Chapter 1514 True Cooperation

Endless darkness descended and that familiar voice appeared once more. Long Chen felt himself to be drifting within the endless cosmos, with time and space frozen.

“I can sense you once more.” The ancient voice rang out.

Long Chen didn’t say anything. He had already gotten used to this. Even if he spoke, the other side wouldn’t hear him. He couldn’t be bothered any longer.

“Although I don’t know where you are, I can sense your existence. However, the barrier between the ten planar worlds is weakening, and spacetime is chaotic. It’s difficult for me to transmit my voice to you. Perhaps you’ve already gotten tired of hearing this, but let me repeat myself: time is running out. If you cannot grow up before the ten planar worlds are destroyed, everything will be over.”

The endless darkness faded and Long Chen opened his eyes. Rubbing his face, he self-mockingly said, “I can’t even look after myself right now. How am I supposed to look after the ten planar worlds? What a joke.”

This voice had first appeared in the Phoenix Cry Empire. But even now, he didn’t understand what it was saying.

Each time, the voice said time was running out. But so what? What did it have to do with him? He was busy struggling on the border of death himself and couldn’t bother with that.

Sometimes, he even suspected the voice had gotten the wrong person. Perhaps it had gotten mixed up with someone else called Long Chen?

Suddenly, his spiritual space shook. The Heaven Flipping Seal appeared in front of him, and it unleashed waves of cyan light that enveloped him.

“Thank you. If it hadn’t been for you, I’d have been doomed.” Long Chen patted the Heaven Flipping Seal gratefully.

This time had truly been too dangerous. If the Heaven Flipping Seal hadn’t woken at the right time, he would be dead.

If he had to die, then fine. But falling into their hands would mean death would become something very luxurious for him. They would definitely make him live a life worse than death.

The Heaven Flipping Seal’s cyan light revolved around him. It was like a child trying to hug him.

Its item-spirit was created by Long Chen, and it had a great dependence on him. There was no need to doubt its loyalty. Otherwise, a divine item wouldn’t allow its divine energy to be sucked away by another.

“The quality of this brick is good. It’s a very decent half-step divine item. However, its original item-spirit died, and the new item-spirit doesn’t understand how to use its power. It can only be used to blindly smash others,” said Evilmoon.

“Then it’ll be up to you.” Long Chen smiled.

“Up to me? You couldn’t possibly expect…”

“Of course. Teach the Heaven Flipping Seal how to use its power. Only you’re capable of that, so it’s up to you.”

“Why would I bother teaching it? I don’t have the patience.” Evilmoon directly refused.

“You will teach it. If you want to get stronger, if you want your seal to be undone, if you want to return to your former glory, you’ll have to depend on it,” said Long Chen confidently.

Although he didn’t fully understand divine items, he had learned much during this time. For the safety of the master, as well as the safety of this world, divine items had to be restricted. Otherwise, if a divine item were to betray its master, it might destroy this entire world.

However, the Heaven Flipping Seal was different. Long Chen hadn’t placed any restrictions on the Heaven Flipping Seal when creating its item-spirit.

Other divine items had a trace of their spirits controlled by someone. Once the divine item went out of control, destroying that trace of spirit would destroy the item-spirit. This was the contractual binding on divine items.

Divine items were just too powerful. If they betrayed their masters, they could bring about an apocalypse. But Long Chen hadn’t done the same to the Heaven Flipping Seal.

The Heaven Flipping Seal had no restrictions and was capable of fully unleashing all of its power, which resulted in such a terrifying force.

It was just that it still didn’t know how to use its power; otherwise, its first attack wouldn’t have killed just one person. It was very likely that other than Qi Yunao who was in possession of the powerful Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff, all the others would have died to it.

That was why Evilmoon had cursed it for being stupid. If Long Chen had simply allowed it to blindly smash its opponents, they wouldn’t have been able to get away.

However, while not restricting it gave it greater power, it also was extremely dangerous. If one day the Heaven Flipping Seal wanted to leave Long Chen, without any restriction, Long Chen wouldn’t be able to stop it. He might even be killed by it.

The reason other people’s divine items weren’t able to unleash their true power wasn’t because they weren’t strong enough, but because they were restricted. Their power was under the control of Life Star experts, and because Life Star experts weren’t strong enough, they were only able to unleash a portion of that power. If they tried using power beyond their control, there would be a danger to their own lives.

Furthermore, due to this restriction, and a portion of their spirit being under someone else’s control, the intelligence of those divine items was restricted. They would be like children and wouldn’t have many thoughts about wanting freedom.

Although this limited their power, it was safe. As a result, practically all divine items were like this.

This included Evilmoon. A trace of its spirit had been extracted by Sovereign Yun Shang and sealed. If Long Chen didn’t undo its seal, its spirit would never return to a complete state, and it would never reach its peak again.

The Sovereign blood hadn’t just sealed Evilmoon’s power, but it was also the key to Long Chen being able to control it. Although Long Chen had a deal with Evilmoon, the initiative was still in Long Chen’s control.

“What do you mean?” demanded Evilmoon frostily.

“I don’t mean anything in particular. I’m not threatening you. You know my character, and you know I disdain doing such a thing. It’s simply that helping the Heaven Flipping Seal is also helping yourself. Once I’m strong enough, I will undo the seal and return your freedom,” said Long Chen.

“Really?” Evilmoon’s voice quivered slightly.

“I disdain lying. I can return your freedom, but you’ll need to promise me not to bring disaster to the Martial Heaven Continent. You can simply return to wherever you came from,” said Long Chen.

“You’re not tricking me?” demanded Evilmoon.

“There’s no need for me to do that. You might be strong, but you aren’t even able to defeat a Sovereign. You won’t be able to stay with me for long,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“What is that supposed to mean? Are you abandoning me because I’m useless?!” raged Evilmoon.

“You’re too sensitive. I’m not looking down on you. It’s just that my goal is to surpass the Sovereigns. This is Sovereign Yun Shang’s expectations for me. If I am not able to surpass the Sovereigns, I’ll die sooner or later. There are still many things for me to do, so I want to live. And to live, I have to get stronger,” said Long Chen solemnly, as well as with some chilling killing intent.

It wasn’t that he was vicious, but that this world was simply forcing him to be like this. If he wasn’t vicious enough, he wouldn’t be able to live. Today, he was bluntly expressing his attitude to Evilmon. He hoped they could cooperate fully.

He truly did need a powerful helper. He was alone, while his enemies were too powerful.

Evilmoon was silent for a long time before it said, “Fine, I’ll trust you once. I will help you with my full abilities. But you must return my freedom to me when the time comes. If you dare to trick me, I’ll sacrifice my soul to unleash the ancient evil dragon curse on you.”

Long Chen smiled slightly. “Don’t worry, I’m not such a person. We aren’t suited to tricking others, right?”

“Fine, then we can cooperate fully. I trust someone that Yun Shang favors won’t be too useless,” said Evilmoon.

Long Chen was much more at ease now. Evilmoon might belong to the evil dragon race, and while it possessed its sinister and bloodthirsty nature, Long Chen also felt it to possess the pride of the dragon race. Once it decided on something, it wouldn’t change its mind so easily. It wasn’t likely to betray him in that manner.

“Evilmoon, according to your predictions, how long will it take for the Heaven Flipping Seal to control its power and become our trump card?” asked Long Chen.

“It’s like a child right now. It’ll take a long time for it to learn how to control its power. Furthermore, although its item-spirit is complete, it hasn’t activated many of its runes. What it used was only the remnant divine runes from before its original item-spirit died. After that one ridiculous attack as well as helping me break out of the Brahma Divine Diagram’s seal, it doesn’t even have a tenth of its divine energy. It’s not able to help temporarily,” said Evilmoon.


Long Chen was stunned. He had originally been hoping for the Heaven Flipping Seal to become his trump card during this time. So this was quite the blow.

Unfortunately it was also very normal. The Heaven Flipping Seal was a very powerful half-step divine item and was even stronger than the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff. But it would need to slowly activate its divine runes and gain control of them before being able to unleash its true potential.

“Fine, then I’ll leave it to you. Don’t be too vicious,” said Long Chen with a warning. He didn’t want the Heaven Flipping Seal to be scarred by Evilmoon’s teaching.

As expected, the Heaven Flipping Seal’s item-spirit was a bit afraid of Evilmoon. Long Chen had to comfort it before he sent it and Evilmoon into his spiritual space.

Having formed a true promise of cooperation between himself and Evilmoon, Long Chen wasn’t so defensive toward it. He allowed it into his spiritual space. He could oversee everything there and make sure Evilmoon didn’t treat the Heaven Flipping Seal too badly.

Evilmoon controlled its temper as best as it could as it tried to teach the Heaven Flipping Seal how to control its divine energy. The Heaven Flipping Seal nervously received its lessons.

After arranging this, Long Chen sank into thought. Suddenly, his expression changed.

Would Heavenly Fate Island target his parents who were hidden in the Eastern Wasteland?

When he thought of this, he immediately became uneasy. Taking out a flying boat, he determined his orientation and rushed off toward the east.

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