Chapter 152 Jade Butterfly Queen Bee Crystal

Everyone was taken by surprise when the ground began to shake so intensely.

A loud bang suddenly came from within the beehive. A figure miserably fled from within.

“What?!” No one could believe their eyes. That was because they saw that miserable figure. It was Qi Xin!


A huge monster quickly followed, charging out of the beehive. It was like a cannonball, shooting straight at Qi Xin.

At the same time, a terrifying aura engulfed them, causing their hearts to tremble.

“Third… third rank Magical Beast!”

People’s faces were white. Looking at that huge figure, they trembled in horror.

A third rank Magical Beast! That was completely horrifying, completely out of any of their predictions.

Qi Xin coldly snorted when he saw that third rank Queen Bee charge at him. Raising his hand, a translucent water curtain formed a shield in front of him.

But that water curtain was unable to block the charge of this huge, terrifying third rank Queen Bee. It was only blocked for a moment before breaking through and once more charging at him.

“Water Moon Slash!”

Clapping his hands and spreading them, a three meter long blade appeared between his hands. That wasn’t a true blade, but one made of water energy.

That water blade caused space to tremble. It cut across an arc, ferociously slashing at it.

The water blade slashed at its head, exploding with a terrifying power. Even the earth behind it sank. That huge third rank Queen Bee was actually smashed into the ground by Qi Xin’s water blade.

But what horrified everyone was that even after it received that terrifying strike, it didn’t seem injured at all. It leaped out with its six legs, once more attacking Qi Xin.

“Are you guys all stupid? Hurry up and attack!” Long Chen shouted out, scolding everyone awake. They all readied their weapons as they charged at the third rank Queen Bee.

Long Chen also took out a large saber from his ring, acting as if he were attacking the third rank Magical Beast. However, his focus was still completely on the beehive.

As soon as he had seen the three-colored stripe on the entrance, he had known that there was a third rank Queen Bee inside. That was its distinctive marking, a warning to potential invaders.

But Qi Xin and the others hadn’t known about that warning. They had recklessly charged into its territory. If his reaction hadn’t been fast enough, he would have already been killed.

Everyone quickly exploded out with their greatest strength. Their weapons all attacked the third rank Queen Bee’s body. But they were appalled to see their greatest strength was unable to break through its defense. 

Although a third rank Queen Bee wasn’t a fighting Magical Beast, its defense was completely incomparable. Even these talented geniuses were unable to penetrate its tough shell

Suddenly, its huge wings began to slowly spread. Everyone was alarmed; could this Queen Bee fly?!

As for Long Chen, when he saw those huge jade butterfly wings spread, his expression immediately changed. He realized he wasn’t far enough to run in time and so he jumped into the hole Qi Xin’s attack had just dug.

Long Chen’s body had only just entered the ground when those huge wings suddenly began to quiver. A cloud of dust was blown out from atop its wings, immediately covering an area of over a hundred meters.


Miserable screams rang out. At first, people didn’t know what it was doing, but when they inhaled that dust or were even touched by it, they felt a similar pain to being stung by the Jade Butterfly Bees, causing them to be unable to hold back their screams.

And that wasn’t all. When the dust entered their noses, that pain directly attacked their minds, a pain that made them wish for death.

“Skywater protecting the body!” Qi Xin was the first to realize its threat and directly used his water energy to protect himself. That allowed him to be fine. But every single other person was now lying on the ground, howling in pain and unable to do anything.

Only some luckier people had managed to faint. The others could only suffer that infernal torment.

“Die, you beast!” Qi Xin raged. He jumped up, sending a kick at its head. Having just used such a powerful move, it hadn’t had any preparations and was sent flying hundreds of meters away.

A spear condensed from water energy now appeared in his hands, stabbing at the Queen Bee.

That Queen Bee’s strength was only average. Its most dangerous part was its stinger, but with its huge, awkward body, it was impossible for it to stab its stinger into enemies.

Other than that, only its defense was exceptionally sturdy. Its six legs brought it crazily charging at Qi Xin, its mouth wildly biting at him.

Even with Qi Xin’s confidence, he still didn’t dare to be caught by its mouth. The spear in his hand stabbed out continuously, fiercely facing off against it.

“Whew.” Long Chen crawled out of the ground. But he immediately sensed some pain when he breathed and hastily consumed an antitoxin pill.

Examining the situation, he saw it was a complete mess. People were constantly twitching and moaning on the ground. Further away was Qi Xin in a fierce fight. All his attention was now focused on his fight with the Queen Bee, and he wasn’t paying any attention to this place.

Long Chen smiled slightly and stealthily slipped into the beehive. After entering the beehive, he used his spiritual qi to protect his body, not daring to be the slightest bit incautious.

But once he was inside the beehive and saw its current state, he let out a breath. Although there were countless Jade Butterfly Bees inside, they had already lost their senses at this time. All he had to do was avoid stepping on their stingers.

Within that huge beehive were huge honeycombs. Inside those honeycombs was a pool of gleaming liquid that was slowly flowing.

“Ah, too bad there are too many of the Jade Butterfly Bees here. Otherwise, I could absorb the entire beehive.”

A spatial ring was unable to absorb living things. If he wanted to absorb this beehive, he would have to completely remove every single Jade Butterfly Bee. That would waste far too much time.

Furthermore, Long Chen was already extremely pressed for time. He definitely couldn’t stay here for long. Although the Queen Bee might be strong, its attacking power wasn’t great. It couldn’t pose a threat to Qi Xin, so its loss was only a matter of time.

Long Chen examined the surrounding honeycombs. He didn’t immediately start collecting, but instead walked in deeper. The outer region was just the ordinary honey and didn’t fetch that high of a price.

But after walking in a couple of dozen meters, several huge honeycombs appeared before him. Each of those honeycombs held dozens of hexagonal cells that were arranged just like countless water jars.

Each cell was completely filled with bright liquid. Even before he walked close he could smell its sweet scent which seeped into the deepest part of his lungs.

“Haha, there’s actually this much Jade Butterfly Queen Bee Honey!” Long Chen couldn’t help but rejoice. He counted four of these huge honeycombs. Thinking of those four Queen Bees that had come out previously, he immediately understood that each of them had one honeycomb here.

He completely absorbed those four honeycombs. Just obtaining one would have completely satisfied him. Now that he had obtained four, flowers almost started blooming inside his heart.

But Long Chen knew that his harvest today wouldn’t stop just here. He continued slowly walking forward. When he reached the end of the hive, Long Chen had even stopped breathing.

At this place, there was an enormous honeycomb. It was almost as tall as the entire beehive, being at least thirty meters tall.

Inside, it was filled with honey. However, it wasn’t liquid but actually crystal. It was absolutely enchanting.

“Jade Butterfly Queen Bee Crystal!” Long Chen exclaimed. This was definitely the true treasure. The effect of the Queen Bee Crystal was definitely at least ten times greater than the Queen Bee Honey.

Only with his powerful mental strength did he manage to stop his heart from pounding out of his chest. He grabbed the honeycomb and pulled, breaking it off from the rest of the hive, and stored it into his spatial ring.

Looking at this empty part of the beehive, Long Chen felt as if he were dreaming. His luck had really been too good today.

After absorbing the last Queen Bee Crystal, Long Chen thought for a moment and took out a spear from his spatial ring. He stabbed open a small hole that could easily fit him so that he could walk out at any time.

Long Chen was a thrifty man, and wasting stuff wasn’t his style. There were still hundreds of honeycombs out there he had yet to collect.

Those only contained the honey from the ordinary Jade Butterfly Bees. But of course, that was still an excellent thing to have. Even if you didn’t use it to cultivate, it was also a beauty product that could make someone even more beautiful.

However, that honey was not as pure as the Jade Butterfly Queen Bee Honey, in the sense that there were actually quite a few Jade Butterfly Bees which were lying within the honeycombs, quivering. He had to take them out one by one in order to absorb that honey.

Luckily, he still wasn’t worried yet. He could still hear the sound of Qi Xin’s fierce fight. He began to hum a familiar tune:

Today’s a good day. I can achieve anything I want...[1]

But after the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Long Chen heard the sounds of fighting gradually become quieter. After a couple of loud bangs, everything became silent.

Long Chen knew the time had come. There were still dozens of honeycombs he had yet to collect, but he sighed, “I’m so easily satisfied. I guess I’ll just leave these for them to heal their wounds.”

The Jade Butterfly Bee’s toxin was definitely extremely painful. Although its toxin normally wouldn’t kill anyone, it could make someone go insane from the pain. However, its honey was the best cure for it.

He slowly walked out the back of the beehive. He could hear footsteps getting closer. They were about to reach where he was, but in the end, he thought about leaving something.

“Ah, doing bad things without leaving my name isn’t my style.”

He took out a brush from his spatial ring and left a bold line of words with the honey as ink. He then slipped through the opening he had made, stealthily leaving.

Qi Xin had used his full strength to fight, finally killing the third rank Queen Bee. It went without saying that Qi Xin’s strength was frighteningly great.

But killing a third rank Magical Beast had also exhausted him. His armor was cracked all over, and blood even dripped from some of those places.

And that was only because his luck had been good. That Queen Bee wasn’t proficient in attacking. Otherwise, if he met a third rank Magical Beast overlord like Little Snow, he definitely would only be able to flee.

He had killed the third rank Queen Bee, but he wouldn’t gain anything from its corpse. That was because the Jade Butterfly Bees were not like other Magical Beasts and didn’t have a Neidan or a crystal core. The only thing of value that they possessed was their honey.

Slowly walking into the beehive, he saw the many honeycombs and relaxed. Everything had been worth it.

He walked in and continued exploring. But once he reached the halfway point, he realized something was wrong. That was because these honeycombs were completely empty. And the huge honeycombs he had thought would be here were not present.

Quickening his footsteps, he reached the end of the beehive and realized everything was gone. He was indescribably astonished.

Suddenly, a glimmer of light attracted his attention and he turned to look. His blood surged as his eyes almost spat out flames.

Now even someone with Qi Xin’s cultivation base was completely infuriated and coughed up blood.

There was a small hole there. Atop that hole was a line of words: Long Chen was here.

“Long Chen, I’ll kill you!”

Qi Xin’s angry roar caused the beehive to tremble. His berserk aura then exploded, causing the beehive to completely collapse.

[1] These are the lyrics to a song called Good Day(s) by Song Zuying, released in 1998. This is by no means the official music video, but here: The lyrics are specifically from 1:07-1:14. It’s a pretty traditional song so I don’t think many of you will like it.  As for how Long Chen knows the lyrics to a song written in 1998, well I guess those came with his Pill Sovereign memories (XD, I mean, technically it doesn’t specifically say it’s this song. Perhaps these are lyrics from a childhood song in the Phoenix Cry Empire lol).

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