Chapter 1508 Bloodkill 1

Everyone’s hearts shook as soon as the red-robed man finished speaking. Just what origin did he have to dare to go against the Bloodkill Hall?

It had to be known that the Bloodkill Hall was the most difficult force to deal with within the entire Martial Heaven Continent. Some people would even prefer to offend Pill Valley than offend them.

That was because the Bloodkill Hall was a group of death gods. They were incredibly vicious, and when their vengeance came, it signified a sect would be slaughtered to the point that no life remained.

As for offending Pill Valley, it would usually just cause a sect to decline until it disbanded. At least, they would stay alive.

Zheng Wenlong shook his head when he heard the red-robed man open his mouth. An elder beside him sighed. “The Dream Blood Spirit Creek spent all their resources to raise an idiot like this?”

Both the elder and Zheng Wenlong were aware of this red-robed man’s origin.

The Dream Blood Spirit Creek was an extremely ancient sect that was almost completely cut off from the rest of the world. It was just like the Titan Sect. It had gone into hiding and endured for a long time before finally giving birth to an Empyrean. They wanted to make a resounding move that would shake the world and show their power.

“The Wealth God’s prophecy predicted that the Martial Heaven Continent would enter an era of rising geniuses. Could that era have come?”

The elder beside Zheng Wenlong looked at the red-robed man, the sword-wielding man, and the veiled woman, as well as the girl walking on the street.

Zheng Wenlong shook his head. “The era still hasn’t come yet. This is just a kind of omen. According to the Wealth God, when the geniuses rise and thousands of powers are revived, a leader must be born. The true great era will be able to give rise to a Sovereign. As for these Empyreans, they’re a long way from reaching that level. Currently, the Martial Heaven Continent’s qi flow is going through some subtle changes. Some sects that have been hidden for millennia are starting to move, giving birth to peak heavenly geniuses. This is the premonition that the great era is about to descend. But only once those ancient powers all awaken will we have truly entered the great era. There’s still some time before that. The water still needs to heat up a bit more before it boils over.”

The elder nodded. He suddenly looked at Zheng Wenlong. “You’ve managed to catch this era. Have you ever considered fighting for the peak as well? After all, it’s rare to be born in this era. The Martial Heaven Continent’s karmic luck is gathering onto you youngsters. Rank seven, rank eight, and rank nine Celestials are appearing in droves, and even Empyreans are appearing. That shows that this era will belong to you youngsters. With your devout faith in the Wealth God, you could easily ask to undergo the divine blessing. You would not be any bit inferior to these Empyreans.”

Zheng Wenlong smiled faintly. “To be in the same era as Long Chen is both fortunate and unfortunate. If I did choose to fight for the peak, it would be a kind of sorrow. But if I choose to comprehend the Business Dao, it’s a kind of blessing. Furthermore, I have no interest in fighting for the peak of the martial path. I rather like my business and constantly accumulating wealth. Using my wealth to change this world is the path I want to walk on. As for this little fellow, he’s about to run into a disaster. He’s already provoked the Bloodkill Hall. Do you see that girl? She’s very likely that legendary existence of the Bloodkill Hall. There will be a good show to watch.”

The elder hastily looked back to the Bloodkill Hall’s group. He saw that the girl had completely ignored the red-robed man’s insult and was still walking forward.

However, the people behind her all had angry expressions.

“He’s very irritating. I want to kill him,” said the handsome man behind the girl. It sounded like he was both talking to himself and asking the girl’s opinion.

“Of the ten commandments of the Bloodkill Hall, what are the first and ninth commandments?” asked the girl suddenly. Her voice sounded a bit immature, and yet it possessed unquestionable dignity.

“To guard against anger and to not attack without profit,” answered the handsome man.

“Your anger shows your cultivation is lacking. No one offered a price or assigned you a mission to kill him. To kill someone without that is against the Killing God’s directions. Each person can be killed, but each person’s life also has value. Only once you’ve determined that value can you kill them. That’s the true essence of assassination,” said the girl.

“Yes.” The man nodded and stopped speaking.

Although the two of them were not talking loudly, the entire street was silent with terror. Their voices clearly came through, and that made everyone’s expressions change. The girl was like a senior teaching a junior, which sounded funny.

The person she was lecturing kept saying he wanted to kill the red-robed man. That wasn’t funny. It was terrifying.

“Hahaha, you shameful fellows, you actually dare to spout such wild words? You’re going to make me laugh to death! Your Killing God’s statue was smashed by Long Chen and you couldn’t do a single thing! If your Killing God was still alive, he’d probably kill you himself!” laughed the red-robed man mockingly. He forced himself to do this. If he had simply accepted their words without saying anything, that would be admitting that he was afraid.

The girl’s footsteps paused. She slowly raised her head to look at the red-robed man.

When she raised her head, she revealed her face, evoking startled cries. She looked to be only thirteen or fourteen years old. She had bangs covering her forehead and two incredibly bright eyes. They were like the eyes of a child and seemed innocent. While she was still too young, she was beautiful enough to make other people forget how to breathe.

The most important thing was the indescribable air around her. It was like she was a god. Although she was beautiful, that beauty contained danger. It was a mix of beauty and slaughter, and it gave off very conflicting feelings.

“Originally, your name wasn’t on the Killing God’s list, but you just had to add yourself to it.” The girl shook her head with pity.

At that moment, the handsome man behind her vanished. When he reappeared, he was right beside the red-robed man. He was like a phantom, and a bright sword appeared in his hand, stabbing toward the red-robed man.

The red-robed man’s focus had been on the girl’s face, and he was caught off-guard. He hastily dodged, but a large cut still appeared on his body. Blood poured out. If he had been one step slower, he’d have been cut in two.

“If this was a hidden assassination, you’d have lost your life. How is an idiot like you qualified to mock others? Do you think you’re capable of blaspheming the Killing God?” sneered the handsome man.

When he had been behind the girl, it had felt like he was just an attendant. But as soon as he made a move, he shocked everyone.

“Who are you? State your name!” shouted the red-robed man. His manifestation appeared behind him, and he pointed his blood-colored spear at the handsome man.

The handsome man smiled slightly and raised a hand, revealing a tattoo on his arm. That tattoo was the number 1.

“Heavens, he’s Bloodkill 1?! He’s the strongest assassin of the Bloodkill Hall’s junior generation!”

“He’s not from the Eastern Xuan Region but the Central Xuan Region!”

The strongest assassins of each generation of the Bloodkill Hall were ranked by number. Furthermore, these assassins had to be young. Once they were older than fifty, their number would be erased.

As for Bloodkill 1, although no one had ever seen him before, they all knew that Bloodkill 1 was the strongest assassin of each generation of the Bloodkill Hall. 

He was a ghost that no one ever saw. He silently took people’s lives without them being capable of defending. Even if you were ten times stronger than him, he would still kill you. That was what inspired the most terror.

The sword-wielding man and the veiled woman were also shocked at this time. They both stood up.

“Three moves.”

Bloodkill 1 raised three fingers. He suddenly began to fade away.

Everyone was shocked. What kind of move was this? In clear sunlight, he suddenly vanished like this. They all felt a chill on their backs.

“Seal the Heavens, Lock the Earth, Blood Ripple!”

The red-robed man suddenly stabbed his spear into the air, and space shook. A blood-colored wave spread with him at the center, forming a powerful defense around him.

However, just as his defense formed, a sword appeared out of thin air and stabbed him in the ribs.

“You’re too slow. I’m already here, and you haven’t even finished your defense,” said Bloodkill 1 disdainfully.

The red-robed man was horrified. Just as the power in Bloodkill 1’s sword was about to erupt, blood runes appeared around his body.


His body exploded, but shockingly, that wasn’t his true body. Another body suddenly appeared in the distance.

Just at that moment, countless images of Bloodkill 1 appeared in the sky, charging at him.

The red-robed man’s spear launched a powerful attack, and spear-images filled the air, blocking them. But after just blocking two, his expression changed. Each of these images seemed like the real one. He felt like his death was certain.

“Just wait, I-”

The red-robed man suddenly activated the spear in his hand. It was a divine item, and he wanted to use its power to escape.

However, at that moment, a cold light split through the forbidden space he had created around him. His head was caught in a small hand.

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