Chapter 1501 Who is the Madman? (Teaser)

More and more sects were destroyed by Long Chen. The entire Eastern Xuan Region became tense. Those people who had once attacked Long Chen in the Eastern Xuan City were especially nervous.

Yet unexpectedly, news suddenly came from a certain sect. They swore that if Long Chen dared to come, the entire sect would fight to the last drop of blood against him. They would never surrender to brute force and most certainly not to a treacherous fiend who would destroy his own sect.

This was clearly a provocation, and it astonished countless people. Was this sect really courting death? Long Chen came and went like a ghost. They were truly brazen to provoke him.

However, curiously, after destroying fifty-plus sects, Long Chen suddenly vanished. It had been several days without any movement from him.

People guessed that the sect that had provoked him had definitely been reinforced by others and had most likely laid down a heaven-encompassing net. They were just waiting for him to jump into it.

This sect was called the Seven Star Gate. It wasn’t particularly large or small. However, because it was a devout follower of Pill...

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