Chapter 1520 Heavenly Fate Island

The flying boat was extremely quick, and the air rumbled as it passed through rapidly. The villagers all hid themselves in terror.

“As expected, they came.” Ice-cold chilling intent appeared in Long Chen’s eyes.

A dozen figures walked off the flying boat. One of them was holding a fengshui compass and pointing it at something.

“It’s right here. Everyone split up…”

The middle-aged man holding the fengshui compass had a long beard and moustache. He possessed a slight immortal air. But as he was speaking, he realized something was off. He realized everyone was looking in one direction.

He looked up to see three adults and one child standing in front of a grass hut. But when he saw the face of the black-robed man, his expression completely changed.

“You should go back and rest. My guests have come,” said Long Chen.

Long Tianxiao nodded. He didn’t say anything as he pulled Mrs. Long and Xiaoyu back into the grass hut. He closed the door.

“Long… Long Chen…” One of them stuttered out Long Chen’s name. He was pale with terror.

There were three powerful Life Star experts amongst their group, but in front of a single Jade Core disciple, they didn’t even dare to move.

“You come from Heavenly Fate Island?” Long Chen ignored the others, focusing on the middle-aged man.

“Correct. This matter has nothing to do with me. My Heavenly Fate Island is only in charge of calculating things. We don’t care about anything else,” said the middle-aged man. Contrary to the others, he was very calm. It seemed he was very confident in the protective talisman that was the name of Heavenly Fate Island.

He then turned to the others. “My mission ends here. The rest is your affair. Goodbye.”

The middle-aged man then took out a teleportation talisman. He immediately crushed it, and spatial runes wrapped around him.

All of a sudden, a five-colored spear pierced through his body. Not only did it break the spatial runes, but it also left a bloody hole on his body.

The middle-aged man let out a miserable cry as he fell from the sky. Lightning runes sparked around his injury, causing his body to twitch.

He was only a peak Soul Transformation expert and couldn’t resist Long Chen’s five-colored lightning at all. He constantly wailed under the attack of the thunderforce.

The others glanced at each other and immediately fled. They even abandoned the flying boat and scattered in every direction.

Before they could get anywhere, space shook. A cyan ripple spread, blowing those experts to pieces and extinguishing their souls.

“Heaven Flipping Seal, you’ve learned how to control your power? Nice job!” Long Chen was delighted and looked up at the Heaven Flipping Seal that was slowly revolving in the air.

The Heaven Flipping Seal immediately began to spin rapidly upon hearing Long Chen’s praise. It was like a child.

“It’s been so many days, but you’ve only managed to grasp such a rudimentary technique. It’s not worth being proud of. Hurry up and return. I’ll teach you how to use your second kind of divine rune.” Evilmoon’s harsh voice rang out. The Heaven Flipping Seal immediately went still and returned to Long Chen’s spiritual space.

“Evilmoon, the Heaven Flipping Seal is still like a child. Make sure to balance work and rest. Don’t be too ruthless,” said Long Chen. He could sense the Heaven Flipping Seal’s fear of Evilmoon.

“Stop talking nonsense. Does this little bit of strictness count for anything? My evil dragon race is tossed into a sea of slaughter as soon as we’re born. We’re sent into a sea of powerful beasts, and we’re essentially prey for them. If we want to live, we have to rely on our own power. During that time, we are on the border of death constantly. Tch, is this little bit of work worth a damn?” snorted Evilmoon.

Long Chen was helpless toward this. Evilmoon’s strong desire for slaughter was connected to the environment it had grown up in. No one could change it.

He could only comfort the Heaven Flipping Seal. If Evilmoon was the bad cop, then he would have to be the good cop. That way the Heaven Flipping Seal wouldn’t feel so bad.

The middle-aged man was still wailing. Long Chen gave him a kick, sending him tumbling back. But after that kick, his wailing stopped.

It wasn’t that he had died, but that Long Chen had pulled back his thunderforce. Although it had just been a few breaths’ time, this Soul Transformation expert’s meridians had been destroyed by the thunderforce, and even his Dantian was destroyed. He was like a living corpse now.

This was the terror of five-colored lightning. Not just anyone could resist it. It was even more terrifying than the strongest poisons.

“Long Chen, you dare to attack me, a disciple of Heavenly Fate Island?! You are courting death!” raged the middle-aged man. He glared at Long Chen with rancor over having his Dantian destroyed.

“This is retribution. Your Heavenly Fate Island decided to cooperate with them to scheme against me. If you were just targeting me, although I would be angry, I could accept it. But you actually decided to target my parents. Now you’ve touched my reverse scale,” said Long Chen coldly.

“That’s a joke! My Heavenly Fate Island only helps others calculate the lines of fate! We don’t participate in any struggles. This is our iron law that hasn’t been broken for tens of thousands of years. If you have the ability, you should find retribution with them and not cast your anger on my Heavenly Fate Island. However, it doesn’t matter anymore. You’ve already committed a taboo against my Heavenly Fate Island. Now, no matter where you go in the Martial Heaven Continent, you won’t be able to get away!”

Long Chen suddenly stamped his foot down on that person’s leg. The middle-aged man immediately turned white as paper and quivered intensely. The intense pain made it so he couldn’t even speak.

With his understanding of the human body, Long Chen was proficient in targeting the most painful parts of his enemies’ bodies.

“The so-called iron law of your Heavenly Fate Island might be able to restrict others, but it can’t restrict me. My iron law is that whoever provokes me will endure my reprisal. Your way of speaking is just like how the Bloodkill Hall spoke back then. It was like the entire world had to play by their rules. Perhaps others are afraid of you, but I’m not. If Heavenly Fate Island doesn’t give me a satisfactory explanation for this, I will sooner or later destroy it,” said Long Chen coldly.

“Haha… cough… you are… courting death…” The middle-aged man endured the pain to sneer at Long Chen. But his voice was shuddering, and the veins on his forehead almost exploded.

Long Chen smiled faintly, and his killing intent vanished. He indifferently said, “It’ll be clear who’s courting death in the future. However, you will not see that day.”

Long Chen had originally been controlled by fury, and he had wanted to crush this arrogant fellow in front of him into pieces.

But then he suddenly recalled what his father had said. He couldn’t play along at other people’s tempo. He had to give himself a chance to breathe.

The more his enemy wanted to infuriate him, the more he couldn’t let himself get angry. Even if he killed this person in front of him, it wouldn’t resolve his current predicament.

Anger was an instinct. Suppressing one’s anger was the true skill. Only by suppressing his anger could he make the correct decision.

Long Chen pulled the middle-aged man’s finger and took off his spatial ring. Long Chen’s divine sense entered it, and he saw some strange diagrams and bizarre tools. However, he didn’t know how to use any of them.

He pointed a finger at the middle-aged man’s forehead. His Spiritual Strength forced its way into his mind-sea.

“Oh? So there’s a defensive restriction? Be broken.”

Long Chen snorted, and his Spiritual Strength burst out, shattering those defenses.

At that moment, light exploded. A gate of light appeared in front of him, and an indistinct figure showed up from within it.

This indistinct figure grew clearer until it revealed a cold-faced, white-haired elder with a strange vertical crack on his forehead.

“You are Long Chen?”

The elder sat cross-legged within the light, staring coldly at Long Chen like a god.

“You are the boss of Heavenly Fate Island?” asked Long Chen equally coldly.

The elder’s eyes turned even colder. “Release the disciple of my Heavenly Fate Island. Don’t make a mistake.”

“Are you not the boss?” sneered Long Chen.

“Don’t force me to kill you! No one can provoke the dignity of Heavenly Fate Island. Let me warn you, you might have some room to live after provoking Pill Valley, but if you provoke Heavenly Fate Island, you’ll have no chance of surviving.” The elder’s gaze was sharp like a blade piercing through space to stab into Long Chen’s eyes.

“I don’t believe you. I want to test it,” mocked Long Chen. His Spiritual Strength surged forward once more, attacking the middle-aged man’s defenses and peering into his memories.

“Since that’s the case, then you can just die!”

This mysterious elder suddenly roared and the crack on his forehead opened. A ray of divine light shot out, actually entering Long Chen’s mind-sea even when they were separated by endless space.

This ray of divine light was extremely strange. Long Chen couldn’t block it no matter what he did, and it charged directly into the depths of his mind-sea.

A burst of intense pain came from Long Chen’s soul. That light was trying to kill him.

Long Chen was shocked. He hadn’t expected there to be such a technique that allowed one to kill others even when they were in completely different places.

None of his defenses were able to stop the divine light. If he allowed it to pierce straight through his mind-sea, his spiritual space would collapse, and he would die.

“Bastard, stop!” Long Chen roared and summoned all his Spiritual Strength to form powerful spiritual walls.

Unfortunately these spiritual walls were all pierced one by one without even slowing the divine light down.

“I already gave you a chance, but you didn’t take it. You can only blame yourself,” sneered the elder like a supreme judge.

Just as he sneered and Long Chen was horrified, the Divine Gate in the depths of Long Chen’s mind-sea unleashed endless divine might. The Divine Gate Star within it emitted its own ray of divine light.

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