Chapter 1505 Eighth Star Transformation


Seven days later, Long Chen’s body shook. The centers of his feet and hands, as well as the space between his forehead, were blazing like suns. A terrifying pressure shook the mountain range.

A wave of sand and pebbles tumbled down the mountains. Countless birds and beasts were startled and fled for their lives.

“As expected of Pill Valley. This golden divine spring was amazing! It brought me all the way to the eighth star transformation, just one step from completion!” Long Chen had an ecstatic expression.

The energy within the Pill Tower’s divine spring had been pure and vast, and had allowed all his stars to undergo transformations. He managed to reach the eighth transformation as it ran out of energy.

Although he had gone through the nine star transformations before, this time was different. It took a huge amount of energy as all five stars were undergoing transformations at the same time. He felt his body and the 108,000 stars transforming along with them as well.

The change in the 108,000 stars was very strange. They weren’t growing larger or smaller, but he felt the flow of energy change. That wasn’t something he could control.

As his five stars circulated, the energy from his four qi seas was drawn out and thrown into a cycle through the 108,000 stars. This cycle brought forth endless energy.

This power could be used to unleash terrifying power in battle, or it could be used to nourish the life within the primal chaos space.

After seven days, the withered World Trees had recovered the majority of their vitality and were once more a large source of life energy for Long Chen’s healing.

“Evilmoon, how’s your state?” asked Long Chen.

Evilmoon had finished absorbing the divine energy, and its black body contained a slight luster to it now. A portion of its murderous aura had also been pulled in.

“Excellent. This divine energy was very pure. That Fallen Daynight and Lord Brahma are definitely extremely terrifying existences. The faith energy from their believers is extremely beneficial to me,” said Evilmoon. Its voice was a bit excited, and it was very satisfied.

“Then how much have you recovered? Thirty percent?” asked Long Chen. The stronger Evilmoon was, the more things he could do.

“Thirty percent? Are you dreaming? At most, I’ve recovered five percent. If I managed to recover ten percent, I’d be suppressed by the Sovereign seal. Don’t tell me you didn’t know,” said Evilmoon irritably.

“Oh, I… I forgot because I was too excited.” Long Chen forced a smile.

In truth, Long Chen really hadn’t known about this. Sovereign Yun Shang hadn’t told him much about his seal or Evilmoon. He had only put on an act that he knew all about it in order to trick Evilmoon.

Now he had almost exposed himself. It seemed he would have to be more careful in the future to avoid drawing Evilmoon’s suspicions. If he let Evilmoon learn that he had been tricking it this entire time, it might stop cooperating with him in the future.

After all, Evilmoon was a descendant of the true dragons. It might be fierce and sinister, but it still had the inherent pride of the dragon race.

“Five percent…” repeated Long Chen, a bit disappointed. “Then would you be able to fight on par with a half-step divine item?”

“It’s not whether or not I would be able to. The problem is you. I don’t have to fear half-step divine items, but you aren’t able to give me the slightest bit of energy. How am I supposed to fight against them? You haven’t even reached the Life Star realm and don’t have the slightest trace of divine energy. As for me, under my seal, the power I can unleash is very limited. So I would be barely able to hold out against a half-step divine item. At best, I would be able to bring you away,” said Evilmoon.

“Really? What if I were to undo the Sovereign’s seal right now? Would you be able to kill half-step divine items then?” asked Long Chen.

“What are you going to undo the seal with? Without having reached the Life Star realm, you aren’t able to activate the divine might of the Sovereign seal. Did Yun Shang tell you nothing?” Evilmoon’s voice suddenly turned cold.

“Nonsense, I was just trying to make a comparison. How could I not know something so obvious? I just don’t know how much power you would have after your seal is undone. If you weren’t even able to handle half-step divine items, why would I bother undoing your seal?” sneered Long Chen.

He couldn’t help feeling guilty inside. There were many things that he had learned from Evilmoon. If Evilmoon realized the truth, it would be troublesome.

“Evilmoon, there’s something I’ve always wanted to ask you. What is your soul essence supposed to do? Sovereign Yun Shang said that he left your soul essence to me, but it was taken by Leng Yueyan. Back then, I didn’t have a chance to ask her about it. Can you explain what’s the use of it? Sovereign Yun Shang didn’t tell me anything about it,” said Long Chen, changing the subject.

“Fuck that Yun Shang!” Evilmoon suddenly broke into curses.

“Why are you cursing him?” demanded Long Chen.

Long Chen was full of gratitude toward Sovereign Yun Shang, and he had been completely won over by his style. So Long Chen was naturally angry that Evilmoon would curse his benefactor.

“How could I not curse him? That bastard, your human race really is trash! That Yun Shang was a Sovereign, someone who stood at the peak of this world, and after defeating me, he should have simply killed me! Why did he have to humiliate me?!” roared Evilmoon.

“Humiliate you?” Long Chen was startled. According to Sovereign Yun Shang’s style, he would disdain doing such a thing.

“After cutting off my head, he extracted my soul and used my skull to reforge my weapon. How is refining me into a weapon not a humiliation?!” roared Evilmoon.

“Wait, Evilmoon is your weapon? Or is it your skull?” asked Long Chen.

“Evilmoon was originally my weapon, but that bastard refined my soul and bone into it, turning me into this state! That fucking fucker…” Evilmoon let out a string of curses to the point that Long Chen didn’t even understand it toward the end. But he understood the main point.

After refining Evilmoon into its current state, Sovereign Yun Shang had called it Dragonbone Evilmoon. As for Evilmoon, it called itself Evilmoon, removing the Dragonbone part. It also had Long Chen call it Evilmoon. It seemed the Dragonbone part was an insult to it. It was natural for Evilmoon to feel that way. For a dragon to be refined into a weapon’s item-spirit was definitely hard to accept.

Long Chen suddenly recalled the claw he had seen smashing through the sky when he had used the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art to peer back into time in the Ancient Battlefield of the Spirit World. “Who asked you to act like such a badass and attack the Spirit World out of nowhere? Your claw came out of the sky, shaking everyone. You killed so many of Sovereign Yun Shang’s followers, so he’d naturally hate you. He probably did this as retribution.”

“What bullshit, a man can be killed, but not humiliated-!” roared Evilmoon.

“Alright, alright! I won’t argue with you over this. Plus, you’re not a man. Can you tell me about your soul essence? If I were to get it back for you, how much stronger would you get?” asked Long Chen.

In truth, Long Chen had had another reason for bringing that up. He had now confirmed that the owner of that claw he had seen had been Evilmoon.

That was a shocking discovery. If he allowed Evilmoon to recover to its peak, wouldn’t he be able to dominate the Martial Heaven Continent?

“That was my crystal core. But my soul was already extracted out of it, and my soul essence is now useless, all because of that goodman bastard… I’m not just a weapon…” Evilmoon suddenly let out a hysterical roar. Its delight at having recovered to five percent completely vanished, replaced with hatred.

“Get over it. So what if you’re a weapon? Can’t a weapon’s name also shake the ears of anyone who hears it? If you follow me, I guarantee your name will shake the entire Martial Heaven Continent, and anyone who hears it will be terrified…” comforted Long Chen.

Evilmoon interrupted his enticement, cursing, “Stop fucking bragging, you’re just a Jade Core brat. Without me, you’d have died countless times over. Now, aren’t you just a hiding mouse? Tch, I’m not talking to you anymore. I need to rest, so don’t disturb me.” 

Evilmoon went completely silent after saying that. It seemed it had received quite the blow.

Long Chen was a bit dumbfounded. He had originally just wanted to change the subject. He hadn’t expected to have raised such a sore point.

It seemed that this was Evilmoon’s reverse scale and Long Chen couldn’t mention it again, or it would turn hostile. If it did refuse to cooperate with him, he wouldn’t be able to fight against divine items.

However, he was very curious about that soul essence. Sovereign Yun Shang had intentionally left it for him, so there had to be some deeper meaning behind it.

But it had been taken by Leng Yueyan, and Evilmoon didn’t want to talk about it. Long Chen had plenty of questions but no answers.

“Well, whatever. Only the ninth star transformation remains. After the ninth transformation, I’ll be able to bring out the complete Five Star Battle Armor and my power will definitely rise to a new level. I should first finish the ninth transformation, but where am I supposed to find such a huge divine spring? Based on how much energy the latter transformations have been requiring, maybe not even all the sects left on the list would have enough divine spring for me to reach the ninth star transformation. Plus that’s too dangerous. I need high quality, not quantity… Right, Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng’s families have extremely ancient histories. Their families are definitely rich.” Long Chen suddenly thought of the two of them.

One was from a domineering ancient family, while one was from an elite ancient race. Empyreans were born from karmic luck, so their families were definitely big fish.

“Revenge is a dish best served cold, but I like eating all my dishes while they’re hot. Let’s keep them coming!”

Long Chen laughed sinisterly and vanished from the mountain range.

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