Chapter 1501 Who is the Madman?

More and more sects were destroyed by Long Chen. The entire Eastern Xuan Region became tense. Those people who had once attacked Long Chen in the Eastern Xuan City were especially nervous.

Yet unexpectedly, news suddenly came from a certain sect. They swore that if Long Chen dared to come, the entire sect would fight to the last drop of blood against him. They would never surrender to brute force and most certainly not to a treacherous fiend who would destroy his own sect.

This was clearly a provocation, and it astonished countless people. Was this sect really courting death? Long Chen came and went like a ghost. They were truly brazen to provoke him.

However, curiously, after destroying fifty-plus sects, Long Chen suddenly vanished. It had been several days without any movement from him.

People guessed that the sect that had provoked him had definitely been reinforced by others and had most likely laid down a heaven-encompassing net. They were just waiting for him to jump into it.

This sect was called the Seven Star Gate. It wasn’t particularly large or small. However, because it was a devout follower of Pill Valley, it was doing quite well for itself.

On this day, within a tall tower of the Seven Star Gate, over ten powerful Life Star experts were lying in wait.

One of them was a small man with a long beard, and he was the gate master of the Seven Star Gate. But now, amongst these people that had gathered, his position was the lowest. The highest position went to a somewhat sinister-faced elder whose eyes were blazing with such fierce killing intent that no one else dared to look at him.

This person was someone Long Chen was very familiar with. He was someone whose sect had already been destroyed by him, the master of the destroyed Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, Qi Yunao.

Qi Yunao had previously looked to be in his forties or fifties and had looked powerful and grand, just like a sect master should.

Now, his face was covered in wrinkles, and it was blotchy. He looked to have deteriorated with age. He clenched the famous Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff without saying a word.

Other than Qi Yunao, there was also an icy-faced elder in fiery-red robes. The mark of Pill Valley was on his chest, but behind this mark was a ball of flames.

That was a special mark in Pill Valley. It meant he came from the Flame Divine Palace and was one of Pill Valley’s fighters.

He was the vice palace master of the Flame Divine Palace. Long Chen had caused such a ruckus this time that he had been sent to handle him.

Other than those two, the others were also extremely powerful existences. But they were all silent. They were waiting for a certain person.

“It’s already been seven days. Long Chen’s definitely sensed something and has hidden himself.” The Flame Divine Palace’s vice palace master suddenly opened his eyes.

This trap had been Qi Yunao’s idea. After Long Chen had destroyed the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, Qi Yunao had almost gone insane with fury. By the time he had recovered from that state, Long Chen had already started getting his revenge. With Dragonbone Evilmoon still in his hands, Qi Yunao didn’t dare to directly attack him.

He didn’t know where Long Chen would show up. After all these days, half the sects had been destroyed, but there were still half left. Who knew which one Long Chen would appear at?

Most importantly, even if Qi Yunao did run into Long Chen by accident, the latter wouldn’t foolishly fight to the death against the former. Even if Qi Yunao could defeat Long Chen, he would still get away with Evilmoon’s protection. If he wanted to leave, then Qi Yunao wouldn’t be able to stop him.

So Qi Yunao had gone to Pill Valley to ask for their aid. The vice palace master had even brought one of Pill Valley’s special treasures just to make sure Long Chen couldn’t escape. As long as Long Chen came, he would find it difficult to ever leave.

To be even safer, they had invited other experts to help, making sure that this plan would go off without a hitch. The Seven Star Gate was now home to many powerful experts.

This plan had been made by Qi Yunao. At first, the vice palace master hadn’t said anything, but he felt extreme disdain toward it.

What kind of garbage plan was this? As long as Long Chen wasn’t an idiot, he wouldn’t just jump right in after that blatant provocation. But he hadn’t said anything and had simply allowed Qi Yunao to continue with the plan.

That was because the current Qi Yunao was on the border of insanity. No one wanted to provoke a madman.

After seven days of no news from Long Chen, the vice palace master finally lost his patience.

“Isn’t it all because of your fake righteousness? If you had simply let me capture the people of the Eastern Wasteland’s branch Xuantian Dao Sect, Long Chen would be forced to appear!” Qi Yunao glared at the vice palace master resentfully.

As soon as he said this, everyone else’s expressions changed. Qi Yunao had truly gone insane. Whoever talked to him would be bitten like a mad dog.

The vice palace masters’ expression sank. Although flame cultivators were not on the same level as alchemists within Pill Valley, in the outside world, who would dare to be rude to Pill Valley? But seeing Qi Yunao’s scarlet eyes, he suppressed his fury.

The current Qi Yunao was the most terrifying. What was frightening wasn’t his cultivation base, but that craziness combined with his sharp fangs.

Qi Yunao only had himself left, and he had nothing to cause himself any misgivings. No one could guess what he would do.

Originally, Pill Valley hadn’t even been planning on following through with Qi Yunao’s plan or even acknowledging him. But he had managed to threaten them with some confidential information, forcing them to send someone to cooperate with him.

The vice palace master had been warned by the higher-ups not to provoke Qi Yunao, as he was a madman.

Still, he couldn’t help coldly saying, “That’s not in accordance with the rules. Don’t involve people who aren’t part of the problem. Or are you planning on getting attacked by everyone else?”

The Righteous path had the Righteous path’s rules. No matter how great the grievance, it was against the rules to involve a person’s family. If the Xuantian Dao Sect still existed and Qi Yunao wanted to use it to threaten Long Chen, well that was one thing.

However, the Xuantian Dao Sect was gone. The branch sect in the Eastern Wasteland had absolutely nothing to do with what had happened with Long Chen now.

Furthermore, the branch sect was so weak. It was completely unsuitable for Qi Yunao to go target them.

“What rules? Did Long Chen follow the rules when he destroyed my Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect? As I see it, Pill Valley is nothing more than a cowardly bully. Even when it came to the Xuantian Dao Sect, you didn’t dare to personally do anything, instead forcing us-” roared Qi Yunao.

“Arrogance!” The vice flame master became enraged. He shouted, “Qi Yunao, do you think you can act without a care now?! Do you believe that a single message from me is enough to guarantee that within three days, you will no longer exist in this world?!”

The vice palace master finally lost his patience and cut off Qi Yunao’s words. If he kept talking, he would expose Pill Valley’s secrets.

All the other Life Star experts nervously stood and retreated further away. The two of them were not people they could provoke.

“Nonsense! Isn’t the fact that my Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect declined to its current state also because of your Pill Valley!?” Qi Yunao also stood, pointing the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff at the vice flame master, his hair flying through the air like a furious lion.

The vice palace master took a deep breath and suppressed his rage. He coldly said, “Tell me, what do you want?”

“I don’t want anything special at all. Having lost the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, all I want is to kill that brat in the most painful way possible. I don’t care what I have to do. Even if I have to sacrifice my life, I wouldn’t mind if I could bring him down with me,” said Qi Yunao with a chilling killing intent.

The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect had been famed as one of the three great heavenly sects. However, now its divine pool had been destroyed. In just a few days, all their mines and businesses had been plundered by mysterious experts. Clearly, this was the result of the bad luck of the heavens. The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect could no longer exist.

Not only that, but the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff, which had been used to maintain the sect’s karmic luck, had started to decline. It was like a large and healthy man was rapidly aging. It wouldn’t be long before the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff’s divine energy was completely exhausted. At that time, it would shatter. This was one of the laws of the Heavenly Daos, something not even divine items could resist.

This was also one reason Qi Yunao was so crazy. Once his divine item shattered, let alone getting revenge, he wouldn’t even be qualified to challenge Long Chen.

According to what the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff said, in one year, it would fall to the level of a quasi divine item, and in three years, it would lose all its divine essence and vanish from this world.

In other words, if Qi Yunao couldn’t kill Long Chen within a year, then it would be Long Chen killing him in the future. That was what both infuriated and terrified him, making him insane. His mind was on the verge of crumbling.

So he didn’t care about the methods. He just wanted Long Chen dead, but Pill Valley had blocked part of his plans, causing him to also hate Pill Valley.

“Do you think you could threaten Long Chen with this? The very next day after the battle in the Eastern Xuan City, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s branches in the Eastern Wasteland, Western Desert, Southern Sea, and Northern Source all disappeared. Their higher-ups and talented disciples have vanished, while the ordinary disciples were disbanded. They’ve long since protected them in anticipation. Do you think that you could be faster than the Bloodkill Hall?” sneered the vice palace master, clearly contemptuous of Qi Yunao’s brains.

Pill Valley was aware of everything within the continent. Such large movements couldn’t possibly escape them.

“Who did it?!” raged Qi Yunao.

“You want revenge? Alright, then I’ll tell you. It was done by the Huayun Sect. Go ahead, I wish you luck. If you succeed, every member of Pill Valley will arrange a celebration for you,” said the vice palace master disdainfully.

Hearing that it was done by the Huayun Sect, Qi Yunao gave up. No matter how crazy he was, he knew he couldn’t go against the Huayun Sect.

“Right now, the only ones with connections to Long Chen are the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect and the Wine God Palace. I wish you luck taking them hostage,” snorted the vice palace master.

Qi Yunao also snorted and sat back down. He suddenly shouted at the Seven Star Gate’s master, “Hurry up and investigate if there’s any news of Long Chen! If you can’t find him, I’ll destroy your Seven Star Gate!”

Just as the entire Eastern Xuan Region was searching for Long Chen, a black-robed man with a black saber on his shoulder and a black bamboo hat arrived in front of the Eastern Xuan Region’s Pill Tower.

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