Chapter 1515 Divine Orders

“He got away?”

Within a large palace, the vice palace master of the Flame Divine Palace had his head lowered. He was silent, not daring to speak. There were over ten other elders present, and they were all shocked.

At the highest position of the palace was a throne. A middle-aged man was sitting on top of it; his eyes closed in thought.

This middle-aged man was Pill Valley’s master, Yu Xiaoyun. At this point, his eyes were closed after hearing the vice palace master’s report. It was unknown what he was thinking.

Beside Yu Xiaoyun stood a beautiful woman. She was Pill Valley’s top beauty, as well as their top genius, the Pill Fairy, Yu Qingxuan.

At this time, Yu Qingxuan had a complicated expression. She didn’t know why her father had invited her here, but after listening to the vice palace master’s report, she couldn’t help feeling a bit helpless. However, she didn’t say anything.

“What is your Flame Divine Palace worth if you couldn’t even catch Long Chen with that many people, that many divine items, and even the Brahma Divine Diagram? You’ve lost the face of Pill Valley,” said a Grand Elder frostily.

“The Flame Divine Palace is getting worse and worse. The eighteen divine guards weren’t able to capture Long San. Eighteen late Life Star experts, and you still didn’t manage to capture him. Now even the vice palace master was unable to capture Long Chen even with that many divine items. If it were me, I wouldn’t even have the face to return,” added another Elder.

If Long Chen was present, he’d definitely be very surprised. These two Elders were actually from the radical faction and the conservative faction respectively. They were in tune now against the Flame Divine Palace.

“All of you, stop placing blame. It isn’t the vice palace master’s fault. I saw everything that happened through the Brahma Divine Diagram. That Long Chen’s extremely strange. Not only does he possess that evil weapon, but he also took out another powerful divine item at a critical moment. If my memory is correct, that divine item might be the Heaven Flipping Divine Brick whose name shook the land during the dark era. It is also called the Heaven Flipping Seal.” Yu Xiaoyun waved his hand, suppressing their mocking and grumbling.

“The Heaven Flipping Seal? Didn’t it meet its end in the dark era along with the Heaven Flipping Venerate?” Another Elder let out a startled cry. The Heaven Flipping Seal’s name was familiar to him as well.

“The Heaven Flipping Venerate died, but there are no records of what happened to the Heaven Flipping Seal. People simply assumed it was destroyed, but there was no proof to back it up. Looking at the history of the continent, the only one to use a cyan brick as a weapon was the Heaven Flipping Venerate. Most likely, the only cyan brick that could possess that much power is the Heaven Flipping Seal,” said Yu Xiaoyun.

Everyone was shocked. The Heaven Flipping Seal was a very well-known existence amongst divine items. Its power was extremely great. How could Long Chen have obtained another terrifying treasure?

“This Long Chen’s luck is heaven-defying! He has countless secrets, and he even obtained the second volume of the Nirvana Scripture. We have to capture him alive and can’t let him fall into other people’s hands,” said a Grand Elder.

Long Chen had so many secrets that it made them uneasy. Just Evilmoon and the Heaven Flipping Seal were enough to entice countless people, and Pill Valley was no exception.

“Are we capturing Long Chen because he slaughtered the people on his own side or because he possesses priceless treasures?” The silent Pill Fairy finally spoke, but as soon as she did, everyone else was embarrassed.

“Cough, of course it’s because Long Chen is an evil sinner. We are doing this to remove a disaster for the common people and protect the peace of the continent. If such a terrifying weapon was left in the hands of Long Chen, it would be a disaster for the continent. We are both punishing an evildoer and protecting the innocent. That is our duty,” said an Elder with great righteousness.

The Pill Fairy smiled. That smile was indescribably odd. It was so strange that everyone present felt a slight burning sensation in their faces.

“Alright, I’ve been informed. Elder Tong Li, go take a trip to Heavenly Fate Island again. I’ll leave this matter to you,” said Yu Xiaoyun.

The Elder Tong Li was the one who had righteously answered the Pill Fairy’s question.

“The others can go and handle your own business.” Yu Xiaoyun waved his hand, and everyone retreated, leaving behind only himself and the Pill Fairy, father and daughter.

The Pill Fairy stared at the empty space within the grand palace. Her eyes stared absently, and it was unknown what she was thinking. Yu Xiaoyun also seemed to be lost in thought. The drop of a single pin could be heard in the palace.

“Do you want to tell me what you think?” Finally, it was Yu Xiaoyun who broke the silence.

The Pill Fairy shook her head. “What I think isn’t important. I can’t change your decision. I feel like a fool.”

“Oh? What are you talking about?” asked Yu Xiaoyun.

If Long Chen was present, he would definitely find it strange. The Pill Fairy had always been full of reverence for her father.

As for Yu Xiaoyun, he felt sorry for his daughter for not being there for her. The two of them loved each other, yet their tone now was very strange.

“I always thought that Pill Valley was this world’s sacred and holy land. I didn’t expect it to be a place filled with hidden rot and corruption. Every person here is a hypocrite. Before, everything I saw was just what others wanted me to see. But one day I saw him. He was like a mirror, showing me how twisted Pill Valley was.”

The Pill Fairy’s voice shuddered lightly as she was unable to fully control her emotions. She continued, “I almost can’t believe that what I’m seeing is true. Now you tell me that the conservative and the radical faction were nothing more than a pretense, while everything was under your control. Everything the radical faction did was tacitly accepted by you. I really can’t understand why you would do this. Are you really trying to gain control of this entire world?”

Yu Xiaoyun slowly stood and walked until he was facing the Pill Fairy. He felt somewhat guilty as he said, “Qingxuan, I didn’t trick you on purpose. This is simply reality. Now that you’re older, you need to face reality. Pill Valley doesn’t belong to us, but to God Brahma and God Daynight. Everything I do is following their divine orders.”

“Divine orders?”

“Correct. So don’t blame your father. You’ve grown up, and your Empyrean manifestation is already showing signs of awakening. You are the divine emissary decided by the gods, so I have no way to let you continue living a carefree life. I can only let you see reality. Perhaps it’s a bit cruel, but you would have to face it sooner or later. Hence, showing you these things is just a kind of preparation,” sighed Yu Xiaoyun.

“Dad, what is going on? I don’t understand.” The Pill Fairy was still confused.

“All you need to know is that you are your father’s daughter. I definitely won’t harm you, and if anyone tries to do so, I will put my life on the line to protect you. However, you need to learn about this world’s rules. They are very cruel, but they must be followed. No one can resist them.” Yu Xiaoyun gently touched his daughter’s cheek helplessly.

“Go back into seclusion. Once you fully awaken your Empyrean manifestation, you will receive the divine orders as well. You’ll understand everything at that time.”

Yu Xiaoyun waved his hand, and runes enveloped the Pill Fairy. In spite of her expression which said that she wished to keep talking, he forcibly sent her away.

The Pill Fairy vanished, leaving behind only Yu Xiaoyun. In the large palace, he appeared very lonely.

Yu Xiaoyun looked around and sighed, muttering to himself, “The divine orders say that a new era is about to descend. This is the best era but also the worst era. Whether it will be a blessing or a disaster, no one knows!”

A single flying boat rapidly sped across the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring. It was going in a straight line and was causing large waves to surge.

Long Chen couldn’t be bothered with the dangers of the sea. He pushed the flying boat’s speed to its peak. He didn’t care if he drew the attention of the sea demons. He had to return to the Eastern Wasteland as quickly as possible.

Long Chen knew his own weakness, and others knew it as well. The Xuantian Dao Sect had vanished. Of the other powers that were related to him, the Huayun Sect was an existence no one dared to touch, and the Wine God Palace was such an existence as well. As for the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, they were a bunch of fighting madmen. No one wanted to provoke them, because that was provoking death.

Now, the only ones that they could use to threaten him were his father and mother in the Eastern Wasteland. This was his weakest point right now. If his parents were captured, his enemies would have truly caught him.

His father, his mother, and his sister were holed up in a secluded mountain. Only he knew their position. It was a secret no one else knew.

Now, Heavenly Fate Island had been thrown into the mix. With their abilities, it would be easy for them to calculate the position of his parents. So he had to rush back as quickly as possible.

Hopefully, he’d make it in time and they would still be safe. Despite being a warrior of a hundred battles, Long Chen was still very worried.

He was unable to understand how they had managed to calculate where he would be for this trap. According to reason, a divine item like Evilmoon was more than capable of screening itself from the heavens.

Back then, Li Tianxuan had done the same thing with the Reincarnation Mirror, blocking others from being able to read the lines of fate of the Xuantian Dao Sect. That had resulted in Xuan Jizi miscalculating and resulted in the Corrupt path being dealt a vicious blow on Devil Spirit Mountain.

For existences on the level of Evilmoon, others wouldn’t possibly be able to calculate anything about it or him. But somehow they had, and Long Chen had almost lost his life.

That made him feel a sense of danger. What he didn’t know was that when Heavenly Fate Island received a request from Pill Valley’s master to calculate his position, that grandmaster had ended up exploding as soon as he tried.

There had been no warning at all. That had frightened all their people, as they had never encountered such a thing. That grandmaster had been a Life Star expert skilled in reading the heavens, but he had met with a terrifying backlash and was killed without the slightest ability to resist.

At that time, Heavenly Fate Island had declared that they wouldn’t calculate anything about him no matter what. He was such a fearful figure that just calculating anything about him resulted in a karmic backlash. No matter what Pill Valley said, they refused.

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