Chapter 1500 The Revenge Begins

Heavenly River Valley. It was a huge river valley located in the Eastern Xuan Region’s western side and slightly northward. There was a vertical waterfall dozens of miles tall. It was like a river of stars was pouring down, which was why it was called Heavenly River Valley.

Heavenly River Valley wasn’t just a location, it was also the name of a sect. Heavenly River Valley had been created eighty-seven hundred years ago. Although its history wasn’t that long, amongst sects that had been created in that era, it was well-known.

Having eight thousand years of history, Heavenly River Valley had hundreds of thousands of disciples and dozens of mines. They possessed both great power and wealth. Compared to the declined Xuantian Dao Sect when Long Chen had joined, it was many times better.

Six hundred years ago, Heavenly River Valley had had some conflicts with the Xuantian Dao Sect. Of course, the cause of this conflict was due to profit.

Heavenly River Valley had established their own mine on the border of one of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s mines. They had brazenly snatched the Xuantian Dao Sect’s resources.

After a battle between them, through the Martial Heaven Alliance and Pill Valley’s ‘mediation’, they decided that since Heavenly River Valley was closer to the mine, based on territorial rights, the Xuantian Dao Sect had overstepped its bounds by mining here.

However, this mine was extremely old. In fact, it was even older than Heavenly River Valley. In other words, this mine had been here before Heavenly River Valley had even been established.

It was just that mining this ore was very difficult, and the Xuantian Dao Sect didn’t have the extra manpower to put too much energy into mining it quickly. They could only mine it in the easiest, most efficient manner. As a result, Heavenly River Valley had set their sights on it.

Through this mediation, the mine was taken by Heavenly River Valley. In name, they were to compensate the Xuantian Dao Sect with some resources. But in comparison to the mine, that compensation was nothing.

Afterward, Heavenly River Valley had become another member of the powers suppressing and bullying the Xuantian Dao Sect. They went against them in every possible way.

As for the valley master, he had participated in the attack against Long Chen in the Eastern Xuan City at the beginning and also joined the others to capture him after the heavenly tribulation.

Over half a month had passed, and the valley master kept himself locked in his calm room. But he didn’t manage to calm down much at all. He felt like there was a fire in his heart torturing him.

Long Chen had managed to escape in the battle of the Eastern Xuan City. The instant that had happened, the valley master’s heart had risen into his throat and never gone back down. He spent each waking moment praying for Long Chen to succumb to his heavy injuries and vanish from this world.

With each passing day he felt worse. He was filled with terror, afraid Long Chen would come to find him.

Just as he was sitting uneasily, an explosive sound came from outside, and his room quivered. At the same time, the voice that he had least wanted to hear rang out.

“The Xuantian Dao Sect’s Long Chen is here. If you don’t want to die, then hurry up and scram. If you want to reincarnate, then come quickly.”

The valley master charged out of his secret room and into the plaza. He saw Long Chen holding Dragonbone Evilmoon up in the air, overlooking Heavenly River Valley’s experts like a devil god.

“Long Chen, you-”

The valley master had just opened his mouth when Long Chen’s saber slashed down. He wasn’t aiming at the valley master but a statue.

That was their ancestral statue. Despite the protective formation, it immediately exploded, revealing the divine spring below. That was Heavenly River Valley’s spring of karmic luck.

The heaven and earth divine spring was almost always placed below the ancestral statue, or if the sect worshipped a god, it was beneath the statue of their god. Through thousands or even tens of thousands of years, the devout actions of the disciples would condense faith energy that strengthened the divine spring.

This heaven and earth divine spring was an extremely mysterious existence. Everyone knew that it was the foundation of any sect, and once it was destroyed, a sect would quickly decline. The sect would definitely vanish within a hundred years.

“You fiend Long Chen! What do you think you’re doing?!” demanded the valley master. Long Chen was completely destroying Heavenly River Valley. But while he roared furiously at Long Chen, he didn’t dare to charge out. Not only him; none of Heavenly River Valley’s experts dared to charge forward.

They all knew who this person was. Probably there was no one within the Eastern Xuan Region who wouldn’t recognize this black-robed man with a black saber on his shoulder.

It was because they knew who he was that they didn’t dare to charge forward. They all knew that if they did, there would only be one conclusion for them: death.

Long Chen didn’t say anything else. He waved his hand, sucking away the divine spring and putting it into his mind-sea for the Divine Gate Star to absorb.

“Gong Wanxiao, today I didn’t kill one member of your Heavenly River Valley, but Heavenly River Valley will no longer exist in this world. The enmity between us has been settled. If you don’t want to accept this, I will face your challenge at any time,” said Long Chen toward the valley master.

Long Chen knew all the information of Heavenly River Valley’s inheritance, the cultivation bases of their experts, the name of the valley master, and more. This was information Zheng Wenlong had given him.

These were not business secrets. Even without the Huayun Sect, Long Chen would have been more than capable of asking around about this. So Zheng Wenlong hadn’t betrayed the Huayun Sect’s rules by giving him this information.

Long Chen looked over these people. These people were either terrified, infuriated, or resentful. But not one of them dared to attack.

“If no one’s going to attack, I’m going to leave. Your Heavenly River Valley is the ninth sect I’ve destroyed. I’m busy, so I won’t stay any longer.” Long Chen turned and left, vanishing from their sight with just a few steps.

“The ninth?!”

Originally, they were simply stunned that their divine spring had been destroyed. But now that they heard this number, they were filled with shock. So Long Chen had already destroyed eight sects before them?

After a moment of shock, they were simply overcome with a feeling of loss. They knew that Heavenly River Valley was no more. There would never again be a Heavenly River Valley in this world.

Their divine spring had been taken and its foundation destroyed. Heavenly River Valley would quickly be met with great misfortune. Not only would their old enemies come to settle their debts, but all kinds of bad luck would appear. Right now, their smartest option was to hurry up and leave.

“Valley master…” The Elders turned to look at the valley master. Clearly, they were unwilling to just leave like this. They didn’t want to abandon their old glory.

“We’re disbanding. This is all heavens’ will... No, this is all because of me.” The valley master seemed to age a great deal. His voice was desolate.

He was filled with regret. He regretted ever going to the Eastern Xuan City. He regretted attacking Long Chen. He regretted listening to the directions of Pill Valley. He even regretted ever being incited by Pill Valley to snatch away the Xuantian Dao Sect’s resources.

Now that regret was useless. He thought of when he had received Pill Valley’s summons to go condemn the Xuantian Dao Sect. In front of hundreds of Life Star experts, Long Chen had declared that the Xuantian Dao Sect was soaring, and anyone who dared to block them would pay a great price. Now he realized that wasn’t a warning, it was a promise.

Long Chen had used his actions to prove this promise of his. But realizing it now was meaningless. There were no ifs in this world.

“Open the treasury and distribute all the resources in accordance with people’s ranks and merit contributions. Do it quickly. Once the news spreads, all our enemies will be coming, and not only will our treasures be taken, but even our lives will be lost.” The valley master simply sighed.

The Elders could only follow his orders. The treasury was opened, and all the resources they had accumulated over the years were distributed. In just a day, Heavenly River Valley disbanded.

The facts proved that the valley master was at least slightly smart. There were other sects who didn’t have the courage to face reality. They hid the fact that their divine spring had been destroyed. As a result, their enemies gathered together to attack them, plundering their treasuries and creating rivers of blood.

In the following days, the entire Eastern Xuan Region was flipped on its head. Sects were being destroyed with each passing day. Sometimes, three sects would be destroyed in just a single day.

All these powerful sects had grand protective formations and Life Star experts defending them. They had Ancestral items maintaining their karmic luck. But in front of that terrifying person, all of this was useless.

That person was Long Chen, an existence that was dominating the Eastern Xuan Region. On his own, he challenged the sects one by one. If no one blocked him, he would only destroy their divine spring. But if someone tried to stop him, he would mercilessly slaughter them.

For a moment, the Eastern Xuan Region was filled with panic. The ones who had once been enemies of the Xuantian Dao Sect nervously waited for their doom. They called for reinforcements, but at this time, everyone was worried about themselves. They had no power left to go help others.

People quickly realized that the sects being destroyed belonged to the ones who had tried to capture Long Chen in the end.

As for the ones who had attacked Long Chen at the beginning but hadn’t participated in the end, they didn’t suffer any reprisal.

By the time that Long Chen had destroyed over fifty sects, people realized that the ones that Long Chen hated were the ones who clearly knew he was innocent and still acted against him for profit, currying favor to Pill Valley, the Martial Heaven Alliance, the ancient races, ancient family alliance, and the others. That was what had truly infuriated him, so they all met with terrifying retribution.

As for the ones who had attacked him at the beginning but hadn’t done anything to him after he had drawn away the lightning tribulation, saving all the commoners, they weren’t attacked by him. Clearly, he had forgiven them.

All those sects felt a stone fall from their hearts. At the same time, they were won over by his magnanimity.

Yet, those sects who had participated in the attack after the lightning tribulation completely despaired. They begged for help from the Pill Tower, ancient races, ancient family alliance, and Martial Heaven Alliance, but none of them came to help. They were all strengthening their own defenses in fear of Long Chen coming to them.

The ones who had attacked him at the end had all been sect masters or people at their level. Their actions represented the attitude of their sects, and his revenge was naturally toward the entire sect.

Some sects wisely chose not to resist. In any case, Long Chen would simply destroy their statue and divine spring. He didn’t kill anyone who didn’t resist.

Many sects fought to the death, but they were annihilated by Long Chen. The more sects that were destroyed, the more sects that directly gave up.

The sects that had their divine springs destroyed were filled with resentment. They began to gather together, criticizing Long Chen. Long Chen was being hunted throughout the Eastern Xuan Region.

Several experts possessing divine items banded together, searching for Long Chen.

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