Chapter 1512 All Trump Cards Exhausted

Lei Long and Huo Long roared, their voices shaking everyone’s ears. When they appeared, all the experts’ expressions changed.

“Five-color tribulation lightning?!”

“Heaven Incinerating Flame?!”

They were all experienced top experts. As they recognized the origin of the lightning dragon and flame dragon, they hastily switched from offense to defense.


Lei Long and Huo Long crashed through them and suddenly exploded. Their huge power blew all those experts away.

They were all shocked. Even with divine items protecting them, they felt their blood flipping inside their bodies. If they hadn’t had divine items, they would have at least lost a layer of skin, if not their lives.

“Sha Guangyan, Peng Wansheng, Ye Qingkuang, watch out! Long Chen wants to kill you!” One of the experts suddenly let out a startled cry.

Within the sky full of exploding runes, a single figure was using them as cover to approach the three of them.

“Long Chen, do you think we’re easy to bully? Die!”

Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng sneered, while Ye Qingkuang roared furiously. The three of them extended their hands, and three divine items that had been in other people’s hands suddenly appeared in their grasp.

With three divine items and their primal chaos manifestations surging, they attacked Long Chen.



The full power of three Empyreans erupted. The instant their attacks were about to smash into Long Chen, an explosive sound rang out in the distance.

Someone was coughing up blood and flying back, startling everyone.

“The vice palace master!” The one coughing up blood was the Divine Flame Palace’s vice palace master. One of his arms had been slashed off.

Just at this moment, everyone realized that the Long Chen that Sha Guangyan, Peng Wansheng, and Ye Qingkuang had attacked was nothing more than a flame clone.

“It’s a trick!” Only now did everyone react. Long Chen’s target wasn’t the Empyreans but the vice palace master.

The vice palace master was busy maintaining this space, and he had no other divine items to protect himself.

“Protect the vice palace master!” They believed that if the vice palace master was slain, the Brahma Divine Scripture would no longer be able to hold Long Chen. Then their whole enterprise would end in failure.

Just as they reacted, a huge saber-image appeared, slashing down with boundless killing intent. “Split the Heavens 5!”

The vice palace master was pale. If this attack struck him, he’d be turned to dust. Long Chen was too fast and didn’t give him any chance to breathe.

The vice palace master hastily waved his hand, and ripples appeared in space. This world shook as a huge barrier appeared around him.

This was a defense created by the Brahma Divine Scripture. It had been this barrier that had also saved his life from Long Chen’s first attack.

However, this barrier instantly shattered when Long Chen’s terrifying attack struck it. The saber-image struck the vice palace master, causing him to wildly cough up blood. His body almost exploded, and he fainted. Long Chen was delighted and hastily shot forward, reaching for his neck.

It seemed that the vice palace master was unable to fully bring out the Brahma Divine Diagram’s power and was only capable of capturing people inside this space. If he was able to use its full power, he would become the absolute ruler of this space, capable of killing anyone with just a thought.

As long as Long Chen could capture the vice palace master, he’d have gained a divine protective talisman and instantly reverse the tide.

“Scram!” Just as Long Chen was about to reach his goal, a magical staff appeared in front of him. It was Qi Yunao. Qi Yunao had recovered from Long Chen’s first assault, and he suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood onto the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff.

Divine light formed a large cross-shaped shield in front of Qi Yunao and the vice palace master.


Long Chen slammed into the shield and shot back like a shooting star. Popping sounds came from his bones as they almost shattered.

“Damnit!” Long Chen cursed inside. Everything had depended on this, but now his plans were ruined by Qi Yunao.

Having consecutively used the fifth form of Split the Heavens and the Double Dragon Destruction, he had used up the majority of his spiritual yuan. He was no longer in his peak state and wouldn’t be able to create a second chance to capture the vice palace master.

“Attack together!” Sha Guangyan roared. He sensed that Long Chen’s power was starting to drop after unleashing three of his strongest moves. This was their best chance to kill him.

“You want to kill me? It’ll cost you your life. Lightning Spirit Explosion!”

A huge lightning sphere appeared in Long Chen’s hands. He pressed down on it with brute force, and the destructive power exploded. Five-colored lightning shot out in every direction.

“This is five-colored tribulation lightning. Quick, come and protect me!”

Sha Guangyan, Peng Wansheng, and Ye Qingkuang’s elders shouted out. They no longer had a divine item to protect themselves, and they were terrified of this lightning. This was annihilation lightning, and even if it didn’t immediately kill them, once it invaded their bodies, it would be extremely difficult to expel. No one wanted to be infected by something much more terrifying than poison.

Perhaps Empyreans would be able to slowly expel it, but Celestials were not capable of that, not even rank nine Celestials.

Sha Guangyan, Peng Wansheng, and Ye Qingkuang hastily flew back to their elders, protecting them from the lightning.

Everyone was using their divine items to protect themselves. Thunderous rumbling rang out, but they weren’t injured.

However, they were still shaken. They couldn't imagine that a single person would be able to control this much terrifying lightning. This five-colored lightning had filled this world. It was practically endless.

Within this endless lightning and thunder, divine chanting suddenly appeared. Long Chen was chanting up in the sky, and a huge flame sphere was growing in his hand.

This was the Brahma Divine Diagram’s world, but as he chanted, space became unsteady.

“This is the second volume of the Nirvana Scripture! How can he know it?!” The vice palace master recovered thanks to Qi Yunao’s protection, and hearing this chanting, he cried out in shock.

The first volume was offered to any disciple of the Pill Towers to learn, but the second volume of the Nirvana Scripture was something only the core disciples of Pill Valley could learn. Each disciple who had cultivated it was recorded. It was not allowed to be transmitted at all.

Somehow this was actually the second volume of the Nirvana Scripture. There was no mistaking it. The Brahma Divine Scripture was actually giving off a feeling of fear, shocking the vice palace master.

The flame sphere in Long Chen’s hand rapidly grew. It became a thirty-thousand-meter star blazing with light. Space was crumbling around it. That sight was horrifying.

The world shuddered, and cracks began to appear. The vice palace master hastily formed hand seals. Sweat covered his back. He begged, “Senior, please, you can’t let him out! Please hold on just a bit longer!”

He was begging the item-spirit of the Brahma Divine Diagram. It actually told him that it wanted to release Long Chen. But if that happened, they wouldn’t be able to kill him.

The Brahma Divine Diagram was uneasy. When Long Chen began chanting the Nirvana Scripture, it felt a kind of sacred aura around him that made it afraid.

“Attack together! Kill Long Chen!” shouted the vice palace master.

At this time, everyone recovered from their shock. Divine light began to shine from each of their weapons.

“Star Fall!”

Long Chen’s face was pale and he was breathing heavily. The huge sphere in his hand shot down.

The sphere was like a star, a star about to reach the end of its life and explode. A sensation of death spread as everyone’s attacks struck it.

Endless destructive power erupted. Ripples of death spread throughout every corner of this world.

The void exploded over and over again. Chaos reigned and a whirlwind of destruction unfurled.

Long Chen was covered in black qi. This was the protective domain that Evilmoon had created to protect him.

Evilmoon’s two dragon images lit up, and a huge saber-image struck the sky. Countless cracks appeared in the sky, but they quickly recovered and vanished.

“How regretful, it’s still not enough. Just a bit more and we’d have been able to get out. This Brahma Divine Diagram really is hard to deal with,” sighed Evilmoon.

Just now, the explosion of Star Fall had weakened the barrier of this world, and Evilmoon had taken that chance to attack it. However, it still wasn’t enough to break out.

“It’s fine. If we can’t get away, we’ll just pick off a few of them.”

Within this torrent of destructive runes, Long Chen saw a vague figure. Not caring who it was, he slashed his saber down.


A miserable scream rang out as that expert blew apart, but Long Chen also coughed up a mouthful of blood. He felt the world spinning around him and he almost collapsed.

“Long Chen, face your death!”

Just at this moment, three figures charged at him, wielding divine items.

“Fuck, why is their luck so good?” Long Chen didn’t have any more energy. He was filled with unwillingness. The three of them were actually Sha Guangyan, Peng Wansheng, and Ye Qingkuang. The person he had killed was just some random expert.

Just as Long Chen thought that his death was certain today, a fierce fluctuation came from his mind-sea.

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