Chapter 1504 First Star Transformation

Black qi suddenly exploded out of the sky, and a figure slowly surfaced from within it. It was Long Chen.

The vice palace master was correct. Long Chen had only gone through half of the transportation before leaving. That required enough power to withstand the spatial tearing, and even Soul Transformation experts would require an Ancestral item to protect them in order to do so.

However, this was simple for Long Chen. Even without Evilmoon, Long Chen could use his brute strength to do the same thing.

He looked around. He was in a desolate mountain range. Thus, he took out a map Zheng Wenlong had given him. It was a jade tablet, and there was a small speck of light with his general location.

“That’s about where I thought I’d end up. I’m far away enough. Time to digest my gains.”

Long Chen found a secluded place within the mountain range. He looked inside the primal chaos space.

He saw divine chains floating in the air, motionless. Evilmoon was also floating in the air, and black qi had spread out of it, enveloping the divine chains. Long Chen clearly sensed Evilmoon greedily devouring the divine energy within the chains.

“Evilmoon, what are these chains? They clearly aren’t divine items, so how could they have divine essence?” asked Long Chen.

He didn’t know whether or not it was because having such a feast had improved Evilmoon’s mood, but it actually gave him a detailed explanation.

This so-called divine energy was related to gods, and this energy was above all other energy.

When cultivators reached the peak, they would ascend to become immortals or gods. But before that, they would have already touched upon the air of immortals and gods.

For example, Life Star experts could possess the slightest immortal aura. But that kind of aura was truly just an aura and was not the true power of immortals or gods. It could not be used to attack others, nor could it be used to protect themselves. However, it was this slightest aura that allowed them to use quasi divine items.

Quasi divine items were the result of ascenders leaving behind weapons with the slightest trace of divine energy. That was what gave them their divine nature and such high intelligence.

However, quasi divine items were normally just some protective tools left behind by an ascender for their descendants. They weren’t their true wealth.

People were all selfish. If an ascender was willing to part with part of their divine soul and divine blood to empower a weapon, such an item would not be a quasi divine item but a half-step divine item.

However, that would cause their power to drop. Ascending was not as simple as simply wanting to ascend. It involved tribulation.

Ascension and anything related to it only existed in stories. After the great battle of the immortal era, there were no confirmed cases of people passing the ascension tribulation.

It wasn’t that their cultivation bases weren’t high enough, but that people who reached that realm didn’t even go through their tribulation, because ever since the immortal war, those who underwent the final tribulation were all turned to dust beneath the divine lightning.

As for after the last dark era, let alone someone attempting the tribulation, there weren’t even any rumors of people who managed to cultivate to that level.

So before coming into contact with Evilmoon, Long Chen hadn’t even known that divine items were classified into different grades.

Only at this time did Long Chen learn that the divine pool had the effect of nourishing divine items. But not every sect was qualified to possess divine items. Many sects could only use Ancestral items.

The divine energy within divine items could be linked to a sect’s karmic luck, their heaven and earth divine pool.

This so-called maintaining karmic luck was mutually beneficial. The divine item protected the sect, whose divine pool nourished the divine item. The more the sect flourished, the greater its divine pool grew. Like rolling a snowball, they continued to grow stronger. 

That was one case, but another case was for a divine item to gather faith energy.

When he heard about gathering faith energy, Long Chen was startled. He seemed to have heard of such a thing before. Weren’t only true gods capable of condensing faith energy?

“According to what you’re saying, Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight are still alive?” asked Long Chen.

“Obviously. As for that statue of the Killing God that you destroyed, he is also alive. You haven’t reached the level, so you don’t understand. Although these heaven and earth divine springs all look the same to you, they all have an intrinsic difference. All divine springs gather faith energy, but ordinary sects simply use that faith energy to support their karmic luck. As for Pill Valley and the Bloodkill Hall, they worship true gods, and their faith energy is offered to their gods. So not only do they condense the divine spring, but they also condense divine energy within their statues,” said Evilmoon.

“Then are the gods also on the Martial Heaven Continent?”

“That would be impossible. A low-level place like the Martial Heaven Continent cannot contain gods. They are on another side, while this is just one place they gather faith energy. Your primal chaos space is very strange. Once this divine energy entered, it was isolated from the outside world, allowing me to absorb it easily. However, you should be careful. These gods can bestow their divine energy to their believers through the planar barriers. I’m still in a weak state and wouldn’t be able to block such power,” warned Evilmoon.

Long Chen suddenly thought of Pill Valley’s master, Yu Xiaoyun. He had used some kind of mysterious energy to kill that Alldevil monster. Now Long Chen connected this divine energy to that.

“Alright, I’m going to properly digest this energy. This is a big gain,” said Evilmoon.

Long Chen also decided to be quieter for the next period. He knew that he had truly provoked a scourge. Pill Valley was now completely infuriated.

However, he wasn’t afraid. Since Pill Valley had participated in the scheme to destroy the Xuantian Dao Sect, he had to get his vengeance. He definitely wouldn’t retreat just because they were Pill Valley. That would be contrary to the essence of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

For some unknown reason, a figure with kind eyes suddenly appeared in Long Chen’s mind. She was the Pill Fairy.

According to reason, Pill Valley’s radical faction should have been suppressed, and they should have stopped interfering in the matters of other sects. Could it be that the radical faction had somehow recovered?

When he thought of the Pill Fairy, he also thought of that crying girl, Wan Qing. He didn’t know how far her alchemy arts had progressed through the Pill Fairy’s pointers.

The message that Li Tianxuan had sent to him through the Huayun Sect was extremely short, as well as vague. He only said that Pill Valley had participated in the attack and for Long Chen to be careful.

Long Chen felt that the Martial Heaven Continent’s shadow was also present, and yet, Li Tianxuan hadn’t even mentioned them.

“Could it be that the Xuan Master still has some hope for the Martial Heaven Alliance?” wondered Long Chen.

According to Long Chen’s original plans, after destroying the Pill Tower, he was going to go to the Martial Heaven Continent for revenge. That damn alliance was definitely corrupt, and he was planning on tidying it up.

However, for Li Tianxuan to not mention the Martial Heaven Continent implied that he had some other plans for it. Long Chen decided to not go attack them temporarily.

Right now, he needed to calm down for a while. Having destroyed the Pill Tower, Pill Valley definitely wasn’t going to let him off. They would flip over every stone in the Eastern Xuan Region to find him. For now, he should lie low.

Suddenly, the Divine Gate Star in his mind-sea shook. At the same time, his hands and feet also trembled.

Long Chen hastily looked within himself to see that the FengFu, Alioth, Life Star, Enlightenment Palace, and Divine Gate Stars were all blazing with divine light.

“They… they’re collectively going through the nine star transformations?”

Long Chen almost couldn’t believe his eyes. Having absorbed the Pill Tower’s divine spring, the Divine Gate Star had reached the first of the nine star transformations, and the other four stars had entered the same state as well.

“It seems the fifth star is a dividing line. It transforms the other four stars with it,” guessed Long Chen.

The five stars slowly dimmed once more, and a faint halo of primal chaos revolved around them. Long Chen felt endless energy surging through his body.

This energy went through his 108,000 acupuncture points and concentrated on the 108,000 stars within them. They formed a cycle, with endless energy circulating.

Long Chen wasn’t intentionally doing this. He simply allowed them to circulate on their own, and he felt these 108,000 stars form a perfect cycle. They had formed their own cosmos containing all things.

However, this cosmos was still in an embryonic form and not fully formed. As the five stars revolved, endless energy danced within him. Long Chen felt incomparably relaxed, as if all his pores were singing.

Just at this moment, as his energy surged throughout his body, the primal chaos space activated on its own. The withered World Trees began to pulse with life once more.

“This is…?!” Long Chen was given a pleasant surprise. After reaching the first star transformation, the primal chaos space went through a large transformation of its own.

The death of the World Trees was a loss of one of his strongest trump cards. That was why he had been forced to be careful during this time.

Now, the World Trees were recovering ten thousand times faster than they had been before and without any Magical Beast corpses.

Before, just trying to grow the sprouts of the World Trees was so slow that the progress wasn’t even visible with the naked eye. However, now the World Trees were recovering at a visible rate. He expected that it wouldn’t take that long for them to fully recover. Most importantly, he wouldn’t have to gather so many corpses in the future.

The World Trees were still a bit small and quite a ways from fully grown. Once they were fully grown, he would practically be unkillable.

After relishing in this pleasant surprise, Long Chen calmed himself down and focused on circulating the Divine Gate Star to absorb the divine spring from the Pill Tower.

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