Chapter 1529 The Secret to Soul Transformation

When they saw Long Chen’s face, all the Grand Xia’s people let out a cheer along with shouting the title he had been given back then.

Last time when Long Chen had come to the Grand Xia, Xia Yuyan had bestowed Long Chen with an official position, naming him the Grand Xia National Protector, Great General Long Chen.

“Long Chen!”

Lu Qingfeng’s pupils narrowed. He clearly recognized Long Chen. Of course, that wasn’t anything to be curious about. As long as one’s cultivation base had reached this level, only a few wouldn’t recognize him.

Although most people hadn’t seen him in person, photographic jades of him had spread throughout the Eastern Xuan Region. His heroic appearance and those unchanging black robes were easily recognizable.

“I said that I often bullied others, but I only bully the strong. Now, are you convinced by that statement?” asked Long Chen coldly.

Cheering sounds came from the city. Now that they knew it was Long Chen saying these words, they were even more powerful. These words were too arrogant, so arrogant that it was impossible to retort.

During this time, Long Chen had destroyed dozens of sects, the Pill Tower, and the Bloodkill Hall’s stronghold. Which one of those wasn’t a shockingly huge affair?

Just as Long Chen said, if he had to bully someone, he only bullied the strong. As for Lu Qingfeng and the others who had come to bully the Grand Xia’s commoners, they were completely different from him.

The people who had been chained by Long Chen and filled with hatred, now felt a burst of terror as they realized who he was.

Who was Long Chen? He was someone who dared to smash the Bloodkill Hall’s Killing God statue. He was a madman who dared to destroy the Pill Tower. To have come out with their lives after becoming enemies with him was an unimaginable blessing.

“Hmph, Long Chen, don’t be so arrogant. Rumor is that you have a divine item as protection. If it weren’t for that divine item, trash like you would have long since been killed,” sneered Lu Qingfeng. Relying on external power instead of one’s true power was nothing to be proud of.

“What a huge joke. Each treasure I have was gained through risking my life. On the other hand, the so-called heavenly geniuses like you were all gifted with treasures. That includes all the resources spent on you. They were all offered by your sects and families. According to your own words, that’s all external power. If your reincarnation arts weren’t so good, people like you would have long since been sent back to reincarnate,” sneered Long Chen.

Lu Qingfeng’s primal chaos manifestation surged violently. “Long Chen, don’t think that you can look down on others just because you’ve defeated a few Soul Transformation Empyreans. The power of Empyreans isn’t something someone like you can comprehend.”

Lu Qingfeng’s manifestation grew stronger and stronger, and it was like a huge ball of light. The aura of primal chaos shook the sky.

He looked like an emperor. Set off by his manifestation, he looked so imposing that others wouldn’t dare to look at him.

The pressure of the Heavenly Daos caused even Xia Yunchong, Xia Youluo, and a few other confident experts to retreat further.

Although they had heard that Celestials would have no choice but to submit in front of Empyreans, people were prideful and refused to accept that just based on the word of other people.

However, now that they experienced that terrifying Heavenly Dao pressure, they were all shocked. The current Lu Qingfeng was no longer a person but a representative of the Heavenly Daos. He was completely irresistible.

Xia Youluo was pale. For the first time, she felt some worry that Long Chen would be defeated. That Heavenly Dao pressure was just that powerful, invoking a feeling of reverence and terror. Just how was someone supposed to fight that? No matter how strong a person was, just how were they supposed to fight against the very heavens?

“Don’t worry. This isn’t the first time Long Chen’s fought against an Empyrean. He’ll be fine,” said Xia Yunchong. He was also suppressed by the Heavenly Daos, but he cultivated the Undefeatable Dao. His fear toward the Heavenly Daos was not as strong as others.

Any experts who dared to go out of the city to watch the fight had reached at least the Soul Transformation realm and were confident in their power. But now, just Lu Qingfeng’s aura made their hearts turn cold. They realized that they were nothing more than frogs at the bottom of a well. Empyreans were definitely not an existence they could imagine.

Even in the city, ten thousand miles away, the cultivators shivered in the face of this pressure.

On the other hand, ordinary people didn’t sense much because they weren’t Celestials. They just watched calmly.

“Empyreans are even more frightening than we thought.”

Inside the palace, Xia Yuyang sighed. They were Life Star experts, but in front of Empyreans, they were so powerless. This had nothing to do with cultivation base. The suppression of the Heavenly Daos was even stronger.

Xia Yunchong’s master nodded along. He stared closely at Long Chen.

Long Chen was still staring at Lu Qingfeng calmly. The suppression of the Heavenly Daos could make Celestials quiver, but he wasn’t a Celestial, so he didn’t sense it.

“It just so happens that I want to experience the difference between you and the Empyreans I’ve spanked,” said Long Chen.

The primal chaos manifestation behind Lu Qingfeng shook, and his voice rumbled along with the world. “That’s because the Empyreans you beat had just broken through to Soul Transformation. They couldn’t even count as having reached the first Heavenstage. But I have already reached the second Heavenstage and condensed my Yuan Spirit. Those fellows you encountered before cannot compare to me.”

Lu Qingfeng suddenly transformed into a ray of light shooting at Long Chen. The space between his eyebrows shone brightly as he let out a punch at Long Chen.

A brilliant light exploded from his fist as he unleashed it. It was blinding. There was a sphere of light around his fist with runes revolving within it. The space around his fist crumbled.

This was clearly a powerful magical art, but Lu Qingfeng didn’t have to chant or form any hand seals. He didn’t even seem to make any preparations before unleashing it.

Long Chen was surprised. He had fought against Empyreans multiple times, but this was his first time encountering such a thing. He also sent out a punch.

Their two fists collided, and the sphere of light around Lu Qingfeng’s fist exploded. The huge power blew Long Chen far into the distance.

The runes within the sphere seemed to come to life, shooting at him like arrows.

Long Chen’s fists danced as he smashed the runes to bits. But a few of them passed through his blockade and struck him in the shoulder, leaving several bloody holes.

“Not bad.” Long Chen’s expression didn’t change. He had intentionally let some of those runes get past to test their power.

However, seeing him injured right at the start caused Xia Youluo to let out a startled cry. Xia Yunchong was also shocked. He hadn’t expected Lu Qingfeng to be so powerful, but he comforted his sister, “Don’t worry, Long Chen still hasn’t started fighting for real. His divine ring hasn’t appeared.” Xia Youluo’s expression improved slightly upon hearing that.

“Hmph, this is the number one expert of the Eastern Xuan Region’s junior generation? What an empty title. In front of me, you’re just trash,” sneered Lu Qingfeng.

The light between his eyebrows glowed brightly. Within it was a figure that was constantly flashing.

Lu Qingfeng waved his hand, and eight golden spears condensed behind him. Each of them was huge. All their sharp tips were pointed at the distant Long Chen.

“Now do you know the difference between us? I’ve already condensed a Yuan Spirit and am a true Soul Transformation expert. Empyreans are different from Celestials. For Celestials, condensing a Yuan Spirit is like a second life. They can survive even if their physical bodies are destroyed, and their Yuan Spirits even have a bit of power to fight. But Empyreans can use their Yuan Spirits to form hand seals for their true body to unleash magical arts. The two work together during combat. How will you fight me now?” Lu Qingfeng laughed coldly. The eight huge golden spears shot toward Long Chen.

The eight spears caused the sky to crumble as they pierced through it. This was yet another powerful magical art, and its power was even greater than the previous one.

“So that’s the case. So that’s the strongest point of the Soul Transformation realm.” Long Chen looked at the light coming from Lu Qingfeng’s forehead. Within it, he finally saw a tiny figure constantly forming hand seals. As it made hand seals, the eight spears blazed with light.

“Divine ring!”

A five-colored divine ring appeared in the air behind Long Chen as he smashed the first spear with his fist.

The spear exploded. Long Chen punched seven more times, destroying the rest of the spears.

He had just destroyed the spears when a crescent blade flew by his neck, almost cutting his head off.

“How fast!” Long Chen’s expression changed as he looked into the distance with a touch of killing intent in his eyes.

“Fast? This isn’t fast yet! I’ll let you see what is true-”


Just as Lu Qingfeng was sneering at him, Long Chen vanished and a large hand slapped across Lu Qingfeng’s face, sending him flying.

“Idiot, I wasn’t talking about you.” Long Chen suddenly took out Evilmoon, and five stars appeared in his eyes.

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