Chapter 1513 The Might of the Heaven Flipping Seal


Three divine items fell toward Long Chen at the same time. Sha Guangyan, Peng Wansheng, and Ye Qingkuang’s expressions were all twisted. Only by personally killing Long Chen could they wipe away their humiliation.

Long Chen had exhausted almost all of his spiritual yuan. His final trace of energy was only enough to drag one of them with him.

Evilmoon was currently attacking the barrier, but it wasn’t succeeding. Although it had some energy left, it would be useless against this many experts and divine items.

Just as Long Chen thought that he was about to die, an intense fluctuation came from his mind-sea.

A cyan light enveloped Long Chen, forming a thick barrier.

The three divine items smashed into the barrier, emitting blinding light. A powerful explosion sent Sha Guangyan, Peng Wansheng, and Ye Qingkuang tumbling back, their arms almost breaking.


Everyone looked in shock to see a cyan brick slowly revolving around Long Chen. The cyan light was coming from the brick, protecting Long Chen.

“The Heaven Flipping Seal?”

Long Chen was ecstatic. He hadn’t expected the Heaven Flipping Seal to awaken at such a time.

The Heaven Flipping Seal had been in slumber ever since he had used the Alldevil monster’s soul essence to create a new item-spirit. It had been nourished in his spiritual space the entire time.

It was like a newborn who viewed Long Chen as a father. Seeing Long Chen injured, it unleashed terrifying divine might that spread like furious ocean waves.

The Heaven Flipping Seal suddenly grew explosively, becoming thirty thousand meters long as it smashed toward the experts.

“Block it together!” The huge brick smashed down with such frightening power that Qi Yunao and the others’ expressions all changed. All their divine items activated, and their attacks rained down on the Heaven Flipping Seal.

Shockingly, all their attacks exploded on contact with the Heaven Flipping Seal. It continued falling mercilessly.

They scattered in terror, but one elder dodged too slowly. The Heaven Flipping seal smashed him to dust. His divine item was fine, but his Yuan Spirit was annihilated.

Long Chen was surprised and delighted by the Heaven Flipping Seal’s power. He was just about to direct the Heaven Flipping Seal to kill all these people when an angry roar came from Evilmoon.

“Hurry and stop it! It doesn’t know how to use the power of its divine runes. If it attacks again, it’ll use up all its energy! Have it come back and give me its divine energy. We’ll smash this barrier together.”

The Heaven Flipping Seal’s item-spirit was like a newborn and didn’t know how to control itself. It was simply using its anger to randomly strike with its power. That was wasting the majority of its power.

Long Chen hadn’t realized that, but Evilmoon was well aware of it. The Heaven Flipping Seal was like a powerful child. It had immense power, but no idea how to properly use it.

Ninety percent of the energy in its attack had been wasted, causing Evilmoon to want to curse. If Long Chen allowed the Heaven Flipping Seal to attack again, it would use up all its energy and would only be able to kill a few of these people. That was useless.

If it used up all its energy, then they really would be doomed.

“Heaven Flipping Seal, get back here!” Long Chen beckoned, and the Heaven Flipping Seal obediently returned. It shrank and transformed into a cyan light that returned to his hand.

Long Chen’s soul was intimately connected to the Heaven Flipping Seal. He directly ordered it to transfer its divine energy to Evilmoon.

The Heaven Flipping Seal didn’t hesitate when it came to Long Chen’s orders. Its runes lit up, and a pillar of light shot into Evilmoon.

“What the fuck, will this even work? It's wasting all its energy! I can’t even absorb half of it!” cursed Evilmoon.

“Stop cursing. The Heaven Flipping Seal is still a child and doesn’t know how to use its energy,” said Long Chen.

“Fine. I’ll absorb it myself. Tell it not to resist. If all its energy is wasted like this, I won’t be able to break this barrier.”

Evilmoon’s black runes lit up, and a huge saber-image appeared. The Heaven Flipping Seal quivered as it felt a powerful force absorb its energy.

It instinctively resisted, but that instinct was suppressed by Long Chen. Divine energy poured toward Evilmoon.

Having obtained the Heaven Flipping Seal’s power, Evilmoon’s two dragon images lit up. The roaring of a dragon could vaguely be heard.


The huge saber-image slashed into the huge barrier. Space exploded as the laws of heaven and earth were shattered.

The sky suddenly shattered like ice, and a huge hole appeared.

Long Chen was delighted to see that hole, but Qi Yunao and the others’ expressions completely changed.

“Stop him!” roared Qi Yunao. He coughed up another mouthful of blood onto the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff, launching the first attack.

Even he was too late. The instant the barrier broke, the black saber-image shrank and pulled in Long Chen.

As for the others, they were dumbfounded that Evilmoon had broken the barrier. They only reacted once Long Chen vanished.

“I’ll remember everything you’ve done for me today!”

Long Chen’s figure vanished, but his voice still hung in the air.

“Damnit! He actually got away!” Qi Yunao stabbed the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff into the ground and let out a furious bellow. This meticulous plan they had been preparing for so long had still failed.

The other experts looked at each other, all seeing each other’s fear. Long Chen would definitely get his revenge for this.

Other than Qi Yunao, the others had powerful families or sects. On the other hand, Long Chen didn’t have anything to cause him any misgivings. He didn’t fear anyone. Now it seemed they might have doomed themselves. Who knew when Long Chen’s revenge would come?

Thinking of Long Chen’s viciousness, his heaven-shaking combat power, and his bottomless trump cards, they all felt a chill.

“Vice palace master, you should hurry and contact Heavenly Fate Island to calculate Long Chen’s next position. Otherwise, we’ll be forced to live in constant fear,” sighed an elder. He regretted coming now, but regret was useless.

The vice palace master waved his hand, and the world changed. They reappeared outside the Sha family’s city after he put away the Brahma Divine Diagram.

His expression was extremely unsightly. Even with the Brahma Divine Diagram, Long Chen had gotten away.

That cyan brick in his possession was absolutely terrifying. Furthermore, he felt like he had heard of it from somewhere, but he wasn’t able to remember.

The thing that made him the most uneasy was that Long Chen could use the second volume of the Nirvana Scripture, and when he used it, even the Brahma Divine Diagram felt uneasy and afraid.

The vice palace master could also use the second volume of the Nirvana Scripture. The scripture was the same and the rhythm of the chanting was identical, but when Long Chen used it, he felt an innate feeling of reverence. That made him feel extremely uneasy.

Long Chen had too many secrets. Previously, he had heard that Long Chen knew the first volume of the Nirvana Scripture, but he had never heard that Long Chen could use the second volume. Where had he managed to learn it?

“Vice palace master…” Seeing the vice palace master silently standing there with a dark expression, someone finally called out.

“What? What did you just say?” The vice palace master finally came out of his thoughts.

“I said you should go alert Heavenly Fate Island to calculate Long Chen’s next position. We should kill him now while he’s still heavily injured. Otherwise, none of us will be able to rest easy,” repeated that elder.

The vice palace master bitterly smiled. “Heavenly Fate Island’s people are too arrogant. I’m not qualified to speak to them. In truth, their help this time was thanks to the valley master personally asking, or Heavenly Fate Island wouldn’t have bothered with us. Alright, I’ll go report to the valley master. Long Chen must be eliminated.”

“If Long Chen takes revenge during this time, we…” said the elder worriedly.

“Don’t worry, Long Chen will be frightened by this experience. He’ll definitely hide for a while. Furthermore, the valley master has his own arrangements. We just need to wait for his orders. I’ll be leaving first.” The vice palace master didn’t give anyone a chance to argue before leaving.

Staring in the direction he went, the other people’s expressions became unsightly. Long Chen was too vicious. None of them could handle his revenge.

Unfortunately he had already escaped, and there was nothing to say. They could only place their hopes on Pill Valley.

Each day during this time would be like torture as they waited for Long Chen to come to their doors.

The void crumbled, and Long Chen fell from the sky. He saw stars spinning around him, and he fainted.

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