Chapter 1505 Eighth Star Transformation (Teaser)


Seven days later, Long Chen’s body shook. The centers of his feet and hands, as well as the space between his forehead, were blazing like suns. A terrifying pressure shook the mountain range.

A wave of sand and pebbles tumbled down the mountains. Countless birds and beasts were startled and fled for their lives.

“As expected of Pill Valley. This golden divine spring was amazing! It brought me all the way to the eighth star transformation, just one step from completion!” Long Chen had an ecstatic expression.

The energy within the Pill Tower’s divine spring had been pure and vast, and had allowed all his stars to undergo transformations. He managed to reach the eighth transformation as it ran out of energy.

Although he had gone through the nine star transformations before, this time was different. It took a huge amount of energy as all five stars were undergoing transformations at the same time. He felt his body and the 108,000 stars transforming along with them as well.

The change in the 108,000 stars...

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