Chapter 151 Acting Commander

“I might have a way for us to obtain the Jade Butterfly Honey.” Long Chen’s hoarse voice broke the silence.

Everyone was startled and turned to look at him. That man who had patted Long Chen on the shoulder before asked, “Wei San, why is your voice so rough?”

Long Chen’s heart shook. Apparently, this fellow had assumed that he was one of his underlings and he was much more at ease. He hastily said, “I was stung once just now. It was too painful and now my throat is sore.”

There was someone who immediately followed up, “Of course! My leg was stung, and it was incredibly painful.”

His voice was even rougher. Perhaps those people, who had continued screaming the entire time until they were knocked unconscious, wouldn’t even be able to speak after waking up.

There was no way around it. That kind of pain was something that could only be understood after experiencing it. Stronger will was useless. Only crazily shouting was able to relieve some of that sensation of pain, otherwise, they would go crazy.

Qi Xin waved his hand, cutting off everyone’s words. Turning to Long Chen, he asked, “Your name is Wei San?”


“Tell me your method. If it really allows us to obtain the honey, I’ll definitely give you top merit and you’ll get many benefits,” encouraged Qi Xin.

“Actually, this method is extremely simple. The Jade Butterfly Bees would be infuriated by fire, but smoke will pacify them, causing them to enter a sleepy state and lose most of the stinging instinct,” Long Chen continued with his hoarse voice.

He was actually a bit nervous that Qi Xin would recognize his voice, but it seemed Qi Xin had focused all of his attention on the Jade Butterfly Bees and wasn’t paying attention to his voice.

Furthermore, that person had called Long Chen Wei San, so of course he wouldn’t be suspicious. He was more interested in whether Long Chen’s method would be effective.

“Just this?” Qi Xin was a bit doubtful.

“It should be fine. I remember that when farmers take honey from bees, they all use this kind of method.” That man who was familiar with ‘Wei San’ also spoke out.

“Ok, then let’s try it.” Qi Xin nodded. 

“Boss Qi, what do we do with these people?” Someone pointed to the unconscious members.

“Useless things. That first person who killed the bee, when he wakes up, tell him to get lost. Just leave one person here to watch over them. Let’s go.” Qi Xin scolded and brought the rest of them stealthily back to the Jade Butterfly Bees again.

Having the experience of that intense pain, people no longer dared to be the slightest bit careless. Everyone was completely focused.

“How will we attack them with smoke?” Qi Xin asked Long Chen.

Currently, Qi Xin treated Long Chen like a trusted aide, causing many people to feel jealous. That kid’s luck really was too good. All he came up with was some random idea, and he was now viewed so importantly.

“To guarantee our safety, we’ll withdraw a few hundred meters. Then we’ll find several trees with high moisture content. Those trees give off the most smoke. Everyone will fan the flames and send the smoke in the direction of the beehive. We’ll probably see an effect within an hour,” said Long Chen.

“Ok, we’ll listen to you then. I’m handing this matter to you to handle. All of you come over. Do whatever Wei San asks you to do!” Qi Xin looked over everyone.

Long Chen laughed inside. He was promoted so quickly. “You, you, and you, go chop those trees. Remember, they have to be alive. The more leaves, the better.

“You huge blockhead, what are you just standing there for? Go gather some kindling for starting the fire. Otherwise, we might not be able to ignite those fresh leaves.

“As for the rest, go find some huge palm-leaf fans. There are so many shrubs here, I don’t think it’ll be too hard.

“Remember we’re one team, not individuals working for ourselves. We’ll unite our efforts for a common purpose, to help boss Qi obtain the honey. Does anyone not have confidence?” In the end, Long Chen was shouting with his hoarse voice.

Those people all rolled their eyes. As soon as this brat obtained an opportunity, he immediately began borrowing Qi Xin’s power to order them around. But they also didn’t dare retort because Qi Xin was present. Even if it was acting, they still had to follow through. But inside they cursed this Wei San.


“I can’t hear you! Do you have confidence?!” shouted Long Chen.


Everyone was infuriated. Long Chen truly knew how to play his part as a low status person suddenly gaining power. They all furiously replied to him.

Qi Xin nodded, actually feeling that this Wei San truly had a couple of tricks up his sleeve. With just a few words, he had harmonized the atmosphere so well. That was definitely a skillful person worthy of being put in an important position.

However, what Qi Xin didn’t seem to be aware of was that while everyone’s thoughts had harmonized, the atmosphere was anger, not encouragement. 

But in any case, they had no choice but to follow Long Chen’s orders. Furthermore, they even had to work properly. That was difficult for these geniuses who had lived like princes.

“Hey, what are you doing?! I asked you to get firewood. What are you doing bringing this withered wood over? We need thin pieces to start the fire! Without the kindling, how are you planning on starting the fire?!

“And you, we haven’t even started the fire yet, so what are you doing putting the logs here? Do you know how to start a fire? And you…”

Long Chen majestically criticized everyone. It went without saying that with Qi Xin present, no matter what he shouted, none of them dared refuse.

Long Chen suddenly remembered the person who had patted his shoulders. Wasn’t he also the one who had ordered him to kneel and apologize to his brother?

Because everyone was wearing helmets, he hadn’t realized that until now. But having heard his voice this much, he had suddenly realized why it was familiar.

“You, start the fire.” Long Chen tapped him on the shoulder.

That person’s expression immediately changed. This brat was truly excessive. No matter what, he was one of Qi Xin’s close, competent followers. But now he was ordered around like this.

Unfortunately, he still couldn’t show any anger at this time. He clearly knew that that would irritate Qi Xin. So he could only swallow his anger.

But he swore to himself that once this matter was over, he would definitely give this Wei San a proper beating and teach him how to conduct himself.

A large fire now burned brightly. Long Chen ordered others to throw on the fresh branches, causing a burst of smoke.

“Start fanning the flames!”

Following Long Chen’s order, everyone obediently began using the palm-leaf fans. With dozens of people fanning the flames, especially since they were Blood Condensation experts, the wind they formed was extremely great.

Billows of smoke enveloped the beehive. Long Chen continuously ordered people to throw on new branches to maintain the smoke.

A quarter hour later, the buzzing gradually became quieter. There were fewer and fewer Jade Butterfly Bees flying around.

“It’s effective!” Qi Xin was delighted. This proved Long Chen’s method was correct.

“Should we go over now?” Qi Xin asked.

Long Chen shook his head. “Not yet. We have to wait at least a full hour before those Jade Butterfly Bees completely lose consciousness from the smoke. If you want to be completely safe, it’d be best to keep smoking them for two hours.”

“Ok, then we’ll be cautious and continue for two hours.” Qi Xin completely trusted Long Chen now. He almost felt as if the honey was already his.

After a full two hours, their group stealthily approached the beehive. The ground was covered with Jade Butterfly Bees that were constantly squirming, but they seemed to have been confused by the smoke and didn’t attack anyone.

“Let’s go take a look at the beehive.”

Qi Xin brought everyone over, already filled with delight.

“Boss Qi, perhaps there might still be some danger within the beehive. Let us probe it first,” said that competent aide of Qi Xin’s hastily.

Being ordered around by Long Chen, he had long since become infuriated. Now he had a good chance so he wouldn’t let it slip by. He refused to allow Wei San to become Qi Xin’s favorite.

He immediately rushed over into the beehive. As soon as he did, there were immediately a dozen smarter people who also followed.

Long Chen merely sneered. He didn’t say anything, simply staying behind Qi Xin and slowly walking forward with him.

When Long Chen and the rest of them were still thirty meters away, suddenly, startled cries could be heard from within the beehive along with banging noises.

Everyone jumped. Looking forward, they saw that everyone who had run into the beehive was now fleeing for their lives.

A wave of qi exploded out as someone took out a saber and slashed it down, but that person was the one knocked back instead.

Four huge creatures crawled out of the beehive. On their backs were three-meter-long jade butterfly wings.

“Its Jade Butterfly Queen Bees!”

Qi Xin was both startled and delighted. With that shape and aura, it meant the Queen Bees had already advanced to become second rank Magical Beasts. That also meant there was a high probability that there would be Jade Butterfly Queen Bee Honey within the beehive.

“Everyone attack to bring down the Jade Butterfly Queen Bees!” shouted Qi Xin.

Those Queen Bees were extremely powerful, and their bodies were as hard as iron. As everyone attacked, their blades only caused some sparks to shoot out when they collided with their bodies. They were unable to cause any real injuries.

“Use Battle Skills!” Seeing that their ordinary attacks were useless, Qi Xin once more shouted.

Everyone’s auras exploded. Rays of light shot towards the Jade Butterfly Queen Bees.

It went without saying that although these disciples were all completely spoiled by their powerful families, their strengths were still extremely shocking.

Those four Jade Butterfly Queen Bees were no longer able to endure. Under everyone’s attacks, they were immediately crushed.

Their deaths excited everyone. Qi Xin laughed heartily. Stepping forward, he walked directly into the beehive.

Currently, the ordinary Jade Butterfly Bees were already unable to move while the Queen Bees had been killed. Now was the time to check his spoils of war.

Everyone here was smart enough to know that only Qi Xin could take the lead position this time. No one would fight with him for the limelight

“Wei San, you really were impressive today.” Qi Xin’s competent aide walked up to Long Chen icily.

“It was alright. Do you have a complaint?” Long Chen shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

“Kid, you only just joined the faction, while we are all senior members. Check your privilege or you won’t have a good time in the future,” he said icily.

Quite a few people had taken off their helmets at this time. Hearing him scold Long Chen, they all disdainfully nodded.

“Kid, don’t think a brief success can allow you to be arrogant. Let me tell you, arrogance has a price.”

“You think just one bright idea can let you crawl atop our heads? Keep dreaming.”

Everyone disdainfully glared at Long Chen. That suppressed anger from before could now finally be released.

Long Chen smiled at this group of people, not saying anything. He had no need to place these minor characters into his eyes. He was still waiting.


The ground shook so hard that everyone almost collapsed to the ground. A terrifying aura was starting to rise.

“Hehe, it’s finally here.” Long Chen smiled.

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