Chapter 1516 Failure to Subdue (Teaser)

At that time, someone had come up with a plan to not calculate Long Chen’s position, but to calculate which sects or powers that were about to be destroyed within the Eastern Xuan Region.

Pill Valley had given them a list of sects that had attacked Long Chen within the Eastern Xuan City. By calculating the fate of those sects, it was possible to determine which one would be Long Chen’s next stop.

In the end, they had really ended up calculating that the next one to be destroyed would be the Sha family. But the calculations were muddled, and it was impossible to confirm anything for sure.

Then after calculating the lines of fate of the other sects, they found that those sects wouldn’t be destroyed in a short time, so they confirmed that Long Chen’s next target would be the Sha family.

That was why Pill Valley had gathered its forces and laid a secret trap at the Sha family, lying in wait for Long Chen.

Being unaware of this, Long Chen thought that Heavenly...

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