Long and Huo Long were using their full power, the sphere continued to grow larger.

“Hmph, an insignificant trick. I would be embarrassed to show such a thing off!” mocked Lu Qingfeng. “Break!”

The two dragons were blown away as the sphere exploded. They were blown into runes.

“Didn’t I already say that in front of me, you’re just trash?” Lu Qingfeng was sneering when a huge saber-image pierced into the sky. A terrifying pressure caused the world to turn still.

“Split the Heavens 5!” Evilmoon hacked down. The huge saber-image blew apart the clouds in the sky.

The previous attack was a preparation for this. Long Chen had no time to test Lu Qingfeng’s power. 

The huge saber-image was like the blade of a death god cutting through all restrictions or laws. This was Long Chen’s full-strength attack.

Lu Qingfeng was shocked. Now he realized that Long Chen’s previous attack had just been to stall for time for this move.

He then spat out a mouthful of blood. The two cymbals smashed together once more and grew rapidly, becoming a huge mountain in front of him.


Long Chen’s saber struck the huge cymbals. They were cut in two, and the saber-image continued onward to Lu Qingfeng.

When the cymbals were broken, Lu Qingfeng coughed up blood and let out a pained roar. His soul was injured, as it was intimately connected to his Ancestral items. Having suffered such a backlash, he lost any ability to defend.

Long Chen was delighted, but just at that moment, a golden spear pierced through the void, breaking his attack.

It was a divine item. Furthermore, it was not unfamiliar to Long Chen. He had been attacked by it back when he had been trapped at the Sha family.

“Fuck, these bastards are really fast,” cursed Long Chen. When he had been testing Lu Qingfeng and said that something was too fast, he wasn’t talking about Lu Qingfeng’s attacks but these people.

He had sensed danger approaching, as well as Evilmoon’s warning. That was why he had been forced to attack without testing Lu Qingfeng’s power.

Regretfully, he had been a bit too slow. Not being able to kill him made Long Chen sigh in vexation.

Suddenly, Long Chen slashed the air in the sky. A huge light barrier appeared where he had struck, one that was covering the world. But as a result of his slash, a huge hole appeared in the barrier, and Long Chen sped through it.

“Pill Valley idiots, did you think I would fall for the same thing twice?” sneered Long Chen as he flew out.

Over ten figures appeared in the sky, and one of them was holding a diagram. It was Pill Valley’s divine item, the Brahma Divine Diagram.

Last time, he had fallen for their trap. He had been sent into the Brahma Divine Diagram’s world without even realizing it and almost died.

Now that they tried the same thing, he immediately launched an attack, striking it while its divine energy was at its weakest and breaking out of the seal.

“Long Chen, you bastard, die!” A voice filled with rancor rang out. A magical staff waved through the air, and a huge net enveloped Long Chen. It was Qi Yunao.

“If an idiot like you hasn’t died, why should I?” sneered Long Chen, slashing Evilmoon out.

Evilmoon’s black dragon marks lit up slightly, and it easily cut through the net.

Long Chen was a bit surprised. He clearly sensed that Qi Yunao’s Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff’s power had weakened from last time. Was this the backlash of having its karmic luck dissipate?

This sudden change caught everyone else off-guard. In just these few exchanges, the power of the divine items made them feel miniscule like ants. They didn’t even dare to move.

Whether it was the experts watching in the distance or the commoners in the city, they were all still. Under the power of divine items, they found it difficult to even blink.

“You idiots are quite fast, but it’s still not enough to kill me. Just calmly wait for me! I’ll get back everything you owe me sooner or later!” Long Chen’s gaze swept over them.

Black qi enveloped Long Chen, and his figure became indistinct as Evilmoon brought him away. Even the Brahma Divine Diagram was not able to stop them any longer.

“Long Chen, if you dare to leave, I will kill everyone in the Grand Xia Ancient Nation!” shouted Qi Yunao.

Enveloped by the black qi, Long Chen looked coldly at Qi Yunao and shook his head. “If that’s your choice, then I can express my regret. If you do that, I won’t be able to kill you.”

After saying that, he vanished, escaping from all these experts just like that.

“This is all because of the Grand Xia Ancient Nation! The Grand Xia must pay the price!”

Lu Qingfeng’s expression sank. He flew in front of the capital, and with a cold shout, a huge runic blade slashed toward the city walls.

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