Chapter 1511 Brahma Divine Diagram (Teaser)

Such precise calculations were probably something only Heavenly Fate Island was capable of. But Long Chen couldn’t be sure that it was them, so he only brought up fortune-telling. However, their shock was his answer.

Back then, Xuan Jizi had found trouble for Long Chen multiple times with his despicable means. In the end, he and the Pill Fairy had killed Xuan Jizi in Pill Valley.

Because Xuan Jizi had been abandoned by Heavenly Fate Island, Long Chen hadn’t found any trouble for Heavenly Fate Island. Once Xuan Jizi died, Long Chen had let that matter go. But while he didn’t go find trouble for Heavenly Fate Island, Heavenly Fate Island ended up helping Long Chen’s enemies scheme against him.

Now Long Chen was infuriated. Fine, if they wanted to play, he would play!

Looking at the experts in the sky, Long Chen was overflowing with battle intent. Evilmoon was on his shoulder.

“Long Chen, I’d advise you to go quietly with me...

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