Chapter 1524 Find a Female Fatty

Cold saber-light slashed at Long Chen. This move was very sudden but didn’t contain any pressure. However, there was a kind of fierce and unyielding will within it.


Long Chen smiled and let out a punch. Two invisible wills clashed, as both he and that person retreated a step.

“Fatty Tu, this is your greeting?”

This person was the Fierce Yang Butcher, Tu Qianshang. Currently, he had reached the middle stage of the Life Star realm.

Back when Long Chen had first come to the Wine God Palace, Tu Qianshang had been stuck at a bottleneck and unable to progress past the peak of Soul Transformation.

Now, in just over a year, he had progressed to the mid Life Star realm. That showed just how long he had been stuck and what a solid foundation he had built for himself. Now his cultivation base was rising at a shocking speed.

During this time, Long Chen had killed an unknown number of Life Star experts. But in that exchange just now, he had sensed power a hundred times greater than other Life Star experts.

Even if you ignored the power behind Tu Qianshang’s attack, just his powerful spirit was enough to make the will of his enemies crumble. 

“Hahaha, Long Chen, it really is you. You are getting stronger.” Tu Qianshang’s laughter was like thunder. He had conveniently tested Long Chen’s power with his greeting.

“Xiaoyu, come. Don’t be afraid. Greet your big brother fatty.” Long Chen smiled and pulled over Xiaoyu who was hiding behind his back.

“Hello… big brother… fatty!” Xiaoyu let out a quiet greeting with her head down.

Tu Qianshang’s appearance was quite frightening. Even adults wouldn’t dare to look him in the eye.

“Fatty? Big brother?”

Tu Qianshang’s expression became odd. The name of the famous Fierce Yang Butcher had shaken the continent three thousand years ago. Now this girl was calling him big brother?

When he thought about it, he supposed that when he drank wine with Long Chen, they didn’t let seniority affect their friendship. He had never viewed Long Chen as a junior, and Long Chen had never viewed him as a senior. They viewed each other purely as brothers.

“Alright, hello… little sister,” said Tu Qianshang helplessly.

“Fatty, how are you getting more and more shameless? Did she call you big brother for nothing? Don’t you even have a greeting gift to give her? Don’t tell me all this fat of yours was accumulated through being stingy toward others?” demanded Long Chen.

Tu Qianshang’s expression immediately turned purple. He was someone who had escaped the mundane world. Other than wine and his saber, he had nothing else. What was he supposed to give a little girl as a gift?

He knew Long Chen did this on purpose. This was the revenge for his greeting.

“Chen-er, don’t be rude. You’re the one with the thick face. Gifts are supposed to be given freely by others. How can you demand a gift from others?” said Mrs. Long.

Tu Qianshang was extremely grateful to her. He accompanied them to the High Priest’s residence.

“Long Chen, you’re not doing too bad for yourself. The entire Eastern Xuan Region is in chaos because of you. Compared to you, what I did back in my day was nothing more than a small scuffle.” Tu Qianshang gave Long Chen a thumbs-up

Compared to the other disciples of the Wine God Palace, Tu Qianshang was more connected to the rest of the world. He had a certain understanding of the news sweeping through the continent.

Long Chen’s name had long since shaken the entire Eastern Xuan Region. Even these wine cultivators who didn’t care about the rest of the world had heard of it.

Back in his day, Tu Qianshang had gotten revenge on the ancient races for the death of his brother.

Now, Long Chen was hunted by the entire world. His enemies didn’t just include the ancient races, but also the Righteous path, Corrupt path, ancient family alliance, Bloodkill Hall, and so on.

The most shocking thing was that he had even destroyed a Pill Tower. That was a vicious slap to Pill Valley’s face. So even Tu Qianshang praised Long Chen’s guts.

Previously, whenever Tu Qianshang mentioned how he had fought against the ancient races and exterminated quite a few of them, he had been quite prideful. But now he found that this pride was a joke in front of Long Chen.

“Hehe, I was just blindly messing around. Is the Wine God Palace doing well these days?” Long Chen intentionally changed the subject.

He didn’t want to talk about this here. If it was just the two of them, he naturally wouldn’t mind bragging a bit. But right now, his mother was present. He didn’t want to worry her.

Tu Qianshang wasn’t a fool and immediately understood. He said, “It’s thanks to you. Your medicinal wine formulas have benefitted us greatly. Speaking of which, how was the realm of my greeting?”

“Not bad!” Long Chen forced himself to say this.

“What? What is that supposed to mean?” Long Chen’s reply was very unsatisfactory to Tu Qianshang.

“Do you really need me to say it? Fine, what I mean is, amongst everyone, your progress is the slowest. The attack of yours contained the peak of the Yang path. It was fierce and domineering, but it only contained the slightest trace of the soft, Yin side. If I wasn’t familiar with you, I wouldn’t have even been able to sense it. So I said not bad, mostly because I’ve drunk so much of your wine. I just feel bad criticizing you,” said Long Chen helplessly.

Although Long Chen’s cultivation base was not as high as Tu Qianshang’s, his eyesight was very sharp. Tu Qianshang had always pursued the domineering Yang side, wanting to push that Yang side to the peak. Such a path was limited.

So when Long Chen had prepared the medicinal wine formulas for him, he had added in the softer Yin side. These wine formulas had even been praised by the High Priest, and he had said that they were very suitable for Tu Qianshang.

Unfortunately, this was incredibly difficult for Tu Qianshang. It was like asking a fierce butcher to put down his blade, and wield handkerchiefs in a graceful and light dance. That sight was practically unimaginable.

So even after all this time, Tu Qianshang had only progressed very slightly on that path. His progress was the slowest amongst the Wine God Palace’s disciples. His character was just too fierce, and it was difficult to change it.

“Then what should I do?” demanded Tu Qianshang, vexed. He naturally understood the reasoning behind this, but he just wasn’t capable of doing so.

“Perhaps you should find a female fatty to study with you.” Long Chen shrugged. He raised his eyebrows a couple of times. That appearance, it was a bit… yes, a bit wretched.

“Are you serious?” Tu Qianshang was stunned.

“What, do you think I would trick you?”

“But… the Wine God Palace’s are prohibited from marrying,” said Tu Qianshang.

“What? How are you so perverted? What I was saying is, you should find a woman to discuss the Dao with. You should learn from each other, one man and woman, one Yin and one Yang, one soft and one hard. Yin and Yang cannot exist without each other. You need to learn how to control Yin energy, and to do that, you need to learn what Yin is, what softness is. It’s not like I was telling you to do that. How are you so dirty-minded? What are you thinking about all day?” demanded Long Chen disdainfully.

Tu Qianshang glared at him, knowing that he had been conned again.

“Young friend Long Chen, you really are the blessing of my Wine God Palace.”

Long Chen came to a stop. He realized that they had arrived in front of the High Priest’s residence without him noticing. The lean and hearty High Priest looked the same as ever and was standing outside.

Seeing him actually come out to greet him, Long Chen hastily bowed. Long Tianxiao, Mrs. Long, and Xiaoyu followed suit.

When Long Chen stated his true purpose in coming here, the High Priest laughed, “My Wine God Palace hasn’t had guests staying long-term for a long time. Just like you said, Yin and Yang cannot exist on their own. We must be both apart from the world and a part of the world. The Wine God Palace has been cheerless lately, and having a few guests will be good. I will represent the Wine God Palace in welcoming our new guests. Hong Yan, bring our respected guests for a tour.”

A female disciple appeared and smilingly held Xiaoyu’s hand as she led Long Chen’s family away to familiarize themselves with their new home.

“Many thanks, High Priest.” Long Chen gratefully bowed.

Long Chen was especially grateful now. The Wine God Palace was supposed to be a pure cultivation land for wine, and it never allowed outsiders in. The High Priest was entirely giving him face.

Originally, with Long Chen’s pride, he would never beg others. But within the entire continent, only the Wine God Palace had the power to guarantee his family’s protection, and the High Priest hadn’t hesitated to agree. Long Chen made sure to remember this favor.

“Come in.” The High Priest smiled and beckoned Long Chen into his residence. He took out a jar of wine and poured out two cups, handing one to Long Chen.

Long Chen gratefully received it with two hands. Looking at the wine, he cried out in shock, “High Priest, you… you succeeded?”

Long Chen saw that the wine had countless small bubbles flowing within it naturally. They were flowing slowly but never paused, revolving according to a profound trajectory. It was like the transformations of heaven and earth were represented within it.

“It can’t count as a success. It’s just an initial advance, and it’s thanks to your help. Your brazen ideas and inferences were what gave me the insights to break through my bottleneck and advance once more. Don’t you want to taste it?” The High Priest smiled warmly.

Long Chen took a sip of the wine and almost choked. Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, all the flavors of life were intertwining. This flavor was overwhelming.

This definitely couldn’t count as fine wine, but it couldn’t count as bad wine either. It was almost impossible to swallow.

However, when it entered his stomach, the wine began to circulate in it, and then streams of energy flowed through his body.

What shocked him was that his 108,000 stars activated on their own to absorb the wine energy.

At the same time, streams of energy entered his mind, and it immediately became empty. He entered a state of total enlightenment. His thought process became incomparably clear, and he almost seemed to grasp some kind of profound law. That feeling was indescribable.

“Good wine!”

After an unknown amount of time, Long Chen slowly opened his eyes.

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