Chapter 1503 Flipping the Pill Tower

A huge crescent fang slashed toward the Pill Tower’s main tower. That was the most sacred place of the Pill Tower.

“Long Chen, you dare?!” The Tower Master let out a furious roar.

BOOM! He was correct, Long Chen truly did dare. His attack cleanly blew apart the main tower.

The Pill Tower didn’t have much of a protective formation, nor did it need one. In all these years, no one had dared to run rampant within the Pill Tower.

So while the Pill Tower looked glorious, it wasn’t particularly defensively strong. The tower crumbled.

However, as the tower crumbled, two statues appeared in the air. They were the two gods that Pill Valley worshipped, Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight.

The two stone statues were less than a hundred meters tall and were originally located at the highest level of the tower. But now that it was destroyed, they simply floated in the air, emitting divine light. They were completely untouched, truly like two gods looking down on heaven and earth. That kind of divine might was irresistible.

“What dense divine light. These two statues are inheritance statues, and the masters of the statues are still alive!” Evilmoon let out an excited shout.

Without waiting for Long Chen to do anything, it transformed into a streak of black light that struck the two statues.

BOOM! Divine light exploded. The two statues exploded, but the divine light suddenly condensed into chains that bound Evilmoon.

Evilmoon also hadn’t expected to be met with such resistance. It struggled, black qi surging out of it to devour the chains.

These chains were condensed of divine light and had no true form. In front of this divine might, Long Chen felt like the world was frozen, and it was difficult to even move a finger.

He hadn’t expected these two statues to possess such power. Evilmoon was actually caught.

“Evilmoon, are you alright?” asked Long Chen.

“Fuck, these two statues have their divine essence connected to other places as well. I’m too weak right now and can’t absorb their energy at all!” roared Evilmoon furiously.

It was doing its best to absorb this divine energy, but it wasn’t able to absorb the slightest bit, causing it to curse helplessly.

Long Chen knew that this Pill Tower was just the tower of the Eastern Xuan Region. These were connected to the statues in the other regions and even the two statues within Pill Valley. It was natural that Evilmoon was struggling.

“If it’s no good, let’s go,” said Long Chen.

“No, I have to keep trying! Meat that’s found its way into my mouth can’t get away! You busy yourself with your own work!” Black qi continued to surge out of Evilmoon. It refused to give up.

Long Chen activated his divine ring, and with it present, he immediately felt much more relaxed. The world had previously felt frozen, but now it was like he was in the water. Although there was great resistance, he could still move.

As for the experts on the side of the Pill Tower, they couldn’t even move. They were all horrified.

Long Chen punched the ground, revealing the divine spring below the tower.

“Nice!” Seeing the divine spring, Long Chen was delighted. The Pill Tower’s divine spring was dozens of times larger than the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s. It had also condensed into a pure gold color.

Without another word, Long Chen waved his hand, sucking it all away.

“Hm? Danger!” Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed as an intense feeling of crisis fell upon him.

“Evilmoon, focus on drawing the chains with me into the primal chaos space!” Long Chen grabbed Evilmoon’s hilt and began circulating the primal chaos bead, attempting to pull Evilmoon into the primal chaos space.


The sky turned dark. These chains seemed to be connected to heaven and earth, and pulling Evilmoon into the primal chaos space was like pulling the world inside as well.

“Five Star Battle Armor!”

As Long Chen unleashed his full power, cracking sounds came from the void as if the world was shattering.

“We’re close! Long Chen, just a bit more!” shouted Evilmoon. Previously, it had been the chains binding it and not letting it escape, but now it was Evilmoon using its black qi to prevent the chains from slipping away.

The world violently shuddered, and the chains vanished along with Evilmoon. They were now in the primal chaos space.

“Time to go!” Lightning wings appeared on Long Chen’s back, and he shot toward the transportation formation. He easily knocked the guards unconscious and activated it.

There were two platforms in the transportation formation. One was for coming, and one was for going. Long Chen had just vanished from one when a large group appeared on the other.

This group belonged to the Pill Valley’s vice palace master, the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s Qi Yunao, and the others. They had appeared just in time to see the space in the distant violently twisting.

“Long Chen, you’re courting death!” The vice palace master roared when he saw that the majestic and soaring Pill Tower had now vanished.

“Where is Long Chen?!” demanded the vice palace master when he saw the Tower Master sitting on his butt with a miserable expression. His divine sense had spread throughout the Eastern Xuan City, but he hadn’t found any traces of Long Chen.

Their group had been waiting in the Seven Star Gate the entire time when the vice palace master had received an urgent distress call. The Tower Master had secretly sent a message to the vice palace master the instant that Long Chen had attacked, and he had also intentionally stalled for time.

Long Chen didn’t actually give him a chance to stall. He attacked and then immediately left. In the end, the vice palace master was one step too late.

“He just left through the transportation formation,” said the Tower Master despondently. He had just gotten this position and hadn’t even completely figured out all the departments before such a thing happened. He felt himself to be too unlucky.

“You idiot, why didn’t you stop him?!” raged the vice palace master.

“What was I supposed to use to stop him?! He has such a terrifying divine item! I sent you the signal as soon as Long Chen arrived! Why did it take you so long to get here, hmm?! Check your status and then check mine, and then take note of your words! The responsibility for this matter falls entirely on you!” The new Tower Master suddenly let out a furious roar and cursed the vice palace master.

He was an alchemist, while the vice palace master was a flame cultivator. A Tower Master’s status in Pill Valley was even higher than the Flame Divine Palace’s vice palace master’s.

Only by pushing all the responsibility onto the vice palace master could he lessen his punishment. After all, alchemists weren’t fighters, so putting the blame on the vice palace master was quite effective.

The vice palace master furiously slapped the Tower Master across the face. Caught off-guard, the Tower Master was sent flying, blood spurting out of his face.

“Fuck your mother, I moved out as soon as I received the news! I used three transportation formations and less than ten breaths’ time to get here. You couldn’t even stall him for that long, and you still dare to blame me?! Do you believe me when I say I’ll kill you right now?!” roared the vice palace master.

As a flame cultivator, he was always looked down on by alchemists, and he had long since grown irritated by this. Now it was clearly the Tower Master who was useless, yet he tried to push the blame onto him. The vice palace master had an urge to kill the Tower Master.

“Vice palace master, calm down. Long Chen just left through the transportation formation. If you chase him immediately, you might be able to catch up,” said one of the Pill Tower’s Elders hastily.

The vice palace master took a deep breath and suppressed his rage. He shook his head. “It’s impossible. Long Chen isn’t stupid enough to go directly to the next transportation node. He’ll use his divine item to interrupt the formation midway, and no one will be able to find him.”

Although the vice palace master was enraged, he was still cool-headed enough to think things through. Let alone a divine item, even an Ancestral item had enough power to interrupt a transportation formation.

A single transportation could go tens of millions of miles, or even billions. Who knew where he would end up? So there was no way they could catch up to him.

The Tower Master was dizzy from being slapped and didn’t dare to make a sound any longer. He really was afraid that the vice palace master would kill him in his rage. He would settle this debt later.

“Now what should we do?” demanded Qi Yunao.

“What else can we do? Of course we can’t be like a certain idiot and simply lie in wait for him again!” sneered the vice palace master.

Clearly, he was finally truly enraged, and no longer cared that Qi Yunao was a madman. That was because he felt like he was also going crazy. The Pill Tower had been destroyed along with its divine statues and divine spring. This matter was now so huge that both he and the Tower Master would be facing fallout for this. If it hadn’t been for Qi Yunao’s stupid plan, perhaps things wouldn’t have reached this point.

Qi Yunao merely snorted upon hearing the vice palace master curse him. He was actually a bit happy inside. The Pill Tower’s destruction made him feel a bit better.

“Long Chen has really done it this time. I’ll immediately report this to the valley master. The rest of you stay here and wait for orders,” said the vice palace master, vanishing from sight.

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