Chapter 1502 Those Who Block Me Will Die

Long Chen looked at the empty gates of the Pill Tower, and a cold smile appeared on his face. Last time, the gates had been packed with people coming and going. But this time, it appeared cold and lonely. The old glory of it had been reversed. Now there were just a few dispirited guards in front of it. They didn’t even notice Long Chen approaching from the distance.

Long Chen was in a particularly good mood today. That was because Zheng Wenlong had sent him news that had lifted a weight from his shoulders. That news was that the Xuantian Dao Sect was safe.

The Xuantian Tower had brought away the Xuantian Dao Sect, but due to some particular reasons, Li Tianxuan was stuck inside and couldn’t leave. However, he had used a secret art to transmit news to the Huayun Sect.

Although Long Chen had felt that the chances that the Xuantian Dao Sect had been destroyed weren’t that high, this news still allowed him to relax. As long as the Xuantian Dao Sect was fine, everything was alright.

Hearing that the Xuantian Dao Sect was fine, Long Chen immediately had Zheng Wenlong contact the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, Wine God Palace, Heavenly Sword Gate, and the original devil race.

He couldn’t directly communicate with the original devil race as he didn’t know where their base was in the Eastern Xuan City. But he could pass information to them through their stronghold in the Grand Xia Ancient Nation.

Long Chen had them not make any moves temporarily. He had enough power to protect himself, and so they could just watch for now.

Although the Xuantian Dao Sect was fine, he knew that the fine ones were just the elite disciples. There had to have been terrible casualties amongst the outer sect disciples and commoners.

Against such a sudden attack, maintaining zero casualties was impossible. So even though the Xuantian Dao Sect was fine, his revenge didn’t stop.

This time, Long Chen would make sure all those people lying in wait, like stalking predators watching their prey, would never be a problem again one way or another. Those people had been watching the Xuantian Dao Sect the entire time, waiting for an opportunity.

Last time, the Xuantian Dao Sect had been reinforced by the Huayun Sect, Wine God Palace, Heavenly Sword Gate, and Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. That had intimidated their enemies.

Now, he found that it was useless. Intimidation was only temporarily effective. If he wanted to make them stop their predatory stalking, he had to kill. He had to kill until they were completely terrified and didn’t even dare to be his enemy. That was the only way he could be safe.

As for the Seven Star Gate’s provocation, Long Chen scoffed at it. He wasn’t stupid. Why would he jump into such an obvious trap?

Furthermore, through the information he had gathered on his own, he had learned that Qi Yunao had appeared and then vanished again. He guessed this matter to be ninety percent likely related to him.

He wasn’t afraid of Qi Yunao himself, but his Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff was a half-step divine item. In Evilmoon’s current state, it couldn’t beat it. 

Furthermore, the Seven Star Gate wasn’t very powerful. Its divine spring was limited and not worth the risk.

The greater the sect, the more divine spring they would have. And the opposite was true as well. The more a sect declined, the sparser their divine spring.

Although the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect had been one of the three great heavenly sects, its divine spring had been less abundant than the eastern branch of the Bloodkill Hall.

Having plundered the divine springs of over fifty sects, the Divine Gate Star had finally reached its fully condensed state.

But although it had been fully condensed, it still wasn’t perfect. It had to go through the nine star transformations to be complete.

Long Chen had long since given up on consuming the Divine Gate Pills. Absorbing divine springs was millions of times more effective.

At the time when the Divine Gate Star was fully condensed, the FengFu, Alioth, Life Fate, and Enlightenment Palace Stars also entered a strange state, as if they were undergoing another transformation with the Divine Gate Star.

Now Long Chen was unable to see through the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art even more. He could only let it do as it pleased.

After learning of the Seven Star Gate’s provocation, Long Chen had gone into seclusion, and today, he came out, once more heading to the Eastern Xuan City.

After the last battle, many of the people within the Eastern Xuan City had fled far away. Although thanks to him, the commoners had escaped the tribulation, many people found that the Eastern Xuan Region was in chaos now. The Eastern Xuan City was no longer safe, so it was better to find a more secluded place to wait this period out.

Long Chen’s revenge was shaking the entire Eastern Xuan Region, and large battles were being fought every day. No one wanted to be caught up in a fight, as their lives were more important.

Now Long Chen entered the city easily just by wearing a wide, black bamboo hat. No one was investigating the transportation formations, because no one believed that Long Chen would come back to the Eastern Xuan City. The word on the streets was that Long Chen had hidden himself since he was being hunted by all the Eastern Xuan Region’s experts. There were also rumors that he had already been killed. In any case, there was a mass of contradictory information.

Long Chen slowly walked across the wide and empty street. Evilmoon was already on his shoulder as he walked toward the Pill Tower.

“Who’s there? This is the Pill Tower… Long… Long Chen?!” The few guards that were standing there suddenly saw the black saber on his shoulder and turned pale.

“I won’t make things hard on you. Everyone needs to eat, and you’re simply doing your job, so there's no need to lose your life over this. Leave. This place will be razed to the ground today.”  Long Chen took off his hat, revealing his face. Having learned the Xuantian Dao Sect still existed, he had an excellent mood, so he said a few extra words.

These guards were all terrified. They all knew what he was about to do. “Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, that’s unacceptable. This is the Pill Tower. You can’t go back after this…”

“I reached that point a long time ago.”


Long Chen swung down Evilmoon, and the huge gates were blown apart. The guards fled for their lives, no longer daring to say anything else.

“Who dares to attack my Pill Tower?! Are you provoking Pill Valley?!” Furious roars began to ring out from within as experts flew out.

They had only just rushed out when they saw a black-robed man with a black saber on his shoulder slowly walk in through the dust. They all sucked in a cold gasp of air.

“Long Chen!”

Long Chen was recognizable by everyone now. Although the photographic jades had been broken by the heavenly tribulation, there were plenty of descriptions and pictures. These Pill Tower Elders all turned pale when they saw him, and there was one in particular who was terrified.

That person was their leader, the new Tower Master. Last time, when Long Chen had been caught by the three divine items, he had been the first to go assist and call for other experts to help.

Now seeing Long Chen come, he felt a chill run through his body. But he put on a tough act, shouting, “Long Chen, what do you think you’re doing? This is the Pill Tower, and if you dare to act wildly here, you’ll regret it!”

“What do you think I’m doing?” Long Chen returned the question with a cold smile.

Once again, he was walking step by step, slowly but at a steady pace. That appearance was just like when he had walked down the street of the Eastern Xuan City. 

“Long Chen, I’d advise you not to misunderstand! Perhaps you were wrongly accused, but even if you were, you shouldn’t go too far! If you have any grievances, you can just tell us! I can record them and send them to Pill Valley, and the valley master himself will come to right any wrongs! But if you act willfully, you’ll be going further and further onto the evil path, and you won’t be able to come back! In truth, you-” advised the Tower Master as he slowly retreated.

“Shut up.” Long Chen frostily said, “Do you think I’m an idiot? Aren’t you the one clearest about whether or not I was wrongly accused? Now you have the face to spout such sanctimonious words at me? Could it be that Pill Valley doesn’t focus on refining pills, but on refining the thickness of your skin? Let me put it simply: I’ve come for revenge. It was your Pill Valley that first schemed to destroy my Xuantian Dao Sect and then summoned a pack of idiots to come and kill me. As I see it, you’ve been living too peacefully. Do you really think no one in this world dares to become enemies with Pill Valley?”

“You- what nonsense is that!? Slander!” shouted the Tower Master.

The originally empty and deadly silent Eastern Xuan City’s streets were now filled with experts. They were all watching and listening to their conversation.

“What is Long Chen doing?!”

“Does he… really dare… to take vengeance on the Pill Tower?!”

All of them were shocked. When Long Chen went to get vengeance on those other sects, that was shocking enough but understandable. However, this was the Pill Tower, with Pill Valley behind it. That was an overlord existence within the Martial Heaven Continent. This was just insane.

“Looks like someone on your level isn’t qualified to touch those secrets. Then I won’t waste words with you.” Long Chen coldly smiled. In Li Tianxuan’s message that Zheng Wenlong had given him, Li Tianxuan had clearly told Long Chen that Pill Valley, the Corrupt path, the ancient races, the ancient family alliance, the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, and several other powerful existences had participated in the attack, and Long Chen had to be careful when it came to them.

However, looking at the expression of this new Tower Master, it seemed like he didn’t know about that matter, so Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to explain it.

“If you don’t want to die, then scram. If you want to reincarnate, come quickly. Today, those who block me will die!”

Long Chen raised Evilmoon. A huge black crescent fang appeared in the air, slashing toward the main tower of the Pill Tower.

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