Chapter 1523 Returning to the Wine God Palace

He killed someone with a point of his finger, making the men and women wearing the Grand Han’s robes shocked. It had to be known that they were no ordinary people. They were all powerful cultivators.

Although their Celestial rankings weren’t very high, they had reached the Foundation Forging realm. Seeing that they couldn’t sense Long Chen’s aura, they assumed that he was an ordinary person.

After all, amongst Long Chen’s group of four, the only one whose aura they could sense was Long Tianxiao, and he was only at the late Meridian Opening realm. As he hadn’t even reached the Xiantian realm, they naturally didn’t view them as a threat.

However, Long Chen killed a rank five Foundation Forging Celestial with a point of his finger, without her being able to resist.

“Bastard, how dare you use a secret mechanism to attack?! Die!” roared one of them, thinking Long Chen had used some kind of hidden mechanism to kill her.

Long Chen snorted, and he caught that person’s fist. He twisted it ever so slightly, and a cracking sound rang out. That person’s arm was forcibly torn off at the shoulder by Long Chen.

“AHH!” That person let out a pained cry. His face twisted from the pain, and blood quickly covered his luxurious robes.


When Long Chen tore off that person’s arm, someone in the crowd couldn’t help but cheer.

In the past few months, experts from the Grand Han had been coming to the Grand Xia quite a bit. They were all powerful cultivators and large bullies. They would often cause trouble on purpose, while the Grand Xia’s imperial family adopted a restrained attitude. 

The Grand Xia had issued orders saying that people were to do their best not to cause conflicts with them. The commoners didn’t know what the higher-ups were thinking, but they were extremely dissatisfied with these orders. These people that intentionally ran over to the Grand Xia to cause trouble were just that hateful.

“Who are you?!” shouted one of the Grand Han’s people.

Long Chen’s face was still half-covered by his cloak, making it so they couldn’t tell who he was. When people tried to look with their divine sense, they found Spiritual Strength blocking them.

Long Chen didn’t say anything. He merely raised another finger, and a bolt of lightning flashed. Another one of them was killed by a lightning arrow to the head. He collapsed on the ground lifelessly.

The Grand Han’s experts were shocked. When the first woman was killed, it had happened too suddenly for them to see. But this time, they saw it clearly.

Long Chen had slowly raised his finger and pointed it at the person he had just killed. That person had clearly been terrified, but he hadn’t dodged. He had just waited there for Long Chen to kill him, as if there was some energy suppressing him, preventing him from moving.

After that person was killed, Long Chen pointed his finger at another. That person’s face instantly turned pale, and he let out a terrified cry as he tried to run.

He had only just turned and raised one of his feet when his body stiffened. A lightning arrow shot through his head.

In just a moment, three of the Grand Han’s experts were killed. The commoners within the capital of the Grand Xia all felt their blood blazing with excitement.

The Grand Han’s unreasonable bullying had long since provoked their anger. Now that Long Chen had killed some, they felt like he was venting their anger.

“These three insulted my family and touched my reverse scale. As I said, I didn’t give them any chance to regret it. As for you, you didn’t insult my family and only attacked me. I took your arm as the price. Now I’m going to leave. If anyone wants to stop me, be prepared for it to cost your life.”

Long Chen started walking again while still holding his sleeping sister. Long Tianxiao followed while carrying his wife.

However, Long Chen had only taken a few steps when several figures rushed over from ahead.

These people had much stronger cultivation bases. They were Soul Transformation experts, and the Heavenly Dao pressure from them was stronger, marking them as rank eight Celestials.

Seeing those people, the previous group of Grand Han experts, who had been frightened into wooden chickens, immediately became revitalized and shouted, “Senior apprentice-brothers, these bastards killed our members-”

That person’s shout was cut off when a figure appeared in front of him like a phantom. A large hand tightly caught his throat.

“You don’t know what respect is. Being merciful to you really is unnecessary. Since that’s the case, you can all die.”

Now Long Chen’s voice was like thunder and full of killing intent. The heads of these people exploded all at once. Only one young woman remained, covered in blood and too terrified to move.

This woman was the only one who hadn’t immediately thought of revenge when she saw these experts coming from ahead. So the rest had all died, while she was the sole survivor.

“Bastard, you dare to kill the experts of my Grand Han?! You’ll pay the price for your foolishness!” One of the Grand Han’s rank eight Celestials charged over with a sword.

A cold light flashed like lightning. This one attack was incredibly powerful, and if it landed on the ground, the street would crumble. It was unknown how many of the commoners watching the battle would be killed by the results.

Long Chen’s killing intent blazed. These people didn’t even view the Grand Xia’s people as human. Although he wasn’t a member of the Grand Xia, he had a definite connection to the Grand Xia, and he was infuriated.

Long Chen reached out, intent on catching the blade with his bare hand.

This sword was not an Ancestral item, but it was extremely sharp. The rank eight Celestial sneered. Originally, he had been holding back lightly, but now he unleashed all his power, wanting to blow Long Chen to bits. As for the other people around, he didn’t care.

A sharp sound rang out when it slashed into Long Chen’s hand. However, that sound ended in an instant, and the immense pressure from that person’s attack also vanished.


The other Grand Han experts were stunned. From the start to the end, Long Chen hadn’t used his cultivation base. He had blocked that person’s full-strength attack with just the power of his physical body. They immediately started to get a bad feeling.

Long Chen gripped the sword and turned his wrist slightly. The sword snapped in half, and the broken half in his hand suddenly slashed back toward the rank eight Celestial.

Blood rained down as that rank eight Celestial was cut in two.

The other experts were all stunned. However, they had already started launching their own attacks and couldn’t stop in time.

Long Chen snorted and swung the broken blade in his hand. A huge sword-image devoured those experts. Blood mist exploded as those experts were blown to bits along with their weapons.

For a moment, the streets were so quiet that it was possible to hear the drop of a single pin. Everyone stared in shock at the mysterious, cloaked man who was still holding a broken blade.

Long Chen dropped the blade to the ground. Carefully holding his sister, he switched her to a more comfortable position and continued walking forward.

Long Tianxiao followed as well, and he stared at Long Chen’s back proudly. This was his son. His son had gone from a tiny child to an unrivaled hero.

The most gratifying thing to him was that despite Long Chen growing so strong, he didn’t let his new power cause him to lose his bearing. As much as possible, it was best to leave leeway and not implicate the innocent. He had seen everything Long Chen had done to spare the innocent. He was full of pride for his son.

Long Chen quickly arrived in front of the Wine God Palace. Hence, he woke up Xiaoyu and Mrs. Long.

They entered the gates. The disciple at the entrance instantly recognized Long Chen, as his fame in the Wine God Palace was extremely great. The medicinal wine formulas he had come up with had greatly benefited all the Wine God Palace’s disciples, and they were very grateful to him.

That disciple hastily opened the path for Long Chen, indicating that he could go on his own without anyone restricting him.

Once he was inside the Wine God Palace, Long Chen relaxed quite a bit. Perhaps it was only within the Wine God Palace that a person could fully forget their worries and troubles. In this aspect, they were even superior to the Spirit World.

After entering the Wine God Palace, it felt like a mysterious energy was cleansing his mind, allowing him to fully relax.

“It truly is a good place,” sighed Long Tianxiao emotionally. Xiaoyu and Mrs. Long weren’t able to sense it, but as a cultivator, he was greatly affected by the scenery and artistic realm that filled the Wine God Palace.

“Mister Long Chen, you’ve finally returned. I have some wine that is anxiously waiting for your appraisal.” Long Chen had just reached the first pavilion when a disciple came out to block his path.

This was precisely the first disciple he had conned wine out of his first time in the Wine God Palace. Long Chen’s words had enlightened him and allowed him to progress greatly on his Wine Dao. Hence, he had always eagerly waited for Long Chen to return and appraise his new wine.

“Ah, I’m a bit busy today. I have to go see the High Priest. How about another day?” said Long Chen.

If it was during normal times, he would naturally be delighted to drink the Wine God Palace’s fine wine and then brag about his amazing knowledge. But unfortunately, he didn’t have the time, and he wasn’t in the mood.

“That’s fine, that’s fine. I’ll just give you my wine. You can taste it whenever and come guide me when you’re free.” That person hastily took out some wine.

Long Chen was extremely embarrassed by how highly this disciple viewed him, and he could only accept his wine before continuing onward.

As he continued, more of the Wine God Palace’s disciples came to greet him. Seeing Long Chen’s relationships with other people were so good, Mrs. Long was smiling brightly.

She even stealthily whispered to him that one of the young women was quite good, meaning he should get even closer to her.

Long Chen almost coughed up blood. That woman might look young, but her age was definitely frightening. His mother’s imagination was absolutely terrifying.

“Taste my blade!”

Long Chen was in the midst of continuing forward when a large, burly man appeared and attacked Long Chen without saying anything further.

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