Chapter 1499 If You Come Out to Play, There Will Always Be a Price

Long Chen had left despite a barrier created by three divine items and over a hundred Life Star experts.

Zi Yan had also left with her carriage. Ye Qingkuang’s master had tried to block her, only to be almost killed by a single sound of a zither.

Everyone was filled with shock. Zi Yan’s attack had come and ended suddenly. They felt it to be over before it began.

Ye Qingkuang had two deep cuts on his face, and the Heavenly Dao energy within his injuries made it so he couldn’t heal them. He could stop the bleeding, but his wounds refused to close.

Many people didn’t know what had happened or who that person was, but they heard two names be repeated over and over again: the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither and the Illusive Music Immortal Palace.

The three elders from the ancient races, ancient family alliance, Titan Sect, the master of the Pill Tower, and the Martial Heaven Alliance’s eastern branch’s master all had extremely unsightly expressions.

The appearance of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace was shocking, but it wasn’t particularly important. The Illusive Music Immortal Palace was a transcendent power and wouldn’t quibble with them over what had happened.

However, Long Chen’s escape made their hearts clench. They had all seen how terrifying Long Chen was.

The five of them glanced at each other and then vanished from sight. Clearly, they had gone somewhere to discuss this in further detail.

As for the experts that had attacked Long Chen, their faces were also extremely unsightly. They all felt like a disaster was about to befall them.

Only the youngsters in the Eastern Xuan City sighed with relief. That battle had been amazing to watch. They finally learned what it truly meant to be unrivaled, to be arrogant, and to be domineering.

Zheng Wenlong also sighed. He looked at his palm and bitterly smiled. His palm was covered in sweat, and even his back was drenched in it. The slightest breeze made him feel cold.

“Make sure there are no mistakes with the list of people who attacked Long Chen before and after the tribulation,” said Zheng Wenlong before retreating to a private room. His people immediately nodded and left.

Zheng Wenlong shook his head. Looking at the ceiling, he sighed. The Eastern Xuan Region was about to be thrown into chaos.

Space shook as a black light fell to the ground. This was a wild mountain range. Dragonbone Evilmoon had simply randomly chosen a place to teleport to.

“Thank you.” Long Chen sat on his butt. But as soon as he did, he clenched his teeth from the pain.

His entire body was covered in injuries. Just sitting made him feel like needles were stabbing him, but there was no way around this. He had no energy left to stand, and at least sitting was a bit less painful than lying down.

“No need to thank me. The price of this transportation was paid by that stupid sword,” said Evilmoon indifferently.

“I’ll pay you back for this.” Long Chen nodded and put Evilmoon into the primal chaos space.

Long Chen didn’t know what exactly he felt toward this evil weapon. He couldn’t trust it, but at least his cooperation with it was going swimmingly.

However, he still had to be on guard toward it. He couldn’t let it invade his mind while his desire for slaughter was at its strongest. If he allowed his desire to kill control him, he would become Evilmoon’s puppet.

With his character, he definitely wouldn’t trust such a thing. He wouldn’t even keep such a thing by his side normally.

While Long Chen was dependent on Evilmoon, Evilmoon was also dependent on him. It needed him to undo the Sovereign’s seal.

Sovereign Yun Shang had taught him the way to undo the seal. In other words, in this world, no one but Long Chen could help it undo its seal.

Without undoing the seal, no matter how much divine essence it absorbed, once its power surpassed a certain limit, the seal would prevent it from growing any stronger.

Most importantly, as soon as Evilmoon did anything harmful to Long Chen, the seal would automatically activate. So while it could use some energy to handle enemies, it couldn’t do anything to Long Chen.

The only exception was that it could infect him with its own desire for slaughter. That would make it easier for him to be lost in his hatred and killing intent.

Dragonbone Evilmoon was something Sovereign Yun Shang had left for Long Chen. Otherwise, if he had obtained it through normal means, Long Chen would have attempted using the primal chaos bead to erase Evilmoon’s item-spirit and create a new one.

However, he trusted that Sovereign Yun Shang, who had managed to see a corner of the future and thus decided to leave Evilmoon to him, had to have his important reasons for leaving him Evilmoon. So his relationship with Evilmoon was very strange. They weren’t companions but weren’t necessarily enemies. They were simply collaborators.

Evilmoon needed to make up for its lost divine essence after being sealed for so many years, while Long Chen needed its help as well.

“Evilmoon, what level of weapon is this pot?” asked Long Chen.

“According to your standards, it was originally a scrap Ancestral item, which was later forcibly strengthened with a divine mark. However, its innate body is too low quality, so it can only count as a peak Ancestral item. Despite its divine mark, it is unable to reach the level of divine items,” answered Evilmoon.

Long Chen sighed inside. That was about what he had expected. This pot was something that the elder had simply randomly branded with a mark. Only then had it undergone its transformation. However, that wasn’t enough for it to be counted as a divine item.

However, this pot had saved his life many times. He couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed over this.

Just at this moment, the pot sent Long Chen a message. It asked him to let it go. Its meaning was that it could no longer help him out that much, and it hoped for him to return its freedom. It wished to return to the Four Nations Ancient Remnant, as it had profound emotions for that place.

“You can stay with me. I don’t need you to do anything,” said Long Chen. He didn’t want to part with the pot. After all, it had helped him out so much. He felt very grateful for it.

The pot’s item-spirit had been in slumber for so long. Now not long after it woke, it actually wanted to leave. That made Long Chen feel a kind of emptiness in his heart.

The pot didn’t reply. After a moment, Long Chen pulled the pot out of his spiritual space. There were still marks on it left by the Bloodkill Hall’s expert. It hadn’t fully healed yet.

“Thank you.”

The pot sent him one last message before turning into black ray of light that vanished into the sky.

Seeing the direction it went, Long Chen felt disappointed and frustrated. He knew that the pot had always been thinking of its old master. The pot had been created as a record of that expert’s childhood, and it had extremely thick ties to its master. Rather than forcing it to stay with him, it was better to return its freedom.

“These human emotions are so senseless.” Evilmoon snorted with derision, but its voice contained a trace of emotion. Perhaps it didn’t even sense that itself.

Now Long Chen’s primal chaos space only had the Blazing Dragon Cauldron and the Heaven Flipping Seal that had been in slumber this entire time.

“This brick’s not bad. It’s much stronger than that pot. Once it wakes up, it will be able to help a bit,” said Evilmoon.

Long Chen was startled. Evilmoon could actually see his spiritual space? But when he thought about it, considering how terrifying an existence it was, that wasn’t too strange.

Now Long Chen felt even more anticipation for the day when the Heaven Flipping Seal woke. Evilmoon was extremely disdainful toward other weapons, so for it to say that the Heaven Flipping Seal was not bad was an extremely high evaluation.

However, the Heaven Flipping Seal was still in slumber. Some fluctuations were coming from its item-spirit, but Long Chen couldn’t disturb it. He needed it to wake up naturally. It wasn’t possible to make an egg hatch faster by breaking the shell yourself. Only when it woke naturally would it truly be perfect.

Pulling his mind out of his spiritual space, Long Chen looked into the primal chaos space. All the World Trees had completely withered.

The final blow of the five-colored lightning tribulation had truly been powerful. If it hadn’t been for these World Trees, it was unknown how many lives he would have lost.

Still, the greater the danger, the greater the gains. There was a thousand-mile, five-colored lightning sphere in the primal chaos space now.

This was the treasure he had gained by risking his life. But at the moment, Lei Long had no energy to absorb it. It was busy digesting all the thunderforce it had absorbed itself.

Its eighteen hundred split bodies had returned completely full. It was so full that it needed to focus on digesting what it had eaten before eating any more.

“Hehe, it was all worth it.” Long Chen smiled proudly. Perhaps no one else in this world dared to be as crazy as he had been.

This danger had definitely been worth it. Lei Long was his greatest trump card against heavenly tribulation. The stronger Lei Long was, the greater his chances of surviving his next tribulation.

Once Lei Long absorbed this lightning sphere, then even ignoring how much stronger it would grow, just the fact that it could temper Long Chen’s body with five-colored lightning constantly would greatly increase his body’s resistance toward lightning. He wouldn’t have to be so passive during his next tribulation.

Although he hadn’t managed to kill even one of the three Empyreans, his gains were so great that he was extremely satisfied.

This time, his injuries were so severe that it took him half a month to fully recover. Fortunately, Lei Long had absorbed all the destructive power lingering on his injuries, or it would have taken half a year to recover.

He was now healed and recovered, but the World Trees in the primal chaos space were all lifeless. Reviving them would take a lot of time because he had no Magical Beast corpses anymore. Without the support of the World Trees, he would have to be a bit more careful.

Long Chen took out a jade plate, and many words appeared on the plate as he scrolled through it. This was a communication jade from the Huayun Sect. The information on it was precisely what he needed at the moment.

“If you come out to play, there will always be a price. Now it’s time to pay your debts.” A cold smile appeared on Long Chen’s face. He vanished from this wilderness.

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