Chapter 1516 Failure to Subdue

At that time, someone had come up with a plan to not calculate Long Chen’s position, but to calculate which sects or powers that were about to be destroyed within the Eastern Xuan Region.

Pill Valley had given them a list of sects that had attacked Long Chen within the Eastern Xuan City. By calculating the fate of those sects, it was possible to determine which one would be Long Chen’s next stop.

In the end, they had really ended up calculating that the next one to be destroyed would be the Sha family. But the calculations were muddled, and it was impossible to confirm anything for sure.

Then after calculating the lines of fate of the other sects, they found that those sects wouldn’t be destroyed in a short time, so they confirmed that Long Chen’s next target would be the Sha family.

That was why Pill Valley had gathered its forces and laid a secret trap at the Sha family, lying in wait for Long Chen.

Being unaware of this, Long Chen thought that Heavenly Fate Island had some special ability to peer through the shielding of divine items, which allowed them to calculate his next move. That made him very uneasy.

What he was most afraid of was Pill Valley’s next move. If they really did target his parents, then it would be over for him.

He pushed his flying boat as fast as he could, and it sped through the water. It was unknown if it was because it was too quick or because it came from Pill Valley, but no sea demons came out to stop him.

“Wait, this place is…”

Long Chen suddenly sensed something and hastily took out a map.

“This is near where the azure dragon reverse scale is.”

Long Chen immediately changed directions to the left. He put away the flying boat and charged into the water, swimming down.

Last time, due to his cultivation base, he was very slow to descend. This time, it only took an incense stick’s worth of time to reach the depths of the sea. The initial water pressure that had been suffocating was now nothing.

“This is an azure dragon reverse scale!” A startled cry came from Evilmoon in his spiritual space.

The dragon scale still had a barrier around it. Back then, he had been helpless to enter because this barrier was formed of dragon might. Other than great defensive power, it possessed the pressure of the draconic bloodline. When he approached it, he clearly felt his blood flowing faster.

When he tried to charge through the barrier, it felt like he had entered thicker water. But it didn’t take him much effort to enter.

However, he felt his blood flow even faster, and his hair stood on end. His blood vessels began to bulge alarmingly.

“Don’t tell me you’re trying to subdue that azure dragon reverse scale,” said Evilmoon with shock.

“Yes, I want to try it.” Long Chen nodded.

“Then you should wait a moment. First, bring me and the Heaven Flipping Seal out. Otherwise, no one will be here to gather your corpse,” said Evilmoon.

“Hmm? What is that supposed to mean?” asked Long Chen.

“What I mean is, if you try to subdue it, you’ll die without a doubt.”

“No way.”

“What do you mean, no way? That’s an azure dragon reverse scale. It’s completely different from the green dragon reverse scale. Green dragons are what you call a baby dragon, while azure dragons are grown-ups. The difference in power between them is more than ten thousand times. Furthermore, when the azure dragon reverse scale sheds, it's the molting of when the dragon rises to a higher realm. It contains the will of that molting. The green dragon scale only needed you to form a resonance with it to subdue it, as it fell naturally as part of the growth process. But the azure dragon reverse scale contains the berserk will of its molting, and you must suppress that with brute strength.

“Let me put it to you this way. When the azure dragon molts, it goes through dragon tribulation, and it is far beyond your imagination. This reverse scale fell from the azure dragon only after it went through its dragon tribulation, so it contains the will of the azure dragon fighting against the Heavenly Daos. Anyone or anything that tries to subdue it will face intense resistance. Even its original owner would be no exception. Whoever this scale is from, they were definitely an extremely pure-blooded dragon. Even without my body of flesh and blood, I can sense the dragon might coming from it. If you don’t want to die, don’t try this. After all, we just established a solid cooperation-relationship. I don’t really want you to die,” said Evilmoon sincerely.

It didn’t want him to die? That was a strange way of saying something like that. Long Chen didn’t bother quibbling over that though.

“I can sense a reaction from my own blood. I feel like this scale is very likely from the same dragon as the original green dragon reverse scale I obtained,” said Long Chen.

“So what? I’m telling you, after going through the dragon tribulation, this scale is a separate entity. Let alone you, even its original master would have to use brute power to subdue it. Even if you advanced to the Life Star realm, you wouldn’t necessarily be able to subdue it. I’m from the dragon race, so don’t you think I know more about this topic than you? Why are you arguing against me over this? Are you afraid I’m trying to harm you?” demanded Evilmoon. It was a bit angry now that Long Chen didn’t trust what it was saying. As a prideful being, that was unacceptable.

“Fine, I’ll listen to you. I just want to touch it.”

Long Chen reached out and touched the azure dragon scale. When he touched it, he silently circulated the energy in his blood, trying to form a bloodline resonance with it.

With Evilmoon’s warning, he gave up any thoughts of immediately subduing it. Right now, all he wanted was to use his bloodline energy to form a closer connection to the scale and pull it into the primal chaos space.

When his hand touched it, the jade-like dragon scale began to shine. That light enveloped Long Chen’s hand.

In that instant, he felt his dragon blood flowing even faster. But he didn’t sense any danger.

“There is a way!” Long Chen was delighted. He slowly circulated the primal chaos bead, preparing to move it into the primal chaos space.

In that instant, the soft light of the dragon scale vanished. The scale instantly became like a wild beast, and a fierce aura erupted.

Long Chen’s arms exploded in mangled bits, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood. He felt like his body was about to shatter. Horrified, he hastily tried to retreat.

However, he suddenly found that the dragon scale was pulling him back in. He couldn’t retreat.

At the same time, lines began to surge on top of the scale. He could vaguely see the image of a huge white dragon roaring through a sea of lightning, its huge claw striking the dome of the heavens.

A sensation of death enveloped Long Chen. No matter how he resisted, he couldn’t get away.

A black saber-image slashed into the dragon scale. The saber-image instantly exploded, but thanks to it, the suction force decreased, and Long Chen managed to pull out of the region of the azure dragon reverse scale.

Long Chen’s heart was pounding, and he was pale. His upper body was a mangled mess, and his bones were covered in tiny cracks, looking like they might shatter at any moment.

“Hmph, you deserve it. Now you’ll listen when I speak!” Evilmoon’s voice rang out, containing a hint of mockery. It was quite satisfied to see Long Chen suffer after not listening to it.

“Fine, I should have listened to you. I deserve it.” Long Chen nodded. Taking one glance back at the quiet dragon scale floating at the bottom of the sea, he swam back up.

He activated the flying boat and began rushing back to the Eastern Wasteland. He healed using the primal chaos bead.

“Evilmoon, how many realms does a true dragon have? How is the second realm already so powerful?” The image of the huge white dragon tearing through the heavens with its claw had been truly shocking.

“I don’t want to talk about the true dragons. All you need to know is that even with your power and control over lightning, trying to subdue it before reaching the Life Star realm would be purely courting death,” said Evilmoon.

Every time Long Chen asked anything about the true dragon race or why the evil dragon race had betrayed the dragon race, Evilmoon would shut its mouth and refuse to say a word.

“The Life Star realm… That’s too far.”

Long Chen sighed. With his current cultivation speed, he didn’t know how many years it would take to reach the Life Star realm.

After reaching the tenth Heavenstage of the Jade Core realm, his cultivation base had essentially stopped advancing. He had run out of the useful medicinal pills from Pill Valley, and now, no matter how many pills he consumed, his cultivation base didn’t increase. That wasn’t because he had been slacking, but because the amount of energy required to advance to the next level was ridiculous.

As he sped through the sea, no sea demons stopped him. He quickly arrived at the storm region.

Seeing that, Long Chen felt a wave of emotion. He had finally returned to the Eastern Wasteland.

He didn’t slow down. Using the flying boat’s powerful defenses, he tore straight through the storm zone.

After going through, he quickly saw a stretch of land. That familiar scene made him feel homesick.

Slightly correcting his direction, his flying boat sped off. In just an hour, he put it away and took out his lightning wings. After half an incense stick’s worth of time, he arrived at a small village.

Seeing this village, Long Chen’s heart pounded. His divine sense swept through it, but he didn’t find any aura of his parents or sister.

“Have they already been captured?” Long Chen’s expression changed.

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