Chapter 1528 The Great General Appears Once More

That person roared furiously, completely provoked by Long Chen. He wanted to kill him, but Long Chen actually used these people as shields, making it so he couldn’t attack.

“Despicable? Why does that sound so ironic when it comes from your mouth? Are you trying to tell me that none of you have any idea about what you are doing? Is being used to threaten the Grand Xia and bully weak commoners not despicable? Didn’t you use the lives of the commoners to threaten the Grand Xia? The Grand Xia hasn’t started a war not because they’re cowardly, but because they don’t want to involve so many innocent people. Taking advantage of that, you continued to bully and humiliate the Grand Xia, constantly testing the Grand Xia’s bottom line. And now you use the word despicable to describe me? Is your head full of shit?” sneered Long Chen.

Long Chen’s voice resounded throughout the capital, entering everyone’s ears clearly.

The chains in Long Chen’s hand stiffened and it was like Long Chen was roasting marshmallows as he held the people in the air. He coldly said, “I also bully others, but I don’t bully the weak. If I have to bully someone, I bully the strong. So don’t try to say that I’m the same as you.”

“Bullshit! If you don’t bully the weak, what are you doing right now? If you have any guts, you’ll have a real fight with me, Lu Qingfeng!” raged that person.

“Lu Qingfeng, the Southern Xuan Region’s Magnetic Cloud Mountain’s most outstanding genius. For him to appear here in the Grand Xia is a pleasant surprise.” Just as Lu Qingfeng said this, an old but hearty elder sighed emotionally.

“He’s from the Huayun Sect!” Everyone looked over at the elder and saw his robes. The Huayun Sect was spread throughout the Martial Heaven Continent and was the clearest about the movements of the continent. As soon as this person inadvertently exposed his name, this elder was able to tell his origin.

When the Huayun Sect’s elder said this, Lu Qingfeng’s expression changed. He realized just how badly he had misspoken just now.

Long Chen smiled. Clearly, this old fellow had already recognized him and had come to help.

“Lu Qingfeng, as an expert of the Southern Xuan Region, when did you become the dog of the Grand Han Ancient Nation? You’re even wearing dog clothes. Is dressing up as a dog so satisfying?” demanded Long Chen.

This Huayun Sect elder had truly come at the right time. He had completely exposed the story of the Grand Han producing many experts out of nowhere.

An uproar immediately rose following Long Chen and the elder’s words.

“Too shameless! They all say that they’re from the Grand Han whose fortunes have taken a miraculous turn, and it was fake!”

“There’s definitely no one so shameless in all of history, and there will probably be no one as shameless in the future.”

“No wonder the Grand Han’s people’s faces are so big! It was because their faces were so thick that they ended up using their faces as shields!”

Sneers and taunts rang out from the Grand Xia’s commoners, and all kinds of words flew over from their mouths. During this time, the Grand Han had just been intolerably arrogant. Now that they were exposed, curses came in their direction.

“Who are you?! What qualifications do you have to speak to me? There’s no one like you within the Grand Xia Ancient Nation!” roared Lu Qingfeng, killing intent blazing in his eyes.

“You’re wrong. I am from the Grand Xia. All the Grand Xia’s commoners can testify to that,” said Long Chen.

“Cut the crap! I suppose you have some power. Do you dare to have a fair fight against me?!” shouted Lu Qingfeng.

“A fair fight? When you came to the Grand Xia to bully the weak, did you think of having a fair fight? However, I really am busy, so I’ll accept. There is a place called the Nine Serenities Heavenly River Valley ten thousand miles from the city. We can fight there,” said Long Chen.

“Fine, you have some guts. Then release them!” Lu Qingfeng pointed at the experts caught in Long Chen’s chains.

“I can, but you’ll need to fulfill two of my conditions,” said Long Chen.

“What two conditions?”

Long Chen raised one finger. “One: all of them must kneel down to the Grand Xia’s commoners and sincerely apologize.” 

“Impossible! Experts definitely won’t lower their heads to the weak,” roared Lu Qingfeng. That was too humiliating.

“Is that so? Then that’s fine. If they won’t lower their heads, then I can just make their heads fall. If you come out to play, then it comes with a price. Since you humiliated others, there will come a day when you are humiliated as well. Is trampling over other people’s dignity fun? Then today, enjoy the feeling of having your dignity trampled by others. Isn’t that what you meant when you demanded ‘fairness’ from me?” Long Chen smiled coldly.

“You dare?!” raged Lu Qingfeng, his hair standing on end from fury.

“You’re right, I really do dare. You, kneel down and apologize.” Long Chen swung one of the chains, and an expert fell from the sky.

“I would never-!”

Lightning flowed down the chain, killing that expert before he could finish speaking. He turned into blood mist, eliciting startled cries.


Long Chen brought another person to the ground. That person was pale because the scent of blood filled his nose. That was the blood of the expert who had just been slain.

“I… I… apologize. I should die…”

In front of countless gazes, that person knelt toward the commoners.

“You inferior bastard, that’s not the conduct of a hero!” roared Lu Qingfeng. That person’s submission was a slap in all their faces.

“Give it a rest. I never wanted to be some hero. Furthermore, does a group of rank seven to even rank nine Celestials count as heroes when they come to some secular world nation to show off? I’m leaving.”

One expert after another was pulled out of the sky by Long Chen, and after the first person submitted, the others all knelt and apologized.

Although they were geniuses, they weren’t real experts. To put it frankly, they were eye-attracting geniuses with high cultivation bases but garbage combat abilities.

At the same cultivation base and Celestial rank, any warrior within the Dragonblood Legion could fight ten of them.

Talent and cultivation bases didn’t represent combat power. And there was also a definite difference between combat power and killing power. Combat power was more like destructive power, while killing power was purely for taking an opponent’s life.

These people had not gone through the baptism of bloody battles, so they could only be called talented trash. Long Chen estimated that they had been sent here to amuse themselves while experiencing the rest of the world.

When it came to bullying others, they might appear impressively powerful, but when faced with death, they would only be able to show a moment’s bravery before it ran out. They were simply trash.

“I apologize…”

“I’m a bastard…”

“I should die as atonement…”

As one expert after another knelt and admitted their mistakes, the Grand Xia’s commoners cheered. The resentment that they had stifled for so long was finally released.

Within the imperial palace, Xia Yuyang and Xia Yunchong’s master were staring at this through a screen on the wall.

“Long Chen really is Long Chen. He doesn’t make a move lightly, but when he does, it’s a thunderous move,” said Xia Yunchong’s master. Ever since he had become acquainted with Long Chen, Long Chen’s style had not changed.

“That little brat Yunchong actually went to find Long Chen without telling me. He knew what would happen from the start,” said Xia Yuyang with a bit of dissatisfaction.

Xia Yunchong had been the first to learn that Long Chen had arrived. After that, he ordered his attendant not to tell anyone else and then rushed to the Wine God Palace with Xia Youluo.

By the time Xia Yuyang had learned of his arrival, Long Chen was already traveling in a man-carried carriage. Xia Yunchong actually hadn’t reported any of this to him.

“Haha, this child Yunchong just has that character, and he’s been holding back his anger for so long. Last time he wanted to attack, you scolded him so harshly. Now that Long Chen has arrived, if he could still hold back, I would suspect that he was replaced with someone else. He calculated correctly: as long as it was Long Chen acting, you definitely wouldn’t interfere,” said Xia Yunchong’s master.

Xia Yuyang shook his head. “If you don’t think about the consequences of your actions, you won’t have any big accomplishments.”

“That’s not certain. For example, there’s that example right there.” Xia Yunchong’s master pointed at Long Chen.

Xia Yuyang was immediately unable to retort. His expression became odd. He sighed, “Fine, up to them. My way of handling things isn’t necessarily suitable for them.”

“Don’t worry, don’t you know what kind of person Long Chen is? Furthermore, other than Long Chen, you still have other trump cards.”

Xia Yuyang nodded with a smile. Although Long Chen’s arrival was not within his plans, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“They’ve apologized now. Shouldn’t you let them go?” shouted Lu Qingfeng. Each of his words was spat out from between his teeth. His killing intent had reached a peak.

“Are you an idiot, or deaf? Did you forget what I just said? I said you have to agree to two of my conditions. Apologizing was one, but there’s another. I’ll only release them when it’s done,” said Long Chen.

Lu Qingfeng’s fists creaked from how hard he clenched them. Flames almost spat out of his eyes, but Long Chen had truly said that.

If looks could kill, Lu Qingfeng’s sharp gaze would have ripped Long Chen into a million pieces. His hatred for him could no longer be described with words.

“The second condition is very simple. I’m rather lazy, and I don’t want to walk. I want all of you to drag me toward the Nine Serenities Heavenly River Valley.”

After he said this, those experts didn’t need any urging. They all summoned wings and flew while carrying Long Chen.

“Brat, if I don’t kill you, I’ll never call myself Lu Qingfeng again!” roared Lu Qingfeng as he followed after them.

Some rather powerful experts also followed from a distance. They all wanted to know who this fellow who refused to reveal his face was. Why did his voice sound a bit familiar?

“Those below Soul Transformation are not permitted to leave the city. You can watch from within the city.”

Xia Yuyang’s voice rang throughout the capital. Light flew out of the imperial palace and formed a huge screen in the air from which it was possible to see Long Chen’s carriage.

Long Chen put away the chains, releasing the people. He also left the carriage and simply floated in the air.

“Speak, who are you? I, Yu Qingfeng, do not kill the nameless.”

Long Chen slowly pulled back his hood, revealing his face. Lu Qingfeng’s pupils shrank.

At the same time, all the commoners who saw that face let out a cheer.

“The National Protector, Great General Long Chen!”

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