Chapter 1510 Falling Into a Trap

The ancient family alliance was composed of all the powerful ancient families. Their inheritance stretched back all the way into the ancient era.

After the battle of the immortal era, the majority of the powerful families at that time were destroyed, and only a small portion survived.

Then after experiencing successive dark eras, the ancient families declined and were whittled down by the flow of time.

After the last dark era, the Martial Heaven Continent became filled with strife and internal conflict. The battle between the Righteous and Corrupt paths in particular grew to a greater intensity. The flames of battle spread throughout the continent.

The ancient families that were on the verge of fading out of existence finally banded together, forming the ancient family alliance to jointly face their enemies.

These enemies weren’t people they had offended. These enemies were people greedy for the powerful foundations and wealth of the ancient families.

Anything that came from the ancient era had to have powerful origins. Some ancient inheritances or secret tomes were enough to make anyone envious.

If these ancient families hadn’t banded together, both the Corrupt path and the Righteous path would pose a great danger to them.

After the ancient family alliance formed, they began fighting alongside the Righteous path against the Corrupt path.

That was because before they formed their alliance, it had been the Corrupt path who had launched several sneak attacks on them, snatching their wealth as well as their secret arts.

It was because the Corrupt path was the main offender that they ended up planting the seed of hatred. Although the ancient family alliance couldn’t count as a member of the Righteous path, they would always stand on their side as soon as it came to standing against the Corrupt path.

It was thanks to the Righteous path and the ancient family alliance joining hands that the Corrupt path, which had been growing in power, was finally suppressed again. They could only hide in the dark and secretly raise their power.

After the ancient family alliance was formed, the ancient families finally had a measure of safety and began to rapidly grow. After all, although they had declined, they had powerful foundations and inheritances. It was just that they didn’t reveal them for fear of drawing killers.

In the end, after so many years of development, the ancient families grew stronger. Now some powerful families were finally revealed.

The Sha family was one of those. Back when the ancient family alliance was first formed, they were an extremely unremarkable family.

However, in the last few centuries, the effects of their powerful foundation were brought to bear. They actually possessed a divine item that maintained their karmic luck.

Back then they had been extremely weak and focused entirely on growing unnoticed. Once they were powerful enough to be fearless, they began to show their power. All those powers that had once offended the Sha family had to pay miserable prices. Even five of the ancient families were destroyed by them.

Those five ancient families had once bullied and kept the Sha family down. But now the Sha family had grown to the point that they were one of the top three ancient families in the Eastern Xuan Region.

The other two were well established as the top powers, but the Sha family’s rise ruined their original board. It now became a three-way deadlock. It could be seen how powerful the Sha family had grown.

Giving rise to an Empyrean in the form of Sha Guangyan in particular had set the Sha family’s rise in stone. They had been prepared to shake the Eastern Xuan Region.

Unfortunately, Sha Guangyan, who had been supposed to rise to glory, had only just released a bit of light before he was beaten down from the heavens.

This beating dumbfounded the Sha family. This beating had been given to them by Long Chen in the Spirit World. It was such a strong beating that the Sha family was seeing stars.

Their peerless genius Sha Guangyan had been defeated, and extremely miserably at that. Not only had he lost to Long Chen, but Leng Yueyan had cut off one of his arms as well. It was practically an insult to the entire Sha family.

When they heard that Long Chen had appeared in the Eastern Xuan City, the Sha family’s master had directly gone out with Sha Guangyan and their divine item to kill Long Chen, wiping away their humiliation.

Yet, that plan had also been ruined by Long Chen. Three Empyreans had still been miserably defeated, and if it hadn’t been for the heavenly tribulation locking onto Long Chen in the end, the three of them would definitely have been killed.

Most depressing of all, even when three experts on the same level as their family master had joined hands with divine items to seal Long Chen, he had still gotten away. That slap in the face was too resounding.

The Sha family was located in an ancient city within the Eastern Xuan Region. The surroundings were filled with rising and falling mountains, and everything within tens of thousands of miles was the Sha family’s territory.

On this day, a person appeared within the mountains and stealthily approached the city. It was Long Chen.

Long Chen had two targets. One was Peng Wansheng and the other was Sha Guangyan. But after considering things, he had chosen Sha Guangyan.

That was because the Sha family was located in a rather remote area. There weren’t any powerful forces nearby that could reinforce them. All the ancient families had their own territories.

As for the ancient races, because they didn’t like mixing with the human race, they gathered in their own region, far away from them.

The Sha family had to be rich and not just in money. Their heaven and earth divine spring had to contain a great amount of karmic luck, or they wouldn’t be able to give rise to an Empyrean.

However, when he got closer to the Sha family’s city gates, Long Chen suddenly felt a slight sense of unease.

“Something’s wrong.”

Long Chen’s heart suddenly shook. He saw that the Sha family was bustling with people coming and going like everything was normal.

It was because it was so natural that he felt something was off. During this period, he had been getting vengeance on many powers, and they had all locked their doors for fear of his arrival. For the Sha family to be acting normal meant that something was amiss.

The longer he observed them, the more uneasy he felt.

“Long Chen, leave. We’ve been caught in an ambush. I sense the auras of several divine items,” warned Evilmoon just as Long Chen was hesitating over whether he should advance or retreat.

Hearing that, Long Chen hesitated no longer and rapidly retreated.

“Hahaha, since you’ve come, don’t think about leaving!” Thunderous laughter rang out, and divine light exploded in the sky.

A golden light shot toward Long Chen. Without even thinking about it, Long Chen slashed Evilmoon at it.

Black light came from Evilmoon, and when the two lights collided, a powerful explosion blew Long Chen back. His arms tingled.

“Long Chen, I’ve finally caught you! This time, I’ll make sure to kill you in the most painful way possible!” A chilling voice rang out.

“Qi Yunao.”

The golden light faded, and Long Chen finally managed to see who had attacked him. When Long Chen saw his opponent, his heart sank slightly.

It was the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s Qi Yunao. His face was twisted with hatred and rancor, and he was holding the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff.

“Long Chen, you were really brazen to attack the Pill Tower. Now let’s see where you can run,” Pill Valley’s vice palace master spoke, his voice blazing with killing intent.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, since you’ve come to my Sha family as a guest, I have to treat you with the right hospitality. I feel like there’s no need to say any unnecessary words to someone about to die a very miserable death.”

Long Chen recognized the elder that had just spoken. He was the elder who had come with Sha Guangyan to the Eastern Xuan City. He was the head of the Sha family. Sha Guangyan was standing beside him, smiling maliciously at Long Chen.

“Long Chen, even if you grew wings, you wouldn’t be able to get away!” What Long Chen found surprising was that Peng Wansheng was also present, as well as the elder from back then.

Ye Qingkuang and his master were also here. The two of them were just coldly staring at Long Chen and didn’t say anything. Perhaps it was because everything they had to say had already been said by the others, so they simply chose to keep their mouths shut.

Other than them, five other elders were floating in the air, looking at him like prey.

“Looks like you’ve been waiting for a long time.” Long Chen smiled indifferently.

His face was calm, but large waves were raging in his heart. He couldn’t understand how they had known he would attack the Sha family.

He hadn’t told anyone after he had decided to attack the Sha family. No one had known.

There were plenty of targets he could have attacked. Furthermore, he had just attacked the Pill Tower. Considering the huge waves, people should have assumed he’d go into hiding until things died down a bit.

Even if people were able to correctly guess that he would brave this danger anyways, how could they guess his target would be the Sha family of all things?

Even if someone had guessed he would attack the Sha family, how could they be so sure? There was no way so many experts were here by coincidence. They had clearly been fully prepared and sure that he would attack the Sha family.

Even Peng Wansheng and his elder had come. That proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that they had known he would attack the Sha family. That was what shocked Long Chen the most. However, he didn’t display that shock.

The head of the Sha family laughed, “Haha, Long Chen, I’m impressed that you can stay so calm in the face of death. Your guts are quite big. Who would have thought that you would attack my Sha family in this kind of situation? If it hadn’t been for-”

“Cough, there’s no need to say that much. Long Chen, are you going to come willingly with us, or do we need to use force?” demanded the vice palace master, cutting off his words.

Long Chen narrowed his eyes. The head of the Sha family had been about to expose a clue. A name suddenly surfaced in his mind.

“If it hadn’t been for the support of some heaven-peering arts, you would have never imagined such a thing, is that right?”

A touch of shock appeared on everyone’s faces. Long Chen clenched his fists. Another enemy was courting death.

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