Chapter 1511 Brahma Divine Diagram

Such precise calculations were probably something only Heavenly Fate Island was capable of. But Long Chen couldn’t be sure that it was them, so he only brought up fortune-telling. However, their shock was his answer.

Back then, Xuan Jizi had found trouble for Long Chen multiple times with his despicable means. In the end, he and the Pill Fairy had killed Xuan Jizi in Pill Valley.

Because Xuan Jizi had been abandoned by Heavenly Fate Island, Long Chen hadn’t found any trouble for Heavenly Fate Island. Once Xuan Jizi died, Long Chen had let that matter go. But while he didn’t go find trouble for Heavenly Fate Island, Heavenly Fate Island ended up helping Long Chen’s enemies scheme against him.

Now Long Chen was infuriated. Fine, if they wanted to play, he would play!

Looking at the experts in the sky, Long Chen was overflowing with battle intent. Evilmoon was on his shoulder.

“Long Chen, I’d advise you to go quietly with me back to Pill Valley. The valley master will deal with you. That’s your only chance of living,” said the Flame Divine Palace’s vice palace master.

“Hahaha!” Long Chen laughed. “If I went quietly, I wouldn’t be Long Chen. Since I dared to destroy your Pill Tower, I never had any intention of turning back. Your Pill Valley might like to consider yourselves the upholders of justice in this world, while you actually use despicable means and a monopoly over medicinal pills to control the world. You act neutral, while you secretly stretch your hands throughout the continent, sowing chaos with the intent of controlling everyone. Don’t think that no one knows that you were the ones who secretly destroyed the Xuantian Dao Sect.”

Long Chen found himself feeling more and more hatred for Pill Valley. From the start, he had suspected that the Xuantian Dao Sect’s destruction had been related to Pill Valley. Even if they hadn’t personally attacked, they had to have been part of the plot. Otherwise, who would dare to destroy a supreme sect so brazenly? Then Li Tianxuan had sent him a message through the Huayun Sect that had confirmed his guess.

“Long Chen, don’t spout nonsense. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s destruction was done by the Corrupt path. It was part of the conflict between the Righteous and Corrupt paths. However, you went berserk and wrongly released your fury on the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect. You’ve committed uncountable atrocities, but you still dare to slander others?!” shouted the vice palace master.

“Fuck your mother. Old ghost, do you dare to swear to the heavens that you didn’t participate in the attack against the Xuantian Dao Sect?” cursed Long Chen, his voice ringing like thunder in the air.

“Hmph, why would I waste my time convincing someone about to die? How childish,” snorted the vice palace master.

“Sanctimonious hypocrites are the most hateful. You scheme against others in the dark and then feign righteous indignation when they get their revenge in the open. Since you want to kill me, then just come. I promise to pull a few of you old ghosts with me.” Long Chen pointed Evilmoon at them, and an unstoppable will surged out along with chilling killing intent.

“Long Chen, you destroyed my Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect. Today, I’ll definitely kill you!”

Qi Yunao was the first to charge out. His Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff unleashed its divine might, and he used it as a spear, stabbing it at Long Chen. Considering his hatred for him, Qi Yunao immediately launched his sharpest killing blow.

“There are too many of them. We have to run,” said Evilmoon. Black qi poured out of it, condensing into a huge saber-image.


A collision of divine items shook heaven and earth. Divine might filled the world, and blinding light drowned out of the sun.

After blocking the attack, black light surged out of Evilmoon and enveloped Long Chen. It shot toward the sky, wanting to bring Long Chen away.

“Want to run now? Stop dreaming.”

Suddenly, the vice palace master took out a diagram. The world shifted. Endless stars filled heaven and earth, completely sealing this space.

“The Brahma Divine Diagram?!” Fury appeared in Long Chen’s eyes. That diagram was Pill Valley’s divine item.

The Brahma Divine Diagram was a priceless treasure, and the information about it was limited to legend. Practically, no one in the current era had ever seen it.

It had completely sealed this space in the diagram’s own world. There was nowhere to run.

“Now we’re in trouble. That diagram possesses the will of a god. It’s a true divine item, and after being nourished by endless faith energy, it’s extremely powerful. Although this person is unable to bring out its full power, I’m currently too weak to break its seal,” said Evilmoon. Its voice contained a hint of vexation.

Long Chen cursed inside. This trap was truly well-laid, as all Long Chen’s trump cards had been calculated in. Clearly, the vice palace master had brought out the Brahma Divine Scripture specifically to handle Evilmoon.

“Let’s see where you can run to this time! The Brahma Divine Scripture is even more powerful than your Xuantian Dao Sect’s Xuantian Tower! You’re definitely dead, so why bother struggling?” shouted the vice palace master.

“Of course it’s stronger than the Xuantian Tower, or how could the Xuantian Tower be forced to flee into the chaotic space between worlds?” sneered Long Chen.

When Long Chen said this, the vice palace master’s expression twitched, but it quickly returned to normal. “Long Chen, don’t bother trying to infuriate me. I won’t quibble with someone about to die.”

Long Chen cursed again. Even now, when he was forced into this trap of definite death, the vice palace master refused to admit anything.

Although Li Tianxuan had said that Pill Valley had participated, Long Chen didn’t know the details. But at the very least, this little test revealed just how terrifying the Brahma Divine Scripture was. It was what had forced the Xuantian Tower to flee into chaotic space.

“Is there really no way to escape?” asked Long Chen.

“Your only chance is to capture that fellow and use his life as a hostage. Otherwise, even if you killed him, this space has already been formed, and it won’t let us out even if he dies,” said Evilmoon a bit helplessly.

“Long Chen, hand over your life!”

Suddenly, divine light blazed. Qi Yunao was attacking once more with the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff.

“Why don’t you fuck off? Split the Heavens 5!”

Long Chen’s divine ring surged behind him. A huge black saber-image slashed down.

Five stars appeared in Long Chen’s eyes, and green dragon scales covered his body. Long Chen unleashed all his power.

Before, Long Chen was forced to slowly increase his power in battle. First, he would activate the divine ring, then the Five Star Battle Armor, and then the Green Dragon Battle Armor.

It wasn’t for showing off, but that if he didn’t have this warm-up process, instantly raising his power to the peak would be a great burden to his body.

Yet now, having reached the eighth star transformation, his body had strengthened to the point that he didn’t need to worry about that. Moreover, Qi Yunao’s twisted expression enraged Long Chen.

Qi Yunao acted like he was a victim when he had been one of the main factors that destroyed the Xuantian Dao Sect. Although Li Tianxuan was still alive, he refused to come out. Something must have happened to the Xuantian Tower, or he would be the first one to come out and defend Long Chen.

Qi Yunao’s appearance had fully infuriated Long Chen. He wanted to kill him right now.

The huge saber-image contained an unstoppable will as it slashed down. That huge power shocked Qi Yunao, and he hastily switched to defense. However, he was still sent flying. Half his body exploded, and he almost died.

That shocked everyone, but then when they thought about it, they also felt that Qi Yunao was truly stupid. He was the first to charge at Long Chen with his weak physical body.

Maybe Qi Yunao wanted to kill Long Chen too badly, or maybe he felt that Long Chen was a turtle caught in a jar, unable to resist.

However, he had forgotten that Long Chen was not a turtle. He was a dragon, a berserk dragon. Anyone who got close would be risking their life.

“Die!” After almost killing Qi Yunao, Long Chen attacked again.

“Long Chen, don’t be so arrogant!” The other experts immediately activated their weapons, attacking Long Chen.

Long Chen was blown away by their combined might. He coughed up blood. In front of this many experts, he was outmatched.

“Kill him!” An elder raised his sword. He charged at Long Chen, his sword unleashing divine light.

“If you want to kill me, we’ll have to see if you have that ability.” Long Chen sneered and slashed Evilmoon out. An explosive sound shook everyone’s ears as that elder was blown away. He wasn’t a match for Long Chen in terms of power.

If he hadn’t had a divine item to block a portion of Long Chen’s power, he’d have been killed. He coughed up blood, shocked.

That shock quickly transformed into killing intent. Such a person definitely couldn’t be left alive.

Long Chen had just sent the first one flying when the others blew him away again. He coughed up blood, but in that instant, he formed some rapid hand seals.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

A golden flame dragon and a five-colored lightning dragon roared into existence, causing everyone’s expressions to change.

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