Chapter 1521 The Divine Gate Star’s Power

The Divine Gate shook, and light blossomed from the Divine Gate Star. A sacred pressure erupted. The Divine Gate Star seemed to have been provoked, and a ray of light shot out of it.

That light was larger and fiercer than the elder’s light attack. The two light beams crashed together.


The elder’s light beam exploded, while the Divine Gate Star’s light continued onward, charging out of Long Chen’s mind-sea and at the elder.

It happened so suddenly that neither Long Chen nor the elder could react.


Divine light exploded. The middle-aged man’s spiritual space and body were blown to pieces.

At the same time as the middle-aged man died, in a mysterious residence an unknown distance away, an elder coughed up a mouthful of blood and let out a mournful cry.

This white-haired elder was precisely the elder with a crack on his forehead who attacked through space.

He was holding his forehead. Blood was currently dripping from it.

“The Heavenly Eye I just condensed… Long Chen… I will kill you!”

Long Chen was currently stunned. Just now, things had happened so quickly that he still hadn’t reacted. The elder’s attack had actually ended up provoking the Divine Gate Star.

He felt a burst of lingering fear. Just now it had truly been dangerous. Although Evilmoon and the Heaven Flipping Seal were present in his spiritual space, if they were the ones to block it, the attack would have exploded in his spiritual space, and he would have met the same ending as the middle-aged man.

The Divine Gate Star’s attack had also been a spiritual attack, instantly wiping the other side’s attack out of existence and even counterattacking.

Regretfully, without the middle-aged man’s soul as an intermediary, there was no way for Long Chen to see what had happened to the elder. If Long Chen knew that the elder had been injured, he would definitely be smiling brightly.

“Heavenly Fate Island. I’ll remember this enmity.”

Long Chen took a deep breath. He waved his hand, and a wave of golden flames blew up, eliminating the bloody stench in the air.

Long Chen put away his own flying boat and used the flying boat the other side had brought. He had his family enter it. His flying boat had the mark of Pill Valley. Although he had concealed it, it meant he couldn’t use it as openly as this flying boat.

This flying boat was a bit small and wasn’t as fast as his. But to Xiaoyu, it was always new things that were best.

Once they were on the flying boat, Long Chen didn’t immediately speed off back to the Central Plains. Instead, he had to go deeper into the Eastern Wasteland.

The first place he went to was the branch Xuantian Dao Sect. When he arrived, he saw that it was empty. All the people within had vanished.

Even the monasteries and supermonasteries had mostly been disbanded, with only a few people left to look after them.

Seeing this, Long Chen was at ease. He knew that Zheng Wenlong had arranged this to prevent him from worrying. Zheng Wenlong was truly dependable.

In the end, Long Chen activated the flying boat’s stealth ability and slowly flew over to the Phoenix Cry Empire. He had it float in the air above. The Phoenix Cry Empire was still flourishing. Under the rule of the former fourth prince, Chu Yao’s little brother, the empire and its people were prospering. He was actually a formidable ruler.

Long Chen’s divine sense spread throughout the city. He saw fatty Yu, Shou Hou, Shi Feng, and the others. They were now in high positions.

As for the Border Suppression Marquis’s former land, it was extremely lively, with a flood of people coming and going.

This place had been completely renovated and was extremely grand. There was a huge statue within the main mansion. It was of Long Tianxiao.

As the Border Suppression Marquis, Long Tianxiao had become a hero of the empire. His loyalty to the common people and his defense of the empire had won him the entire empire’s respect and gratitude.

Seeing that statue, Long Tianxiao couldn’t help but sigh emotionally. Mrs. Long teared up from the sight, and Xiaoyu helped her wipe away her tears.

Only after floating there for a while did Long Chen bring his family to the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring.

When they saw the endless sea, Xiaoyu cried out excitedly. Even Mrs. Long was shocked by the size of the sea. Their sadness caused by leaving their home was replaced by this novelty.

Personally seeing all these new sights shocked them. The sight of the huge waves and buffeting winds was one that made humans feel miniscule.

Xiaoyu was lying in the front of the flying boat and had the best view. Suddenly, a huge mouth devoured the flying boat. “Ahhh!”

Long Chen pressed a button lightly, and a ray of light shot out of the flying boat, blowing a hole in the mouth that the flying boat continued through.

Long Tianxiao turned back just in time to see the strange fish. The fish’s head was practically as large as a mountain, but it was killed in one attack from the flying boat.

“Wow, big brother, you’re so powerful!” Xiaoyu looked at Long Chen worshipfully.

“You can do the same. Come, I’ll teach you how to control the flying boat.” Long Chen beckoned. He truly did love her and wanted to pamper her.

“Long Chen, don’t spoil her. How could a child control such a huge object?” said Mrs. Long worriedly.

“It’s fine. In any case, it’s free and I won’t mind if it gets ruined. I have plenty of flying boats.” Long Chen smiled.

Mrs. Long shook her head helplessly. But as she watched Long Chen teach his sister which symbol was for attack, defense, charging forward, and dropping down, his sincere appearance elicited a gratified smile.

Suddenly, under Xiaoyu’s control, the flying boat tilted downward and smashed into the sea. It then bounced back up and then down again.

Long Chen hastily reached out to help, allowing the flying boat to regain its balance in the air. Xiaoyu was pale with fright.

“It’s fine, making a mistake at the start is normal. You’re a fast learner!” comforted Long Chen.

Xiaoyu truly was smart. She remembered things very quickly. After two hours, thanks to Long Chen’s teachings, Xiaoyu had basically learned how to control the flying boat.

Whenever they encountered a sea demon, she would launch an attack and destroy it. That grand feeling was indescribable.

The flying boat was filled with her excited cries, and the atmosphere was very lively. Long Chen was also very gratified. He knew that as long as she was happy, his parents would also be happy. Their mood depended on Xiaoyu.

What they were worried about the most was that Xiaoyu would be unhappy about going to a new world. But now they found that she was practically a wild child and curious about everything. She had no fear of the unknown world.

“Dad, I’ve decided to change plans. Instead of the Huayun Sect, I’m thinking of sending you to the Wine God Palace. Once the waves calm down, you can then go to the Huayun Sect. What do you think about that?” asked Long Chen.

“The Wine God Palace? Alright, I fully approve. Ah, do you think you could ask them if I could become a full member of the Wine God Palace?” Long Tianxiao immediately agreed.

“You wine addict, are you basing your decision on the right motives?” demanded Mrs. Long.

“Of course. I simply feel like I should go somewhere where I can make a living and create a home for us, away from trouble.” Long Tianxiao had a righteous expression, but neither Long Chen nor Mrs. Long believed it.

“Fine, I admit this decision might have been backed by the slightest of selfish motives. But just the slightest.”

Long Chen laughed, “Dad, you should give up on joining the Wine God Palace. Mom definitely won’t accept it. The Wine God Palace would definitely accept you considering your understanding of the Heavenly Daos and wine, but the Wine God Palace’s disciples must have no cares for the rest of the world, and must be fully immersed in the Wine Dao. They have to abandon everything other than wine. Can you do that?”

“Definitely not. Fine, just pretend I never said anything,” said Long Tianxiao disappointedly.

Only then did Mrs. Long’s expression improve slightly. She naturally didn’t want Long Tianxiao to be distracted by such things. She would rather they always be together.

The reason Long Chen had changed plans was mostly because of that mysterious elder from Heavenly Fate Island. He was worried the Huayun Sect would be unable to protect his family.

After all, the Huayun Sect’s power was stretched throughout the continent and not concentrated. It might be possible for Heavenly Fate Island to take advantage of some small openings. He didn’t want to be careless.

So after considering it, the safest options were to send them to the Spirit World directly or to the Wine God Palace.

Based on the current situation, only the Wine God Palace could guarantee their safety. As for his other allies, whether it was the Huayun Sect or the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, they weren’t as dependable.

He also didn’t want to send them to the Spirit World. The main reason for this was his little sister. Being forced to live isolated from the world was unfair to her. She needed to learn how to interact with others, and she needed to experience the joy and privilege a child should experience.

The flying boat flew rapidly. On the way to the Eastern Wasteland, Long Chen hadn’t run into many sea demons, but now that Xiaoyu was flying, sea demons appeared quite often.

However, she easily activated the flying boat’s offensive measures to kill them. She cried out excitedly, as to her, controlling the flying boat was a fun and stimulating game.

After several days, the flying boat finally reached the other side of the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, entering the Central Plains. Long Chen brought them over to the Grand Xia Ancient Nation.

Once they were close, Long Chen put away the flying boat and randomly captured a sixth rank Magical Beast as a mount to carry them to the border.

This was the same place he had entered the Grand Xia Ancient Nation from the first time he had come. The guard captain had been very courteous and even treated him to some wine.

“Stop here. Hand over your identity plate... Long… Long Chen?”

At the top of the border town’s gates, a person stopped halfway, staring at Long Chen in disbelief.

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