Chapter 1514 True Cooperation (Teaser)

Endless darkness descended and that familiar voice appeared once more. Long Chen felt himself to be drifting within the endless cosmos, with time and space frozen.

“I can sense you once more.” The ancient voice rang out.

Long Chen didn’t say anything. He had already gotten used to this. Even if he spoke, the other side wouldn’t hear him. He couldn’t be bothered any longer.

“Although I don’t know where you are, I can sense your existence. However, the barrier between the ten planar worlds is weakening, and spacetime is chaotic. It’s difficult for me to transmit my voice to you. Perhaps you’ve already gotten tired of hearing this, but let me repeat myself: time is running out. If you cannot grow up before the ten planar worlds are destroyed, everything will be over.”

The endless darkness faded and Long Chen opened his eyes. Rubbing his face, he self-mockingly said, “I can’t even look after myself right now. How am I supposed to look after the ten planar worlds? What a joke.”

This voice had first appeared in the Phoenix Cry Empire. But even...

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