Chapter 1527 Courting Crap

These experts wearing the Grand Han’s robes were all pierced through by the chains. Long Chen tied the other ends of the chains to the front of the carriages, turning them into his carriage-pulling animals.

Let alone others, even Xia Yunchong and Xia Youluo were stunned by what Long Chen was doing. He wanted a bunch of Soul Transformation experts to pull his carriage?”

“Bastard, a man can be killed but not humiliated!” roared a rank seven Celestial. He tried to escape the chain, but the hooks made it so he couldn’t escape. Unless he split himself in two, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

That person had only just shouted when Long Chen tugged on his chain. That person immediately exploded. Although he was a Soul Transformation expert, no Yuan Spirit flew out. It had also been killed.

The strength of a person’s Yuan Spirit depended on their Spiritual Strength. Not everyone had such a powerful Yuan Spirit.

“You’re right, a man can’t be humiliated, so I’ll just kill you. Whoever wants to die, go ahead and say it. I will help you,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“How dare you do this?! You’re going to cause the Grand Xia to be destroyed-!”

Yet another expert roared, causing Long Chen to snort and touch another chain. That person also blew to bits.

Long Chen sneered, “The seed you planted is the fruit you get. When you used the support of a secret backer to run amok inside my Grand Xia, deliberately provoking us, bullying our commoners, why didn’t you say that men could only be killed but not humiliated? Don’t use such childish words to threaten me. I know the majority of you don’t know the real details and are just being used. So I’ll give you a chance to live. As for whether or not you want to grasp that chance, it’s up to you. No one can trample over other people’s dignity. Now you’re reaping what you sowed. This is the karma of humiliating the Grand Xia’s commoners.”

Through his conversation with Xia Yunchong, Long Chen had learned just how tyrannical these people had been in the Grand Xia. Although they hadn’t killed people, trampling over someone’s dignity was worse than killing them.

They were deliberately provoking Grand Xia. The Grand Xia’s emperor had seen that this was a sinister plot, so he intentionally ordered his people to endure until he figured out just who was really in the shadows scheming against the Grand Xia.

However, enduring like this only made them more arrogant. The Grand Xia’s commoners were forced to avoid these people wherever they went, and now, if they didn’t have something major to do, they wouldn’t even go out.

Just from how they had intentionally tried finding trouble with Mrs. Long, it could be seen how shamelessly arrogant they were.

Now, Long Chen was simply returning it to them. Didn’t they like bullying others? Then he would properly bully them today.

“Mush!” shouted Long Chen. Long Chen was really viewing them as pack animals. This was too humiliating.

Under their pull, the carriage slowly moved forward. When it passed the crushed bricks, an unpleasant sound rang out.

These people included the large-faced rank nine Celestial. Just now, he had almost been killed by Long Chen. Now that his injuries had healed, he had a chain going through his body and had become Long Chen’s slave.

With his strength as a rank nine Celestial, he could easily escape these chains. But he didn’t dare to.

He knew that as soon as he had a bad thought, Long Chen would kill him. He lowered his head as much as possible, trying to make it so people wouldn’t recognize him as he pulled the carriage.

Seeing these people willingly pulling the carriage, Xia Yunchong sneered slightly. These people had acted so wildly arrogant before. But in front of Long Chen, they were like a herd of sheep.

“It really is a case of evil people being handled by evil people.” Xia Youluo sighed upon seeing this.

“Hehe, it’s quite satisfying. I wish I could have done this a long time ago. But I have to listen to father, or he’d definitely beat me half to death.” Xia Yunchong looked at Long Chen’s actions with some envy.

He cultivated the Undefeatable Dao, and he was supposed to be unconstrained and free. But that was only in theory. In truth, nobody was truly undefeatable. To Xia Yunchong, the Grand Xia’s people and his family were his weak points. He couldn’t possibly act without worrying about the consequences for them.

So while Xia Yunchong had been infuriated and stifled, there was no way around it. However, Long Chen was different. He could be unconstrained.

It could be said that Long Chen had greatly helped Xia Yunchong and the Grand Xia as a whole in venting their anger.

“Don’t just lower your heads. Are you looking for coins to pick up? Here, each of you gets a gong, and you’ll beat them as you pull. Don’t forget to also shout our catchphrase,” ordered Long Chen.

He felt like just this wasn’t enough. If he was going to do this, he was going to do it properly. In any case, he had plenty of storage rings, and randomly searching through them resulted in him finding quite a few gongs. He gave each of them one.

Their faces immediately turned green. Flames of rage blazed in their eyes, but they didn’t dare to rebel. Unless they wanted to die, they had to endure.

“The Grand Han Ancient Nation is garbage. Only complete fools would shamelessly bully others blindly without knowing that they are being used!”

Chanting filled the air along with randomly beaten gongs. It was extremely painful to listen to, giving other people goosebumps.

This was the slogan Long Chen told them to shout. They had to shout it while banging their gongs.

“Wrong, wrong, make sure to synchronize the rhythm and the beat of your gongs. Yes, yes, just like that. Louder. Remember, the voice comes from the chest, not the throat. That way, your shouting will spread farther and will reverberate, making it especially nice to listen to. Don’t shout like a bunch of wild ducks without the slightest beauty. Look at my hand and follow along!” Long Chen took out a small duck and began to act as a conductor for them.

As Long Chen messed around, more and more people arrived to watch. More of the Grand Han’s experts also came out.

Seeing Long Chen use the Grand Han’s experts as animals to pull a carriage, they were infuriated. But the ones who attacked Long Chen ended up chained by Long Chen and joining their fellow countrymen. Anyone who resisted was killed.

“Brother, isn’t this bad?” Seeing more and more people arriving, Xia Youluo couldn’t help being worried. Long Chen seemed to be making this matter grow even bigger on purpose.

“Whether this is a blessing or disaster, we can’t dodge it. I trust Long Chen. Since he agreed to help, he definitely has his own plans,” said Xia Yunchong.

“If his identity is exposed, won’t this end up implicating him?” said Xia Youluo.

More and more experts arrived and were forced to work for Long Chen. Fortunately, Long Chen had enough chains. After two hours, over eight hundred people were pulling his carriage.

A portion of these people had attacked him and were captured, while some had come only to watch and pass on the news of this to others, but they were also captured.

Another portion of people was very unyielding and refused to submit. They all died.

Now, the Grand Xia’s capital was filled with chaos. Countless heads were looking outside the windows of the buildings lining the streets.

They saw a cloaked man, whose face was blocked off, sitting on a carriage with hundreds of the Grand Han’s people forced to work for him. None of the Grand Han’s experts were able to stop him. Seeing these people that had bullied them turn into beasts of burden, the Grand Xia’s commoners almost started dancing.

There were also more people coming to watch. A long flood of people had appeared at the back of the carriage; they were the Grand Xia’s commoners. They thought that the imperial family was finally fighting back. Some people were cheering as they vented their anger.

Suddenly, the sky shook, and a figure descended in front of them. The world instantly became heavy.

This person was very tall with long hair trailing over his shoulders. His nose was very sharp, while his eyes were like golden lanterns, having mysterious runes in them. Heavenly Dao energy circulated around him, and he was like an emperor amongst commoners.

“Brat, you’re courting death!” That man looked down on Long Chen from the sky. His voice contained undoubtable dignity.

Long Chen stood on the carriage and stretched. He then unhurriedly said, “Yes, I was really looking for crap. And now I’ve found a giant turd like you.”[1]

The man’s expression instantly sank, and a fierce pressure descended, causing heaven and earth to rumble.

A palm crashed down toward Long Chen, and it grew larger until it covered an area of three hundred meters. It possessed a strange locking power that made Long Chen unable to dodge.

However, Long Chen smiled. As he waved his chains, startled cries rang out as the experts he was using to pull his carriage were thrown into the air and toward that palm-image.

“Despicable!” That person shouted and formed new hand seals. The palm-image scattered and received them. He roared, “Brat, today, you’re definitely dead!”

[1] Courting death sounds like looking for crap.

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