Chapter 1509 Terrifying Others

A cold light flashed, and in that instant, the world shook. The red-robed man’s spear was unleashing divine light, but it was cut off by the cold light.

The red-robed man, who had been about to break through space, suddenly had his head leave his body. His head was caught by a small hand.

Up in the air, the girl was calmly standing there with a head in her grasp. Her expression was calm as if what she held was something unspeakably minor.

But everyone, including the other two Empyreans, was shocked. This girl was absolutely terrifying. They hadn’t even seen what she had done to cut off the red-robed man’s head.

The red-robed man looked at his body that was falling to the ground. He cried out in terror, “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me!”

His head was caught in the girl’s hand. Although the Heavenly Daos still protected him, preventing him from dying, there was no way he could resist if the girl tried to kill him. In the face of death, he was afraid. In his terror, he begged for mercy.

The girl ignored him. She said to Bloodkill 1, “With your power, even if it wasn’t an assassination, you had a thirty percent chance of killing him. But you were too confident and gave him a chance to get away. You’ve violated the Killing God’s teachings. You should know what to do.”

Everyone’s hearts shook as they looked at the terrifying Bloodkill 1.

Bloodkill 1’s expression was solemn as he nodded. He suddenly took out a blood-colored dagger.

The dagger had countless barbs on it that made it look exceptionally sinister. Furthermore, there was a blue light coming from the barbs. It was definitely poisoned.

Shockingly, Bloodkill 1 stabbed himself in the chest with the dagger.

When he pulled it out, blood spurted. The barbs all had his flesh caught in them. It was like a beast had taken a big bite out of his body.

He then stabbed himself again twice, for a total of three times, leaving large and horrifying holes in his body.

His face was twisted in pain. Everyone was shocked, not knowing what was happening. Just now, Bloodkill 1 had injured the red-robed man in one move, showing his great power. But why did he have to mutilate himself just because of one sentence from that girl?

“No matter how high your cultivation base, no matter how strong you are, you have to remember your status. You are an assassin, and an assassin can’t make mistakes. Unless there comes a day when you surpass the Killing God, you cannot betray the Killing God’s teachings. Understood?” The girl didn’t have the slightest emotion on her tender face nor in her voice.


Bloodkill 1 nodded, but his face was shuddering from how much pain he was in. Clearly, that dagger was not ordinary.

“Please, spare me! I know I was wrong, I…” The red-robed man begged for mercy.

He now realized just how vicious this group of people was. He was filled with regret that he had ever provoked them.

The girl tossed his head to Bloodkill 1. Bloodkill 1 produced a hook, piercing it through the red-robed man’s jaw and out his nose, sealing his mouth. He could no longer cry out, and the pain made his eyes bulge.

This scene gave everyone chills. Although they hadn’t experienced the same thing, just the sight of it was unbearable.

The Bloodkill Hall was vicious. Not only were they vicious to others, but they were also vicious to their own people. Although it was noon and the sun was still high in the sky, everyone was shivering.

“Don’t worry, we won’t kill you. Each life has a value, and the Bloodkill Hall never wastes life. Just wait for your sect to pay the ransom for you,” said Bloodkill 1 coldly.

He then tossed the head to one of the people behind him. They had long since collected the red-robed man’s headless body, as well as his spear.

This spear was a divine item, but Bloodkill 1 hadn’t been at a disadvantage when he had been fighting against it. But most shocking of all was that this divine item didn’t even try to flee. It just obediently allowed itself to be brought over.

The girl slowly began to walk down the street once more. There were no fluctuations coming from her body, and it was like she was an ordinary girl. She appeared cute and lovable.

If they hadn’t personally witnessed it, no one would believe that this seemingly innocent girl was actually so terrifying.

Bloodkill 1 had been so powerful that he had injured the red-robed man in one move and forced him into desperate straits in three moves, forcing him to flee.

As for the girl, she was even more terrifying. No one had even seen what she had done. But somehow, she had broken the seal the divine item had created to sever the red-robed man’s head. She then made Bloodkill 1 punish himself for his failure.

The girl was walking once more, with Bloodkill 1 behind her and the others behind him. They were holding the red-robed man’s head and body, obediently following without a word.

No one dared to make a sound within the entire Eastern Xuan City. They only watched as they advanced. It was a bizarre sight.

Last time, Long Chen had walked along this road, completely domineering and unstoppable.

And now, the girl was also walking down the same path. No one dared to make a sound.

Both of them had been so shocking and breathtaking. Only once the girl had reached the end of the street and gradually faded from their sight did everyone feel a stone fall from their hearts.

These terrifying assassins could take someone’s life at any moment. Even Empyreans wouldn’t be able to protect themselves.

The sword-bearing man and the veiled woman both felt a chill.

Now, in the Eastern Xuan Region’s junior generation, the most famous person was Long Chen.

If anyone defeated him, they would indisputably become the number one person of the Eastern Xuan Region. All these people had come here not because they had any enmity with Long Chen, but for that title.

However, these thoughts were blown away by what they had just seen. Bloodkill 1 had struck as quick as lightning and had been as ephemeral as the wind. He had been untouchable, and that was in an open battle. If it was an assassination, who would be able to block him?

Furthermore, that girl was even more terrifying. They weren’t able to see her move, and even a divine item’s transportation had been forcibly severed by her.

It had to be known that they were Empyreans, and their divine items had been given offerings for many generations. With their cultivation bases, the Empyreans were unable to use divine items, so the main purpose of having a divine item was to show off. However, even if they couldn’t unleash a divine item’s divine might, when they ran into danger, they could ask the divine item to bring them away. That made a divine item a life-saving talisman. It was also why they dared to come out like this.

However, that girl had severed the divine item’s transportation, which had turned their hearts cold. If you couldn’t beat her and couldn’t run away from her, then you were simply doomed.

“Long Chen is someone the Bloodkill Hall will be killing. The rest of you should go back to wherever you came from. With your power, you’re not qualified to challenge Long Chen.”

The girl’s voice floated over from the distance, causing the expressions of all the experts in the city to grow unsightly.

However, no one dared to retort, including the two Empyreans. Let alone that terrifying girl, just Bloodkill 1 wasn’t someone they could handle. Even if they were both Empyreans, there was a huge difference between them.

Zheng Wenlong’s heart was a bit heavy. Others might not know much about the Bloodkill Hall, but the Huayun Sect knew many of their secrets. That was because the two of them had some business cooperation.

“Should we warn Long Chen?” probed the elder beside Zheng Wenlong.

Zheng Wenlong shook his head. “The Bloodkill Hall and Long Chen are our clients. We can’t betray the rules.”

“We can do a vague warning,” said the elder.

Zheng Wenlong looked at him severely. “What men do, gods see. Gods can’t be tricked.”

The elder shook and he hastily apologized. This kind of thinking was a kind of blasphemy toward the Wealth God.

“Don’t worry about it. The god has arranged for everything. Our worrying is useless. What we need to do is calmly do what we need to do, and go in the direction the Wealth God is leading us,” said Zheng Wenlong. He knew the elder had good intentions, but there were some things that were too far out of line to do. That was what faith was.

Outside the Eastern Xuan City, at the center of the old battlefield, the girl stood there with her eyes closed, looking like she was sensing something. Her mouth was curled up slightly. It was probably a smile.

Bloodkill 1 and the other assassins were standing in the distance. They didn’t dare to disturb her. They also felt the remnant aura on this battlefield. They felt the powerful wills and berserk auras that hung in the air.

The girl stood in the center of the battlefield for a full day and night. On the next day, when the sun was slowly rising over the horizon, she finally opened her eyes. Looking at the sunrise, she smiled faintly. “You will always be you. No matter what you go through, you are always so warm. Perhaps in this entire world, you are the only thing that won’t change!”

After muttering to herself, she suddenly turned to Bloodkill 1 and the others. “We’re going back!”

“Going back? But what about Long Chen?” asked Bloodkill 1, stunned.

The girl shook her head. “He currently isn’t a match for me, and killing him is meaningless. I’ll wait for him to take his next step before killing him.”

“It doesn’t need to be you. I could also-”

“Oh?” The girl’s expression sank ever so slightly. “If you have any objections to my decisions, you can kill me with your weapon at any time.”

“I wouldn’t dare!” cried Bloodkill 1 hastily.

“Since you don’t dare, then you have to listen to my orders. Don’t worry that Long Chen might be killed by others and we won’t be able to wash away our humiliation. The Killing God has long since arranged for everything. He’s already given me his prophecy. He has ordered to wait until Long Chen is at his most dazzling in order to kill him,” said the girl.

“Great Killing God, please forgive this disciple’s foolishness!” Bloodkill 1 hastily bowed toward the sky in prayer.

“Let’s go.”

The girl led them away. Just before leaving, she took a profound look at the battlefield.

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