Chapter 1507 Mysterious Girl

His voice was like a thunderous drum that shook the Eastern Xuan City, instantly breaking its silence.

“That’s already the third person.” People shook their heads.

During these days, many experts ran over here and declared that they were challenging Long Chen. But those people were all ignored. Not even rank nine Celestials were qualified to challenge Long Chen.

However, this man with the red robes had the power of the Heavenly Daos revolving around him, the power that made all Celestials feel suppressed. He was an Empyrean.

In just a few days, it was unknown how many experts had come out to say that they were challenging Long Chen. But all rank nine Celestials were simply ignored, and they later stopped. Many people directly cursed them and told them not to cause a ruckus just because they wanted to gain the fame of challenging Long Chen. If Long Chen really was here, they would be instantly killed in one blow. They only dared to shout because they knew he wouldn’t appear.

Before this, there had also been two other powerful Empyreans that had appeared and challenged Long Chen to a fight. They knew that this news would quickly spread through the Eastern Xuan Region, and Long Chen would also hear it.

However, their challenges were never answered. There wasn’t the slightest news from Long Chen.

Now another powerful expert had appeared. All the Eastern Xuan Region’s experts were searching for Long Chen, and everything boded ill for him.

“Long Chen, if you’re a man, you’ll come out and fight me! Don’t hide like a turtle in its shell!” shouted the man with the red robes.

“Long Chen’s a coward. He won’t dare to come out to face any challenges. Shouting over there is meaningless.” A cold voice rang out from the top floor of a restaurant.

That restaurant was extremely luxurious, and the top floor only had one table with one person.

This person was very tall and muscular. He had a sword on his back just as tall as he was. He gave off immense pressure just by sitting there.

He didn’t even look at the new challenger, but all the people in the city knew that he was the first Empyrean who had come to the city to challenge Long Chen. He had stayed on the highest floor of the restaurant the entire time, and no one had dared to get close to him.

“Just shouting once is enough. If you shout more, it’ll irritate others. If you have the power, then go pull Long Chen out instead of shouting here.”

A woman was sitting in the air on top of another tall building. Her face was covered with a black veil, but her voice was arrogant and icy. She was also an Empyrean, but most shocking of all was her viciousness. Several rank nine Celestials had come shouting to challenge Long Chen after she had arrived, and they had been slain by her.

Her reason was that she was testing whether or not they were qualified to challenge Long Chen. Of course, the results of her test were disappointing. They weren’t qualified and were unable to receive a single attack from her.

The man in the red robes looked at the two of them coldly and smiled. “That’s alright. When the time comes, I’ll be able to experience your skills.”

“Up to you.”


The large man and woman only gave an indifferent, brief reply. They clearly didn’t care about this man.

“I’ve taken a liking to this building. The people inside should scram if they don’t want to die.” The red-robed man pointed his spear at an extremely tall building.

There were originally two buildings that were the tallest within the Eastern Xuan City, but one had been destroyed by Long Chen, so the remaining one had become the absolute tallest.

This red-robed man was extremely arrogant and wanted to occupy the highest place to symbolize his position.

As soon as he said this, the man with the sword on his back suddenly sneered.

“If you dare to come in, I guarantee that let alone challenging Long Chen, you will never see him in your life.”

At this moment, an indifferent voice came from the highest level of the building. Zheng Wenlong appeared in front of it.

“Idiot, are your eyes blind? That’s the Huayun Sect’s stronghold in the Eastern Xuan Region. You actually wanted the people in there to scram or die? Haha, admirable,” sneered the large man.

The red-robed man’s expression immediately became extremely unsightly. His attempt at showing off ended up being a slap in his own face.

If he had to blame someone, he could only blame himself for being so arrogant that he didn’t even look at the mark on the building. The main gates weren’t on this side, so he had actually said something so bold.

“You can’t put it like that. The Pill Tower was originally as tall as the Huayun Sect’s stronghold. Long Chen destroyed the Pill Tower, so isn’t he trying to be a second Long Chen by destroying the Huayun Sect’s stronghold? I really do want to see that. I hope you won’t disappoint me,” said the veiled woman expectantly, but the ridicule in her voice could not be more obvious.

All the Eastern Xuan City’s people looked at the red-robed man with odd expressions. They saw that his originally white face was blushing fiercely.

Was this a joke? It had to be known that the building with the strongest defensive power within the entire city was this building.

It was different from the Pill Tower. The Pill Tower had Pill Valley behind it and no one dared to touch them. But the Huayun Sect was a business, and businessmen had to display their wealth. These were the Wealth God’s instructions.

This was the Business Dao. Businessmen had to be able to show that they had enough wealth so that others would feel they could trust them safely.

This building not only had a divine item within it, but there was also a formation composed of millions of divine runes. It was capable of both offense and defense. Anyone who dared to attack it would simply be courting death.

This was also why Zheng Wenlong hadn’t panicked when Ye Qingkuang had activated his tribulation back then. It was because he had the confidence to block the tribulation lightning, but the price would have been very high.

However, if this red-robed man were to attack, Zheng Wenlong definitely wouldn’t mind activating the formation to kill him instantly.

The red-robed man didn’t know what to do. He had slapped himself viciously in the face in front of countless experts. But he really didn’t dare to attack Zheng Wenlong.

“Sorry, can you let us through?”

Just as everyone was looking at the red-robed man with mocking smiles, a slightly immature voice rang out. At some unknown point, a new group of people had appeared on the streets.

There were a total of seven of them. The one at the front was a girl covered in a cloak that blocked most of her face. It only revealed her nose and her mouth.

She wasn’t tall and was a bit slim. Her skin was pure like jade. She had been the one to speak, and her voice was even a bit melodic. It was pleasant to listen to.

Behind her was a large, handsome man with long hair. He didn’t say a word as he followed her.

There were also five other men behind him in tight black robes, and none of them were releasing any aura. They looked like ordinary people.

The girl had been walking down the street when she ended up blocked by the people who had come out to watch the spectacle, so she asked them to let her through.

Quite a few people felt these people to be strange. There were plenty of people who wore black robes, but very few who wore such tight robes. 


When people probed their cultivation bases, their expressions instantly changed.

“They’re assassins from the Bloodkill Hall!”

Startled cries rang out. These people’s auras were concealed, but when people attempted to probe them, they sensed ice-cold killing intent. The only ones capable of such a thing were the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins.

After guessing their identity, everyone hastily opened up a path like they were fleeing from a demon.

The Bloodkill Hall’s assassins were reapers of life, and very few people ever got to see their true faces. Those who saw them died.

They never walked out in the sunlight, nor did they ever expose themselves in front of others. And yet, today, they had openly appeared here. They felt that was against the Bloodkill Hall’s Assassination Dao. The atmosphere became extremely strange.

“Thank you.”

The girl continued onward, and the men behind her silently followed. The entire city was silent, all looking at this strange group.

“Why don’t we go faster and go directly to the battlefield outside the city?” probed the handsome man behind the girl. He felt a bit unnatural being stared at by so many people.

“No, he walked this road from start to end. I want to experience the same thing.” The girl shook her head and continued walking forward, neither slowly nor quickly.

The handsome man’s expression became a bit helpless as he obediently followed. Everyone was secretly guessing who this mysterious girl was.

Zheng Wenlong’s pupils shrank. His expression completely changed. “Could it be that legendary existence? If it is, Long Chen’s in danger.”

The red-robed man was still floating in the air, not knowing whether he should leave or not. But now, everyone was focused on that girl, and he was completely disregarded. That infuriated him.

This girl’s arrival had actually helped him escape his embarrassing position, but he didn’t feel any gratitude. Instead, he felt fury.

“Are the Bloodkill Hall’s shameful people not afraid of being slaughtered once they appear out in the open?” shouted the red-robed man disdainfully.

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